lou dobbs jim jordan report cover up

By Rick Wells

Dobbs cuts through the noise – the IG Report is nothing but a tool of the lying DOJ obstructionists to delay investigators and cover up, calling it moronic Horowitz…

Rep Jim Jordan takes exception to the denials and deflections by dirty cop FBI Director Christopher Wray,  who obviously knew the contents of the IG report in advance and had time to have his speech writers craft their defense accordingly. The cocky Wray said in his defensive press briefing and cover up for his longtime deep state colleague and friend, James Comey, that the Inspector General did not find, “any evidence of political bias or improper considerations actually impacting the ‘investigation‘ under review.”

Jordan tells Lou Dobbs, “Director Wray is just not accurate [lying] because in the report itself it says ‘we do not have confidence that Strzok’s decision was free from bias.’ What are they referring to? They’re referring to Peter Strzok, at the end of the Clinton investigation, saying let’s focus on Russia and not looking at Anthony Weiner’s laptop and stuff that relates to the Clinton investigation.”

Video below

Jordan points out it’s important because the one text message that is so explosive that was not seen until today, is one from Strzok to Page in which he says we’ll stop President Trump from being president, ‘we’ll stop him.‘” He points out that for Wray to say the ‘investigation’ was free of bias “is just not accurate. He quotes Horowitz as saying ‘We do not have confidence that Strzok’s decision was free from bias.’”

Dobbs says he believes that the Inspector General produced a whitewash exoneration report, saying, “He writes this report in much the same way James Comey announced the predicate for his conclusion in terms of prosecuting Hillary Clinton. It sounded like he was going to charge her and then suddenly said no charges.”

Jordan says he believes it is a thorough report but that Horowitz lets the facts speak for themselves. Dobbs disagrees, stating that not only can we not rely upon Congress to conduct real investigations, but “We have an Inspector General who is drawing conclusions that only a, frankly it’s moronic what he does, or immensely duplicitous and deceitful what he does, you choose.”

Dobbs continues, “Because this is, I mean his conclusions do not comport in any way to a causal relationship that is laid out, as you say, clearly in the report. The misconduct of five FBI agents and the injection of their personal politics. They’re using devices, their personal telephones, in the clear, insecure phones, to carry out government business, classified business, top secret business, in point of fact.”

Dobbs clarifies the nature of their ‘Midyear Investigation,’ the one that Loretta Lynch wanted to be referred to as a ‘matter.’ He says, “They didn’t have the guts to call it what it was. It was the Hillary Clinton email investigation.”

Jordan points to the revelation regarding a new person in the report, FBI lawyer number two, “who was part of the Clinton investigation, was the primary lawyer on the Trump Russia ‘investigation’ at the FBI, and then was also put on Mueller’s team.” He wants to know who that person is and to have them come in to be deposed as well.

Dobbs emphasizes, “Three top attorneys within the FBI on the same train with the three same stops and ultimately ending up on Mueller’s team. It is so clearly an anti-Trump bias. It is so clearly a Hillary Clinton bias in support of her candidacy.”

Dobbs says the evidence of bias makes it now even more appropriate for President Trump to intercede, “and ordering absolute transparency from, Rod Rosenstein is leading a deep state cover up, it is a partisan witch hunt. He is attacking a sitting President of the United States. The political motivation of the FBI and the Justice Department are absolutely conclusive, and I don’t give a damn what this Inspector General, so-called,  wants to call this report. It is nothing more than a cover up.”


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