Video: Muslim Passenger Rages at Stewardess Over Turkey Sandwich: “Stupid F**king Bitch”

Incorrectly accused her of serving him pork

By Dan Lyman

A Muslim airplane passenger erupted in a profane tirade in which he called a stewardess a “stupid f**king bitch” and a “f**king slut” while incorrectly accusing her of serving him pork.

On a Wizz Air flight from Luton, England, to Skopje, Macedonia, the man was sold a “turkey ham” sandwich made from turkey and compatible with Islamic dietary customs.

In a video captured by another passenger, the man became increasingly aggressive, which reportedly concerned his seat mates.

Despite the attendant showing him the ingredients list on the packaging, the man was not satisfied and proceeded to unleash a slew of expletives and slurs directed at the young woman.

“This is not right, you should tell people there is pork, I’m a Muslim,” the man said. “It’s pork, darling… What the f**k is your problem, stupid f**king bitch? She’s a f**king bitch man. She told me it’s not appropriate to touch my teeth, f**king slut.”

“You have given me ham, and you’re talking to me rude. I just tell you it’s ham, you tell me it’s not pork. It’s not nice, darling, you’re supposed to be nice to the customers.”

The man claimed he worked in restaurants, which informed his steadfast opinion that the sandwich meat was made from pork.

“I know what’s ham. Ham is pork. It’s not tasting like turkey, it’s tasting like ham.”

“She should have respected me and my religion,” he said after the incident was over and he had been fully refunded. “The customer is always right. She’s lucky. If this wasn’t here with people around I would have been more angry.”

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