‘Integrate or Leave’ – New Immigration Guidelines For Upper Austria


By Dan Lyman

Officials in the state of Upper Austria have introduced new integration guidelines that require immigrants embrace Austrian-Christian culture – or leave.

Upper Austria Deputy Governor Manfred Haimbuchner helped to spearhead the legislation, titled “Making Integration Binding – Strengthening Cohesion,” which was unanimously approved earlier this month in a move to combat the establishment of parallel societies by migrants who refuse to assimilate.

“Upper Austria has often been used as a ‘role model,’” Haimbuchner said. “So we could also be pioneers in terms of ‘integration.’”

“Homeland, German language, Christian values: If you want to live in Austria, you have to adapt. If you do not like it, you are welcome to return to your home country!” reports Wochenblick in a summary of Haimbuchner’s message to migrants.

“Integration has a new face in Upper Austria,” asserts fellow Upper Austria official Herwig Mahr. “Now it is clear that our home country comes first. Our Christian-occidental culture and our rules must be obeyed.”

A staunch opponent of the EU’s handling of the migration crisis, Haimbuchner recently called for foreigners who commit crimes in Austria to “serve prison in their homeland!”

As a leading member of the nationalist-populist Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), which comprises one half of the current governing coalition, Haimbuchner has new allies in Vienna, like Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, who also serves as head of the FPO.

Strache’s hardline positions on border security and law and order are fueling a return to sanity in Austria, where migration has radically altered the socio-cultural landscape.

“We attack and will ensure further action against radical political Islam!” Strache said in a social media post featuring an article about dozens of extremist imams who are being expelled from the country.

Austria will assume the Presidency of the European Council on July 1, and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has made it clear that immigration will be one of the primary topics to be addressed during his administration’s six month stint in leadership.

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