Democrats ask FBI to probe alleged Trump-Russia connections over DNC hack


Democrats ask FBI to probe alleged Trump-Russia connections over DNC hack — RT America

Four House Democrats have sent a letter to FBI director James Comey requesting an investigation into links between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Russia concerning the leak of DNC emails.

The letter provides no evidence of any connection between the Kremlin and the US billionaire, but asks the FBI to assess whether “Russian interest may have contributed to these attacks,” which they claim interferes with the US presidential election.


Democrats ask FBI to probe alleged Trump-Russia connections over DNC hack — RT America // //

Signed by four high ranking members of the House Committees on Oversight and Government Reform, it claims,

Trump’s kind words for Russian President Vladimir Putin, encouragement of Russian hackers, business interests, and a connection to a pro-Russian party in Ukraine are listed in the letter as reasons for a full assessment to be carried out by the FBI.

The connection of top Democratic party consultants to right-wing nationalist politicians in Ukraine was not mentioned.



Democrats ask FBI to probe alleged Trump-Russia connections over DNC hack — RT America // //

Their letter does reference a visit by Lt Gen Michael Flynn to Moscow in 2015.

Flynn, a Trump backer and once-rumored VP candidate, gave a speech at an event to celebrate 10 years of Russia Today which they claim was “highly critical of the United States.”

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Ironically, given the FBI’s decision not to recommend the indictment of Clinton over her private email server, the four Congressmen asked for anyone found to be interfering in the electoral process to be “prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”


Democrats ask FBI to probe alleged Trump-Russia connections over DNC hack — RT America // //

Despite no evidence of Russian involvement in the DNC hack in July, the FBI and intelligence agencies investigating have “signaled” that the attack was “almost certainly” carried out by “Russian-affiliated hackers,” according to the pro-western news organization Wall Street Journal.

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The leaking of 20,000 emails exposed a fractured Democratic Party with a Hillary Clinton bias.

While released by Wikileaks, the source of the leak has not been identified, protected by the anonymous method of submitting content to the whistleblowing website.


North Korea soldiers ‘given nuclear backpacks’ as tensions rise over US-South Korean military exercises

Elite North Korean soldiers are being armed with “nuclear backpacks”, a source has claimed as tensions increase over the authoritarian state’s attempts at military escalation.

An anonymous source told Radio Free Asia special units have been formed since March to carry the weapons and had been taking part in simulated training exercises with dummy bombs.

“Outstanding soldiers were selected from each reconnaissance platoon and light infantry brigade to form the nuclear backpack unit the size of a battalion,” the source from North Hamgyong province was quoted as saying.

The supposed weapons were said to weigh between 10 and 30 kilograms and be able to “spray radioactive material”, possibly uranium, on the enemy.

It was impossible to verify the account given to Radio Free Asia, which is funded by the US government.

North Korean propaganda showed soldiers wearing rucksacks bearing a yellow and black radiation symbol during a parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the national Workers’ Party in October, while similar backpacks were seen at a procession in 2013.

The report came after Kim Jong-un’s administration reportedly executed a vice premier and banished two other top officials to rural areas for dreaded “re-education”.

South Korean officials said Yong-jin, a cabinet minister for education affairs, had been killed, possibly by a firing squad in July for unspecified anti-revolutionary and factional acts.

Reports said said Kim first faced an investigation because of the way he was seated during a meeting attended by the Supreme Leader.

Kim Yong-chol, a top ruling Workers’ Party official in charge of anti-Seoul spy operations, and Choe Hwi, a senior party official dealing with propaganda affairs, had been banished to undertake “revolutionary re-education” programmes.

The reported purges came as North Korea continues to intensify its propaganda over joint military exercises being conducted by more than 75,000 American and South Korean troops in “Ulchi Freedom Guardian”.

While the North is known to have a small stockpile of nuclear warheads, experts are divided about its ability to mount them on a working missile delivery system.

In a statement earlier this month by US and South Korean forces described the exercises as “non-provocative in nature” and designed to enhance “readiness, protect the region and maintain stability on the Korean peninsula”.

But the drills provoked a stream of threats from Pyongyang, which said it would turn Seoul and Washington into a “heap of ashes” with a pre-emptive strike.

An editorial published by the state-run Korean Central News Agency on Tuesday accused Barack Obama’s administration of presiding over a “reckless arms build-up” that “cannot but spark off a fresh nuclear arms race among regional countries”.

North Korea has made considerable progress on weapons technology this year, including testing a submarine-launched missile for the first time, but it is unclear whether its nuclear material has been developed into a warhead able to be mounted on a missile.

It conducted its fourth nuclear explosion in January and followed it up with a series of missile tests, in spite of severe United Nations sanctions.

Additional reporting by AP

*(AGAIN?)* – EXCLUSIVE: Vicente Fox Stresses Mexico Won’t Pay for That ‘F**king Wall’

Published on Aug 31, 2016

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox says Donald Trump’s speech and trip shows voters his ignorance towards the country and its people. In an exclusive interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Fox said Trump took over the press conference saying he came to play a game and use Pena Nieto for his own gain.

Toussaints' Wrath

Were are the Mexicans All I see is Europeans on their news networks and government positions. It’s genocide.

Vicente Fox looks a lot like Saddam Hussein. Must be the mustache!

Well Us is paying for your fucking immigrants so take responsibility for once

He should be working as garbage man or toilet cleaner

So… an interview between Mexican Drug Cartel Lords… interesting.   Meanwhile Hillary rejected the invitation to Mexico and did not go due to her poor health.

Hey ! My friend… We in America are happy to welcome as many LEGAL Mexican Immigrants as want to come here LEGALLY… they are good and hard working people.  BUT, both Mexico and the US have a problem with uncontrolled borders and we both know it.  This situation must be resolved… and US Presidents sitting down with Mexican Presidents and working together to solve it sounds like a good idea for everyone involved.  As for Hillary… she turned down the invitation and did not go.  I guess she was either too sick or maybe Presidente Nieto has not yet made a big enough donation to the Clinton Foundation to merit a visit ?

State Dept 30 Newly Revealed Clinton Emails Could Deal With Benghazi Attack

Published on Aug 31, 2016

State Dept 30 Newly Revealed Clinton Emails Could Deal With Benghazi Attack

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Hillary is crookeder than a dog’s hind leg and lower than a snake’s belly..

Wow!! Hillary needs to step down from this presidential race, right now! It is over for her…good always wins over evil in the end, and Hillary is very corrupt and evil!

This is nothing just wait until the next set of emails. Theres only gonna be 3 of them but they’re presense on her server are a direct link to American marines being killed in Iraq. Because of her server having these particular emails allowed al-queda to know just where to strike them.

Obama Knows Damn Well What Rigged Election Is

But..but..but they kept telling us that the election couldn’t be rigged! At this time, what does it matter!!!! DONALD TRUMP WILL BE THE 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. HE WILL WIN BY A HISTORICAL LANDSLIDE VICTORY NEVER SEEN BEFORE.
Smokey The CareBear

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