AZ Deport Drama: Created To Show “Evil of Trumpish”

Published on Feb 10, 2017

A tale of 2 mothers separated from their families by the government – one an American citizen doing everything by the book to better educate her children and the other a foreign citizen here illegally and convicted of identity theft. Which one does the media cover? Which one does the media have sympathy for?

politically incorrect

Paul Ryan is following Soro’s instructions, cuz Soros funds him. Paul is a slimy piece of filth.
Mark C

This is a little off topic but important! This is a US Government petition to take action against soros. Please past the link on.
Helios Seven

When I immigrated, I had to go through a ton of paperwork and these people get away with entering illegally and lying? Nuts.
Monica King

Homeschooling woman, needs to get an attorney and go after the person who told her that her kids were officially not enrolled in school. Woman #2. Well, it’s not like she hasn’t had PLENTY of time to become a citizen.
Luntau Sintan

Oohh NOW it is President Donald J Trump’s FAULT for ENFORCING Immigration LAW ! WHY don’t you looked up Horssein Obama’s criminality of Not enforcing the Immigration Law instead Created a BORDERLESS for an Independent NATION ..that’s TREASON !
marie gerharm

If you have children, you can understand why this mom wanted to keep her children safe. Drugs our running rampant in our schools and the things they learn in school is not good. What has happened to America?
Darth Vader

good! now kick her out!
Blake Griffin So Damn Ugly

seriously no point in letting children go to school in the US. just look at all those kids in the streets protesting, no brains to think for their own. just mindless slaves told what to do.


Radical left launches scorched earth policy against free speech

Jerome R. Corsi | – FEBRUARY 8, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hard-left political activist David Brock, founder of Media Matters – the father of “Fake News” – is working with co-conspirators Google and Facebook to implement a strategy designed to ban conservative and libertarian websites, including

This is especially a problem given attempts being made by Eric Schmidt, the founder of the multinational conglomerate Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, to cozy up to the Trump administration.

On Dec. 14, 2016, Schmidt was included in a group of prominent tech industry executives that met with then President-elect Donald Trump in a much-publicized meeting.

On Jan. 17, 2017, Politico reported that Schmidt was sited at an unannounced visit to Trump Tower, where he lunched privately with Jared Kushner, Trump’s real estate magnate son-in-law married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka in 2009, who has emerged to be named a Senior Advisor to his father-in-law in the White House

In briefing book entitled “Media Matters, The Top Watchdog Against Fake News and Propaganda: Transforming the Media Landscape” (obtained by the Free Beacon) that Brock published privately in January to solicit donors, Brock asserts in the first sentence, “The onslaught of well-funded right-wing media brings with it significant challenges.”

This first sentence telegraphs that by creating and advancing the narrative of “Fake News,” Brock is trying to launch what the hard-left calls “a meme.”

That “meme” or theme is designed to discredit news media that dare publish conservative views differing from the hard-left news reported by CNN and MSNBC, as well as increasingly by the New York Times – the object of several recent President Trump tweet attacks.

On the first page, Brock targets as having received “millions in funding from extremist billionaires close to the Trump administration,” while providing “a nexus point for the so-called alt-right (the newest branding for white nationalism, anti-Semitism, and misogyny) to exploit vulnerabilities through the media landscape.”

Note here that Brock is also creating a narrative – adding to the meme – that the “alt-right” (another term created by Brock and the hard-left to attack conservatives) are haters – characterized as “white nationalists, anti-Semites, and misogynists” – the new hate tags Brock and his co-conspirators on the hard-left intend to apply (along with the accusation of being “racists”) on any news agency that refuses to uncritically parrot a hard-left ideological interpretation of current events.

Brock leaves no doubt that Google and Facebook are his co-conspirators in advancing the “Fake News” meme against news organizations like  Consider Media Matter’s clearly articulated strategy that Brock lays out on page two of his briefing book:

“Over the next four years, Media Matters will focus on achieving the following outcomes:

“Serial misinformers and right-wing propagandists inhabiting everything from social media to the highest levels of government will be exposed.

“Internet and social media platforms, like Google and Facebook, will no longer uncritically and without consequence host and enrich fake news sites and propagandists.

“Toxic alt-right social media-fueled harassment campaigns that silence dissent and poison our national discourse will be punished and halted.”  (Bold type in the original document)

Clearly, Brock intends to continue directing Media Matters as a hard-left attack machine with no respect for the First Amendment that will inevitably target news organizations like not only to shut down, but also to punish Alex Jones and all others associated with

On Nov. 14, 2016, six days after Donald J. Trump was elected president, the New York Times reported Google announced a policy that would ban websites “that peddle fake news” from using its online advertising service.  Hours later, Facebook updated the language in its Facebook Audience Network policy amending the policy to specify that Facebook “will not display ads in sites that show misleading or legal content, to include fake news sites.”

On Jan. 25, 2007, reported that Google, since declaring the policy against “fake news,” has banned 200 publishers from using its AdSense network, an ad placement service that automatically places text and display ads on participating sites based on audience characteristics. Recode further reported Google declined to provide a listing of the banned sites.

On Jan. 26, 2017, Lachan Markay reported in the Washington Free Beacon that Media Matters had launched a petition campaign during the 2016 presidential campaign aimed at pressuring Facebook into prohibiting “Fake News” website to accept Media Matters goal of getting Facebook to “adjust its model to stem the flow of damaging fake news from its platform pages.”

In his briefing book, Brock acknowledged that while Google was a relatively easy sale on “fake news,” Facebook was a much harder sale, with Mark Zuckerberg initially calling the notion that “fake news is a problem” is “crazy.”

So what did Media Matters do?

“In November, we launched a campaign pressuring Facebook to: 1) acknowledge the problem of the proliferation of fake news on Facebook and its consequences for our democracy and 2) commit to taking action to fix the problem.”

Brock reported that “as a result of our push for accountability,” Facebook was responsive to both requests.


Desperate Soros failed to stop Trump and the will of the American people

Alex Jones | – FEBRUARY 7, 2017

Donation records show that George Soros not only funded Hillary, but also the campaigns of Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush – attempting to stop Donald Trump at all costs.

John Dejesus

SOROS, must hang!
Andy Raye

Paul Ryan needs to be shamed into leaving his position
Dirty South

Karen Haggerty

OMG. I knew it. McCain is a TRAITOR
Ace Man

why can’t somebody find that son of a bitch and kill George soros

ANTIFA Speaks To Infowars

Published on Feb 5, 2017


He basically just justified fascism in order to fight fascism
Duck Hunt-Pr0

+Carmica3l He basically also justified putting out smoldering with gasoline..Or simply shooting oneself in the remaining leg, if and since the other leg is already shot… With his completely, 100% arsed logic regarding living in a police-state.

this guy looks like he could kill someone and go to work the next day
larry beales

I dont get this guy, Trump is against fascism to.
Kakashi Hatake

“I believe Fascism should be opposed at any cost”. Even by becoming the fascists yourselves?

ANTIFA = useful idiots

“The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists.” – Winston Churchill

All these neolibs are naive millennial or illegal immigrants; balding beta idiot males or fat blue haired feminist cunts.
Jeffrey Ena

This is what happens when good intentioned people get mind controlled. So sad

Antifa man’s voice seems kind of shaky. Uncomfortable showing his face on camera?
 James Kratos

What a fuckboy. Seriously, all he has on Bannon is here say from the MSM. What a fucking dildo.

Antifa’s Reign Of Terror Now Targeting Women And Children

Published on Feb 5, 2017

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver discusses how the Antifa reign of terror has spread from not only trying to shut down free speech at conservative speaking events, as we saw at UC Berkeley in California, but they’re now threatening a woman reporter and her child on Twitter.

Win The World

first drain the swamp then throw these remaining minons in jail!
Gary M

Make America Soros Free Again

If leftist authorities don’t start doing their jobs in protecting citizens and maintaining law and order, not only that they will loose their jobs and face the law themselves, but people are going to start putting shots on these crazed lefties. Just watch.
Rhi Potter

if any white person did this against a specific group we would be fucked!
Conservative Veteran

ANTIFA: The Legacy of Barack Hussein Obama, the Left and George Soros.
Gandalf White


The left have severe rabies and need to be put down like rabid dogs!
Coppydoublelopp Kliem

George Soros. is great at manipulating his Useful Idiots into making terroist threats on social media.

Props to NYPD they were all over those asshat rioters. Unlike that jackass mayor in Berkeley that actually encouraged the rioters and told the police to stand down.


Published on Feb 2, 2017

The mainstream left is tacitly supporting a fascist group that is committing terrorism to crush civil rights in the U.S.

Let that sink in.

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This is so fucked up. UC Berkeley is my alma mater and I don’t even recognize my school anymore–the left has become fascist through and through, a world where freedom of speech doesn’t exist anymore. I have given up hope on humanity.
I Cunt Spell

It’s time we start fighting back. leftards must be purged
Keri Ann

If the people protesting Milo were conservative, they would be called homophobic. The left has gotten so hypocritical and psychotic, I don’t know how they’ll come back from all this…
Odell Beckham Jr. #Odeezy #13Hunnit #BreakinRecords

Liberalism is a disease like islam their both not suited for modern society
Phil McCain

Iain Doran

Of course CNN won’t report this.

What’s gonna happen when the right fights back?

These people are only giving Trump four more years.

Where the fuck were the police???

This is why God made 30 round clips.


Anti-Trump protesters continue to disrupt U.S. airports

Alex Jones | – FEBRUARY 1, 2017

As Alex Jones landed in LAX he found himself in the midst of another Anti-Trump pro open border protest and exposes how clueless they are.

Charlie Chaplin

It seems that liberals want to put our lives at risk! We must not let them run our country in the future!
Sharon Staggs

is there no end to the idiot protesters and rioters come on people get a life and stop being stupid!
Carrie Dodds

Is Soros getting a tax break from all the money hes throwing away on idiots droning on like zombies? wonder how much this is costing him?
Bootleg Bernie

Most of these people probably don’t even have jobs 😄
Eric Miller for Congress

mentally deficient morons, let’s send them to Saudi Arabia
Josh Frazier

why do they always have the same chant..not very creative.
Brian Lee

The most efficient way to make America great again is to round up all the Libtards, ship them to a pacific island then drop a nuke on it.