“I see YouTube’s censorship and allegations of hate speech as a pure ‘quality stamp’ of my message.”

Voice Of Europe – MAY 16, 2018

A video of the Alternative for Sweden (AfS) party, was taken down by YouTube for ‘hate speech’. Youtube has now even threatened to remove the party’s entire user account, Sweden’s Fria Tider reports.

It was during Monday evening that the AfS’s party leader, Gustav Kasselstrand, published a video of the weekend’s Islamic terrorist attack in Paris, where one person was killed and several were injured.

Kasselstrand said, among other things, that he wants to expel all 2,000 Islamists. In just a few hours, the movie received thousands of views. But now YouTube has taken down the video, calling it “hate speech”.

“I see YouTube’s censorship and allegations of hate speech as a pure ‘quality stamp’ of my message. Nevertheless, it is problematic that, as a party leader for a fast-growing party in Sweden, I cannot convey my views on social media”, says Gustav Kasselstrand about the removed film.

Kasselstrand continues:

“The monopoly of social media giants gives private companies control over freedom of expression in social media, a platform that is so important that it can be seen as the equivalent of our time like the ancient forum.”

It is not the first time Kasselstrand was censored. Even his podcast “The cooked frog” was closed down last year from Soundcloud on arbitrary grounds, he says.



‘Why did Trump get away with it?’

 | Infowars.com – MAY 8, 2018

CNN’s Chris Chris Cillizza reacted to allegations that Democratic New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman verbally and physically abused women by devoting almost an entire article to bashing President Trump.

As Mike Cernovich and others pointed out, CNN initially buried the story about Schneiderman, placing it well below a top story about Trump’s tweet.

“Today CNN refused to cover the biggest story of the day because it implicated a Democrat. They have no standards. It’s not a media outlet, it’s a DNC public relations firm,” commented Cernovich.


When the network was finally forced to give the issue top billing, CNN Editor-at-large Cillizza wrote an opinion piece in which he lamented how Schneiderman was forced to resign and Trump wasn’t.

“How do some politicians survive these allegations?” asked Cillizza. “Trump is the ur-example of this phenomenon. Despite being caught on tape saying “When you’re a star, they let you do it … You can do anything.”

Cillizza seems to be incapable of grasping the basic meaning of words. When Trump said, “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” he specifically made reference to the fact that he got consent, which means whatever he is referring to, it wasn’t sexual assault.

Cillizza then spent the rest of the article whining about Trump, failing to ask any pertinent questions about whether Schneiderman’s behavior was allowed to continue as a result of his powerful political allies remaining silent, just as happened with Harvey Weinstein.

“Trump denied all the allegations and refused to quit. In fact, he turned the allegations in his political favor — arguing they were a creation of the liberal left — and the complicit media — designed to keep him from winning. Somehow the varied allegations became yet another arrow in Trump’s quiver — shooting and shooting and shooting at the status quo and political correctness,” complained Cillizza.

When not obsessing about Trump, Cillizza spent much of the rest of the piece blaming all men in general.

As Ryan Saavedra pointed out, CNN’s Brian Stelter also failed to point out that Schneiderman is a Democrat in his ‘Reliable Sources’ newsletter.






Germany has the highest percentage of immigrants of all the 27 EU members

Voice Of Europe – APRIL 24, 2018

Germany’s Foundation

Germany came into existence when the Prussians unified the provinces previously belonging to the Holy Roman Empire. That only happened in 1871, making Germany a relatively young country.

As a new dominant player in Europe, the balance of power was disturbed. World War One started, and was followed by the racialist National-Socialists. The Nazi’s pushed the Germans into the second World War. And lost.

Germany’s post-war revival was an economic miracle, but the guilt from the war is carried within the Germans to this day. They had to become the opposite of the evil nationalists, and so they opened their borders. Germany was no longer only for Germans.

Immigrants in Germany

Germany has the highest percentage of immigrants of all the 27 EU members. Over 10 million people living in Germany today were born outside of Germany. That is about 12% of the German population, on a total of just over 82 million.

Most of these immigrants come from other European countries. The biggest immigrant groups are from Turkey, Russia, Poland and Italy. Germany is the second most popular destination for immigrants in the world after the United States. The U.S., however, has a total population of over 300 million, over three times as many as Germany.


The German government has encouraged immigration since the 1950’s. One of the reasons they give is their ageing population, while another reason is supposed labour shortages. Although Germany tries to attract foreigners to work in Germany, Germans themselves have left the country. Over three million Germans are living abroad.

Islam in Germany

Islam is the second largest religion in Germany, with an estimated 6.1% of the population according to a 2017 Pew Research Survey. Germany has the second largest Muslim population in Europe, at nearly 5 million. This will likely grow significantly in the coming decades.

The percentage of Muslims in Germany is expected to rise to nearly 20% by 2050, assuming a high immigration scenario. Yet, keep in mind that Germany needs a high migration scenario simply to keep its population stable. That’s why this 20% of the population would be 17 million Muslims, the population as a whole would still be just over 80 million.

German’s Infertility

Germany’s fertility rate is 1.45. The average woman is already 29 years old when she has her first child. Unsurprisingly, for many older mothers, the second child never comes. This extremely low fertility rate is the reason Germany’s population is bound to shrink. Despite the waves of immigrants entering Germany, it still shrinks. Moreover, it ages. Germany’s median age is the second oldest in the world, at 47.1 years old.

Muslims in Germany have a fertility rate of 1.9. Although having half a child per woman more than the non-Muslim Germans, it is still below the replacement rate. It is worth highlighting that many Muslims in Germany are Turks that arrived decades ago, or Bosnians that fled during the Yugoslav war. The newly arriving Muslims are mostly African and Middle-Eastern.

Nonetheless there is a recent upswing in births in Germany, almost reaching 800,000 last year. What we do not know is what percentage of those births is due to immigrants.


Germany’s Childlessness

University degrees do not help the fertility rate. Around 45% of womenwith a degree is childless. A focus on career likely made these women lose interest in having children, or they were too old by the time they started trying. The childlessness rate for German women on a whole is 30%. The highest rate in the world. Some women may still be able to change their mind and have children, but the cohort born in 1967 has ended their child-bearing age at a childlessness rate of 20%.

It appears Konrad Adenauer was wrong when he claimed ”Germans will always have children.”

Depending whether immigration levels will be ‘high’ or ‘low’, Germany is projected to have a population of 67 to 73 million inhabitants by 2060. Ten to fifteen million less than now. Keep in mind, neither scenarios show ‘zero’ migration. That situation is discussed at the end of this article.

Germany’s Future

Despite an upswing in births, the upswing in migrants is larger still. In 2015, 1.200.000 people immigrated to Germany. One point two million, of which the majority is from Asia and Africa. Compared to just over 700.000 births, it means migrants form a greater part of Germany’s new population than births do.

Moreover, assuming those 700.000 births are evenly distributed across Germany’s ethnicities, less than 600.000 new Germans were born. This means there are more than twice as many immigrants as there are German births in 2015.

Germany’s Collapse

In Frankfurt, one of the biggest cities in Germany, native Germans are already a minority. Yet that is only the start. Research shows us that by 2060, without migration, there will be less than 40 million native Germans left in total. By the end of the century, that number drops to just over 20 million.

If Germany wishes to have enough immigrants to keep its population stable around 80 million, Germans will be a minority in their own country by 2060.

Other research shows that with current migration, the age group between 20-30 year old could turn majority non-German by the early 2020’s. Once there is a non-German majority among the youth, it is only a matter of time until the ageing Germans die off and the entire country will have Germans as a minority.

Already, 44% of Germans say there are so many foreigners in their country that it does not feel like home anymore.

THIS IS MY SHOCKED FACE: Facebook Buries Specific Media Outlets In Its Newsfeed But Won’t Reveal Which Ones

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 6.29.24 PM

By Hank Berrien

You’d never guess it from the protestations of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but it appears that Facebook actively suppresses conservative media outlets in its newsfeed—and it won’t reveal just which ones it’s targeting.

Facebook announced two changes in its newsfeed algorithm in February, and has been amply noted, conservative news sites took the brunt of the punishment. That was because the company stated it would help “trusted” news outlets and suppress others.

As the tech website The Outline concluded, conservative and right-wing publishers “were hit the hardest” by the algorithm change, “while the engagement numbers of most predominantly liberal publishers remained unaffected.” That perspective was echoed by Western Journalism last week.

As Peter Hasson of The Daily Caller reports, Facebook does not intend to identify which media outlets it helps and which it hurts, according to a company spokesperson who spoke to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The spokesperson argued that if the company revealed that data, it would not give people a clear picture of Facebook, adding, “We’ve made changes to News Feed to help people meaningfully connect with friends and family first. This means public pages of all types are going to experience declines across Facebook. Political pages and partisan news pages, like other public pages, have experienced declines, but there are examples of declines across the political spectrum.”

As Hasson notes, “Multiple former Facebook employees told Gizmodo in 2016 that Facebook intentionally and consistently suppressed conservative content, and would blacklist conservative figures from the site’s ‘trending topics’ section. While suppressing conservative content, the employees said, Facebook boosted liberal topics like Black Lives Matter into the trending topics, even if they weren’t actually trending.”

Recent reports that Republican data firm Cambridge Analytica deceptively gathered Facebook data in its campaign work prompted leftists to pressure Facebook to strictly supervise its platform while Democratic politicians have threatened to impose federal regulations. That, in turn, triggered conservatives to warn that Facebook would bury conservatives so that leftists would eschew targeting the company.

As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro warned:

This latest story on Cambridge Analytica is just part of a larger attempt to convince social media companies that the best way to fly under the radar is to shut down conservative opinions — and the Leftists who run Silicon Valley are more than likely to embrace that solution, even as they claim they’re merely attempting political neutrality. It’s not a coincidence that Facebook’s new algorithms have slammed conservative Facebook traffic.


The murder rate in London is now higher than New York

Westmonster – APRIL 3, 2018

The ongoing emergency on the streets of London has sadly continued to unfold in a horrific night of violence that has seen teenagers shot and stabbed.


Tragically a 17-year-old girl was shot dead. She was found with a gunshot wound on a residential street near Northumberland Park station and sadly died at the scene.

Shortly after that there was a shooting in Walthamstow, where police found a 16-year-old boy who was shot and is in a critical condition along with a 15-year-old boy who had been stabbed.

The murder rate in London is now higher than New York. Young people in the capital are growing up around extreme levels of violence.

Westmonster has highlighted incident after incident of young people being violently attacked and killed in London, with little outrage in Westminster. Urgent action must be taken now: we need more police on the streets, tougher sentences and a far greater sense of urgency if we are to stop more young lives being lost.