Complete Hypocrites: Democrats Hated Comey

Published on May 12, 2017

Apparently the entire mainstream media and liberal establishment has completely forgotten how just weeks ago, James Comey was their sworn enemy and was the sole reason Hillary Clinton lost the election.

L. Rock

Double standards as usual for democrats party. It is one of their benefits of the party. New POTUS has the the right to fire who he wants when starts office.
Droopy Dog

The hypocrisy in Washington is so disgusting.
Ajay Benjamin

The Democraps protest anything.Totally out work I Guess !!

This is a distraction. The left is freaking out about the Russian thing that isn’t a thing, and the right is having fun watching the left make fools of themselves. Meanwhile, WWIII is about to kick off. This is how the west dies? Like a bunch of braying jackasses? Is anyone going to talk about the Trump/Epstien connection? Is anyone else aware that the judge who made a deal with Epstien is in Trumps’ cabinet? Remember, here in Wonderland nothing is as it seems.
Linda Gore

And that’s another reason to think the liberals are unstable. Very incredible. I think they should all sit down with a psychiatrist.
Ben Breeg

Democrats have a foundation that is to fight about anything and everything in order to keep everybody depressed and down, as down and outers that need welfare.
Gary McAleer

James Comey was simply the fall guy for those who gave him his marching orders. But it will all come out in the wash in the judgment of heaven against all unrepentant liars, murderers, thieves, adulterers, etc. No crime against the dignity of life goes unaddressed before GOD. This knowledge is for our repentance and redemption and not our condemnation.

democrats are full of shit

You really need to be stupid to actually believe what the media and the Democrats are trying to convince you of. Especially if you have been paying attention the last 6 months since the election. They do a 180 turn on Comey, and we are supposed to buy into it? The whole ‘Russia’ thing is a complete joke.

Hillary flip flop compilations are hilarious xD



How well would you be prepared if the lights went out and didn’t come back on?

| – MAY 9, 2017

Congress recently brought an exploratory panel together to glance at the immediate aftermath resulting from an EMP attack.


When they start to take things serious in Congress is PRECISELY when they plan on starting to implement their use themselves. Red alert, red alert.
Russell Ouellette

Probably a set up for a false flag EMP.
rex racer

People I suggest building your self a garage equipped with a Faraday cage. Keep some good solar equipment and a couple good SUVs inside, and any other electrical things you may need.

rex racer Interesting. I didnt know that. The question at hand here is how real is government intervention of these type of occurrences through projects like HAARP for example
OctoMan PC's

EMP the US, kill ALL the lights, then wake sleepers cells and wreak HAVOC
Mike .R.

I don’t think it would be a bad thing to back up time a century and a 1/2. Only the unable would perish and those of us who can live just fine without electricity – will simply revert back to simpler times. I say bring it. lol

Except for those who learnt off their grandparents and parents how to garden and preserve food without refrigeration including meat. I know my family won’t go hungry
dumbassacrat Slayer

When a EMP hits the dumbassacrats will be the new zombies.

Northern states also need to prepare to have a way to get HEAT in Winter. Furnaces and boilers run on electricity as well as gas, both of which would go out. Us city people mostly don’t have fireplaces to burn wood…


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.11.13 PM

Trolls pretending to be transgender gamers plotted to fool BuzzFeed from the start

| – MAY 9, 2017

UPDATE: BuzzFeed didn’t even retract their FAKE news story. They just changed the headline & hoped no one would notice.


A group of online comedians who plotted to fool BuzzFeed into posting a completely fake news story were successful after the “social news and entertainment company” published hoax claims that the group had been denied entry to an all female video game tournament because they were transgender.

“Over the past 2 weeks we set up a plot to see if we could trick Buzzfeed into posting something that is fake, for the laughs,” Sly Buehl Rigilio told Infowars.

And it worked. BuzzFeed fell right into the trap.

“There was a female only tournament hosted by a company known as ESL (Electronic Sports League), for a game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We decided to pose as a “transgendered” pro team, we made it as ridiculous as possible by uploading obvious troll pics to our profiles on the tournament’s website (pics of us wearing wigs, etc). We knew we were going to get declined into joining the tournament, so once we did get turned down, I then sent an email to a Buzzfeed “journalist” by the name of Lane Sainty to try and bait them into making a story out of it,” adds Rigilio.

After bombarding Sainty with the “poor me victim approach,” BuzzFeed “instantly jumped at the chance to write an article about it,” says Rigilio.

BuzzFeed’s story, entitled These Trans Women Were Asked To Show Their Passports To Enter A Female Gaming Tournament, quoted Rigilio at length describing his (completely fake) battle against transgender discrimination.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.15.58 PM

The article repeated Rigilio’s hoax claim that his transgender team were banned from the tournament because of the photographs they supplied and that he “almost broke down in tears” when he found out. The article also quoted Rigilio as saying some of his team had started “hormone replacement therapy”.

Ironically, the Electronic Sports League rejected Rigilio’s fake transgender team “in order to prevent trolls,” a possibility that BuzzFeed failed to consider before it published the fake news story.

ESL’s director of communications, Anna Rozwandowicz, even told BuzzFeed that “there had been multiple incidents of male players trying to enter female tournaments as a joke,” but BuzzFeed failed to realize that that’s exactly the stunt Rigilio was pulling before publishing the fake story.

All BuzzFeed had to do was Google search “Rigatoni Family,” to discover that the outfit was a troll group with conservative sympathies and that the story was likely to be totally bogus, but they failed to perform this basic due diligence.

“We did nothing to hide our team name, which was “Rigatoni Family” and if you were to search that name into Google, you’d find our channel and website where we clearly are shit disturbers. It’s blatant negligence on the behalf of Buzzfeed and other news orgs that have since picked up the story, aka Fake News,” Rigilio tells Infowars.

The Rigatoni Family has a goofy website and a satirical YouTube channel that includes a video making fun of HIllary Clinton voters, but BuzzFeed failed to check any of this before publishing the fake news story.

Rigilio forwarded Infowars emails confirming that Sainty ran the story past BuzzFeed editors before the go-ahead was given to publish the article.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.18.03 PM

“If you come across more incidents like this, I would love to hear about them,” Sainty told Rigilio in her final email.

Yeah, probably best to do a little more research next time, BuzzFeed.

The fake story even set off a debate amongst BuzzFeed’s SJW readers as to whether or not the transgender players should be allowed to compete with biological females because, as one commenter put it, “Women need safe spaces, and misogyny is rife in the gaming community.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.19.06 PM

This is a reference to the “GamerGate” controversy, during which many gamers complained that leftists were inserting their political correctness agenda into video game design, sacrificing quality in favor of virtue-signaling and feminist tokenism.

Kotaku, a video game website that has been accused of pandering to social justice warriors in the past, also reported on the fake news story and quoted Rigilio complaining of the abuse he received from the Electronic Sports League. Mashable also published an article about the fake story.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.20.14 PM

Having been completely trolled, Electronic Sports League announced that it would be “working with diversity-focused partner organization AnyKey to revise the rules” of its tournament.

The whole farce underscores how the left’s insistence that gender is fluid and can be anything the individual decides on a whim only leads to confusion and a complete lack of proper discernment. Throughout both articles, Rigilio is referred to as “she” despite the fact that he is definitely a he.

Rigilio says the whole episode emphasizes “how hard it is to take Buzzfeed and other bad news organizations serious.” Indeed, it’s interesting to note how BuzzFeed jumped at the story without any proper vetting simply because it correlated with their hysterical social justice narrative.

Of course, this is not the first time that BuzzFeed has published completely fake news. They infamously released the Donald Trump ‘pissgate’ dossier which has been vehemently debunked.

BuzzFeed, which last week was forced to respond to the scandal of their employees joking about the assassination of President Trump, previously attacked Infowars for publishing fake news (we were similarly tricked by another individual into publishing a bogus story).

The fact that BuzzFeed News, which likes to think of itself as part of the mainstream media and decries Infowars as having zero credibility, fell for the same exact stunt, is particularly ironic.


Now filing federal claim for violation of ‘right to protest’

Will Racke | Daily Caller – MAY 2, 2017

More than 20 immigrant workers in Michigan were stunned to find themselves out of a job after they skipped work to attend a “Day Without Immigrants” rally in February.

The former employees of Detroit-area auto parts maker EZ Industrial Solutions LLC say they were wrongfully fired, despite warnings from company management that there would be repercussions for missing work without permission.

They are now taking their case to federal labor regulators, the Detroit Free Press reported. In a charge filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the immigrant workers from Mexico and Central America claim EZ Industrial Solutions unjustly fired them for taking part in a political protest.

The complaint alleges that “the employer coercively questioned employees” on two separate occasions about their plans to attend rallies scheduled for February 16. Workers also say they were fired even though company management previously said they would only be handed a one-week suspension for skipping work.

EZ Industrial Solutions says it acted within the law when it fired the workers. Operations manager Jordan Yoder defended the company’s actions in an e-mailed statement to the Free Press:

“The law is quite clear that employees can’t just not show up to work when they’re expected, and also that they are not free to participate in political, non-work related protests during their work day without consequences. We therefore deny any wrongdoing and are confident that the charge will be dismissed.”

Tony Paris, a Detroit lawyer who filed the NLRB complaint on behalf of the fired workers, claims EZ Industrial Solutions doesn’t normally require its workers to call in about missing work because they have an informal schedule.

“Workers wouldn’t be punished for not calling in, because they don’t have to do that anyway,” Paris told the Free Press. “The employer never cared. You could not go in for three days” and then show up and work, he added.

Yoder told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Monday that “the allegations that were made by Tony Paris are inaccurate.” He declined to add further detail, citing a policy not to discuss pending litigation.

The Detroit office of the NLRB has forwarded complaint to the agency’s Washington, D.C. headquarters for further review.

Read more:

Read more:


Google contractor tried to censor Infowars

Mike Cernovich | – APRIL 18, 2017

Google will not remove InfoWars from its search engine results, Maxwell Tani of Business Insider reports:

Google said Monday that a vendor mistakenly told staffers working for the search engine that InfoWars should be ranked as a low-quality site.

The prominent right-wing website — which has been known to stoke conspiracy theories — blasted Google on Monday after pro-Trump media personality Mike Cernovich shared screenshots that showed a Google contractor saying InfoWars should be rated as a “low-to-medium” reliable site since its stories are “often debunked.”

When Mike Cernovich exclusively reported that Google hired a contractor to target InfoWars for censorship, haters claimed he was wrong. As when Cernovich broke the Susan Rice story, among others, before everyone else, this mistake is understandable.

Cernovich forgives his haters.

No one in media has the network of sources Cernovich has. It’s understandable that people don’t believe him.

Eli Lake of Bloomberg, who has already stolen at least two stories form Cernovich, went onto a podcast Cernovich had never heard of to call Cernovich names.

“They kept tagging me to get attention,” Cernovich said. “Since they show up in Verified Notifications on Twitter, I saw the hate. But it’s not a big podcast. Who cares? I don’t link to anyone who can’t get 1,000 RTs of hate for me.”

Sam Harris recently went on a lengthy rant about Cernovich on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Joe Rogan, who banned Cernovich from the podcast back in November, thought Harris was creepy, even calling him “obsessed with Cernovich” during the podcast.

Cernovich will continue breaking stories while everyone else talks about the same basic b*tch stories.

Sam Harris, for example, claimed Hillary Clinton would win the election. He was wrong. What a joke.

Harris challenged Cernovich to a debate, and then backed out. What is there to debate? Harris said Hillary would win. He has no unique insights into geopolitical affairs.

Joe Rogan refuses to admit Cernovich is banned from the podcast, even though a mutual friend told Cernovich, “Joe said he hated you and the pro-Trump trolls.”

Cernovich never asked to be on Rogan’s podcast, however, and doesn’t care about being “banned.”

“I’ve never asked anyone to be on a podcast. If people ‘ban’ me, that says it all about their fragile egos. How can you ban someone who hasn’t asked to be on your show?!”


InfoWars articles must be rated “Low to Medium.”

Mike Cernovich | – APRIL 17, 2017

Google has hired contractors to remove or limit Alex Jones’ website from its search engines. According to a search engine evaluator for Google, all contractors have been instrucred to actively rate InfoWars as a low quality and untrusted site.

This email was sent out to all contractors.

Screenshot 2017-04-17 11.52.07

The instructions to the contractors provide:

  • InfoWars is not an “outright false” website and is not “among the worst of the worst.”
  • “There are a number of controversial, often debunked claims that the site regularly promotes.”
  • InfoWars articles must be rated “Low to Medium.”

Screenshot 2017-04-17 11.53.33