*(From The Religion Of Peace) – Ignoring Muslim Girl Meme Review from UK Parliment Attack

Published on Mar 23, 2017

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John Holborn


not all, but they dont denounce this kind of behavior, they just dont care about anyone not muslim, they tolerate this and that kinda makes them resposible too

Sad I think about the soldiers who died on D-Day and what think of U.K. today.
Moon Man

That bitch deserves to be harassed until she leaves UK

well the first thing I noticed is it’s demonetized! so Google YouTube is demonetizing all of the stories that are linked to Muslim Terror so you’re not the only one. the second thing I noticed is this wasn’t in my regular feed I actually had to go to my subscriptions and to find you specifically and then look up your latest videos so I think they’re not promoting or helping people get to the story! that problem seems to happen with a lot of people on YouTube which are truthers like Mark Dice
Golden Eagle

The expression of INDIFFERENCE to the horrors at her feet is spine chilling!!! Even without the hand and cell phone. Artsy and creative vid…one of your best!!



Shocking double standard of social network giant exposed yet again

| Infowars.com – MARCH 24, 2017

The way in which Facebook polices content on its network is under scrutiny again after it was revealed that a post in which a user called for white women to be “hunted and killed” was deemed to not be a violation of community standards.

“White women should be hunted and killed then we won’t get white babies who think the(y) own the world,” the user posted.


When the post was reported by another user for “hate speech,” Facebook responded with the message, “We reviewed the comment you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

Meanwhile, posts by Christians that simply state bible passages in discussions about homosexuality are being removed, while pages devoted to showing grisly mock images of President Trump being assassinated are not taken down.


The social networking giant has also received criticism for several recent incidents during which rapes of women have been been live video streamed on the platform.

Facebook also refused to remove the infamous video where a mentally disabled man was tortured by a group of young black men when it was reported.


It seems that Facebook is too busy complying with threats to remove so-called “fake news” to deal with actual examples of hate speech and violence.

Flags for so-called fake news which cite Snopes – a far-left partisan outfit – as an independent fact checker, are already appearing when users attempt to post links to certain stories.


Facebook also began recently declaring Infowars posts to be “spam” and deleting them from public view, although this appears to have been remedied for the time being.


US warships ‘harassed’ by Iranian forces in Strait of Hormuz – navy commanders


American warships were “harassed” by Iranian forces in the Strait of Hormuz, according to US Navy commanders, who said the Iranians had their weapons uncovered, manned, and armed. It comes amid already tense relations between Tehran and Washington.


The incident occurred on Tuesday as a US-led, five-vessel flotilla, which included the aircraft carrier ‘USS George H.W. Bush’, passed through the waters on its way to the Arabian Gulf.

According to the commanders, the flotilla was approached by two sets of Iranian Navy fast-attack boats, some of which came as close as 870 meters (950 yards) from the aircraft carrier.


“What I don’t like about that is they (Iranian boats) were in the middle of international transit waters (while) we had a right to be there as we were exercising freedom of navigation on our way into the Arabian Gulf,” Rear Admiral Kenneth Whitesell, commander of the Carrier Strike Group 2, told journalists aboard the aircraft carrier, as quoted by Reuters.

“They also had weapons uncovered as some of the cameras were able to tell. They had some of the weapons manned. We also have aerial data that they were arming all of these weapons.”

Whitehall said Iran claimed the US-led flotilla – which also included a Danish frigate and a French destroyer – had breached its international territorial waters. The commander denied that assertion.

Responding to the Iranian Navy, US forces deployed helicopter gunships from the ‘USS George H.W. Bush’ to hover over the speedboats. One of the helicopters was threatened by Iran, according to Captain Will Pennington, the commanding officer of the ‘George H.W. Bush’, adding that it was “certainly unprofessional behavior.”

The incident ended without a shot being fired, and the vessels continued on their way to the northern part of the Gulf to participate in US-led airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria. According to Pennington, the behavior of Iran’s navy has become “more aggressive and less predictable,” essentially presenting “a risk to the merchant traffic that’s around us [US Navy].”

Tense relations 

It comes less than three weeks after Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said a US Navy ship changed course toward Iranian vessels in the Strait of Hormuz, accusing Washington of “unprofessional actions…(that) can have irreversible consequences.”


Speaking of the incident to Reuters, an official said that multiple Iranian fast-attack vessels had come within 550 meters (600 yards) of the tracking ship ‘USNS Invincible’, forcing it to change direction.

In January, a US destroyer fired three warning shots at four Iranian fast-attack vessels near the Strait of Hormuz after they approached at high speed and apparently disregarded numerous requests to slow down.

Located between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz is a strategic waterway through which 30 percent of global oil exports pass annually.

Donald Trump‘s administration has already butted heads with the Islamic Republic, referring to it as the “number one terrorist state.” The US leader has also said that military options are not off the table when it comes to Iran, responding to a missile test by Tehran.

The already tense relations between the two countries were worsened by Trump’s recent travel ban, which bars citizens from six Muslim-majority countries – including Iran – from entering the US. The ban was halted by a US federal judge and is awaiting a May 8 appeals court hearing.

The Great Devin Nunes: Obama Officials Face Five Years in Prison

Published on Mar 23, 2017



“who invited the ghost of the communist past into our chambers again” – real Devin nunes quote when nancy pelosi was re-elected recently to be house minority leader
Lower Middle Class Patriots

obama is a queer indonesian muslim socialist……….and spy!!
Sherry Mercer

it’s straight up blackmail,Comey is up to his own shit in the paedophile ring
Ilove The Usa

Obama will be put in prison soon
Yesenia Rivera

5year for treason ,,, he should be hung,,,, for every person he killd
Andrew Hall

More news of evidence . No arrest . Why even report . Is this just a tactic to just piss Americans off distraction. Of something big going on and news just doing this to blindside us on some real truths.
Brenda Maki

good man!

I would like to see them go to jail but I don’t think that will happen all they will get is a slap on the wrist.

Surveillance in Nov, Dec, executive order signed in Jan. Of course it was done as a cover up, or more to the point as a cover his own ass! It was Obama’s way of giving himself a presidential pardon. They were so sure (duped) to believe Hillary was gonna win he figured the spying on a presidential candidate would not be an issue. He was wrong. Just like he was wrong about the ACA. I bet 99 percent of those liberals out there would be pissed if they found out their lives were being tapped. Spying on Americans is truly treasonous. I wonder who’s gonna throw themselves on the sword for that prick? Bet it won’t be Comey. Comey’s a rat!
Nancy Stone


Tip “Tap” Toe! A Smoking Gun? Trump was Indeed Spied On! # 2

Published on Mar 24, 2017

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Shrub 1975

Who is this stupid women with the glasses???
Joe Radler

Fox should NEVER use Marie Harf. All those years of her lies as spokesperson of the State Department… its disgusting, and I for one don’t want to give her another platform to add her “creative fiction” to the national debate.

This woman is lying.

I hope the investigation makes this woman and others look foolish as they are!! We know there is no dough that this had Ob hands all over it!! Witch!!…>:{
D. Gregory

This former Obama spokeswoman in the glasses misrepresented what Nunes said, imagine that, Nunes said multiple Trump personnel were unmasked, not ‘may have been’ or ‘possibly’, he said he ‘saw their names’ in the reports that were distributed, and that’s illegal

*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – London Attack: U.S. citizen Kurt Cochran was killed while celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary, wife hospitalized with broken bones

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.53.41 PM

By Pamela Geller

A Utah man celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary in London was among those killed in Wednesday’s attack outside the U.K. Parliament. Kurt Cochran and his wife, Melissa, had stopped in London during a tour of Europe and were planning to return home today.

An American was murdered in an Islamic terror attack and we hear nothing of this in the enemedia. Instead we are tortured with lectures about Islam, “one of the world’s great religions.” We are warned against identifying this Islamic attack as Islamic lest we be “racist” “bigots” “islamophobes.” While the streets of London are still fresh with blood we are told that Muslims’ feelings are paramount and that they don’t feel safe. They don’t feel safe.

The British government are sacrificing their citizens on the alter of Islam.

Who speaks for the dead?

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.59.12 PM

Kurt and Melissa Cochran from West Bountiful, Utah, were among those who were run over by a terrorist in a 4×4 on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday. Mr Cochran died while his wife remains in hospital

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 6.00.15 PM

Mr Cochran hurled over the parapet and landed on the concrete walkway under the bridge

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 6.01.07 PM

Strangers consoled Mrs Cochran as she lay on the bridge next to a toppled postcard stand before an ambulance arrived

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 6.02.04 PM

The 46-year-old mother desperately cluthced on to a stranger who held her bleeding head as she lay among scattered postcards while they waited for an ambulance. The chilling image swept the world yesterday before the pair were identified

A mother who was on her way to collect her children from school was also killed before the terrorist came to a stop at the Houses of Parliament, crashing his car into railings.

A 75-year-old man died from his injuries today.

A policeman standing guard in New Palace Yard was stabbed and died at the scene.

Distraught family confirmed Mr and Mrs Cochran’s involvement in the atrocity on Thursday, telling how they ‘ached’ for the couple’s children.

London was their final stop after a tour of other European destinations.

They had already visited Holland, Germany, Ireland and Scotland and were in the English capital to spend time with Mrs Cochran’s parents who work there as missionaries for the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

London parliament attacker named as 52-year-old Khalid Masood

The London terrorist attacker has been named by police as Khalid Masood.


Masood, 52, was born in Kent and detectives believe he was most recently living in the West Midlands. Masood was also known by a number of aliases, Scotland Yard says.

Masood was not the subject of any current investigations and there was no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack.

He was known to police, however, and had a range of previous convictions for assaults, including GBH, possession of offensive weapons and public order offenses.

His first conviction was in November 1983 for criminal damage and his last conviction was in December 2003 for possession of a knife.

He had never been convicted for any terrorism offences, police say.

According to Sky News, Masood was an English teacher and religious convert. He was a married father of three, who was into bodybuilding.

Masood killed four and injured 29 people in a terrorist attack in Westminster on Wednesday. He rammed pedestrians while speeding across Westminster Bridge in a car, then ran towards Parliament and stabbed a police officer dead.

Masood was shot dead by an armed police officer outside Parliament.

Giving details of the attacker’s background in Parliament today, May said the assailant was known to police and MI5 – the UK’s domestic intelligence agency.

“What I can confirm is that the man was British-born and that – some years ago – he was once investigated in relation to concerns about violent extremism. He was a peripheral figure.

“The case is historic – he was not part of the current intelligence picture. There was no prior intelligence of his intent – or of the plot. Intensive investigations continue.”

In Birmingham, searches are continuing at a flat raided by armed police.

Neighbors said heavily-armed officers stormed a second-floor flat in Hagley Road overnight.

“The man from London lived here. They came and arrested three men,” a witness who works in a shop nearby told the Press Association.

A total of eight suspects have been arrested in raids at six different locations.

The attacker is believed to have acted alone.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the attack outside the UK parliament, according to the terror group’s new agency Amaq.

The agency said “A soldier of the Islamic State carried out the attack, responding to a call for attacking citizens of coalition states.”

The claim cannot be verified at this stage.