Benghazi Liar Schiff Now Lies about Uranium One


By Daniel John Sobieski

When the Democratic anti-Trump mantra of “Russia, Russia, Russia” was in its infancy, House Intelligence Committee off ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff from the People’s Republic of California was in high dudgeon over Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes daring to report to the public and the press that, yes, members of Team Trump were in fact surveilled and the contents of their conversations and their names were recorded and disseminated.

Rep. Schiff had no problem with intel leaks to the New York Times, but an intelligence committee chairman giving the President a heads-up that his transition team was in fact caught up in surveillance by his own government is out of bounds? Schiff insisted it was, and claimed Nunes was not acting as a committee chair but as a surrogate of Team Trump:

At his own news conference later that afternoon, Schiff sharply criticized Nunes, given that his committee is in the middle of an active investigation that includes the question of whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia’s suspected attempts to meddle in last year’s election.

“The chairman will need to decide whether he is the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct which includes allegations of potential coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians, or he is going to act as a surrogate of the White House, because he cannot do both,” Schiff told reporters.

Schiff has no problem acting as a surrogate for Team Obama or Team Hillary. That deafening silence you hear is the outrage he has expressed over the leaking of classified information to the press designed to fatally wound the Trump transition. Schiff had no problem repeating claims without evidence that Team Trump was colluding with the Russians. But he was troubled by Nunes citing reports proving President Trump was right about his team being monitored, creating a kerfuffle that forced Nunes to recuse himself from active leadership of his committee.

Fast forward to Uranium One and Fusion GPS and evidence of actual collusion and coordination between the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and the Russians, and we find ranking member Schiff once again acting as a surrogate for both President Barack Hussein Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. He cannot do both. Nor can he ignore evidence that Team Hillary conspired with the Russians to both influence our elections and to engage in arguably treasonous pay-for-play in exchanging control of 20 percent of our uranium supply, the raw material for nuclear weapons, for $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Yet that is what Schiff is doing, whistling past his party’s political graveyard and ignoring evidence of crimes that, yes, make Watergate look like a third-rate burglary and the treason of the Rosenbergs look like a misdemeanor, He calls Uranium Onepolitically-motivated “distraction”, showing how unserious the Democrats are about real corruption and collusion and why these “bipartisan” investigations are a sham by definition

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, accused the Trump administration, Breitbart News and Fox News of promoting news first reported by The Hill last week regarding Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One deal.

The 2010 deal, covered extensively in Breitbart editor-at-large Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” gave Russia control of a significant portion of U.S. uranium.

Schiff denounced the new attention as a “partisan effort to distract” and accused House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) of being a part of it given three House committees — Judiciary, Government Reform and Intelligence — were involved.

Schiff, as we know, is no stranger to partisan efforts to distract and is a veteran of using lies, false charges, and obfuscation to distract the American people from the crimes and corruption of Team Obama and Team Clinton. He shamelessly defended the incompetence and criminal negligence of Obama and Clinton in Benghazi

Schiff was the individual who called the heroes who fought off terrorists from the roof of the CIA annex in Benghazi liars for their account of the Obama/Clinton administration’s denying security improvements, ignoring warnings of the attack, and the issuance of a stand-down order for any rescue, an order they ignored. As Investor’s Business Daily recounted in 2014:

The California Democrat who suggested that his party boycott the Benghazi Select Committee as a waste of time now accuses those who fought on the CIA annex roof of lying “to promote a new book.”

The last we heard from Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., a member of the House Intelligence Committee, was in May. That’s when he told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” he thought the planned select committee to investigate the 2012 Benghazi attack was a “colossal waste of time.”

Calling the yet-to-be-approved committee a “tremendous red herring,” Schiff said: “I don’t think it makes sense, really, for Democrats to participate.”…

… Schiff apparently is still not happy about the hearing, which pointed out the State Department’s pre-Benghazi neglect of security, ignoring the security recommendations after the 1998 bombings of our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania….

The hearing came right after Kris Paronto, Mark Geist and John Tiegen, three CIA contractors who on that night fought terrorists from the roof of the CIA’s Benghazi annex building, confirmed that there was indeed a stand-down order given that caused a critical half-hour delay….

Schiff, who was not in Benghazi that night, says Paronto, Geist and Tiegen are making up a tale to sell their book, as if their story is less plausible than the proven lie that the Benghazi attack was caused by an inflammatory YouTube video, a myth promoted both by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

After seeing clips of Schiff saying the contractors were trying to sell their book and Smith claiming a stand-down order “was never given,” Geist said he “would like to invite Mr. Schiff to a debate… we can talk about it.” He wondered if Schiff wished to “say that to my face.”

Schiff thought the Benghazi heroes was making it up, and now he thinks Nunes and Team Trump are making up the fact that investigations into Team Trump and the Russians, and the creation of a Special Counsel, were prompted by a fake dossier put together by the Russians and paid for by Hilary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC. He claims it is a distraction to point out the truth that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration sold out American national security in exchange for more Clinton cash.

Rep. Adam Schiff, have you no shame?
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Dobbs, Fitton – Corruption Permeates FBI, DOJ – No Case Solved Since Fast and Furious

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 3.39.49 PM

By Rick Wells

Lou Dobbs points out that Fusion GPS, the opposition research and creative writing company that Democrats hired to do compile dirt on President Trump and which created the discredited Trump Russia dossier is fighting back against Congressional subpoenas.

Dobbs describes the lawyers representing the Fusion scumbags sarcastically as “noble” in their arguments that, “The House Intelligence Committee is acting in bad faith,” and threatening to “plead the Fifth Amendment and refuse to testify.”

Dobbs also references thirty documents related to the Bill ClintonLoretta Lynch tarmac meeting that the FBI had previously claimed didn’t exist but that a similar suit for information from the DOJ revealed, through their correspondence with the FBI, actually did exist.

He asks if perhaps Judicial Watch was being lied to when the FBI told them the documents didn’t exist earlier this year, and discusses that point and others with Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. Fitton says he doesn’t think the changing story at the FBI was an oversight or an honest mistake, saying, “I think we caught them, we caught them red-handed, and now they’ve had to fess up to the documents.”

Dobbs says, “This sort of tell you what the problem is. The American people have a government that is corrupt. The American people have a government, and it’s not necessarily because someone takes money, although I’m sure there’s lots of that, but is so politicized it’s politically corrupt and ideologically corrupt.”

Dobbs asks when will the documents be forthcoming and “will there be words actually still on the pages when you get them?” Fitton replies, “Well, that’s the big question. The government says they need up until November 30th to turn the documents over to us.”

An outraged Lou Dobbs jumps in, “Thirty pages, they can’t read thirty pages in less than a month and a half.” Fitton takes a turn at the sarcasm saying that the new FBI Director, the good old boy who has been a Mueller – Comey crony for decades, Christopher Wray, “might want to ask questions about what went on here.”

He says, “The idea they didn’t know they had documents just strains credulity. And this is why Wray and Jeff Sessions, to the degree he’s not recused, because he may be recused from this, I don’t know, Rod Rosenstein, whoever the responsible official is needs to take a look at this.”

“This is a fundamental question, “says Fitton, “of whether we can trust our nation’s law enforcement agency, the FBI and the Justice Department, not to break the law and not to be dishonest.  We’re in the middle of a court case here and they tell us they don’t have documents.”

He says, “You know, what are we supposed to do, go to the court every time saying the FBI is lying? We’ve got to rely on the FBI and the Justice Department to tell us the truth from time to time.”

Dobbs asks why the “people should have any other belief about the FBI now than that’s where investigations go to die?” He says, “I can’t think of a major scandal that has been resolved by the investigation of the FBI, can you Tom?”

He continues, “I’m talking about going back to Fast and Furious, you name it, they never reach a conclusion. Benghazi, they never reach a conclusion, there’s never a report, this is something rancid and wrong at Justice.”

Fitton adds the IRS scandals to the list of unresolved claims and says, “Especially when the Justice Department or the FBI are implicated in the scandals, you’re never going to get the truth or it’s going to be difficult to do so

He cites an example, saying, “Just last week we’re asking for the Comey memos, we sued for the Comey memos that he supposedly wrote. The Justice Department came in and said  we can’t have one of them, any of it, because it would interfere with Mueller’s investigation.”

He adds, “So now this Justice Department is working with Mueller to keep information that Comey leaked to the New York Times away from the American people, unbelievable.

Dobbs gets the last word, noting, “And the Republican Senate leadership and the Republican House leadership haven’t got the guts to say ‘enough’ and end it now.”

One case they solved was Edward Snowden – likely because they feared he had the goods on them.

Protesters Say The Darndest Things! – SJW CRINGE

This week Fleccas headed to the Earth Day March (protest) to see what Trump did this time. Lots of good Fleccas Talks action here!

S. Levi

Lol, nice flecca you burned that guy with the concentration camp sign. Good job bro on calling out that hypocrisy.

 Jimmy Pop Ali

S. Levi flecca just took a backseat and let the guy dig his own hole the more he spoke the deeper he got. He looked like he was on the verge of talking himself into changing his mind.
Tyler Fries

These idiots know nothing about how business works. What kind of CEO is doing the work himself? Answer: a bad one

You are awesome! First that you can fearlessly enter the belly of the beast. And second that you understand and can articulate the issues with obviously clueless people. More please!
Jessie Reissman

“I don’t pretend to know all the facts about it” but I will come to every protest and hold a trump Russia flag. God they are dumb!

I laughed so hard when he took his glasses off when the guy said Hillary has been more honest.
Jami Harpole

“Trumps a liar” “Who did you vote for?” “Hillary” His reaction after that was priceless! Had to take off his sunglasses to look that guy in the eyes to see if he was trolling him! 🤣 you sir earned another subscriber!

History Indicates Comey Just As Honest As Hillary Clinton Or Loretta Lynch

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.26.47 AM

By Rick Wells

The background of James Comey, a corrupt politician appointed by another corrupt politician, Hussein Obama to work for two other corrupt politicians, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, was, like Obama’s never fully revealed to the public during the times that he was going through the confirmation process. Some of us might have expected the vetting procedure would have exposed his criminal background and ties to organized crime, disqualifying him from consideration. Apparently in Obamaworld, his criminality is what made him a “must have” for the position of FBI Director.

It seems quite obvious in retrospect that Obama needed a dirty FBI Director to cover for the mess he and Hillary Clinton had made in Benghazi. The timetable fits a deliberate attempt to not be obvious in what they were doing, but the events are awfully conveniently spaced out, if they were, in fact, coincidental.

Benghazi happened in September of 2012, five months later she resigns, seven month after that James Comey becomes FBI Director, and her campaign for president gradually ramped up from there the following year. Whether every American in Libya at those facilities was supposed to die on September 11th or none were, the fact is that they needed some protection and Comey was a known entity who could be counted on to do their bidding.

Some of the truths about Comey have come out over the time he was in office, with Breitbart revealing the network of duplicity between him, HSBC, Loretta Lynch, law firm DLA Piper, his brother Peter, the Clinton Foundation and Comey’s longtime employer when he’s not abusing the public trust, Lockheed Martin.

Dave Hodges expands a bit on the information Breitbart provided, including the HSBC and drug cartel connections to Comey, but fails to also note that his boss, Loretta Lynch, who was intimately involved in setting the criminal Hillary Clinton free, was also involved with HSBC, and had performed the same favor for their bank executives in 2012. Nobody went to jail from HSBC although they operated front shell companies that were vacant inside as a ruse for their $200 trillion money laundering scheme. Lynch fined them only $1.9 billion, which was paid by their “generous” shareholders.

There’s some detailed information that will likely surprise a lot of folks as to just who Obama had in office as the top cop, the vilest of swamp creatures that deserved absolutely no courtesy and whom he was wise to fire while he was out of town and unable to access FBI records. He’s a crook, like everybody else involved in the previous, illegitimate regime. They all need to be prosecuted.