WikiLeaks Emails Show DNC Worked Against Bernie Sanders


Today’s WikiLeaks dump of over 19,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee has vindicated a longstanding complaint of Bernie Sanders — that the DNC actively worked against him and his campaign against Hillary Clinton.

In one email, dated May 5, 2016, DNC Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall suggested emphasizing Sanders’ atheism, as the information would damage his image with Southern Baptists.

It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.

In another email, to DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda, Democrat national press secretary Mark Paustenbach suggested that the DNC could craft a good “Bernie narrative” about how the Vermont Senator’s campaign was “a mess.”

These leaks are sure to anger supporters of Sanders, who long supported the Senator’s allegations that the DNC establishment was biased against him. It is likely to deepen disappointment among Sanders supporters at the candidate’s recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary For Prison Banner To Fly Above Clinton Speech At Florida International University

Published on Jul 22, 2016

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Jérôme Carrier

Yes Great Job… and please remember that 90% of the work are also from the Infowarriors like we are. Good Job.
Glen Hendrix

Alex and crew keep up the great work!

Guys watch the new move “Hillary’s America”, we need your help to get this movie all over America.

Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!
George Hernandez

we need that banner to fly over Los Angeles!
The Sneakerhead Otaku

We need a fleet of thousands to fly across the country

Be careful INFOWARS, Hillary gets people killed.

DNC Invites Blacks, Not Cops & Bans Males

Published on Jul 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party are doing everything they can to ensure that racial tension stay high while alienating the police who are outside protecting her and everyone else at the DNC.


Democrats have gone off the deep end. Happy I left that party and am now unaffiliated.

Me too. I left the party a year before Obama’s second term. They have become so mentally unstable in the past 8 years. It’s sad that people like this exist, I feel like they should be cartoon characters.

Same here. I re-registered as a Libertarian. It’s been bizarre to watch. A virus spreading like a wild fire.
Michael Oliver

It’s fun to watch the Democratic party embarass itself.
quin swain

the cops need to boycot protecting the dnc. if the dnc wants to acuse all cops for crimes some have committed that is bogitory
K Singleton

If I was a Police Officer charged with providing security for Hil-liar-y and the DNC I would be taking those 4 days off with the flu! The Blue Flu!
Dun Hilda

Every single police that is charged with protecting the place should call in sick on that day, and take it off.

“DNC invites blacks, and not cops…” race baiting much?

Celebrities Need Safe Space after Donald Trump’s RNC Speech


Hollywood celebrities were beside themselves Thursday night as they watched Donald Trump accept the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s national convention in Cleveland.

Celebrity reaction quickly poured in on Twitter as Trump began his speech Thursday night, with some of the candidate’s most outspoken critics — Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, John Legend and George Lopez — all weighing in with jabs, jokes and hot takes (and Moore doubled down on his prediction that Trump will win in November).

Other stars following along with Trump’s speech included actresses Elizabeth Banks, Octavia Spencer and Mia Farrow, director and Funny or Die co-founder Adam McKay, horror author Stephen King, Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank shark Mark Cuban and late-night host Stephen Colbert, most of whom have been hostile to the Republican candidate in the past.

Reaction ranged from the simple yet effective (Russell Simmons: #NeverTrump) to the routine (Nazi comparisons from Michael Moore and Josh Gad) to the hysterical (Rosie O’Donnell: “RICH SPOILED PRICK“).

With Trump’s speech clocking in at 68 minutes, there was plenty of time for Hollywood’s progressive stars to get their commentary in.

Below is a collection of the night’s tweets from Hollywood’s best and brightest.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.14.46 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.15.44 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.16.36 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.17.35 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.18.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.19.36 PM



Tranche said to be from recent Guccifer 2.0 hack

JULY 22, 2016

WikiLeaks has released nearly 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee ahead of the Democrat convention this coming week.

According to the Wikileaks website:

WikiLeaks releases 19,252 emails and 8,034 attachments from the top of the US Democratic National Committee — part one of our new Hillary Leaks series. The leaks come from the accounts of seven key figures in the DNC: Communications Director Luis Miranda (10770 emails), National Finance Director Jordon Kaplan (3797 emails), Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer (3095 emails), Finanace Director of Data & Strategic Initiatives Daniel Parrish (1472 emails), Finance Director Allen Zachary (1611 emails), Senior Advisor Andrew Wright (938 emails) and Northern California Finance Director Robert (Erik) Stowe (751 emails). The emails cover the period from January last year until 25 May this year.

The emails are from the period between January to the end of May this year and are presented in a searchable database.

WikiLeaks did not indicate how it obtained the emails. Guccifer 2.0, however, said the emails came from a recent hack of the DNC’s servers.

Scarborough: Trump’s RNC Speech May Have Been What Millions in Middle America Wanted for a Long Time

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.17.33 PM

by TRENT BAKER22 Jul 2016

On Friday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough reacted to Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, saying it may have been exactly what millions of middle Americans had been waiting to hear.

“It’s not the speech I would have given. It’s not the speech any of us would have given, it just may be the speech that millions and millions of people have been waiting to hear for a very long time. You have been talking about how people are scared for years. They are scared because their 401K is disappearing. They are scared because they are not doing as well as their parents did. You have been talking about how he delivered a message for an America that is not that scared. I don’t think we are scared because economically we are okay. You know a lot of people in middle America are scared. Doesn’t that message play to them?” Scarborough asked.