RUSH: Madonna And Ashley Judd ‘TEMPER TANTRUM’ Is Not Gonna Rebuild

Published on Jan 23, 2017
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Crystal Corey

Madonna needs to be arrested and tride like, Charles Manson.

We all know Madonna is a slut. And Ashley Judd can’t get any movie roles without taking off her cloths. I guess that makes her a slut also.
Magnús Másson

Madonna’s jaws will hurt when she has finished giving BJ to Hillary’s male voters.
Ivy Hawks

As a woman, I could care less about their marching, crying and temper tantrums. GO NUTS!
Bonni Walls

No, if you’re ever listened to women talk I guarantee they are 10x worse. These feminist only want women in power they are anti-men point blank period. I was ashamed for the first time in my 50+ years to be a woman yesterday. I was like a march of The Walking Brain Dead. So women to the left, Ladies to the right.

Madonna offers free oral copulations to every men voted for Clinton on stage at Madison Square Garden just before the election, this is the type of celebrities cheered by liberals and Democrats nowadays.
Fortified Fortresses

And this behavior helps us women. Pathetic
Rod Parkinson

I can only hope they keep this up, it will drive more and more people to flee from the undemocratic mantra that is destroying the free world.

Women’s March DC: “Impeach Trump for Rape!”

Home Guard

All these fools ACTUALLY think Donald Trump raped someone!? Bloody pillock’s.
Alex Ray

I wish you had then recorded telling them what really happened.
Hubosys BioGuard

You should have told them the truth and seen what they said after that
Ella Garden

Bill Clinton is a rapist !!! Bill Clinton rapes women  MORONS, Not MR. Trump stupid arrogant fat IDIOTS !!!
Theo Local Loner

One of the women in this march raped me. I’m a survivor. I claimed it. Now believe me.
World War 2 Documentaries

Donald Trump got more fat women out walking and exercising in one day than Michelle Obama did in 8 years!
Jim Big

Once all these idiot “wanna be cool” people realize that everyone is laughing at them, they’ll quickly eject their failing paradigms.
Templarkiller Gaming

If the purge was real these people would be the first to die, not morbid, realistic
Calvary Crusader

I’ve stepped in puddles deeper than these women. They are so shallow minded their ears rub together. Islamic teaching considers women as second class citizens even to the point of sexual slaves, yet these protesting “ladies” say nothing against Islam. Killing their babies makes them murderers. They are a bunch of false accusing hypocrites who have become transmoslems being tricked into worshipping a strange god aka Satan. So all their protesting insults womanhood.

Trump signs executive order withdrawing US from TPP

With a stroke of a pen, President Donald Trump has unraveled the Trans-Pacific Partnership, withdrawing the US from the controversial free-trade pact. Without Washington’s participation, the TPP would have to be renegotiated or scrapped altogether.

The largest global trade agreement in 20 years, the TPP would have included the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. It was championed by former President Barack Obama as a way to open Asian markets for American goods and create a trade bloc to counter China.

Opposition to the TPP was one of the key planks of Trump’s presidential campaign, with the billionaire businessman calling the trade pact a “potential disaster” for the US. He said he would prefer bilateral trade deals with individual TPP countries instead. Monday’s executive order signaled the new administration’s determination to address its priorities quickly.


Vietnam backed out of the pact in November, citing uncertainty created by Trump’s election and the refusal of the US Congress to ratify the TPP.

Trump has also targeted the North American Free Trade Association, which eliminated commercial barriers between the US, Canada and Mexico during the Clinton administration.

If Wilbur Ross gets the Senate confirmation to head the Department of Commerce, he will be charged with renegotiating the trade deals, alongside US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and chief of the newly established White House Trade Council, Peter Navarro.

“We are going to start renegotiating on NAFTA, on immigration and on security at the border,” Trump said on Sunday, after the swearing-in ceremony for senior White House staff.

Trump’s animosity for the TPP was shared by some of the Democrats, led by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. His rival in the November 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton, initially supported the trade pact.


On Monday, Trump assembled chief executives of major US corporations at the White House and promised to lower the tax and regulatory burden on doing business within the country. His administration will be scrapping free trade in favor of fair trade, he said.

“The regulations are going to be cut massively, and the taxes will be cut with them,” Trump said, warning that those who relocate factories will face a “substantial border tax.”

Trump signed two more executive orders on Monday, freezing all federal government hiring – with the exception of the US military – and prohibiting federal funding to US organizations promoting abortion overseas.




LeFrak: Trump’s trying to make a better deal on NAFTA  4 Hours Ago | 01:36 President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order as early as Monday stating his intention to renegotiate the free trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico, a White House official told NBC News.

Eliminating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was crafted by former President Bill Clinton and enacted in 1994, was a frequent Trump campaign promise.

The deal was intended to eliminate most trade tariffs between the three nations, increase investment and tighten protection and enforcement of intellectual property.

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“We will be starting negotiations having to do with NAFTA,” Trump said Sunday at a swearing-in ceremony for his top White House advisers. “We are going to start renegotiating on NAFTA, on immigration and on security at the border.”

U.S. manufacturing exports to Canada and Mexico, the United States’ two largest export markets, increased 258 percent under the agreement, according to the website of outgoing U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman, and the deal helped create a trade surplus in agriculture and manufactured goods.

Still, the new president blames it for destroying America’s manufacturing sector and called it “one of the worst deals ever” during an October debate with Hillary Clinton.


The Center for Automotive Research, a respected automotive research firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan, said in a statement this month that pulling out of NAFTA could cost auto jobs created since the end of the Great Recession. “Counter to the incoming Trump administration’s goal of creating manufacturing jobs, the withdrawal from NAFTA or the implementation of punitive tariffs could result in the loss of 31,000 U.S. jobs,” CAR said.

Trump is also expected to sign an executive order announcing his intention to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement among 11 Pacific Rim countries and never ratified by Congress, said the White House official. He will simultaneously move to begin individual trade negotiations with the countries in the TPP.

Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur Ross, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and the head of the newly-formed White House Trade Council, Peter Navarro, will be put in charge of negotiating the new deals.

Trump, who campaigned on a promise to to pull out of TPP and overhaul U.S. trade deals, is scheduled to meet with labor union leaders Monday.

Trump had indicated he will soon meet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to begin work on overhauling NAFTA.

Trump has said little about what improvements he wants, apart from halting the migration of U.S. factories and jobs to Mexico.

Canada’s ambassador to the United States said it was clear the Trump team were concerned above all about trade deficits with Mexico and China.

“I don’t think Canada is the focus at all,” David MacNaughton told reporters in Calgary, Alberta, ahead of a two-day government retreat focused on how to handle the new Trump administration.

Chuck Todd Calls Out Chuck Schumer For Petty Delay Tactics

Dr Gene Kerr

Chuck Schumer is out of the same corruption mold as HildaBeast & Jhonny Podesta!
Chris Duane

You can be sure this Yid asshole Schumer is passing all of our classified data onto the Criminal Zionist State, and they are selling it to the highest bidder on the global market. To wit Jonathan Pollard.
Mexcal4menu Mexcal4menu

You are a prick Schumer plain and simple, I only wish I could tell you to your face.

Schumer and Pelosi should resign their Leadership spots. They suck.
tall muter

Schumer is a partisan tool.

Hillary SLAMMED! Catches Bill Clinton Staring At Trump’s Wife! (Melania, Plus Ivanka?)

Published on Jan 21, 2017


Dorothy Parker

Hillary is disgusting

The best part is … Bill can never have that. Ever. He’s trash and he’s married to trash. Melania is WAY out of his trailer park league.
David Clarke

Let’s be honest wot red blooded man wasn’t!
NazaBear Kurøtzuchi

I can’t wait for the next episode of how to catch a predator presidential edition
Helen LePage

Bill only wishes he could have Melina, yes Hillary he is disgusting but so are you.
Texas Shrugged Book

Thousands of young girls were “saved” by the fact that “they” did not get back in office.

RUSH: CNN Report On Trump Assassination ‘An Act Of Total DERANGEMENT, IRRESPONSIBILITY, And DANGER’

Published on Jan 19, 2017
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Devon Graham

If anything happens to Trump, CNN is responsible for stirring it up. They want Trump dead.

Devon Graham I want CNN dead!
Shasha Foster

Wow! Unbelievable. Now that is low!!! I hate CNN!!!! Pos
Bonni Walls

It’s an act of sedition by journalists. FCC needs to yank their license.
Golden Girl

Democrats are so dangerous. I hope to God that they never get in the WH again.

CNN,,, bunch of trash

that is scary !!  they have gone so far beyond reason its incredible but this borders on treason

The infamous Clinton News Network is indulging in wishful thinking, while simultaneously inciting their neurotic fans. In the leftist Dreamworld that represents a kind of victory–a double play at least.

It’s disgusting. They should have all access to the White House and President repealed.