9,000 Companies Left California Since 2008


At least 9,000 companies have left California from 2008 to 2015, according to the 378 page study by Spectrum Location Solutions titled,California’s Forty Year Legacy of Hostility to Business.

Joseph Vranich, president of site selection consultants Spectrum Location Solutions (VLS) in Irvine, found that roughly 9,000 California companies moved their headquarters or diverted projects to out-of-state locations in the last seven years due to the Golden State’s “hostile” business environment. 

Vranich reports that the bitter negative perceptions of California for business began during Jerry Brown’s first chaotic two terms as California Governor from 1975 to 1983. Things got so bad that the Governor instructed his aides in 1977 to begin wearing “California Means Business” buttons.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Brown tried to convince reporters on a late 1970s junket to Japan that “Our economic climate is very good.” He added, “I think this is dissipating a good deal of the political rhetoric surrounding the business-climate talk.”

VLS points out that despite the growing anti-business environment, California’s economy grew for the next three decades due to wonderful scenery and climate, a workforce with technical expertise, and trade access to Asian nations.

But since the start of the Great Recession and accelerating after Brown’s election as governor in 2009, a mass exodus of businesses from the not-so-Golden State to more “friendly” locations like Texas and Nevada occurred.

Vranich told the Dallas Business Journal that companies that are leaving California to escape escalating costs and regulations can move to Texas or Nevada that have no income tax and high relative purchasing power. According to Vranich, “I even wonder if some kind of ‘business migration history’ has been made.”

VLS estimates that many former California companies that moved to more business friendly locals have experienced “astonishing” operating cost savings of 20 up to 35 percent.

The top 10 states that California businesses have relocated to over the last seven years are in the following order: (1) Texas; (2) Nevada; (3) Arizona; (4) Colorado; (5) Washington; (6) Oregon; (7) North Carolina; (8) Florida; (9) Georgia; and (10) Virginia.

Los Angeles was at the top of the list of the 10 California counties that suffered the highest number of disinvestment events. L.A. was followed by: (2) Orange, (3) Santa Clara, (4) San Francisco, (5) San Diego, (6) Alameda, (7) San Mateo, (8) Ventura, (9) Sacramento, and (10) Riverside counties.

The Tax Foundation using data from The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated the difference in purchasing power for $100 in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Only Washington D.C., New York, and New Jersey got less purchasing power than California’s $88.97. That compares to $103.73 for neighboring Arizona and a national high of $115.34in Alabama.

VLS has found that on a national basis, Democrat-leaning northeast and west coast areas get less purchasing power for their dollars, compared to the Republican-leaning southeast and mid-west.

The Tax Foundation established a direct inverse correlation between purchasing power and the percentage level of state tax rate. California, with a 13.3 percent top state tax bracket, leads the nation.

Democrat-leaning and high-state-tax northeast and west coast areas have the least purchasing power and the Republican-leaning low-tax southeast and mid-west have the highest purchasing power.

California had almost the lowest poverty rate in the nation in 1977 at about 11.8 percent. But after the mass migration of 9,000 businesses, California’s 16.4 percent poverty rate is substantially higher than the 14.5 percent national average and near the top overall.


“Liar” signs perfectly illustrate Democrat disarray

JULY 29, 2016

California Democrats seated with their delegation at the Democratic National Convention altered signs to say “Liar” instead of “Hillary” Thursday ahead of the former First Lady’s speech.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.20.30 PM

Photos from the DNC show multiple Bernie supporters holding up signs with blacked out letters used to form the word “Liar.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.21.22 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.21.58 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.22.56 PM

Pro-Bernie delegates wore yellow shirts Thursday after DNC efforts to suppress anti-war protesters by blacking out sections of lighting which would have shone on them.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.24.04 PM

The yellow shirts glowed and stood out prominently when lights went out during the event.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.25.03 PM

Other Bernie supporters also wore shirts with #DNCleaks stamped on them, in an effort to call attention to a trove of leaked documents released last week by Wikileaks showing clear favoritism for Hillary on the part of the DNC.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.26.06 PM

The “liar” signs are more evidence the Democrat party is not unified but instead coming apart at the seams, despite DNC efforts to put its best face forward.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.26.58 PM

1 officer shot dead, another injured during San Diego traffic stop

One police officer has been killed and another injured in a shooting in San Diego, with a suspect now in custody, police reported. The second officer was in surgery, while police have warned other suspects could still be at large.


The officers worked for the gang suppression unit and were shot during a traffic stop at around 11pm local time on Thursday in Southcrest, in the southeast of the city, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

The names of the officers were not released.

A suspect has been shot and is receiving treatment, Chief Shelly Zimmerman said early Friday. Others could still be at large, police say.

Area residents have been told to stay indoors for their own safety.

The incident occurred as the two officers pulled over a vehicle around Acacia Grove Way and 36th Street. Calls for emergency backup were made soon afterwards, it is understood. Nearby officers answered the call, but arrived to find two officers with bullet wounds to the upper torso.

One of the officers died, despite being rushed to the hospital.“Despite heroic efforts by officers on scene and heroic efforts by doctors to save his life, I’m heartbroken to report they were unable to save him and he is deceased,” said Zimmerman, who personally notified the family by going to their home.

“It is extremely difficult, but something you have to do,” she told reporters.

The incident comes as police in Southern California remain on high alert after the Dallas and Baton Rouge incidents, which both lead to police deaths earlier this month, and amid orders for greater vigilance.

Paging #BlackLivesMatter: Fresno Cops Shoot Unarmed White Man for Resisting Arrest


Well here’s a narrative-buster if ever there was one. Cops in Fresno shot an unarmed white man, Dylan Noble, four times after he repeatedly disobeyed the officers’ calls to keep his hands up, to lay down on the ground, and to keep his hands in the air.

Watch the police body cam for video. Warning: graphic.

Okay, so let’s unpack this.

Firstly, this incident happened in June. Look at your calendar. It’s mid-July now. Do you think it would’ve taken this long for #BlackLivesMatter to react to the shooting of an unarmed black man?

jeremy clarkson

Secondly, the cops asked this guy multiple times, with their guns drawn, for Dylan Noble to show both of his hands. Noble didn’t. They kept asking. Noble didn’t show them. Cops still didn’t shoot.

Thirdly, Dylan Noble got out of the car and started walking away. Cops repeatedly told him to keep his hands up where they could see them, then to get down on the ground. Instead, Noble walked towards the cops and put his hand behind his back. Likely not to pick a wedgie.

Cops still didn’t shoot… they both kept yelling at him to stop, keep his hands up, and get down on the ground. When Noble pulled his hand back from behind his back (as if he was drawing a weapon), cops shot him.

THEN, as Noble is ON THE GROUND, cops are still asking him to show his hands. Noble still, after being shot, puts his hands in his waistband (where weapons are usually kept).

Cops shoot him.

There are two investigations underway for this shooting. But if you watch the video, put yourselves in the cops’ positions.

Here’s another mental exercise. What would you do if two cops had their guns drawn on you? Would you disobey repeated orders from them, or would you do as they said? Even if you did have a wedgie.

How you answer that question determines how you’re going to live your life, if you’re going to live at all. Do not screw around with cops. Do not resist arrest. The wedgie can wait. You’ve waited before. When they tell you to keep your hands where you can see them, keep your hands where you can see them. If you disobey, if you’re acting suspicious, if you’re forcefully resisting arrest and an officer (or in this case two), fear for their own safety, you might get shot. Regardless of your race.

AnchormanScience GIF

You know why else this story didn’t break the newswires as soon as it happened? Because Dylan Noble is white. Far more white men are shot by cops than black men.1 I already used a science gif, so I’ll have to go with a different gif…

GrinderDoTheMath GIF

Yep, cops more often shoot white men than black men. Despite the constant bitching, protesting fest #BlackLivesMatter keeps pitching. Here, we have some stats for you on this matter. Watch and read Let’s Hate All Cops: FACTS ARE RACIST!

Then, to further debunk the #BlackLivesMatter myth that racist cops love shooting black people, watch this video. Because as it turns out, most officer involved shootings are not “black and white.” See what I did there?


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Surrender Your Weapons!

Published on Jul 8, 2016

California has now officially become the worst state in the nation when it comes to draconian gun laws.
SB 1446 Says you must surrender your high capacity magazines to law enforcement or destroy them yourselves.

chuck middleton

He’s saving it for the grand finale, he’s the biggest lier ever. The bible says Satan is the father of lies and there’s no truth in him, UN will take over local police by the end of the year, wait and see
Lenny Alavor

We’re Not Taking Your Guns… We Just Want It To Be Very Very Very Hard And Monitored By The Police😄
Lenny Alavor

You Can Have My Gun… One Bullet At A Time😄
Jamie Musso

Does Obama honestly think we believe his lies?
Martial “DaKiDfRmQnZ” G

Civil War? Or Martial Law?
William Matthews

Obama will order another “false flag attack.” An “attack” so massive & so bad. that he will “legally” proclaim “martial law.” Then Obama will call in the United Nations,(foreign troops), wearing their pale blue helmets. That’s when “they” will try to “legally” confiscate our firearms. The UN & the US will “enact” the UN/US “small Arms Treaty” & try to take our firearms. After all of this, Obama will be “appointed” as the next Secretary General of The United Nations. That’s what Obama has always wanted. Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid, & the rest of the liberal anti gun crowd, you are more than welcome to come take them yourselves. Don’t send in your “minions.” You are asking for violence against “law enforcement officers.” That’s not right. We Will Not Comply with illegal & unconstitutional laws, legislation or orders to surrender our firearms. We will not comply. Californians need to stand up for their second amendment rights. Rights that “shall not be infringed.” Come on California, wake up.
Marsha Chamberlain

Obama is a liar, first and foremost. After that, he is a traitor.
The Downliner

Come on America you knew this was coming. 9/11 saw your rights to fair arrest taken away then the Orlando Massacre started the push for gun control and now the most recent event where cops are killed by snipers is just another attempt to push home the need for America to give up it’s right to protect itself. Problem is Obama has been passing many bills in secret including the Monsanto free from legal recourse and like the UK the only thing you can do is protest but when has that really worked when it’s against the Agenda? You need your weapons to protect yourself from what is coming in the next 3-6 months. DON’T LET THEM TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELVES! Take care from your British friends🙂


Nouveau riche preparing to seclude themselves from the general public

JULY 6, 2016

According to a Silicon Valley insider, the nouveau riche are buying up huge amounts of land so they can build private compounds to seclude themselves away from the general public.

Former Facebook product manager Antonio Garcia Martínez told the Telegraph that freshly minted tech-millennials have set up private groups on the social network where they can discuss the “pressing needs of the super rich,” including where to buy private aviation and “how to buy a bunch of land then put it in a trust so people don’t realize you’re amassing a compound and you can maintain your privacy.”

Martínez, author of an upcoming book about Silicon Valley, says that the higher ups at Facebook “have no sense of right or wrong” and act like ‘gangsters’.

“These companies are temples to the founders’ egos. You don’t even have that level of self worship on Wall Street,” he added.

It was recently revealed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is building a 6 foot wall around his $100 million property located on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.
“The feeling of it is really oppressive. It’s immense,” Kauai resident Gy Hall told Time.
Elitists elsewhere have also been busy buying airstrips and land in remote areas of countries like New Zealand as an insurance policy against the chance of mass civil unrest and economic catastrophe.

Economist Robert Johnson said the rich were making such purchases “because they think they need a getaway” from Ferguson-style riots that will erupt as a result of widening wealth inequality, which it at its worse in virtually all developed countries since the 1980s.
As we reported back in April, a company called Vivos that builds luxury bomb-proof underground shelters said they were receiving a lot of interest from “high net worth individuals” who were looking to be protected from “the general public”.

“This is for wealthy people who are concerned about various disaster scenarios, but a common theme among them is a fear of civil unrest, a fear of an uprising from the 99%,” said journalist Lynn Parramore after visiting one of the facilities in Indiana.

Millionaires have also been fleeing from major cities like Chicago due to concerns over racial tensions and rising crime rates, while the wealthy are also installing panic rooms in their big city apartments for the same reason.

Muslim Group Mocks Congress for Not Passing Gun Control


On June 24 the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) mocked Congress as cowards for not passing expanded background checks in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, an attack in which Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people with a rifle he bought via a background check.

MPAC also singled out the Senate for not expanding gun control in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting. They specifically criticized the Senate’s refusal to turn a blind eye to Due Process protections and add the no-fly list–and other watch lists–to the prohibited buyers list for the National Instant Criminal Background Checks System (NICS).

They did not point out that the San Bernardino attackers–Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malikwere not on watchlists, so inclusion of said lists would not have done anything to prevent them from acquiring firearms.

On the other hand, MPAC admits there may be some problems with lists like the “FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database,” but they hedge their admission by suggesting the NRA’s money motivates Republican leadership to see these problems. They praised the Democrat’s failed gun control sit-in, which was conducted Wednesday to Thursday of this week.

MPAC dismisses Republican concerns over “radical Islam” as a diversion.

They then intimate that a June 11 shooting death in California, a June 11 shooting death in Charlotte, a “possible murder-suicide in Los Angeles”–and two other June 11 shootings around the country–demonstrate that radical Islam isn’t behind all mass shootings. They do not mention that a single murder is not a mass shooting, nor to they point out that California has expanded background checks and numerous other gun controls on the Democrats’ wish list.

If these controls work so well, why are people in California still being killed with guns?