George Soros network pushed “Islamophobia” propaganda after San Bernardino jihad massacre


“ReThink Media, funded in part through NSHR grantee the Security and Rights Collaborative, distributed a set of talking points to organizations working to combat Islamophobia and arranging a series of conference calls to discuss messaging and crisis communications tactics.”

For years I have wondered why every single mainstream media reporter I have ever encountered was completely in the tank for the “Islamophobia” myth, and wholly unconcerned about jihad terrorism. Now we know why: they were bought and paid for. These revelations should bring the whole elite media superstructure tumbling down. It won’t, but every new push brings it closer to collapse.

“Hacked Memos: George Soros Network Hyped ‘Islamophobia’ After Muslim Terror Attacks,” by Aaron Klein, Breitbart, September 28, 2016:

NEW YORK – In the wake of Islamic terrorist attacks in the U.S. and abroad, grantees of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations mobilized to counter anti-refugee and anti-Muslim immigration sentiment while using the attacks to push gun control and advocate against the surveillance of Muslims in major U.S. cities such as New York.

Hacked Foundations memos reviewed by Breitbart Jerusalem betray the symbiotic relationship between Soros’ grantees and prominent politicians, including Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in working to push these agendas.

One December 3, 2015 document, titled “Aftermath of ISIS attacks,” outlined a network of grantees that immediately sprung to action pushing specific policy agendas immediately after the December 2, 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.

“Anticipating a backlash against Muslims, advocates swung into high gear,” the memo relates.

The grantee actions included attacks on those who spoke against immigration from Islamic countries, a push for gun control, and a speech by Attorney General Lynch at the annual dinner of a grantee, Muslim Advocates.

Here are some actions, as cited in the document:

*ReThink Media, funded in part through NSHR grantee the Security and Rights Collaborative, distributed a set of talking points to organizations working to combat Islamophobia and arranging a series of conference calls to discuss messaging and crisis communications tactics.

*Muslim Advocates was set to host a conversation with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on efforts to battle hate speech and anti-Muslim discrimination at its annual dinner in Washington DC.

* Advocates of greater gun control took to Twitter, chiding the parade of politicians who sent “thoughts and prayers” without taking concrete steps to improve public safety. The Center for American Progress convened calls on mass gun violence—one of a number of efforts to follow through on President Obama’s exhortation to revive efforts to enact new controls, such as universal background checks or a ban on assault rifles.

* The National Security Network released a new policy report entitled Mainstreaming Hate: The Far-Right Fringe Origins of Islamophobic and Anti-Refugee Politics in their handling of the Syrian refugee resettlement.

* The Refugee Council USA and some of its members issued calls to action to safeguard the Syrian refugee resettlement program.

After the Lynch event, a second Foundations’ memo boasted, “Appearing at the annual dinner hosted by grantee Muslim Advocates, Attorney General Loretta Lynch vowed that her department would vigorously investigate claims of hate speech that could lead to anti-Muslim violence.”

The first document relates a specific rapid response deployment of Foundations grantees to combat calls for restrictions on the visa waiver program after it was made public that Tashfeen Malik, one of the San Bernardino attackers, passed three background checks by U.S. immigration officials and was granted a K-1 visa to immigrate from Pakistan as the fiance of attacker Syed Rizwan Farook.

The document reveals:

Following the San Bernardino shootings in December by a U.S. citizen and his Pakistani spouse, there were additional proposals to limit the immigration of foreign nationals from specific Muslim countries, including restrictions on the visa waiver program.

US Programs’ Reserve Fund request, already in pipeline since the Syrian refugee crisis erupted last summer, received tentative approval. This request, which includes both c3 and c4 components, will provide communications capacity and advocacy support to refugee groups. It will also bolster immigrant rights groups’ ability to respond to anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric, which has been prominent in the race for the Republican 2016 presidential nomination.

The issue of refugee resettlement is central to the Open Society Foundations’ domestic aims. As recently reported by Breitbart News, hacked Soros documents state that the billionaire and his foundation helped to successfully press the Obama administration into increasing to 100,000 the total number of refugees taken in by the U.S. annually. The documents reveal that the billionaire personally sent President Obama a letter on the issue of accepting refugees.

Meanwhile, another document, titled, “ISIS Attacks Aftermath” and dated November 17, 2015, lamented that “Tuesday brought a more concerted effort to push back against efforts, fueled by key leaders in Congress and governors in over half the states, to bar Syrian refugees from resettlement in whole swaths of the U.S.”

According to that memo, among the prescriptions from grantees was:

Cities United for Immigration Action, a coalition of nearly 100 mayors, municipalities and counties organized by New York City’s Bill de Blasio, sought to counter the wave of governors opposed to allowing in Syrian refugees with a message of welcome and inclusion. “We should not close our borders to any group of people fleeing the atrocities and horrors of terrorism,” said Mayor de Blasio.

Yet another document listing grantee response to Islamic State attacks, dated January 7, 2016, addressed grantee opposition activism to the domestic surveillance of Muslims. The actions, the document states, included a lawsuit “contesting the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey, brought by grantees Muslim Advocates and the Center for Constitutional Rights.”

Police arrest 2, fire pepper balls at protesters in El Cajon, California following altercations

Police used pepper balls on dozens of protesters in El Cajon, California, and detained two men, after the crowd started throwing glass bottles at the officers.

According to an El Cajon Police press release, up to 75 protesters blocked an intersection in the town, stopping cars and breaking their windows. They also assaulted a motorcyclist who was knocked off of his motorcycle.


The local police got numerous 911 calls about the events, so a group of officers was sent to the scene. The policemen declared an unlawful assembly and ordered the protesters to disperse.

After the warning, protesters started hurling objects at officers, who then deployed pepper bullets and made arrests, according to police press release.

One of the detained is described as a 19-year-old male and the other is a 28-year-old male, according to police. Both are from El Cajon. There are no reported injuries at this time.

READ MORE: Black man fatally shot by El Cajon Police was unarmed, pointing e-cigarette

The disturbance comes a few days after 38-year-old Alfred Olango, an unarmed man, was fatally shot by police in El Cajon.

Initial reports indicated Olango may have been mentally ill, but his mother said that it was not true, and that her son was grieving for a friend.

Olango had a criminal history, and according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, the department tried to deport him twice, but Uganda refused to take him.

A few hours after the shooting, authorities released a photo that showed Olango holding an object and facing the officer that eventually shot him. The object was later identified as an e-cigarette.

Olango’s family had come to the US from war-torn Uganda 25 years ago for protection. The family is set to hold a rally on Saturday, and urged locals to join them.


“If it wasn’t for these police officers, I probably would have been dead tonight”

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

Disturbing video footage shows a man being surrounded and beaten by a leftist mob because he is wearing a “Make America Great Again” Trump hat.

The incident occurred yesterday in El Cajon, California during a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest.

The clip shows leftists (always eager to display their tolerance when it comes to diversity of opinion) verbally abusing 21-year-old Feras Jabro and demanding he leave the area as they chant “f**k Trump!”

WIthin seconds, one of the agitators smacks Jabro in the back of the head.
“You ain’t being attacked, you asking for trouble,” claims one of the agitators.
“I was just hit in the back of the head simply for the hat I’m wearing,” the Trump supporter responds.

The leftists then try to steal Jabro’s hat as they become more aggressive.
The Trump supporter is briefly pushed to the ground as more agitators attack him. He tries to leave the area as they pursue him.

Jabro then screams in panic as the agitators begin to beat him while he lies on the ground.
“Get the f**k out of here!” BLM protesters scream as Jabro attempts to leave.
“I just got beat up and attacked!” exclaims the Trump supporter.

Despite being in a state of panic, he is then surrounded by more aggressive BLM supporters.

Police then arrive and protect Jabro as he tells them, “I was scared to death, man!”
The officer explains that the beating was spotted from a police helicopter and that’s why they were able to arrive on the scene within minutes.

“I simply walked into the rally wearing a Donald Trump hat. I was attacked, thrown to the ground, kicked, chased….I was cornered, beaten to the ground, when I attempted to run away, I was chased by the entire mob of people,” the Trump supporter explains, adding that at no point did he try to provoke the crowd or say anything to incite them.

Reporters from the Associated Press and others interviewed Jabro after the incident but blamed him for wearing the hat. No stories about the incident have appeared in the mainstream media, aside from one photo of Jabro.

Even after police came to Jabro’s aid, the mob still surrounded him from a distance before Jabro was escorted to his vehicle.

“I want everybody to know, if it wasn’t for these police officers, I probably would have been dead tonight,” said Jabro.

Yet another BLM agitator then aggressively approaches Jabro even after he gets in his car and kicks the vehicle.

Virtually every day there is a new story about Trump supporters being attacked or abused by violent, hateful leftists.

On Monday night, a female member of the Gustavus College Republicans was also assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat.

The young woman was minding her own business while entering a cafeteria, only to be confronted by an aggressive man who started shouting slurs and had to be physically restrained as he tried to charge her.
“She was walking around bothering no one by wearing a Trump hat, she didn’t deserve this and there’s no way that this should’ve happened,” Minnesota Federation of College Republican Chair Amanda Peterson told Campus Reform. “I wish this was a surprise to me, but it’s not, it’s no secret that college students with conservative leaning viewpoints aren’t strangers to this type of thing on campus.”

Meanwhile, a video shows yet another example of an intolerant leftist violating private property rights in an attempt to shut down a Trump supporter’s free speech.
The individual was caught on camera trying to steal a Trump sign from his neighbor’s front yard, but he was in for a shock – quite literally.

Video: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mob Surrounds, Attacks Trump Supporter For Wearing MAGA Hat

Mark Dice

Black Crimes Matter.
Rich P

Love how the left always says the right is violent when it is the opposite.

this is what REAL bigotry looks like

Obama Admin Email Revealed -Trying To Stack The Election?

shel bell

you people just figured this out dumb ass networks
shel bell

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TODAY’S – Government cheating !!!!
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Everything in the Obama/Clinton system is fishy. Vote for Jill Stein to get some honesty and transparency in our government.

Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘I Am So Upset Watching This Video’

Published on Sep 23, 2016

Rep. Maxine Waters, D – California and member of the Congressional Black Caucus, reacts to the video released on Friday of Keith Lamont Scott being shot and killed by police in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bix Nood

She loves it, one life is a small price to pay so she can grandstand and get attention.  Waters and others like her have never done anything for the black community except prey on it.
Eric Demamp

Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘I don’t care what the law says.” 9/23/2016
Vlad the Inhaler

Uuuhhhhh he had a gun. This ignorant old bag needs to be arrested and stuck in a cell for inciting anti-police sentiment and potentially violence against the police

Maybe if blacks weren’t so overwhelmingly rebellious in the presence of police officers, you wouldn’t see so many deaths.
Manamike C

Waters don’t care what the law says.  So do most of the Democrats.
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What part of put the gun down repeatedly does she not understand? The police should have arrested the wife clearly her actions endangered officers lives.


The death of American culture?

Wayne Madsen | – SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

Even in the face of coordinated jihadist terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota, the Obama administration is continuing to settle throughout the United States Muslim migrants from Middle Eastern and African war zones.

Wayne Madsen Reports has learned from knowledgeable sources that the Obama administration recently announced plans to settle some 150 Muslim migrants in Missoula, Montana.

More may be on their way.

Cities like Missoula are often unprepared to take in migrants and they are given little to no forewarning by the federal government prior to the transfer of refugees from federal custody into state and municipal hands.

Much of the resettlement activity is being carried out by the International Rescue Committee, an NGO having longstanding ties to the Central Intelligence Agency.
The Obama administration recently revealed it would resettle some 100 Muslim migrants from Iraq, Syria, and South Asia in Flint, Michigan, which is still reeling from the effects of a contaminated public water supply.

Neither Flint nor Genesee County officials were formally notified by the federal government of the resettlement plans.

Obama’s Muslim migrant resettlement operations, which will see a total of 110,000 resettled during fiscal year 2017 and which Democratic presidential candidate said she will increase by 555 percent, come at a time of increased jihadist terrorist activity in the United States.

Police are searching for naturalized Afghan immigrant Ahmad Khan Rahami in connection with a series of bombs found in Manhattan and Seaside Park and Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The terrorist who killed his co-workers at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California was U.S. citizen born to Pakistani parents.

The Orlando night club killer was the U.S.-born son of a naturalized U.S. citizen from Afghanistan.

The St. Cloud, Minnesota shopping mall terrorist, Dahir Adan, a Somali immigrant, has been linked to jihadist cells among that town’s large group of Somali Muslim refugees.

Other small American cities and towns that have seen a recent influx of Muslim refugees include Aberdeen and Huron, South Dakota; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Buffalo, New York; Rutland, Vermont; and Charleston, West Virginia. A number of Muslim Somali migrants have recently crossed from Mexico into U.S. border cities like El Paso, Texas and Calexico, California.

President Obama will push for increased migrant resettlement in the Western world at his Leaders’ Summit on Refugees meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly annual plenary session this week in New York.

Wayne Madsen is an investigative journalist who consistently exposes cover-ups from deep within the government. Want to be the first to learn the latest scandal? Go to subscribe today!

Dems Push for Obamacare for Illegal Aliens in California: ‘Health Care Is a Human Right’



( – Democrats said Wednesday that President Barack Obama should use a provision in the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, that gives him authority to issue a “waiver for state innovation” that would allow illegal aliens in the state to buy insurance from the state’s health insurance marketplace.

“It is truly unconscionable that our country, the richest in the world, does not reflect the fact that health care is a human right, and not a privilege,” Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.) said at the Capitol Hill press conference.

“Enrolling all Californians – no matter their immigration status – in comprehensive coverage is not only a more humanitarian approach, it’s also more cost effective to ensure people have access to preventive care and wellness programs, and receive treatment before their condition becomes more damaging and more costly,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) said in her prepared remarks at the press conference.

“Everyone who works hard to build our country up, as so many immigrant families do, deserves access to quality and affordable health care,” Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) said at the press conference.

The lawmakers said the waiver would exempt illegal aliens from the legal status requirement on Obamacare health exchanges and it would only allow them to buy insurance through the Covered California Health Insurance Exchange and would provide subsidies, according to a press release distributed at the press conference.

“Plans sold under this program will be identical to plans currently sold through the exchange, and will not be subsidized with federal premium assistance or cost-sharing subsidies,” the press release said.

The waiver – allowed under section 1332 of the Obamacare law – is designed “to provide a way for states to pursue their own approaches to expand coverage, including alternatives that would represent a significant departure from the ACA’s standards and requirements,” a fact sheet distributed at the press conference said.

Aside from sending a letter to Obama pushing for the waiver approval, 37 Democrats, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell in support of the waiver.