Meme Exposes BRUTAL TRUTH About Black Lives Matter

V. Saxena reports when a legal carrier by the name of Matt Powers was recently pulled over by a local cop, he made a decision then and there to do everything in his power to make the encounter as pleasant as possible for the officer.

“For your safety and mine, Sir, I would like to inform you that I am a legally armed citizen,” he said when the officer approached his door and asked to see his registration and insurance information. I have a concealed carry permit in my wallet.”

He went on to explain that his gun was in the same compartment as his registration and insurance — and then he asked the officer to retrieve all three items himself as per his own safety.

“The pistol is in the small compartment under the cup holder,” Powers directed the cop. “Please be careful. There is a round in the chamber, the thumb safety is on and there’s an extra magazine with it.”

Here’s the kicker — he even offered to exit the truck while the officer retrieved his weapon. The cop agreed and graciously thanked him for his amazing cooperation.

Moreover, after exiting the vehicle, Powers politely asked the cop if he would like to search him for any additional weapons.

“If you don’t mind, that would be great,” the cop replied. “Do you have any other firearms or weapons on you or in the truck?”

Now I have a question …

Are you reading this, “Black Lives Matter”? Are you reading this, Al Sharpton? Are you reading this, President Barack Obama?

Walker Warns on primary: Paul Ryan in ‘toughest fight’ of career…


After losing the Republican presidential primary, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has decided to back House Speaker Paul Ryan in his contentious primary battle against Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen.

In a fundraising letter to Wisconsin voters, Walker warns that the Speaker’s campaign against his pro-America primary challenger could be Ryan’s “toughest fight yet.”

“Paul Ryan’s re-election is important to every Wisconsin conservative,” Walker writes in the fundraising letter. “His leadership is too important to Wisconsin and our country to risk losing him… To help our friend, please write your [contribution]… and let’s win what could be Paul’s toughest fight yet.”

Nehlen is running on a pro-America platform arguing, in contrast to Ryan, that the needs of American citizens should be a Congressman’s first priority. If elected, Nehlen would likely join the pro-America wing of the GOP Congress led by Sen. Jeff Sessions and Congressman Dave Brat.

By contrast, Speaker Ryan is the ideological leader of the globalist wing of the Republican Party. Ryan emphasizes that the needs of foreign citizens are equal to the needs of American citizens. In fact, Ryan has previously suggested that U.S. lawmakers must put themselves in the shoes of foreign citizens and then put forth legislative proposals that what would best serve the interests of these foreign citizens.

Ryan’s view, which is dominant among the GOP establishment, reflects the belief that Americans are only part of many interest groups that a Congressman ought to consider when crafting legislation—even as he negotiates with other countries, which always put their citizens first.

Yet because Ryan’s position does not poll well, he is not sharing with his constituents the actions he has actually taken on immigration, or what his actual agenda is.

Instead, Ryan is using a conventional tactic of trying to position oneself as a border security hawk in the days and weeks before the election, while in reality doing the exact opposite. In this case, Ryan is the leader of the anti-borders movement in Congress.

The challenge for insurgent candidates like Nehlen is that Ryan’s cozy alliance with globalist special interests not only gives Ryan much of his power, but it also provides him with unlimited financial resources to run ads in his district that portray him as being the opposite of who he is. Thus, ironically, Ryan can flood his district with ads and mailers portraying himself a border hawk because of the relationships that he’s built with wealthy global interests by trying to dissolve national borders.

In his fundraising letter, Governor Walker writes that Ryan is “a true son of Wisconsin who makes us proud every single day. Paul Ryan is a policy person, serious and substantive. He’s not just one of Wisconsin’s most impressive Representatives, he’s an American statesman. He’s more than just a champion of our conservative principles, he’s a proven reformer with a vision for improving our lives […] Wisconsin needs him… and so does America.”

In his letter, Walker does not explain how Wisconsin, or America, has been made better by Ryan’s two-decade long effort of pushing open borders policies on trade and immigration, nor does Walker explain how these policies are representative of “our conservative principles.”

Since Wisconsin voters sent Paul Ryan to Washington, Wisconsin has lost one fifth of its total manufacturing jobs.

Since they sent Ryan to Washington, the U.S. has imported a population of immigrants that is nearly three times larger than the entire population of Wisconsin.

A few days before a 31 year-old Wisconsin cop with 13 years of service was “viciously attacked” and shot at multiple times in Milwaukee, Paul Ryan announced his plan to bring up legislation, immediately after his re-election, that would release violent criminals from prison and back onto the streets—including thousands of criminal illegal aliens.

Critics say that Ryan’s “jailbreak agenda” would not only endanger minority communities who would be at the receiving end of increased violent crimes, but would also further endanger our nation’s law enforcement officers.

While Walker tells Wisconsin voters that Ryan “makes us proud every single day,” Walker did not explain why he was proud of the hours and days Ryan has poured into pushing to fast track the TPP, working hand-in-hand with Luis Gutierrez to enact amnesty, or becoming the leading champion of Barack Obama’s crime agenda.

It’s perhaps indicative of Walker’s priorities that the Wisconsin Governor decided to offer a full-throated endorsement of pro-open borders Ryan in his Congressional primary race before offering a similarly strong endorsement of the Party’s presumptive nominee Donald Trump, who wants to secure the border and enforce U.S. immigration law.

In his letter, Walker asks Wisconsin taxpayers to open their wallets to help Ryan raise $110,000—even though the House Speaker already reportedly has roughly $10 million cash-on-hand for his race.

Interestingly, recent analysis conducted by ProPublica found that Ryan “raises money from a vastly different set of political action committees than members further on the right.” The analysis shows that Ryan’s donors are more likely to also be Democratic donors than Freedom Caucus donors.

Walker writes that Ryan needs more money “to fight off the onslaught of out-of-state money… defend the truth from the ugly TV attacks, deceptive mailings and nasty robo-calls.”

Walker’s letter similarly does not explain what specifically has been “ugly,” “deceptive,” or “nasty” about Nehlen’s campaign against Ryan.

In recent weeks, Nehlen has gained traction through his focused attacks on Ryan’s longstanding support for open-borders trade and immigration policies.

Earlier this month, Nehlen held a press conference in front of Ryan’s personal border wallin which he criticized Ryan for protecting his family with a border wall while denying the American people that same protection. Nehlen also criticized Ryan for repeatedly ignoring the pleas of the American mothers and fathers, who have been forced to bury their children as a result of open borders.

When asked about Nehlen’s press conference, Ryan suggested that it was “petty” to stand outside his personal border wall and discuss protecting the interests of American families.

Nehlen has also launched a series of UKIP-styled billboards, which vividly portray the implications Ryan’s policies have for American families and workers

In particular, Ryan’s support for the donor class agenda disproportionately hurts black and Hispanic workers. As Ann Coulter has explained, Ryan “is a huge supporter of driving down Hispanic wages by endlessly dumping low-wage workers on the country.”

Coulter has mocked Ryan for “imaging a photo of himself on the mantle of every black household in America” while pushing immigration policies that will push million of black Americans into poverty. Coulter wrote that it’s ineffective to demand “an endless supply of cheap immigrant labor favored by your corporate donors, subsidized by the long-suffering middle class, while strutting around like you’re Martin Luther King.”

Clinton At NAACP – “Stop The Killings Of African-Americans”

Kitch Lakic

Is this washing machine in front of Hillary. Maybe that’s what she should do instead to speak bullshit.
Tin Foil Truth Slinger

Hillary for Prison 2016

She’s trying to use the minority vote to get her elected. So many people are falling for it.
Ian Tufts

Hillary reminds me of a trained ape.
Splugen pass

Riling up her base.

this piece of scum HILLARY is PANDERING black people for vote..I’m black and I think CROOKED HILLARY is the scum of the earth.

Hillary is shameless & corrupt as the day is long. She and Obama set the whole Middle East on fire sending refugees terrorists everywhere across the globe, even making excuses for these radical murders while they mow down & kill thousands of citizens. They even support blk racist & violent New Black Panthers. To think this evil war hawk is remotely human or would make a good president is not remotely possible. Corrupted Hillary belongs in a soundproof jail cell where no one will hear her siren call of death & destruction.


Published on Jul 17, 2016

Sub for more: | Toni-Anne Barry for ATR reports Sixteen Obamacare co-ops have now failed. Illinois announced that Land of Lincoln Health, a taxpayer funded Obamacare co-op, would close its doors, leaving 49,000 without insurance.


Is it any wonder that Corporations and Foundations are doing so well as the economy collapses. What is Barry’s personal fortune now ?
L chavez 

I’ve always said……let this crap crash. It’s unconstitutional. I will never sign up.

Most do not have the luxury of choice and if they do and choose not to participate, they are penalized with a large federal penalty/tax.
Vader Vaders 

Snake Oil is never cheap.

But sex reassignment surgery for our troops is now free. That should make the middle east like us even more, hmm? Love the snake oil comment, too. Still laughing!
William Branstetter 

you don’t here this on the libtard news agencies! I wonder why? hmmmm?

Be Aware, But Not There! National ‘Day of Rage’ Scheduled For July 15th, 2016

Published on Jul 14, 2016

George Soros,The Saudis The U N & The Democrats & all of the programed paid tools have planned to burn America to the ground on July 15th 2016..
Watch this video to find out where to to be with your children…

chloe lawes

isnt this straight out of 1984. um chilling. i been supportive of annon on a lot of stuff …but not this. this is not good

Obamacare company shutdown leaves customers in a lurch, facing higher costs – Chicago Tribune


BY  Ameet SachdevContact ReporterChicago Tribune

Ken Sullivan bought health insurance for his family this year from Land of Lincoln Health, a small, nonprofit company in Chicago.

The 52-year-old Chicagoan knew the purchase was a risk because the three-year-old insurer was struggling financially. But he said he didn’t have much choice after Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois eliminated his plan last year and its alternative didn’t include any of his family’s doctors and hospitals.

Now his worst fears have come true.

The Illinois Insurance Department moved Tuesday to shut down Land of Lincoln because of its unstable financial health, leaving about 49,000 policyholders in a lurch. They will lose coverage in the coming months, but neither regulators nor the company have said exactly when.

Policyholders will be able to buy insurance from a different carrier to cover them for the rest of 2016, according to the state Insurance Department. But switching plans is going to cost them.

The co-pays and deductibles enrollees have been paying since January will not transfer to new plans. A new plan will reset deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums paid by consumers.

“This could be very disruptive for people who either liked Land of Lincoln’s provider network or had met their deductible and other out-of-pocket limits,” said Stephani Becker, a health-care policy analyst at the Chicago-based Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law.

Beyond the impact on consumers, the demise of Land of Lincoln is a significant setback for the Affordable Care Act in Illinois. The insurer was one of 23 nonprofit cooperatives nationwide created under the federal health law to provide cost-effective coverage and competition in state insurance markets. With Land of Lincoln’s failure, the list of co-ops has shrunk to seven.

Just last week, Connecticut took control of its health insurance co-op, but policyholders will have coverage until the end of the year, avoiding the disruption that is coming to Illinois, disruption that Illinois’ top insurance regulator warned the federal government about two weeks ago.

After a slow start in 2014, Land of Lincoln grew rapidly last year, finishing 2015 with more than 35,000 individual policyholders and about 15,000 members in small and large employer plans. The co-op captured about 6 percent of the individual market in Illinois, which was good for second place but well behind Blue Cross’ 83 percent market share.

But Land of Lincoln lost more than $90 million in 2015, as the premiums it collected fell well short of the health-care costs of its enrollees. The shortfall in premium revenue was a problem also experienced by large, established insurers like Blue Cross that also participated in the restructured individual markets.

One of the aims of the health-care law was to provide coverage to people who couldn’t afford it or were denied insurance because of pre-existing medical conditions. The newly insured were sicker than carriers had expected.

Shortfalls in anticipated levels of federal funding also put Land of Lincoln in a bind. While big insurers have the financial reserves to cushion against losses, Land of Lincoln was in a precarious condition at the end of last year. Still, Illinois insurance regulators allowed the company to sell plans for 2016 to consumers.

The company has continued to lose money this year, even after increasing rates by an average of 29.7 percent. Through May, the co-op lost more than $17 million, according to the state Insurance Department.

The final blow came a few weeks ago when the co-op received a $31.8 million bill from the federal government. The company owed that amount to other insurers under a complex formula in the Affordable Care Act, which aims to keep premiums stable by balancing risks among insurers. The company couldn’t afford to pay the bill.

Acting Insurance Director Anne Melissa Dowling tried to intercede on the company’s behalf by suspending the payment until the co-op received more than $70 million in promised federal assistance.

Dowling, in a June 30 letter to federal regulators, said the payment suspension was necessary, otherwise she would have to liquidate the company mid-year, a process that would “trigger marketplace disruption and extreme financial harm” to policyholders.

But federal regulators didn’t go along with the last-ditch effort and Dowling began an orderly wind down of company operations to protect remaining assets for policyholders and providers.

Land of Lincoln is the latest casualty in the health-care law co-op program. According to Americans for Tax Reform, the company is the 16th co-op to fail. The federal government financed co-ops with low-interest loans totaling $2.4 billion. In Illinois, the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council, a hospital trade association, received $160 million in funding to start Land of Lincoln.

The company’s collapse will hit hospitals and physicians throughout Illinois. The company had nearly $49 million in unpaid claims at the end of the first quarter.

Policyholder Cheryl Mostowski said the demise of Land of Lincoln has left her feeling discouraged and frustrated. She sees specialists at the University of Chicago to treat her autoimmune disease. She has already met the $1,350 deductible on her 2016 plan and nearly reached her $3,200 out-of-pocket maximum.

“The fact that I now have to pay all deductibles and out-of-pocket costs again is truly unaffordable and unfair,” said Mostowski, who lives in Algonquin.

Becker said she and other consumer advocates in the state have reached out to the Department of Insurance to see if regulators would consider allowing policyholders to transition to new plans without resetting their deductibles and other out-of-pocket payments.

In the meantime, Becker advised policyholders to keep paying their premiums to maintain their coverage.

Michael Batkins, a department spokesman, said Dowling was unavailable for comment Wednesday. Land of Lincoln spokesman Dennis O’Sullivan referred all policyholder-related questions to the state Insurance Department.

Sullivan is waiting to hear what next steps he should take. The self-employed bond trader is worried that there will be gaps in the continuity of care when he switches to a new insurer. He’s also concerned his family’s doctors won’t be in-network with other plans.

“My family has decades-old relationships with physicians and specialists, which now may be severed,” Sullivan said. “I live about two blocks from Northwestern Memorial Hospital and it may be off limits in the near future.”

Islamic Connection to DALLAS MASS MURDER OF POLICE: FBI investigating anti-police group that ATTENDED DALLAS MOSQUE

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.59.22 AM

American terror-tied groups like Hamas-CAIR support and agitate for the Black Lives Matter movement. A Black Lives Matter activist distributed flyers on “proper riot gear” in both English and Arabic (but not Spanish, French, Russian, etc).

It’s ironic, of course, because  blacks (abeed in Arabic meaning slave) are held as slaves in Muslim countries (ie 20% of the population of Mauritania are blacks enslaved by Muslims under.)

Muslim Congressman (and former cop) Andre Carson Condemns on recent police shootings: “These Shooters Aren’t My Brothers In Blue, They’re Murderers.”

Rep. Andre Carson, a former law enforcement officer, joined other members of the Congressional Black Caucus to condemn the recent police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile


Dallas massacre of police: FBI investigating anti-police group that attended Dallas mosque,” Robert Spencer,Jihad Watch, July 8, 2016:

The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Islamic supremacist groups have assiduously courted Black Lives Matter, and linked their propaganda efforts against “Islamophobia” to the Black Lives Matter stand against perceived racism. In Dallas last night, we see where this is tending: as Kyle Shideler notes in the March article below, “At the event, MAS leader Khalilah Sabra openly discussed the importance of Muslim support for Black Lives Matter, and urged ‘revolution.’ Comparing the situation in the United States to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Arab Spring revolutions, she asked, ‘We are the community that staged a revolution across the world; if we can do that, why can’t we have that revolution in America?’” And with the mass murder of police in Dallas last night, we’re getting there.

The Nation of Islam is not an orthodox Muslim group, and subscribes to a great deal of racial mythology that is nowhere in Islamic tradition. It is, however, also true that many black Americans first enter the Nation, and then become orthodox Sunni Muslims. And given the increased racial tensions of the Obama era, many people in both the NOI and among mainstream Sunnis have a taste for the “revolution” that is brought about by means of jihad.

“Dallas police shootings: Race rally cops killed in Dallas sniper ambush,” The Australian, July 9, 2016:

Heavily armed snipers killed five police and transit officers in downtown Dallas and wounded seven more, in a ­premeditated and triangulated “ambush-style” assault during a rally protesting against the killing of black men after two shootings this week….

As the FBI and local authorities launched an investigation, their focus was expected to probe militant black rights groups set up in Dallas. Anti-police groups include the New Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton Gun Club, named after the founder of the 1960s activist Black Panther Party.

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club includes a coalition of BARC (Blacks Against Racist Cops) and other African-American groups, who agitate against police ­brutality. The group ­attended the Nation of Islam’s Muhammad mosque in Dallas in April to monitor protests by an anti-­Islamic group, the ­Bureau of American ­Islamic Relations. Both sides were armed, and moved on by police….

It’s useful to recall this: “Black Lives Matter and a History of Islamist Outreach to African Americans,” by Kyle Shideler, Townhall, March 17, 2016:

Once the dust settled, last week’s protest of a Donald Trump rally in Chicago demonstrated a growing nexus between Islamist groups in the United States and the radical leftist “Black Lives Matter” movement.

This rhetoric of unity between these movements was clearly on display at the 2015 joint conference of the 2015 Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). MAS was described by federal prosecutors as the “overt arm” of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, and ICNA is recognized as the front for the Pakistani Islamist group Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) founded by one of the foremost thinkers on modern Jihad, Syed Abul A’la Maududi.

At the event, MAS leader Khalilah Sabra openly discussed the importance of Muslim support for Black Lives Matter, and urged “revolution.” Comparing the situation in the United States to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Arab Spring revolutions, she asked, “We are the community that staged a revolution across the world; if we can do that, why can’t we have that revolution in America?”

Reporting on this merging “revolutionary” alliance goes back as far as the first outbreak of disorder in Ferguson. Few may recall the attendance at Michael Brown’s funeral of CAIR executive director Nihad Awad. Awad was identified in federal court as a member of the Palestine Committee, a covert group of Muslim Brothers dedicated to supporting Hamas in the United States.

CAIR joined other groups named by federal law enforcement as Muslim Brotherhood organizations and lined up behind the Ferguson protests.

In November of 2014, Fox News reported on an effort by CAIR Michigan Director Dawud Walid to link the death of Michael Brown at the hands of police and the death of Luqman Abdullah, a Detroit imam shot during an FBI raid.

Abdullah was described by the FBI as a leader of a nationwide Islamic organization known as “The Ummah,” run by convicted cop-killer Jamil Abdullah Amin. Abdullah’s group engaged in criminal activity in order to raise funds in order for an effort to establish Sharia law in opposition to the U.S. government.

Amin and CAIR have a long association together, with CAIR providing funding for Amin’s legal defense, and issuing numerous press releases in support of the Georgia radical imam and former Black Panther.

While this linkage of Islamist front groups to radical racial politics may seem a relatively new development, the reality is it has been the result of a nearly four decade long effort by Islamist groups. A major thinker on this effort was a Pakistani immigrant and ICNA leader named Shamim A. Siddiqui, who knew JeI founder Maududi personally. Siddiqui wrote his work, Methodology of Dawah Il Allah in American Perspective in 1989.

Siddiqui defined Dawah Il Allah as,

“an organized, a determined and a continuous effort to call the people of the land to the fold of their Creator and Sustainer, Allah (SWT), as priority Number One [of the Da’ee], towards accepting Islam as a way of life and convincing them to the need and urgency of establishing the Deen of Allah in the body politics of the country, with the sole objective to get the pleasure of Allah.” [Emphasis added]

In other words, Siddiqui focused not solely on religious proselytizing, but on the promotion of Islam as a political system. Siddiqui spends much of Methodology of Dawah discussing the efforts being made at recruiting and indoctrinating African Americans, and complained that the “revolutionary” aspect of Islam (his words) was being ignored by those working to convert the African American community.

Ultimately, Siddiqui believed that the Dawah mission depends on merging the grassroots intensity of radicalized African American Muslim communities—like those led by Jamil Abdullah Amin—with the doctrinal and more sophisticated Muslim Brotherhood-led immigrant communities. Siddiqui writes:

“This again, will not be possible without bringing both the immigrant and Afro-American Muslim communities of America on to one platform. The resources of one and the political awakening of the other, when combined together with the Islamic Movement of America, will be able to play miracles…There will be no dearth of resources, both of men and material, at that time. Only the Islamic Movement of America can get this job accomplished.”

Armored: But the killer shrugs off the attack and then sprints towards the cop's position. A witness said the maniac had so many ammunition magazines 'they were falling out of his pockets'

Armored: But the killer shrugs off the attack and then sprints towards the cop’s position. A witness said the maniac had so many ammunition magazines ‘they were falling out of his pockets’

Closing in: The officer turns to his right, thinking that the killer will approach from the inside of the pillars - but instead he comes from the outside, catching the officer facing away from him

 Closing in: The officer turns to his right, thinking that the killer will approach from behind a pillar

Shot: The killer then rounds the corner and fires, knocking the officer to the floor with a shot to the back

Shot: The killer then rounds the corner and fires, knocking the officer to the floor with a shot to the back

More her at SMO:

Islamic Connection: Some Suspects in Dallas Shooting Attended South Dallas Mosque,” Santa Monica Observer, July 8, 2016:Suspect “Micah X. Johnson” is named after Malcolm X., a Founding Member of the Nation of Islam

July 8, 2016

South Dallas mosque. Members of the mosque were subject to an anti-Muslim protest on April 3, 2016.

On July 7, 2016, five police officers were killed by sniper fire in Dallas, Texas. Six other officers and two civilians were wounded. The shooting occurred at a protest against police killings in the aftermath of the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. This is all generally known.

It seems improbable that Black Lives Matter members would fire on a Black Lives Matter demonstration. And that is in fact, not what happened.

Among the five suspects now in Dallas Police custody are self described “Islamic Americans” who attended a Nation of Islam mosque in the South Dallas area. It should be noted that the Nation of Islam itself is splintered into several groups. Louis Farrakhan, who took over the organization in 1981, subscribes to Dianetics and appears to have left Islam altogether. It’s ideology is barely recognizable as Islamic.

Update, 7/8: Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings today identified a suspect as Micah X. Johnson, a resident of Mesquite. Micah X. appears to have been named after Malcolm X., one of the founding members of the Nation of Islam. “While in prison, Malcolm X became a member of the Nation of Islam, and after his parole in 1952, quickly rose to become one of the organization’s most influential leaders.”

No American Islamic leader publicly promotes violence, and the Nation of Islam is no exception to that rule. However, members of this particular Mosque might reasonably have believed that they themselves were under attack.

A tense, armed protest in front of a South Dallas mosque required Dallas police intervention one Saturday afternoon in April. It happened in front of the Nation of Islam mosque on April 3, 2016, according to CBS Dallas.

Anti-Moslem demonstrators, dressed in fatigues and masks and most of them armed, were easily outnumbered approximately 10 to 1 by the mosque supporters, some of whom were also armed, reported CBS Dallas.

Dozens of police officers stood in between the two groups and also on rooftops to ensure nothing more than words were exchanged.

In a statement released before the April protest, the Dallas Police Department said, “The department is committed to protecting the Constitutional rights of all citizens and will make every effort to keep this protest peaceful.”

The was no violence and no arrests. But the seeds of anger and dissent were sown.

Militant Islam Reaches America is a book written by historian Daniel Pipes, published in 2002. It focuses on Islamic fundamentalism and Islamism, reflecting Pipes’ view that, as he said in 1995, “Unnoticed by most Westerners, war has been unilaterally declared on Europe and the United States.” The latest shooting in Dallas appears to have been a part of that war.

Anti moslem protest in front of the Mosque on April 3.

The protest was organized by the Next Generation Action Network after the killings of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, respectively. It was one of several protests held across the U.S. on the night of July 7. Several hundred protesters were involved in the Dallas protest, and before the shooting occurred, no other incidents were reported and the event was peaceful.

Belo Garden Park, the location where the protest began and near where the shooting occurred, was a popular gathering place for Black Lives Matter demonstrations, such as one held after the death of Sandra Bland at a Waller County, Texas, jail in 2015.

The people firing on the Dallas police used another group’s protest event, to settle what they saw as an offense against their race and their religion.

– See more at: