Sanctuary Cities Face Aid Cuts as DOJ Tightens Screws…

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By Charlie Savage

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration escalated its confrontation with so-called sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities, threatening them anew Friday with the loss of grant money if they do not remove certain barriers.

The Justice Department sent letters to officials in New York City, Philadelphia, California and other places that were singled out last year by the agency’s inspector general for regulations that interfere with the ability of police or sheriffs to communicate with federal immigration authorities about the status of prisoners in their custody.

“Many of these jurisdictions are also crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime,” the Justice Department said in a news release.

The agency cited the rising murder rate in Chicago and cast blame for gang murders in New York on what it labeled a “soft on crime” stance. It also complained that after the recent arrests of 11 members of the MS-13 Salvadoran street gang, the deputy police chief of Santa Cruz, Calif., had stressed that the raid was unrelated to immigration instead of “warning other MS-13 members that they would be next.”

President Trump ran on a platform of cracking down on illegal immigration and issued an executive order during his first week in office aimed at starting that process. Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned that recipients of federal law enforcement grants were required to comply with a 1996 law that bars the local authorities from forcing officials to withhold information from federal immigration authorities about people’s immigration status.

The recipients of the letters were warned that as a condition of receiving 2016 grants, they must certify by June 30 that they were in compliance with the law. That enforced a deadline on a policy first put in place under the Obama administration, which announced the policy last July but gave cities that were not in compliance time to adjust.

After Mr. Sessions’s remarks last month, several municipal leaders vowed defiance; Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City said that he would fight in court any attempt to strip funding from the city.

On Friday, Nisha Agarwal, the commissioner for the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs in New York, said the city was prepared to respond by the June 30 deadline. She declined to say what the city would tell the government.

Mr. de Blasio and other top city officials also batted back against the “soft on crime” label in the Justice Department’s statement.

“We did not become the safest city in America by being ‘soft on crime,’” Mr. de Blasio said, standing with the city’s police commissioner, James P. O’Neill, both stone-faced, in Police Headquarters. “This is an insult, this statement.”

He said it “denigrates” the Police Department and its officers, was “absurd on its face” and ignored a quarter-century of progress on crime. New York City is currently at or near historic lows in all areas of major crime, from murder to auto theft.

The Justice Department responded to Mr. de Blasio by doubling down on its comment, calling his administration’s policies “soft on crime” in a second statement.

The dollar amounts for the grants in question are relatively small compared with the overall budgets of the governments that received the letters. For example, according to the Justice Department, the City of New York received a $4.3 million grant in 2016.

Other places sent the letter included the State of California, which received a total of $10.4 million, divvied up among 128 cities and counties; Chicago and Cook County, where that city is, and which shared a $2.3 million grant; New Orleans, $265,832; Las Vegas’s Clark County, $11,537; Philadelphia, $1.7 million; Miami-Dade County, $481,347; and Milwaukee County, $937,932.

Each of the letters was signed by Alan R. Hanson, the acting director of the Office of Justice Programs, which administers the Byrne law enforcement grant program. Until Jan. 20, Mr. Hanson was a top aide to Senator Richard C. Shelby, Republican of Alabama; Mr. Sessions had been the other Alabama senator until he took the helm at the Justice Department.

“Failure to comply with this condition could result in the withholding of grant funds, suspension or termination of the grant, ineligibility for future O.J.P. grants or subgrants, or other action, as appropriate,” Mr. Hanson wrote.

Illegal Alien Charged for Alleged Rape, Murder of Sanctuary City Woman

By Ryan Saavedra

Investigators say that an illegal alien sexually assaulted the victim and strangled her to death.

Bulmaro Mejia-Maya, 29, was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, on Wednesday and was charged with the first-degree murder of Tiffany Thrasher, 33. Other charges Mejia-Maya faces include home invasion and aggravated criminal sexual assault, according to CBS Chicago.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) filed a detainer on Bulmaro Mejia-Maya after his arrest by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on April 19, 2017,” ICE said in an email to Breitbart Texas.

Thrasher was found dead in her apartment by police after her friends requested a well-being check on her for missing Easter services.

Investigators say that Mejia-Maya lived in the same apartment complex as Thrasher although it was not clear if the two had met.

Authorities say they tied Mejia-Maya to the murder based on physical evidence discovered and on interviews in which Mejia-Maya made “incriminating statements.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has openly welcomed illegal aliens to his “sanctuary city.”

“We are still and always will be a welcoming city whether you’re an immigrant from Poland or Pakistan, Ireland or India, Mexico or Moldova where my grandfather came. If you believe in the America dream we welcome you to Chicago,” Emanuel said.

Emanuel has gone so far as to create a new ID program to ensure that illegal aliens get government services without exposing their identities to federal authorities.

“The new program was unveiled at a Chicago City Council meeting on Wednesday, and it protects illegal aliens from federal oversight by not collecting any copies of identification documents presented when illegals apply for the identification card,” Breitbart previously reported.

Sanctuary Cities Release 65 Criminal Aliens Wanted by ICE

By Bob Price

Sanctuary jurisdictions across the country released 65 criminals wanted by immigration authorities. New York led the nation in this week’s report after releasing 14 criminals with immigration holds.

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During the week of February 11-17, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials issued 2,868 immigration detainer notifications to 11 separate jurisdictions. ICE officials issued the highest concentration of detainers to jurisdictions in California and New York, according to the Declined Detainer Outcome Report, attached below.

During the period of this report, sanctuary cities released 65 criminal aliens currently under ICE detainers. ICE reports the declined detainers regardless of the date of issuance. Facilities in the state of New York topped this week’s report having released 14 criminals under detainer requests. Those include violent criminals with charges or convictions for sexual assault with carnal abuse (2), robbery, assault, possession of a weapon, intimidation, and the sale or possession of dangerous drugs. The jails released other criminal aliens with charges or convictions for larceny, violation of a court order, and DUI.

New Mexico released the second highest number of criminal aliens in this report. Multiple counties in NM released 12 criminal aliens including one let go from Lea County with a charge of aggravated assault on a police officer. The facilities released other inmates with charges or convictions for battery, assault, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, DUI, dangerous drugs and selling marijuana.

California followed with the release of 11 criminal aliens with charges or convictions for weapons, domestic violence, sexual assault, assault, and drug possession.

The report indicates the release of 10 criminal aliens with immigration detainers, all of which from Travis County (Austin). Travis County Sheriff “Sanctuary Sally” Hernandez released inmates with charges or convictions for domestic violence, assault, burglary, drug possession, and larceny.

The released criminal aliens reported citizenship statuses from Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Peoples Republic of China, Philippines, Somalia, and the former USSR.

The report details the policies of the various jurisdictions that interfere with immigration officials in the course of their duties. The report covers a one-week period and lags by six weeks.

Officials indicated the number of issued detainers would continue to increase over the next few reports because of the issuance of the requests to jurisdictions with known sanctuary policies. Under the Obama Administration, ICE officials had stopped issuing detainers to jurisdictions known not to be cooperating.

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“Why does your argument always take a turn into racial demagoguery?”

Steve Watson | – MARCH 28, 2017

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson wanted to know why the head of the New York City Council suggested that enforcing illegal immigration laws is racist, but his guest, a sanctuary cities advocate, couldn’t provide the answers.

The comments were made by Melissa Mark-Viverito at the National Conference on Sanctuary Cities, where she repeated claims she made earlier in the month that enforcing US immigration laws against those seeking to enter the country illegally was tantamount to ethnic cleansing.

The council speaker has claimed that “I think in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen very, very, very clearly what the ultimate goal is of this administration. There clearly is a sense of purging… of implementing policies to purge certain groups of people from this country.”

Carlson asked Cristobal Alex, a civil rights attorney, and sanctuary cities advocate, why such a prominent figure in the debate would suggest such a thing, but he spent the entire interview dodging the question:

Alex, also a self proclaimed Hillary supporter, first suggested that “the point that she was trying to make is that sanctuary cities are actually much safer. And what Jeff Sessions, and what this Department of Justice are trying to do is pass draconian laws that will make it much harder and unsafe for our cities in the United States.”

Carlson pointed out that there are no studies that support the claim that such cities are safer.

“There’s no disagreement — there haven’t been studies done on that that show it.” Carlson told Alex, when he attempted to continue the line of argument.

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Carlson returned to the line of questioning about ‘ethnic cleansing’, noting ” I don’t understand why this has be a racial conversation, I don’t understand why if you disagree with someone about the immigration policy, that person needs to be a racist’.”

Alex simply had no comeback, saying that he ‘respected’ the council speaker and was ‘looking forward to what she has to say next’, while admitting that sanctuary cities would not solve the problem of the immigration system.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.42.30 AM

“Do me the favor of addressing what she actually said.” Carlson requested, to which Alex responded, “you’ll need to ask her directly”.

“Why does it always take a turn into racial demagoguery?” Carlson asked, adding “you’re accusing Trump of being a demagogue, and then when people say things like ethnic cleansing and murdering people because of their race? Come on now!”

“I’m not going to speak for the speaker.” Alex responded, returning once again to the claim that there is evidence to suggest sanctuary cities are safer.

Alex then attempted to argue against the documented reality of supply and demand, and suggested that it isn’t the case that wages are driven down when areas are flooded with people who are willing to work for less.

“Come on, this is insulting!” Carlson told Alex.

Alex then wouldn’t answer Carlson’s further question of “how many illegal immigrants is too many?”, wheeling out the cliche of “This is a country built on immigrants. And we should be building bridges, not walls.”

“On illegal immigrants?” Carlson shot back, adding “What does that even mean?”

“You guys always fall back on these ‘bumper stickers’.” Carlson exclaimed.

Social media blew up following the interview.

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Why Is Obama Hiding In Tahiti For A Month At A 13K Per Night Island Resort?

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By Rick Wells

It does seem a little odd that Hussein Obama is renting a room or bungalow at a secluded island resort where the guest rooms range in price from $2,150 to $13,244 per night. Of course, we taxpayers are stuck paying the bill for his Secret Service protection to stay in those very pricey accommodations for a month. And that’s if he doesn’t invite the Mooch or their pretend kids who have no baby or child pictures with the Obamas over to stay with him.

Mooch might not be fit for travel, if the speculation about genital removal surgery is true. It must be rather painful, but it’ll be worth it. No price can be put on the freedom of being able to dance on “Ellen” in any pants she/he wants to without worrying about gear slippage.

But Obama doesn’t need to go to Tahiti just to get away from the Mooch and the post surgery crabbiness. Sure, they’ve got a book deal, but he’s got a house in DC and one in Palm Springs, right? If he just wanted it for writing he could have gone to Chicago to be near egghead terrorist and writer Bill Ayers. What is the advantage of going to a secluded resort in a country beyond the reach of most media cameras?

Sure, the spas in Tahiti are probably nicer than the bathhouses he’s used to in Chicago and elsewhere around the US, but what happens in Tahiti really does stay in Tahiti, so that could be it. It’s particularly likely when what happens in Tahiti is a meeting with George Soros, high level terrorists or other anti-America global communists to brainstorm about the next phase of the agitation for the takeover of America and Obama’s return to power.

Obama is staying at Marlon Brando’s private retreat on Tetiaroa atoll, originally purchased by the actor in the 1960s. Naturally, his people have been tight-lipped about what he’s doing there, with no political meetings having been announced. Did Obama remember to arrange for Russian houseboys? Hopefully they’ve got surveillance cameras and TMZ has contacts with the right hotel security officer.