The Soviets are coming! Hammer & Sickle strike again, courtesy of Clinton camp

The USSR ended twenty-five years ago, and the hammer and sickle flag was pulled down all over Russia. You can only see it now at World War II memorials, tourist attractions, and bizarrely websites set up by Hillary Clinton supporters, attempting to discredit opponent Donald Trump.

It looks like the Clinton team has long ago decided they needed a bogeyman for the 2016 election. With their previous bêtes noire like Saddam, Gaddafi and Bin Laden all dead, they reached for the Russian comfort blanket, which sustained many an American “project fear” back in “the good old days.” Thus, in four years, we have gone from Barack Obama mocking Mitt Romney for trying to invoke a Russian threat to his successor as the Democratic Party nominee milking it until the cows come home.

Sometimes it is downright stunning to witness American election campaigners creating, and promoting, websites” Paid for by the pro-Clinton “Progress for USA Political Action Committee” it collates media stories which connect the Republican candidate and the Russian president. That could be dismissed as merely slightly odd behavior, until you see the logo, which is … drumroll…a hammer and sickle!

Yes, that eternally recognizable communist symbol.

Reds in the Bed

In case Team Clinton is reading this: it looks like it might be time for a bit of a world history refresher. Any person even moderately informed about Russian affairs can tell you that Putin’s government is far from communist. Hell, most decently educated school children can tell you the same. The Russian government has promoted a pro-business agenda for well over a decade and has long maintained a flat income tax rate of 13 percent.

Indeed, only this year, the Russian president has denouncedsocialist hero Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik government for their brutal repression and accused him of having placed a “time bomb” under the state. He also admonished the Bolsheviks for making Russia suffer defeat at the hands of Germany in the First World War. “We lost to the losing party, a unique case in history,” the President said. Furthermore, Putin is no big fan of Stalin either. While recognizing his contribution to defeating the Nazis, he also described him as a “tyrant.”

It’s just as doubtful that Trump – a man who just boasted about not paying any federal taxes! – is a fan of Karl Marx’s theories. The idea of distributing wealth to labor, from financiers, is surely alien to a man who has essentially admitted to not paying people he has hired because he wasn’t happy with their work.

Put plainly, these commie associations are absurd. But of course, Team Clinton knows this. That’s the big reveal. The idea is to conflate the fading memory of the ‘Red Menace’ of Soviet communism with modern Russia. The purpose of this is pretty obvious too: to instill fear of the ‘Big Bad’ Putin in vulnerable American hearts and minds.

The Green Logo Menace

You need to go no further for proof than Clinton campaign’s official messaging. Take a look at this video, where Hillary’s team flings Russia slanders like they going out of fashion.

Cue the foreboding music – you could ask why they didn’t just license the tunes from ‘Jaws’ and have done with it – multiple RT logos and, no joke, Russian mafia references. You know the clichés that Bond films have dropped for being too crude.

The arguments presented are as light-weight as the production is heavy-handed. The Clinton side claims that Trump made millions selling Russian rights for Miss Universe. That may be true, but Trump owned the organization for 19 years and sold entitlements in dozens of other countries, holding the actual event in Russia only once during that time.


The video also implies that Trump is bad because he produced a“Russian language promotional video (which) attracted people to buy Condos in Florida.” Hold on here, what is so unusual about that? During the oil boom of the mid-to late 00’s, Russians were well known for buying property all over the world. Indeed, if you walk around hot spots like London, Nice or Dubai, you will still see Russian language signs outside many high-end estate offices. Probably all homes for the sleeper agents, huh.

Then Mike Morrell appears and declares that someone who doesn’t want to pursue an aggressive military policy toward Russia is an “unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.” And at this point, we probably reach peak preposterous. Essentially the message is that if you don’t want to saber rattle with Moscow, you are working for it.

Did Joseph McCarthy even go this far?

OPEC reaches deal to cut oil output first time in 8 years

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has reached a deal to limit oil production. Production is to be reduced to a range of 32.5-33.0 mn barrels per day, and the deal is expected to come into force in November.

OPEC made an exceptional decision today. After two and a half years, OPEC reached consensus to manage the market, Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh has said on Wednesday, as cited by Reuters news agency.

“We have decided to decrease the production around 700,000 barrels per day,” Zanganeh added.


The cartel estimates its current output at 33.24 million barrels per day.

Reuters reports that OPEC will settle production levels for each member country at the next formal meeting, set to be held in Vienna on November 30. It will be the first reduction in eight years.

One of the sources also told Reuters that after reaching the target production rate, OPEC will turn to non-OPEC producers for output support.

Representatives of the OPEC countries are currently in Algeria attending the International Energy Forum.

The agreement to cut production among the world’s largest oil producers could lead to oil supply coming more in line with the demand for the energy source.

Following the reports of OPEC’s decision, the price for futures for Brent crude oil has gone up by nearly 6 percent, to $48.72 per barrel on the ICE stock exchange in London by 6:28 pm GMT.

US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil also rose by 5.4 percent, to $47.02.


US energy stocks have also , with the energy sector gaining 3.9 percent, the most among the S&P 500 11 sectors. The benchmark index is up eight points (0.39 percent), the Dow is up 89 points (0.48 percent), and the Nasdaq is up six points (0.13 percent) as of 6:28pm GMT.

Spot gold prices fell 0.4 percent, to $1,322.35 an ounce.
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 0.61 percent and the Nasdaq Composite added or 0.24 percent.

Meanwhile the euro exchange rate against the Russian ruble on the Moscow stock exchange fell by 89 cents compared with the level it had at the closing of the previous trading session and reached 70.74 rubles per one euro.

The Russian ruble also rose in price against the US dollar by 1 percent, or 79 cents.


Last week Iran, OPEC’s third-largest producer with a daily output of 3.6 million barrels in August, declined a suggestion from Saudi Arabia that it freezes production at January levels if Tehran agrees to do the same. Tehran said it will continue increasing oil output until it produces four million barrels a day.

On Tuesday, however, Saudi Oil Minister Khalid Al-Falih signaled that it may accept the idea that Iran maintains its output at maximum levels but said it doesn’t expect an agreement to be reached this week, stating that a deal in November is possible.

Meanwhile, negotiations between OPEC representatives that lasted some four hours have ended. The results are expected to be revealed at the upcoming press-conference.

Censorship: Facebook Deleted 100,000 ‘Hate Posts, Insults’ in Just One Month


Facebook revealed that within the last month it deleted 100,000 posts by German users for containing “hate”, but Justice Minister Heiko Maas has blasted the figure as too low.

At a conference in Berlin, Maas said that to be accountable, social networks must publish the number of posts contested by users. The Justice Minister’s remarks implied that complainants on social media are valid judges of what constitutes criminal speech, something usually only determined by a court.

The number of deleted posts “with hate comments” was revealed this week by Facebook’s European policy director, Richard Allan. Maas criticised Facebook’s decision not to specify the number of comments users contested in the period and said that its response to complaints should be consistent across the board.

“We should consider whether to make social networks commit to disclose how many complaints for illegal hate comments they got and how they handled them,” the Social Democratic Party (SPD) politician argued.

Maas said that “too little” punishable content on the internet is being deleted and that posts are deleted too slowly.

Asserting that the biggest problem is that complaints from users are not taken seriously, he said: “Of the criminal content reported by users, Twitter deleted just one per cent, YouTube only ten, and Facebook 46 per cent. This is too little.”

In Germany’s fight against “hate speech” on the internet, a task force of several Internet companies including Facebook agreed to delete posts which are punishable under German law within 24 hours., an organisation whose stated aim is to make the internet safer for children, assessed Facebook and Youtube’s performance in deleting the criminal content they reported.

YouTube removed 96 per cent of posts flagged by the organisation and 84 per cent of Facebook posts. “With both websites, half were deleted within 24 hours. This is much faster than in the spring,” Maas said.

Describing the situation as “improved, but far from good”, Maas said that the websites must be more consistent in their approach and so every complaint should be treated as equal to those put forward by

The Justice Minister’s speech did not take into account the fact that the nonprofit may be less likely to make vexatious complaints than millions of social media users.

Since Angela Merkel’s decision to allow more than 1.6 million migrants into Germany, the government has taken an incredibly hard line on free speech on the internet. Police have conducted raids on the homes of people suspected to have made posts critical of migrants.

With the government piling ever more pressure on social media companies to monitor and police comments at regular intervals, many Germans unhappy with Merkel’s policies and the subsequent wave of crime perpetrated by the newcomers have fled to Facebook’s Russian competitor, VK.

DRAMA: Germany ‘not preparing rescue plans’ for DEUTSCHE BANK…

We got the internal Deutsche Bank memo on its bombed-out share price which says it doesn’t need to raise money


Deutsche Bank sent a memo, seen by Business Insider, to staff reassuring them of the bank’s financial position and coaching them on what to tell clients who ask about the company’s bombed-out share price.

Deutsche Bank shares crashed to a 33-year low this week, amid concerns about big fines in the US and the bank’s general financial health.deutsche

Shares began crashing after the Wall Street Journal reported that the US Department of Justice is seeking a $14 billion (£10.7 billion, €12.4 billion) settlement with the bank over misselling mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the financial crisis. This led to fears that the bank would have to raise additional capital, as the floated figure is well above Deutsche Bank’s settlement reserves.

In an internal memo to staff, seen by Business Insider, the bank repeats its line that it has “no intention to settle these potential civil claims anywhere near the opening position of $14 billion.” It adds: “Regarding litigation, we are confident we can put some important cases behind us in the near future.”

Deutsche Bank also reassures employees about its financial position in the memo, sent to staff on Tuesday. The bank says it has “no current plans to raise capital” and emphasises that it has ample reserves to cover debt payments.

The memo reads:

“CDS spreads which reflect risk of our senior unsecured debt are no longer an especially reliable proxy for probability of default. Thin volumes amplify price movements. Year-to-date, Deutsche Bank’s funding costs have been substantially lower than CDS spreads indicate.”

CDS stands for “credit default swap” and is basically a form of insurance against Deutsche Bank defaulting on its debt. The price of this insurance has been going up, signalling that the market thinks a default is more likely. But the bank argued in the note that the price does not reflect its underlying business and is more down to a few people making bullish bets than reality.

The bank told staff that the share price “reflects a number of uncertainties regarding the macroeconomic environment, interest rates and the consequences of the Brexit vote, but also regarding DB-specific factors like litigation.”

Deutsche Bank is a “much safer and stronger bank than it was before the financial crisis,” the memo says, adding that “depositors enjoy very significant protection.”

Deutsche Bank declined to comment on the memo when contacted by Business Insider.

As well as reassuring staff privately, Deutsche Bank management have begun a public defence of the share price. An interview with CEO John Cryan was published in Bild, Germany’s best-selling daily, on Wednesday morning carrying the headline: “State aid is not an issue.”

The action appears to be working. Deutsche Bank shares opened over 3% higher on Wednesday, suggesting a possible end to 4 days of steep falls.db

Emergency! Hillary / Globalists Shutting Down Opposition Media

Alex Jones discusses the latest news surrounding Michael Savages silencing by ABC radio and provides the background warning that was laid out by Matt Drudge one year ago.…

Uriel ben Shaul

Shit is getting real now
Jordan Wendt


I’m Nigerian American. Any black person who votes for Hillary Is a cuck. remember haiti?

Stay Strong Michael Savage!

Free speech is dying!!!!!!! I had right wing news/info type of accounts on Instagram with 50,000+ followers and I’ve beeb deleted 7 times. I just got deleted about 8 days ago, i make an account and start using it TODAY and they already deleted me again!!!!! This is systematically being done to many people and it will only get worse!!

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” – George Orwell. If you haven’t read 1984 – you need to read it asap – because its happening all around us. You will shudder. Trump may be brash, arrogant, and somewhat of an egotist, but he’s the only one who can stop us entering the abyss. You know the abyss I mean – the cultural marxism, the creeping totalitarianism, the Islamisation of the US, the policing of speech (effectively the precursor to thought crime) and tyrannical globalism. You have to vote for whatever or whoever is going to stop this. Even if the guy is someone you’d normally consider an asshole – if he’s the only asshole around who can save your sorry ass – you gotta vote for him. C’mon folks, wake up and smell the coffee – this ain’t a beauty parade, its about survival. Because if Hilary gets in, the rest of our lives could be spent in utter desolation and despair. And we might not be able to overturn our decision at the ballot box for the next term – she already controls the entire media, and will have the internet under her control from October 1 when it passes into UN ownership (another corrupt globalist organisation). Then the only way to take back control will be a task for our children. What will you say to them when they ask you how we got into this nightmare – and what did you do to stop it?

Hungary ‘militarized borders’ to deter refugees, says Amnesty ahead of crucial vote on quotas

Amnesty International has released a report denouncing the way Hungary is treating asylum-seekers ahead of a vote in the country on Sunday to decide whether to accept an EU quota system for resettling refugees.

Human rights group Amnesty International accused Viktor Orban’s government of promoting xenophobia and mistreating refugees in a report titled “Stranded Hope” published on Tuesday.


“The Hungarian authorities sought deliberately, painstakingly and proudly to prevent refugees from reaching its soil,” the first paragraph of the 28-page report, which indicates a vast number of human rights violations, states.

The document also covers the stories of refugees stuck in a so-called “transit zone” who reported “beatings, kicking and chasing back with dogs and unlawful returns (or “push backs”) to Serbia”carried out by Hungarian law enforcement officials.

The report accuses Hungary of being reluctant to implement EU refugee policies. It describes measures introduced in July aimed at tackling the refugee crisis as a package “blatantly designed” to make the life of an asylum-seeker unbearable and thus forcing them to seek shelter in other countries.

“The toxic rhetoric of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, calling asylum-seekers ‘poison’, has trickled down to the level of local government and often permeates the context, in which police and local asylum centers operate,” Amnesty said.

The claims of police abuse described in the Amnesty report were described as “sheer lies” by presidential spokesman Zoltan Kovacs, who said an investigation has already found them to be false, DW reported.

READ MORE: Hungary set to build second fence on Serbian border to stop migrants – Orban

He added that some integration assistance and reception centers were closed “because migrants very consciously misuse the existing system.”

Hungary currently considers only 15 asylum claims a day, strictly dismissing all single men, who, according to the report, usually end up being detained for nearly four weeks. The practices were condemned by Human Rights Watch back in July in a report that said Budapest had failed to comply with international standards regarding asylum seekers.


The Amnesty International report comes ahead of a referendum on migrant quotas this Sunday. Polls suggest that at least 70 percent of Hungarians are most likely to follow their president’s call and vote against the EU’s plan.

“We have to be very clear. We will never, never, ever accept the mandatory quota for migrants,” Hungary’s leader said on September 25.

The issue of the referendum on the EU proposal arose in Hungary after the country found itself among the hardest-hit EU member states with tens of thousands of asylum seekers arriving last year.

In autumn President Orban sealed off the southern border with a wire fence to stop the flow of asylum seekers. The measures were taken after authorities estimated that as many as 1,500 illegal migrants passed the Hungarian border every day, with most of them having taken the so-called Balkan route and moving further to Germany.

Germany is one of a minority of EU states that sticks to an open-door policy and welcomes refugees. Most of the eastern and central European countries, such as Czech Republic along with Slovakia, Romania and Poland objected to the EU quota system. In December 2015 Austria was also compelled to erect a fence.

In May the EU came up with a new version of a plan to deal with the unprecedented influx of refugees to Europe, requiring the bloc members to accept certain numbers under a quota system and imposing €250,000 ($280,000)-per-migrant fines if a country fails to stick to the plan.

Associated Press Agree Hillary Clinton Lied on Her TPP Stance and Trump Was Right

Hillary’s lie on her TPP stance was so blatant that even the liberal Associated Press weighted in and had to admit TRUMP was Correct in that she called Hillary the Gold Standard of trade deals.

The Associated Press Reports

AP FACT CHECK: Clinton misrepresents stance on Pacific trade

WASHINGTON (AP) — A claim from the presidential debate and how it stacks up with the facts:

HILLARY CLINTON, denying Donald Trump’s accusation that she called the Trans-Pacific Partnership the “gold standard” of trade agreements: “I did say I hoped it would be a good deal.”

THE FACTS: Trump is correct. As secretary of state, Clinton called the deal that was taking shape the “gold standard” of trade agreements, in a 2012 trip to Australia, and championed the agreement in other venues around the world. She did not merely express the hope that it would turn out well.

Clinton flip-flopped into opposing the trade deal in the Democratic primary when facing Bernie Sanders, who was strongly opposed to it.

Fatu Castillo

Let’s be real, what won’t Hillary flip-flop on if she’s elected president?
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she will flip flop sex preferences in order to get ahead.

+jlrockafella Yeah, she’d bang Bill Clinton if she thought it would get her into office.