‘Won’t cover myself up:’ Le Pen refuses headscarf, cancels on Lebanese Grand Mufti

French right-wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has refused to wear a headscarf for a meeting with the Lebanese Grand Mufti. In her statement, Le Pen said she would not cover herself up and cancelled the encounter.


Le Pen was scheduled to meet Sheikh Abdellatif Deriane, the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, in his office in Beirut on Tuesday.

After arriving, Le Pen was asked to wear a headscarf, but refused. According to AFP, Le Pen was given a veil by Mufti’s aides.

“You can pass on my respects to the Grand Mufti, but I will not cover myself up,” Le Pen told reporters.


She added that at a meeting with Egypt’s Ahmed el-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar (a prestigious Sunni Islam title), back in 2015, she wasn’t asked to wear a headscarf.

The Grand Mufti’s press office said that Le Pen had been informed beforehand of their requirement, Reuters reports.


The stunt still produced some praise on social media.

“Well done! You shouldn’t mix politics and religion,” one person wrote on Twitter.


“A woman is free and equal,” “Bravo,” “A woman does not have to hide her face in front of a man,”said others.


“There are those who speak about women’s rights and there are those who actually defend them. Marine Le Pen,” another person wrote.


Others wrote that it was just a “show” and she ought “to adapt” to the country which she was visiting.

“She had been warned, so it’s just a show! Pitiful!” wrote one person, while another added: “It is all an ‘art’ of politics.”

*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Danish Government Fights Back Against Muslim Migrants.

This video is intended to arouse the critical mind of viewers in light of the migrant crisis in Europe. The process of integration includes the provision to members of all racial, religious, and ethnic groups an equal opportunity to belong to, be employed by, be customers of, or vote in (an organization, place of business, city, state, etc.): It’s success depends highly upon the mutual agreement that each individual abides by the law of the land to preserve the existential rights of each groups.

Queen Margarethe II said it was “not a law of nature” that asylum seekers automatically integrated into society and called on Muslim groups to do more to help new arrivals understand Danish society.

The Queen, who is one of Europe’s most respected and long-serving royals, said politicians needed to “put their foot down” and strictly uphold the country’s principles of democracy and gender equality in her unprecedented rallying cry.

Queen Margarethe II said it was “not a law of nature” that asylum seekers automatically integrated into society and called on Muslim groups to do more to help new arrivals understand Danish society.

The Queen, who is one of Europe’s most respected and long-serving royals, said politicians needed to “put their foot down” and strictly uphold the country’s principles of democracy and gender equality in her unprecedented rallying cry.

Some right-wing politicians have linked asylum seekers to the growing threat of Islamic State (ISIS) with one, the deputy leader of the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, Soeren Espersen, issuing a Donald Trump-style call for a six-year ban on Muslim migrants entering the country.

And now the Nordic country’s Queen has intervened in the national debate with an outspoken rallying call to Muslim migrants to integrate into the country’s free, tolerant society.

She said: “It’s not a law of nature that one becomes Danish by living in Denmark. It doesn’t necessarily happen.

“We thought that these things would take care of themselves. That if you walked through the streets of Copenhagen and drank the municipal water and rode the municipal bus, you’d soon become a Dane.

“It was so obvious to us, and therefore we thought that it must also be obvious for those who settled and lived here. It wasn’t.”

It’s not a law of nature that one becomes Danish by living in Denmark
Queen Margarethe II of Denmark

New Doctrine Equals Heresy

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Why hasn’t Saudi Arabia taken in any refugees? Not a single one yet…

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EU could demand Britain pay multibillion-euro ‘Brexit bill’ to leave


Britain will be paying billions into EU projects until 2023 – four years after it is due to sign a Brexit deal – if the European Commission gets its way.


President Jean-Claude Juncker says the commission would seek payment from Theresa May’s government to cover future spending that Britain has already committed to but will not fulfil once it is no longer a member.


“The British should know this, they know this already, that it will not be at a discount or at zero cost. The British must respect commitments they were involved in making,” he told the Belgian parliament, according to the Independent.

“So the bill will be, to put it a bit crudely, very hefty.”

Discussions are underway in Brussels to determine the size of the bill to be presented to May when she launches withdrawal talks, expected in March. There are unconfirmed reports the ‘divorce bill’ may be as much as £60 billion (US$75 billion), to be paid in instalments until 2023.

The sum would cover the UK’s share of the cost of projects and programs it previously agreed to. The contributions would help smooth the expected €10 billion-per-year (US$10.5 billion) black hole left in the EU budget by Brexit.

“The commission wants the UK to pay in instalments from the day of departure in 2019 up until 2023, which is when the financial demands of the EU’s seven-year budget cycle are at their highest,” an EU diplomatic source told the Telegraph.

Brussels is also set to tell May’s government it cannot expect to negotiate a new trade relationship with the EU until terms of the initial divorce, including how the £60 billion will be paid, have been agreed by all parties.

The Financial Times has estimated talks on the ‘exit bill’ could drag on until at least December.

The prospect of paying into the EU for so long after Brexit in order to win a favorable trade deal presents a political headache for May.

It has also raised fears in France and Germany that Britain will not honor its side of the bargain if relations subsequently sour.


The Times reports Germany is siding with Britain to stop the commission presenting a €60 billion divorce bill immediately after May begins the Brexit process. Germany would reportedly like parallel talks – with divorce negotiations and a discussion about a trade deal taking place at the same time.

The newspaper says German ministers are sensitive to the argument of their UK counterparts that a public backlash in Britain over the concept and the size of an ‘exit bill’ could derail talks before they even begin.

David Davis, Britain’s Brexit secretary, has previously said it is “not practical” for the UK to sign up to paying bills in isolation of trade talks.

Meanwhile, May plans to push for a slice of the EU’s €154 billion in assets when Britain leaves, arguing that it paid in for many years and that it deserves a share.

According to the Telegraph, there is a deep split between France, Germany and the European Commission over how to calculate what Britain owes.

The commission believes Britain should be allowed to offset its share of assets against what it owes in terms of annual budget commitments up to 2019, pension obligations and other long-term liabilities, while France and Germany reportedly object.

*(THE RELIGION OF PEACE AND THE SWEDISH PEOPLE) – “Like a Warzone”: Muslim Migrants RIOT, LOOT, TORCH Cars, ATTACK POLICE, Hours After Swedish PM Slams President Trump for Linking Mass Migration to Rising Violence


By Pamela Geller

FEBRUARY 21, 2017

As I said in my segment with Sean Hannity yesterday, We discussed the violent chaos and crime in Sweden. President Trump referred to this in a recent speech and was widely mocked. Now the Swedish government and the enemedia are pretending that all is well in Sweden – yet just weeks ago MPs in Sweden were calling for billions for the police to fight the migrant crime epidemic

And a government agency admitted there were 50 no go zones.

This is why President Trump called the media “the enemy of the American people.” They’re actively lying to the public to keep them ignorant about what is really happening. The brouhaha over Trump’s remarks about Sweden is a case in point.

Now the Swedish government and the enemedia are pretending that all is well in Sweden – yet just weeks ago MPs in Sweden were calling for billions for the police to fight the migrant crime epidemic. And a government agency admitted there were 50 no go zones In February 2016, the National Criminal Investigation Service was forced to admit more than 50 areas in were now labelled as “no-go zones”


Breitbart, February 21, 2017:


The riots, in which cars were set ablaze and shops were looted, resulted in the Stockholm suburb looking “like a warzone” according to a journalist who was at the scene.

Police retreated to a nearby gas station after being forced to fire a warning shot as a group of around 30 thugs pelted officers with stones, according to Expressen.

“Our officers were attacked by a number of people, some of them masked, who threw stones. They felt under so much pressure that a shot had to be fired”, said police spokesperson Lars Bystrom.

In the unrest, which began at around 8.30pm after a man was arrested next to Rinkeby metro station, a pedestrian on his way home was beaten and robbed and a press photographer was hospitalised after being attacked by a group of around 15 people.

“I was hit with a lot of punches and kicks to the body and head, and spent the night in hospital”, the Dagens Nyheter photographer said.

The riots continued late into the night, with police reporting later that shops were looted, and that a number of cars were set on fire during a second violent riot.

“I’ve witnessed turmoil and civil unrest before, but this is something else. It looks like a war zone here”, said a freelance journalist working at the site of the clashes with state television outlet SVT.

The shocking scenes in Rinkeby, where 61 per cent of residents were born abroad, come after Trump told a rally in Florida over the weekend that Sweden is “having problems like they never thought possible” as a result of mass migration.

At a press conference on Monday, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said he was “surprised” by the U.S. president’s comments, adding: “I think also we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly, and for verifying any information that we spread.”

Worried about the nation’s image abroad, state broadcaster Sweden Radio last week aired a piece in English which claims that ‘no-go zones’ — dangerous suburbs where police fear to tread — don’t exist in the country.

However, a report last September revealed that 80 per cent of police officers were considering switching careers due to the danger they face in the field.

Swedish police Sergeant Peter Larsson said: “The violence against us in the police and the paramedics and firefighters, has become much worse. We’re talking about stone throwing, violence, fires. It has become much worse in recent years.”

*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Muslim gets put in his place by Neil Boortz.

Muslim gets put in his place on a radio show
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Jihadists returning to Europe from Syria to carry out attacks, says former Danish ambassador

| Infowars.com – FEBRUARY 21, 2017

With the Islamic State’s stronghold over areas in Syria and Iraq quickly slipping, ISIS is now boasting that Muslims born in the United States will become an army of conquest and are “getting ready for the battle in their homeland”.

According to an article in the Spectator by BBC world affairs correspondent Paul Wood, “A document is circulating among Isis members through text messages and Twitter. Titled ‘The caliphate will not perish,’ it is a series of morale-boosting declarations by Isis leaders, living and dead.”

The document makes it clear that when ISIS loses its territory, which could happen in just weeks or months, a “virtual caliphate” will replace the physical one, with a new generation of jihadis inspired to continue the fight.

In the document, a member of the Isis Shura Council “boasts that Muslims born in the US will become an army of conquest,” according to Wood.

“They are getting ready for the battle in their homeland. Today the caliphate is in Iraq and Syria. Tomorrow, it will be in the White House,” asserts the ISIS council member.

Wood also spoke to Rolf Holmboe, a former Danish ambassador to Syria, who told him that nine out of ten Danish ISIS fighters (ethnic Danes and immigrants) have made it back into Denmark and that some “were being instructed to smuggle themselves back for operations”.

“There could obviously be an upsurge in terror attacks in Europe and in the western world as revenge for the fall of the caliphate,” Holmboe told Wood.

This clearly exonerates Donald Trump and his supporters who are concerned about jihadists using the refugee red carpet to smuggle themselves into the west to carry out deadly attacks.

As we reported back in 2015, an ISIS manifesto bragged about how the terror organization brags has exploited the refugee program to send jihadist sleeper cells to Europe since 2012

“No doubt, some of these refugees were undercover fighters of Al Qa’idah and the Islamic State,” the ISIS manifesto stated. “They were quick to take the opportunity of entering into the different countries of Europe (most probably as early as 2012).”

“All this was happening under the nose of the European intelligence services whose job during this time (2012) was only to prevent European Muslims from entering Syria. (This shows how quick the Islamic groups were in planning ahead. Years before Europe even knew where its Muslim citizens were going – experienced Islamic fighters had already found safety in Europe.)”

The document also revealed how Muslims were being radicalized inside Islamic ghettos that the left still refuses to acknowledge even exist despite ongoing riots and violent unrest in cities like Stockholm, Malmo and Paris.