*(America, this is why they want your guns) – DEM SENATOR HAS A FIT, SAYS HE WAS IN “TEARS OF RAGE” OVER TRUMP “SH*THOLE” COMMENT

Cory Booker goes on unhinged rant

 | Infowars.com – JANUARY 16, 2018

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) had an angry meltdown at a hearing with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen earlier today, claiming he was in “tears of rage” over Trump’s ‘sh*thole comment.

Booker attempted to give Nielsen a dressing down over her claim that she did not remember what Trump said in the infamous meeting, but he ended up just looking unhinged.

After ranting that white supremacists were a bigger threat to Americans than Islamic terrorists, despite the DHS’ own stats showing that three out of every four terrorism culprits in the U.S. since 9/11 were foreign born, Booker went full retard.

“I’ve been in the Oval Office many times. And when the commander in chief speaks I listen. I don’t have amnesia on conversations I had in the Oval Office going back months and months and months,” he ranted, adding, “Your silence and your amnesia is complicity.”

Booker went on to claim that he suffered from “tears of rage” when he heard reports that Trump had referred to nations such as Haiti as “shithole countries,” before tearing into Nielsen for, “not [feeling] that hurt and that pain and to dismiss the question of my colleagues.”

Booker’s feigned righteous indignation was typical of leftists who pretend to be outraged over racism as a crass way of exerting political power.

“This is insipid. It’s Jon Lovitz ACTING! No, Booker didn’t have “tears of rage.” He had a presidential candidacy to launch. And if Democrats are fools enough to fall for this sort of theatrical nonsense, let them try it. Americans can still see through performances that rival Tommy Wiseau in quality,” commented Ben Shapiro.

Booker’s outburst was just another underhanded effort to get Republicans to cave on DACA in order to ‘prove’ that they’re not racist.

He’s by no means the first hysterical anti-Trump figure to pull the same stunt of trying to guilt trip the opposition into adopting Democratic immigration policies.

NeverTrumper Ana Navarro demanded Trump “contradict the widely-held perception that he is a dark-hearted racist,” by passing DACA.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer struck a similar tone, tellingTrump to prove he’s not a racist bigot by giving “the DREAMers safety here in America.”


Tom Fitton – Clintons Draw Attention To Their Pillaging, Reason Haiti Is Still A “Sh**hole” Today

By Rick Wells

Clinton greed and corruption have siphoned off the money that was supposed to go to Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. The arrogant criminals still have the nerve to attack

The Clintons seem to get some kind of a sick charge out of drawing attention to their crimes and then beating back the public and law enforcement via their corruption network as things heat up.

Perhaps it’s just uncontrolled arrogance accompanied by recklessness, even stupidity, that led to two tweets from the Clinton crime family yesterday. First there was Chelsea Clinton, who made a completely irrelevant statement that some people from the “sh*thole” countries might have been employed in Trump construction projects.

They left the “sh*tholes” for that very reason, the reality of what they are and likely agree with the President’s assessment of their condition. A second tweet by the royal criminal queen, Hillary Clinton, went on to draw attention to their own pillaging of Haiti, which was and remains in appalling condition despite millions in Clinton Foundation” and US aid dollars.

If it’s a charge the Clintons are seeking they may be getting many of them, of the much less thrilling legal variety, in the near future. It’s not helping their case to be shining a spotlight on their own wrongdoing one bit.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch points out that Chelsea Clinton actually found someone willing to marry her and the wedding took place back in 2010, the year of the earthquake. He explains that the allegations are that “foundation resources” were used for her wedding. He doesn’t delve into the possibility that the three million was a dowry paid to anyone willing to wake up next to their homely spawn for the rest of his life.

He points out that the accusation was made by Doug Band, one of the top officials at the Clinton Foundation. Fitton says “He was yelling at Chelsea for even doing an investigation about how Foundation resources were being used. And he said, ‘Well what about your resources being used for your wedding?’”

Pete Hegseth notes that 500 homes were supposed to be built and ten million dollars spent properly. Fitton says, “We wasted most of the money that we spent on Haiti, which was directed more or less by Bill Clinton himself.”

“The documents Judicial Watch has uncovered,” says Fitton, “show that immediately after the earthquake the Clinton Foundation called up the State Department. And it looks like subsequently, Hillary Clinton’s State Department outsourced our Haiti policy to the Foundation, especially in terms of aid, and the problem with the Clinton Foundation is it was an influence peddling operation.”

Fitton says, “So it’s no surprise that Haiti got shafted as a result of Bill Clinton’s machinations and using the Foundation, not necessarily to benefit recipients of funds but to help the donors to his foundation and those giving him speaking fees.”

Fitton explains, “This problem goes back to the Clinton administration, where you had Clinton cronies getting a corrupt telephone contract from the Haitian government once Clinton again invaded Haiti and put in his friends back in power.” He says, “You need a special counsel alone to investigate the Clinton machine’s connections to Haiti.”

Asked for his thoughts on the Clintons drawing attention to themselves, Fitton quotes Doug Band, who asked, “Are they oblivious? Not smart for them to be highlighting Haiti” because, you talk to Haitians about the Clintons. It’s the one thing that sets almost everyone off. The Haitian community here in the United States really is opposed and knows about the corruption we’re talking about.”

Fitton closes saying, “Look, we spent billions of dollars, both through the United States, $35 million through the Clinton Foundation, and it really didn’t result in much.”


‘You would have to pick him off the floor’

Steve Watson | Infowars.com – JANUARY 12, 2018

During an Appearance on MSNBC, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe stated that he would punch out the President if he “got in my space”.

Chris Matthews asked McAuliffe what his reaction would be if he was in a debate with the President, and Trump acted the way he did toward Hillary Clinton.

“He intimidates his opponents. He takes people like Jeb Bush and makes them look weak. He says “Low energy Jeb” and it works. He refers to somebody as ‘Little Marco’ because he’s not as tall as he is. He finds anybody’s weakness and turns it into something that destroys them.” Matthews said.

“What would you do in a debate with him if he tried that? If he came over and leaned over back of you, what would you do?” Matthews asked.

“You would have to pick him up off the floor,” McAuliffe responded.

Matthews found the comment hilarious and asked “OK, you mean, you’d deck him?”

“Listen, this guy got in my space, you want to get in my space, I’ve always said, Chris, you punch me back twice as hard, and it wouldn’t be hard to do it,” McAuliffe said.

“This guy thinks he can intimidate everybody. It’s disgraceful and embarrassing, but I tell you, when we take him on, back in his face with the facts, don’t take anything from him and hit him back as hard as you possibly can.” the governor continued.

“But if he ever came over and leaned on me and got in my space, that would be the last time Donald Trump ever did that, I promise you that,” McAuliffe claimed.

An excited Matthews promised McAuliffe that the statement “will go viral,” adding that “You sound like an Irish-American politician.”

Classy stuff.

New Clinton Foundation Probe Sends Alarming Signal to Foreign Gov’ts – Analyst

Ekaterina Blinova

The Clinton Foundation probe may result in the exposure of foreign government officials and prestigious foundations, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel suggested, speaking to Sputnik. It is probable that foreign entities were aware of the charity’s alleged fraud and even benefitted from it, he said, assuming that Donald Trump will reverse the trend.


A new FBI probe into the Clinton Foundation should send an alarming signal to foreign governments and individuals who have provided donations to the charity over the past two decades, Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist Charles Ortel told Sputnik.

“Numerous governments have sent substantial sums towards the Clinton Foundation; yet to date, the Clinton Foundation refuses to account publicly, as is required, for specifics concerning each government donation (state laws in New York and California require this for example),” Ortel stressed.

The analyst pointed out that “out of about $2.3 billion in total declared donations [to the Clinton Foundation] since 1997, a large non-governmental organization called UNITAID that is backed by France, the UK, Norway, Spain, South Korea and other governments as well as by the Gates Foundation has sent more than $600 million towards the HIV/AIDS fighting part of the Clinton Foundation that was never lawfully organized or operated.”

The investigative journalist emphasized that many other governments, such as Australia, Ireland, Norway, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden “have also sent large sums towards the Clinton Foundation but, so far, have failed to complain about boldly inaccurate accounting policies and evident defects in public disclosures.”

Why Foreign Gov’ts Turned a Blind Eye to Clinton Charity’s Alleged Fraud

In his previous interviews with Sputnik, the analyst, who has been conducting a private investigation into the Clinton charity’s alleged fraud, has repeatedly raised the question as to why foreign governments remain seemingly reluctant to expose the Foundation’s misdeeds.

“The numerous foreign governments that seem to be associated with Clinton ‘charities’ have behaved deplorably,” Ortel told Sputnik in August 2017, suggesting that they apparently realized that a thorough investigation into the matter could result in “acute embarrassment and even legal exposures for individuals and [foreign governments] involved.”

Over the past two decades the Clintons have created nothing short of a globalist network with their loyalists in senior positions in foreign governments.


​In 2014 Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch drew attention to Bill Clinton‘s speaking and consulting activities worldwide during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as a secretary of state. According to the documents released by the watchdog, Mr. Clinton delivered high-paid speeches in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Central America, Europe, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, India and the Cayman Islands.


​”How the Obama State Department waived hundreds of ethical conflicts that allowed the Clintons and their businesses to accept money from foreign entities and corporations seeking influence boggles the mind,” Fitton highlighted. “That former President Clinton trotted the globe collecting huge speaking fees while his wife presided over US foreign policy is an outrage.”

Will Trump Get Proponents of ‘Unregulated Globalism’ on the Run?

However, it appears that a reverse trend is now gaining pace. As the Wall Street analyst remarked in his November 2017 interview with Sputnik, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s anti-corruption initiative that resulted in the detention of 11 princes, including Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the world’s richest people and a Clinton loyalist; his detention could be regarded as part of such a shift.

Meanwhile, on December 21, 2017, Donald Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) which stipulates that US-housed assets belonging to foreign entities and individuals involved in “serious human rights abuse” or corruption could be frozen. Furthermore, the EO targets US citizens who either helped or participated in the aforementioned abuses. The order contains a list of 13 foreign individuals from Pakistan, Ukraine, Gambia, Sudan, Nicaragua, China, Russia and etc. The EO is based on the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act (Public Law 114-328).

As financial blog Zero Hedge claims, the list includes several persons who allegedly have ties to the Clintons or the Clinton Foundation, such as Goulnara Karimova (Uzbekistan), Dan Gertler (Israel, Democratic Republic of the Congo), Yahya Jammeh (Gambia), Angel Rondon Rijo (Dominican Republic) and Benjamin Bol Mel (Sudan).

Does this mean the Trump administration is seeking to get rid of the Clintons’ loyalists across the globe who, as one can easily imagine, may throw sand in the gears of the US president’s foreign policy?

“Trump’s team seems keenly aware of economic realities and wants to cement America’s role as the largest unified market for goods and services in the world, as well as potentially the safest place to invest and store money,” Ortel responded.

According to the Wall Street analyst, “Trump’s team sees that unregulated globalism, embraced by so many around the world, creates some valid opportunities, but is ripe for corruption while engendering stifling new layers of bureaucracy.”

What Trump’s team is seeking is to simplify “America’s gigantic set of government programs and policies and moving to make this nation a preferred partner for projects inside and outside our borders,” he suggested.

“Should President Trump continue to succeed, I believe the crony establishment loyalists who have prospered from 1989 through 2016 may continue their resistance, but with each passing day, more and more people around the world are beginning to admire steps that Donald Trump and his team are taking to reverse damaging policies and actions of the past,” Ortel emphasized.

Why the Clinton Foundation Probe May Have Repercussions for Global Elites

Meanwhile, Trump prepares for promoting his “America First” agenda at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss town of Davos on January 23-26. According to Adam Shaw of Fox News, observers believe that Davos presents “a sort of ‘globalist’ supranational approach unlike the nationalist mentality Trump campaigned on.”

Commenting on the event, Ortel asks a rhetorical question in one of his tweets: “I wonder how many people at Davos might be interested to learn that numerous governments and prestige foundations funded frauds at @ClintonFdn, while professional advisors covered these up?”


​The analyst believes that there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed.

“Given the size of this mess, given the importance of international charitable works, and given the prominence of so many persons who have cooperated and possibly benefited from these frauds for so long, I think it is past time for at least one government to make an example of all who enabled and ran what I believe could be, counting affiliates, the largest set of frauds ever attempted in modern history,” Ortel concluded.