Lester Holt might just be the Candy Crowley of this year’s debate. But Trump won’t get punked like Romney did.

Fact check, but tell us what you think AFTER the debate. I’m watching this debate to hear what Trump and Hillary think, NOT the moderator.
Scott Devlin

Lester Holt is a Republican,, and the moderators are picked by a group composed equally of Republicans and Democrats. But by all means, have fun in your alternate reality.

Comments about fact checking from a guy who’s made an entire career out of talking out of his ass (which happens to be on his face below his nose and above his chin) is quite ironic.
Stormy Syndrome

Seems if Hillary was as smart and accomplished as she says she is, she could catch Trump on her own without a fact checker. Then again, Hillary is normally the one that gets called out the most with lies. In the end, I don;t think too many folks are going to be sticking around to hear what the analysts try to break down. This isn’t about what the analysts think. This is about what the people themselves think. I don;t need to be given my opinion on a spoon, i am more than capable of forming my own.🙂

Who is going to put at the bottom of the screen pointing out Hillary’s lies?

RUSH: Main Objective For Debate Is KEEPING HILLARY VERTICAL For 90 Minutes

Lady ThreeFiftyFive

True…all Hillary needs to do is remain standing for 90 minutes straight without a medical episode and that will be enough for the media to declare her victorious!

Don T is already ahead with Gen Flowers in the front row to stare down Killery with dagger eyes. 90 minutes of coughing, cackles and spin, she’ll probably d on coke, becausecfor her, THINGS GO BETTER WITH COKE! yes, Killery is OFFENSIVE. “C” is for… cookie, crooked, conceited, crazy, corrupt, contemptuous, cunning, con, compromising, Clinton-Foundation, communist, certified-crook, criminal, compulsive-liar, conspiracy, chronic-sickness, crap, crack, cocaine, cover-ups, yes, classified…

That’s because most whores do their best work horizontal!
Ghost Patriot 777

she will just make her witches broom invisible and it will hold her up for the debates 90 min, thanks Rush we really appreciate you!!!!

The msm has already written their post-debate scripts. Lester will be trashed for being ‘soft on Trump’ & ‘unfair to Mrs Clinton’. Trump was “incorrect about [blank], [blank], & [blank]” Hillary “made some excellent points about [blank], [blank] as well as [blank]” My advice is to take notes while watching and shut the tv off before the “experts” can offer their “opinions”. It’ll all be digested down to sound bites by tomorrow. Arm yourself with the ammunition of your own truths for the ensuing battles in the social media comments.

Former Clinton Mistress Gennifer Flowers Accepts Trump’s Invitation to sit FRONT ROW at the Debate!



Hillary Clinton thought she was being “slick” when she gave Mark Cuban a front-row seat to Monday night’s debate.

Cuban, being the desperate and sad “media whore” that he is, taunted Trump.

Trump responded with an epic tweet.


Now, Gennifer has responded, and it probably has Hillary wishing she’d never started this mess.


Things just got very, very interesting.

Dead people voting…


Local officials in Colorado acknowledged “very serious” voter fraud after learning of votes cast in multiple elections under the named of recently-deceased residents.

A local media outlet uncovered the fraud by comparing voting history databases in the state with federal government death records. “Somebody was able to cast a vote that was not theirs to cast,” El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman told CBS4 while discussing what he called a “very serious” pattern of people mailing in ballots on behalf of the dead.

It’s not clear how many fraudulent ballots have been submitted in recent years. CBS4 reported that it “found multiple cases” of dead people voting around the state, revelations that have provoked state criminal investigations.


“We do believe there were several instances of potential vote fraud that occurred,” said Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams. “It shows there is the potential for fraud.”

Colorado is a perennial battleground state in presidential battleground states. President Obama beat Republican nominee Mitt Romney by 51-46 in 2012. Clinton leads Trump by 2.5 points in the RealClearPolitics polling average, although there is wide variance in the three most recent surveys. One shows Trump leading by four, another shows them tied, and the third shows Clinton up nine points.

Williams plans to pursue criminal charges in the incidents uncovered by CBS4, such as the case of an El Paso County woman who died in 2009 but had ballots cast in her name in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. It’s difficult to prove that any particular person committed the fraud, however. “If our laws are not strong enough to prosecute this case, I don’t know what can be prosecuted,” Broerman told the Denver Post.

Voter fraud is a perpetual concern among Republican politicians, often scoffed at by Democrats. Some studies show that it is not a widespread problem, but certain high-profile incidences have kept the concern alive on the right.


It’s not clear how many fraudulent ballots have been submitted in recent years. CBS4 reported that it “found multiple cases” of dead people voting around the state, revelations that have provoked state criminal investigations. The Milwaukee (Wis.) Police Departmentreported in 2008 that there was an “illegal organized attempt to influence the outcome of [the 2004] election in the state of Wisconsin.” There were more votes counted than the number of voters who officially cast ballots, according to the report — about 5,000 more, in a presidential battleground decided by 12,000 votes.

El Paso County officials found 78 deceased people on their voter rolls after the CBS4 report was published, according to the Post, but they have previously removed 448 people from the registered voter list since 2012.

Williams suggested that the system would be more effective if state lawmakers give the secretary of State’s office more discretion in deciding that the name of someone who died matches the name of someone listed as an active voter.

“Our office is working to ensure all such incidents are prosecuted and that laws and rules are adjusted to make vote fraud as difficult as possible,” he told the Post. “[D]oes it make sense to broaden criteria to allow us to make a decision even if the name may be different?”

Notice Anything Abnormal About Hillary at Her Philadelphia Rally? Take a Good Close Look…


Hillary’s health is a major question.

The media pretends it’s off limits but they think we forgot about how they treated John McCain, Bob Dole, and every Republican ever.

Lately, people are wondering what is going on with her eyes at various rallies.

Check out this video for yourself…

stooky bird

Free college       Hilary aint going to be able to do nothing but deepen the racial divide that the HNIC started. free college is socialism. college isn’t even about education anymore.

Here she goes pandering to young people and ethnic groups with broken promises, they are not buying it bitch they are getting smart, Trump in November 2017 – 2024.
Sadie Blue

She bussed in high school kids for this event. There was only like 50 people there
Veritas Mastix

Nothing like the “anti-big bank” candidate, who is promising to help everyone refinance their unpaid loans. Lolololololololololololol……
Mandy Candy

Now it’s her eyes (that I can see nothing wrong with)? Stick with stuff that matters, ok? There’s enough topics mature grown ups can talk about to determine if she’d make a good president or not and whether Trump would be any better. Consider third party candidates, folks, if you’re wondering, who of the two is worse. We don’t want a bad or worse president, do we?

Her eyes? look at the dude with the sunglasses in the back, they look like blurry huge emoji eyes😄