‘We’ll see you soon Mr President!’ Immigrants on the sprawling human caravan taunt Trump and reveal that despite the ‘tough Mexican immigration laws’ he touted they have passes to travel with NO restrictions as they move toward the U.S.

Central American migrants taking part in the ‘Migrant Via Crucis’ caravan towards the United States get into a bus as they start leaving a sport complex where they were camping in Matias Romero, Oaxaca State, Mexico, on Thursday

By Ben Ashford

Defiant Central American migrants from the sprawling human ‘caravan’ snaking north through Mexico taunted President Trump and vowed to continue their push towards the US – declaring: ‘We’ll see you soon Mr President.’ 

And they told DailyMail.com about the reality of what Trump called ‘the strong immigration laws of Mexico’ revealing that in fact they were being given 20 or even 30-day passes to travel freely and told to report to immigration centers, which dot the U.S. border.

Far from being ‘broken up’ as Trump claimed on Thursday morning, the caravan was being helped on its way to Mexico City with coaches which arrived not long after he tweeted.

And while Mexican officials had encouraged it to disperse, they did so by giving permits to stay in the country without asking a single question about gangs and crimes.

William Castillo, 42, Christian Daniel Hernandez, 8, and Anna Maria Hernandez, 30, of San Salvador, El Salvador, hold their temporary travel documents as they plan to seek political asylum in Mexico City. The family is currently waiting at the Ferrocarrilero Viøctor F. Morales Sports Center in Matiøas Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico

Migrant children, traveling with the Pueblo Sin Fronteras group, play in a large pile of donated clothing at the Ferrocarrilero VÌctor F. Morales Sports Center

Far from being ‘broken up’ as Trump claimed on Thursday morning, the caravan was being helped on its way to Mexico City with coaches which arrived not long after he tweeted. Pictured above, children from the group line up for food 

A ticket for the bus taking migrants from Matiøas Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico, to Mexico City costs each individual 400 Mexican pesos, which is approximately $22

President Donald Trump gave Mexico a rare pat on the back for taking a wrecking ball to a caravan of 1,200 migrants that was headed to the United States

Organizers, Pueblo Sin Fronteras – People Without Borders – say they will only go as far as Mexico City where the ‘lucha’ movement – Spanish for fight – will disband rather than march to the border.

But many of the 1,000 or so migrants, the majority fleeing gang-plagued Honduras, told DailyMail.com they faced persecution or death if they returned to their homeland, and would press ahead to the U.S. regardless.

‘It’s his country, Senor Trump can do what he wants to. He can put as much military on the border as he likes,’ said Jose Acosta, a 35-year-old farmer escaping violence in the Honduran city of Morazán.

‘But when it comes to it, I will cross the border. I can assure you that I’m going to get into the US, I have faith in God.’

His determination was echoed by Salvadoran national Marvin Geovanni Alvarez, 39, who lived illegally in Atlanta, Georgia, for a year before he was deported in 2013, wrenching him away from his wife Daisy, 36, and sons, Marvin, 20, and 18-year Gerardo.

‘Trump is crazy. He’s racist. The National Guard doesn’t worry me, it’s all bulls***,’ he told DailyMail.com.

‘I’ll be reunited with my family. See you soon Mr President.’ 

Alvarez’s harrowing back story is typical of many of the hundreds of disheveled migrants sheltering in dilapidated locker rooms or laying under trees or tarps inside the blisteringly hot Victor F. Flores Morales Sports Center in the rural town of Matias Romero.

He was targeted by MS-13 gangsters after returning to El Salvador, stabbed three times – once in the head – and warned he would be murdered if he didn’t join up.

‘If they see me again they kill me. The gangs are even here in Mexico. So tomorrow I go to the United States, nobody is going to stop me,’ he vowed.

Migrant , traveling with the Pueblo Sin Fronteras group, play outside at the Ferrocarrilero VÌctor F. Morales Sports Center in MatÌas Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico

Marvin Geovanni Alvarez, 39, of El Salvador, and others relax in a field in MatÌas Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico. Alverez was targeted by MS-13 gangsters after returning to El Salvador, stabbed three times – once in the head – and warned he would be murdered if he didn’t join up

Daisy Galevez, 40, a migrant traveling with the Pueblo Sin Fronteras group, says she left Honduras because here daughter was being violated on the way home from school and her brother was killed by gangs

The migrants had traipsed unimpeded past Mexican police checkpoints and military bases until reaching Matias Romero at the weekend, where organizers herded them towards the largely dilapidated public sports complex that has been their bustling, sunbaked HQ since the weekend

Two trans people of Honduras, Shannel Smith, 26, who was shot 3-times, and Lizz Lobo, 24, who was stabbed in the kneck, are traveling with the Pueblo Sin Fronteras group. They are currently waiting in a field at the Ferrocarrilero VÌctor F. Morales Sports Center in MatÌas Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico, for permissions to continue their journey north. Both Smith and Lobo have been violently attacked in Honduras and are seeking asylum in the United States

Travelers have bedded down in crowded corridors, under bleachers or beneath tarps draped over swings, using a putrid-smelling stream for a toilet and surviving on donations of food, water and clothing from local townspeople

Elsy Mejia, 25, who will give birth in roughly 10 days holds her 20 travel document to travel within Mexico. She is currently waiting at Ferrocarrilero Viøctor F Morales Sports Center

The ‘Refugee Caravan 2018’ set out en masse from the southern Mexican border city of Tapachula on March 25, the majority travelling on foot with a few smaller groups hitchhiking, hopping on buses or clinging to the roofs of trains.

Similar caravans have crossed Mexico for the past several years but organizers say political unrest in the wake of a contentious November election in neighboring Honduras has swelled numbers from several hundred to more than a thousand.

Even so, the event passed largely unnoticed until Trump, apparently responding to a news segment on Fox News, denounced the migrants as dangerous and implored Congress to toughen immigration laws before they swamped the U.S.

He also warned the Mexican government he would cut off trade talks if they didn’t halt the caravan, which even if it reached the border, would make up just a small proportion of the roughly 30,000 people caught trying to sneak across every month.

The migrants had traipsed unimpeded past Mexican police checkpoints and military bases until reaching Matias Romero at the weekend, where organizers herded them towards the largely dilapidated public sports complex that has been their bustling, sunbaked HQ since the weekend.

Since then, the bedraggled travelers have bedded down in crowded corridors, under bleachers or beneath tarps draped over swings, using a putrid-smelling stream for a toilet and surviving on donations of food, water and clothing from local townspeople.

With barely any police on hand and just a handful of official organizers, 15 or so migrants have donned neon vests and are charged with keeping order across the bustling camp, which spans several soccer fields, a swimming pool and a baseball field.

Mexican immigration officials have visited each day inviting migrants to apply for transit permits granting them up to 30 days to officially apply for asylum.

A woman changes her baby’s diaper while others look on at the Ferrocarrilero VÌctor F. Morales Sports Center in MatÌas Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico
With no homes to go to, migrants are sleeping on mats surrounded by their belongings inside the Ferrocarrilero VÌctor F. Morales Sports Center

The move was hailed by Trump in two different tweets as evidence that he had forced the Mexicans to use their ‘strong’ immigration laws against the caravan.

But migrants told DailyMail.com it was surprisingly easy to secure temporary permits allowing them to stay in the country for a 30-day window.

The documents say they have to make an appointment to the ‘closest’ immigration center to their place of residence but do no list any restrictions on travel or forbid them from heading towards the US.

The maximum window people are being granted to temporarily stay is 30 days.

But many migrants deemed low priority or those with errors or gaps in their ID papers, have been given an alternative document simply giving them 20 days to remain in the territory of Mexico without granting them an interview.

However there is nothing stopping them from applying again when they have the correct papers.

‘I’m giving birth in ten days but they rejected me because of a discrepancy,’ said Honduran migrant Elsy Mejia, 25, who is traveling with her husband Jose Lanza, 21, and four year old daughter, Shesia.

‘But all I need is 20 days. Like a lot of people here I just need enough time to make it to the US border. ‘I hope to God the Americans won’t turn back a heavily pregnant woman.’

An official with Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Migración said roughly 600 permits were rubber stamped at the camp, with slightly more of the 20 day variety issued to migrants.

The official, speaking on condition on anonymity, said many of those requesting paperwork were probably just happy to have a legal window to reach the US border.

Those asking for 30 days and formal interviews were more likely wanting to stay permanently in Mexico.

Matias Romero local Daniella Tolento, 24, distributes food to the Pueblo Sin Fronteras migrant group at the Ferrocarrilero VÌctor F. Morales Sports Center
Single mothers Sieda Madrid, 23, holding Owen, 6-months, and Delmi Castro, 21, holding Brian Michael, 8-months, are traveling with the Pueblo Sin Fronteras group, and are currently stopped at the Ferrocarrilero VÌctor F. Morales Sports Center
Salvadoran national William Castillo, 42, waited 20 minutes to speak with agents from Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Migración who came to the camp Wednesday.

They checked his passport and asked a handful of questions before issuing the single page documents to him, his wife Anna Maria Hernandez, 30, and their eight-year-old son, Christian Daniel.

‘They asked basic information, where we are from, where we plan to stay. They didn’t ask any questions about gangs or crimes,’ he told DailyMail.com.

‘We had no idea what to expect but it was not a tough process to get the documents. Nothing has been easy in this journey but this was surprisingly smooth.

‘This isn’t a pass to let us stay forever, this is to make a meeting. We have 30 days. If we don’t, they deport us.’

There are Instituto Nacional de Migración centers in most major Mexican cities and 21 stationed along the US-Mexican border.

Castillo says he plans to apply for asylum in Mexico rather than attempt to cross to the US but he added: ‘They didn’t say anything about where I could or couldn’t go.’

As Trump tweeted on Thursday morning that the caravan was ‘largely broken up’, part of it was being helped to move north far more rapidly.

A fleet of buses arrived at the sports complex offering migrants wanting to travel to Puebla a 400 Mexican pesos ($22) ride.

There were no police or immigration officials present.

 Puebla, just south of Mexico City, is where activists will hold a rally Friday and provide free access to immigration lawyers to help them apply for asylum in either Mexico or the US.

The caravan will then officially disband although Irineo Mujica Arzate, the group’s Mexico coordinator, predicted around 20 percent of the migrants could push on unsupervised.

He told DailyMail.com the caravan was organized each year to highlight the plight of desperate Central American immigrants – not to storm the US border – and laughed off the idea they were a threat to the American people.

Jose Arnoldo Avina Lino, 23, Miguel Angel Martinez Lino, 29, and Juancarlos Cloter Lino, 40, are traveling with the Pueblo Sin Fronteras group, and are currently stopped at the Ferrocarrilero VÌctor F. Morales Sports Center

Migrants line up to take a bus from the Ferrocarrilero Viøctor F. Morales Sports Center in Matiøas Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico, to Mexico City or Puebla to attend and immigration summit

‘That is ridiculous. It’s worthy of a movie. Only a fraction of those people will actually make it across the border. It’s highly militarized as it is,’ said Mujica Arzate. ‘

As usual Donald trump plays the politics of fear – the ‘brownies’ are coming to get us. ‘We have 400 women and 300 kids here. They may throw a ball or point a toy gun at someone, that’s about as dangerous as it gets. These people are fleeing the same gangs that Trump is worried about.’

Among those waiting anxiously for the caravan to move is Alfredo Munoz, 22, who is yet to secure temporary paperwork for his wife Carolina, 21, son Edhen, two, and four-year-old daughter, Daily.

He says he’s desperate to reach the US but knows his family will make easy pickings for cartel robbers and kidnappers unless they travel with others for security.

As Munoz talks he pulls back his little girl’s mousy brown hair to reveal a bullet wound at the base of her skull. She has a corresponding exit wound on her left cheek, a chilling reminder of when masked gangsters sprayed bullets at his front door in Colon, Honduras.

‘The gangsters want to own everyone but I said no. They beat me up, they threatened my wife,’ he told DailyMail.com.

‘They came at night and fired 25 times into the house. They hit my daughter in the back of the head but somehow she survived.

‘We’ve been travelling now for ten to eleven days, walking four hours a day. It was a hard decision because I knew my family would suffer. Someone robbed our bag of medicine.

‘There’s no way we can stay in Mexico though, the gangs can still get us here. We have to carry on until we reach the US – the alternative is death.’

Fleeing similar violence is Shannel Smith, a trans woman who decided to leave the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, after she was shot three times in the street.

A 26-year-old teacher, she entered Mexico legally but joined the caravan because it meant she could travel north in safety and gain access to lawyers.

Central Americans -taking part in a caravan called ‘Migrant Viacrucis’- wait in line to get a meal in Matias Romero, Oaxaca state

Elsewhere in Matias Romero, Oaxaca State, Mexico, migrants taking part in the caravan marched to protest against Donald Trump on Tuesday

‘Gangs target the trans community to move their drugs because they are particularly vulnerable. If you say no this is what happens,’ she tells DailyMail.com, revealing a 12 inch scar across her stomach and a similarly shocking wound along her left forearm.

‘I was waiting for a taxi when a man walked up to me and fired a pistol three times. I was hit in the arms and the chest. One of the bullets passed through my heart. I was in a coma for three days.

‘I don’t know if it was the police or the gangs – they are as bad as each other. They never caught them, they did nothing. That’s when I knew I had to leave.’

Despite Trump’s repeated warnings about unchecked immigration, data issued by US Customs and Border Protection reveals that the number of migrants caught trying to cross the border fell to a low of 15,700 in April.

The figure was as high under as 42,400 in January 2017 under the Obama administration.

Despite the huge influx of migrants into their town, the people of Matias Romero – population 38,000 – appear to have rallied around them, with locals donating water, rice, beans and old clothes.

‘We are not a charity, we are not a church. We just live here and we want to help,’ said Daniella Tolento, 24, as she served steaming bowls of salchicha and rice from the back of a gray pickup truck.

She and ten members of her family spent hours cooking up the spicy sausage and potato stew to feed the hungry newcomers.

‘Does this look like an army? I don’t think so. They are very welcome here. They have done nothing wrong. It’s stupidity.’

Without similar acts of kindness from complete strangers, 21-year-old Delmi Castro, a slender mother of two from Colon, Honduras, says she would never have had the fortitude to travel 260 miles, or an estimated 86 hours, on foot.

She managed it despite having to carry her two kids, eight-month-old Brian Michael and Jose Manuel, three, as well as a couple of bags of their belongings.

 ‘My partner is in jail and I’m trying to get to my sister in the United States. It’s been extremely hard, I’m alone, my feet ache, my kids have fevers. But in the cities we passed through the people had big hearts and they gave us food,’ she said.

‘We are not happy, we are suffering so much. But I’ll do anything to give my children, God permitting, a better life.’

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LONDONISTAN: Lead Surgeon Says Hospital Like Afghan War Zone…

By Liam Deacon

Hospitals in Mayor Sadiq Khan’s London resemble those in a war zone, a senior surgeon working to save victims of the capital’s surging violent crime wave has said.

The shock comments made Thursday morning come after two more men were killed overnight, a couple of days after another night of violence saw a boy, 16, stabbed to death and a 17-year-old girl shot in a “drive by”.

Wednesday night’s killings, both in Hackney, East London, brought the death toll from suspected murder in the capital to 50 so far this year, pulling away from New York City, which London overtook at the weekend.

Dr. Mark Griffiths, the lead surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust in East London, said that knife and gun wounds had moved from a “niche” part of his job to a daily chunk of his workload, and a growing number of victims were “children”.

“Some of my military colleagues have described their practice here as similar to being at [Camp] Bastion,” Dr Griffiths told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.

“We used to look after people in their twenties. Now people are often in their mid to late teens and children in school uniforms are being admitted under our care with knife and gun wounds.”

He added: “Whereas a young boy being stabbed five or six years ago would have been a horror story, now it’s normal.

“People expect to see people being killed on a daily basis. Members of the public who are not involved in gangs or violence let this pass without comment and you get the society you deserve if you ignore violence.”

On Wednesday, Mayor Khan responded to the crisis by blaming “Tory” cuts to the police, and claiming the crime was affecting other areas of the UK, too.

Meanwhile, Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, has demanded that social media firms censor online content in response to the crime wave, claiming that deleting videos will help save lives.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Gangs often post videos online that seek to incite violence or glamorise criminality to influence young people.

“The instant nature of social media also means that plans develop rapidly and disputes can escalate very quickly.”

Trump sends National Guard to border as migrants vow to continue advance

FILE PHOTO: Immigrants arrive at the border, Mexico © Carlos Barria / Reuters

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday night to send the National Guard to beef up security at the Mexican border and combat illegal immigration.

The deployment will be done in conjunction with border state governors and will begin immediately.

“The threat is real,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said at a press conference. “We continue to see unacceptable levels of illegal drugs, dangerous gang activity, transnational criminal organizations, and illegal immigration flow across our border.”

Precise details about the deployment will be worked out in the coming days, but according to NBC sources, the troops will have no actual physical contact with immigrants. Instead they will provide surveillance and a visible presence to assist border patrol and customs agents.

The president hinted at sending in the military on Tuesday, saying: “Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military. That’s a big step!” Trump’s surprise comments came at a press conference with the leaders of the Baltic states.

The move comes following news last week that a thousands-strong “caravan” of migrants, mostly from Honduras and organized by activists from Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People WIthout Borders), had been making its way toward the US border through Mexico. While the Mexican government announced it would break up the caravan, its organizers promised to continue the march to the border and demand entry.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.38.54 AM

Four states border Mexico: California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, both Republicans, welcomed Trump’s order.

“Anything we can do to continue to enhance security, to go after the cartels and others who are smuggling drugs into the country and putting lives at risk, the governor absolutely wants to see that happen,” said a spokesperson for Ducey.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.39.57 AM

California is the state most likely to refuse to deploy troops. Democrat Governor Jerry Brown is a vocal critic of Trump, and has refused to deploy the National Guard before, in 2014.

Jacking up security is only one part of the Trump administration’s clampdown on illegal immigration. Nielsen also called on Congress to close loopholes in immigration law, including ending ‘catch-and-release’ programmes that see immigrants caught in the US released after 20 days without being deported.

“Time and time again, Congress has failed to act,” said Nielsen. “Worse still, some members of Congress have continually opposed efforts to secure the border.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday that it is essential that Congress pass “effective legislation that ends the illegality.”

Sessions added that his Justice Department would be crafting its own initiatives “to restore legality to the southern border.”

Stamping out illegal immigration had been a core promise of the Trump campaign, as was stemming the flow of drugs across the border. Most of the illicit drugs that enter the US do so through the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. Mexican drug cartels make an estimated $19-29 billion a year on drug sales in the United States – enough to comfortably fund the first phase of Trump’s proposed border wall.

While Trump frequently talks tough on border security, he is not the first president to send in National Guard troops to hold the line. Under ‘Operation Jump Start’ in 2006, President George Bush sent some 6,000 troops to border states at a cost of $1.2 billion. President Barack Obama sent 1,200 troops to the border in 2010 under ‘Operation Phalanx,’ at a cost of $110 million per year.

Both operations were responsible for apprehending over 200,000 illegal immigrants and seizing over 28 tons of marijuana.


3 members likely abused national security to unmask Trump campaign staff

Jamie White | Infowars.com – MARCH 12, 2018

A group of nearly 50 Obama administration officials have formed a think tank called National Security Action to attack President Trump’s national security platform.

The group didn’t mince words in their mission statement:

“National Security Action is dedicated to advancing American global leadership and opposing the reckless policies of the Trump administration that endanger our national security and undermine U.S. strength in the world.”

Specifically, the group’s “liberal foreign policy goals” include injecting climate change into foreign policy, denouncing Trump’s leadership, advocating for open borders and mass immigration and perpetuating the phony Russian collusion narrative.

Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, former UN Ambassador Samantha Power, and Hillary Clinton campaign aide Jake Sullivan are among the founders of the group.

“This organization uses the acronym NSA, which is ironic,” wrote Fox News contributor Fred Fleitz on Sunday.

“Three of its founding members – Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice and Samantha Power – likely were involved in abusing intelligence from the federal NSA (National Security Agency) to unmask the names of Trump campaign staff from intelligence reports and to leak NSA intercepts to the media to hurt Donald Trump politically.”

Its mission statement is laughable given ISIS rose to power, North Korean missile development surged, Russia annexed Crimea, and Libya collapsed – all under Obama’s watch.

Meanwhile, since Trump was elected, the military reclaimed 98% of the territory taken by ISIS, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is poised to broker an unprecedented peace deal with the U.S., and U.S-Israel relations have been restored after the president recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

US military alerted over North Korean propaganda leaflets at bases

The US military in South Korea has warned service personnel of propaganda leaflets from the North being distributed across US bases in the peninsula, calling on soldiers to report any trace of activity from Pyongyang.

The warning was posted on the official Facebook account of the Eighth United States Army stationed at the Yongsan Garrison near Seoul. “Alert! North Korean propoganda(sic),” read caption in bold red. The military was apparently in a hurry to get its message out, making a spelling mistake in a key word, as picked up on by several readers.

The text of the statement warned that Pyongyang has distributed “a significant number” of propaganda leaflets across “multiple US military installations” in South Korea. “Given the number of foreign nationals with access to our military installations via employment, sponsorship and partnership programs, the potential for insider threats is always a reality,”the alert said.

The army came up with nearly a dozen ‘do’s and don’ts’ on how service personnel should handle propaganda material, mainly urging them “to report all [propaganda] and suspicious individuals to the appropriate authorities to help mitigate potential threats.”

An ‘anti-propaganda’ hotline and special website have been set up to that end. Making copies of “unknown CDs to any computers” is banned as part of the anti-propaganda strategy.

Images purportedly showing Pyongyang propaganda leaflets issued in November and December have been posted on Instagram. The materials were reportedly carried by balloons, which have been used by both Seoul and Pyongyang to distribute propaganda material since the conflict on the peninsula began back in 1950.

The pictures all have variations of US presidential caricatures.




In November, senior high school student Minkyu Kwak from Seoul told the Korea Expose website that he had found several leaflets in “bushes, the backyard of the school’s main building, and in the alley by the school cafeteria.”  He postedthe photos on his website.

“Subdue with fire at all costs. [US President Donald] Trump is an old beast-lunatic,” one of the leaflets said, according to a Korea Expose translation. South Korean President Moon Jae-in was branded “Trump’s lap dog.”

One leaflet reportedly featured a hostile warning from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un: “As a man representing the DPRK [North Korea] and on behalf of the dignity and honor of my nation, my people and everything I have, I will make the US commander-in-chief pay dearly for wanting to annihilate our republic,” the note read.

*(THIS IS WHY THEY WANT OUR GUNS AMERICA) – Obama Aide Wishes For Pence, McConnell, Ryan Death…

By Jack Crowe

Ben Rhodes Muses About Pence, Ryan And McConnell’s Death. Scalise’s Response Shut Him Down

Former Obama deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes mused about the deaths of top Republicans on Twitter Thursday before being scolded by GOP Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who was severely injured in the June Congressional baseball practice shooting.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.56.32 AM

Rhodes issued the inflammatory tweet in response to fellow Obama White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer, who joked that he hopes President Donald Trump’s Instagram photo celebrating the passage of the GOP tax reform bill appears on the front page of The New York Times when Trump is indicted. Pfeiffer didn’t specify what Trump would be indicted for.

Rhodes agreed and added that the image should also accompany the obituaries of Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan. Scalise, who spent weeks in critical condition after he was shot during a practice for the annual Congressional baseball game, suggested Rhodes reassess his messaging.

The sweeping tax reform bill, the most comprehensive of its kind in over three decades, passed both chambers largely along party lines Tuesday. The House passed the bill again Wednesday after last minute revisions made in the Senate to ensure the bill complied with the budget rules. Trump is expected to sign the bill into law on Jan.3 to prevent automatic spending cuts to Medicare from taking effect.