Another absurd example of big tech censorship

 | – MARCH 16, 2018

Another ludicrous example of big tech censorship occurred when Instagram removed a photo of a young woman wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat for violating its community guidelines.

“Instagram removed my picture of me and my MAGA hat on. WTF?” tweeted Kathy Zhu.


“Your post has been removed. We removed your post because it doesn’t follow our community guidelines,” states the Instagram message alongside the blurred out MAGA hat photo.

Instagram’s community guidelines state that nude photos cannot be posted and that “hate speech” will be removed, so presumably the Trump hat falls into the latter category.

The now notorious red MAGA hat has enjoyed a storied short history of triggering leftists.

Back in December, Fordham University students were ejected from a Bronx campus coffee shop because their MAGA hats violated its “safe space” policy.

An absurd video that emerged in September last year shows an irate ethnic studies student at the University of California snatching a MAGA hat from another student before asserting that the hat promotes “laws and legislation that literally kill and murder in the masses, people of color.”

In July last year, a Brooklyn man was attacked with a broken bottle in a Manhattan bar over his MAGA hat, leaving him with a broken nose and a slice down his face.


Now enough Mexican illegals living in California that Mexican candidates treat state as “swing province” of Mexico itself

By Adam Shaw

A presidential candidate was barnstorming across Los Angeles over the weekend, reaching out to Mexican migrants, blasting President Trump and calling for protection for illegal immigrants.

The twist: he is running for president of Mexico.

According to Mexican newspaper Excelsior, Ricardo Anaya Cortes met with businessmen and activists in Los Angeles — which has a large Hispanic population.

Among those he met with was Obama-era Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, now the president of the University of California.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 12.40.03 PM

In a tweet accompanied by a picture with Napolitano, Anaya said they “talked about the importance of supporting the Dreamers and agreed that Mexican migrants deserve respect.”

By “Dreamers,” he was referring to illegal immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children. Trump repealed the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) in September, which gave protection to some of those arrivals, and gave Congress a deadline of March 5 to pass a fix. Court orders have since extended that deadline.

According to Excelsior, Anaya said that “we are one,” and reiterated that the Mexican migrant community in the U.S. is not alone. While on American soil, he also took a swipe at President Trump by saying he would not be on the side of “an American president who has dedicated himself to insulting our community.”

Relations between Trump and Mexico have been strained since the very beginning of Trump’s campaign when he described the immigrants coming from Mexico in harsh terms.

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” Trump said in June 2015. “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems… They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Trump has also clashed with Mexican leaders over his campaign pledge that Mexico would pay for the wall on the southern border.

For Anaya, though, even the cool actions from President Peña Nieto were too positive, with Anaya blasting Nieto for allowing Trump to visit the country in 2016.

“After Donald Trump had been insulting, and revolting at the best that Mexico has in the United States, they dared to roll out a red carpet to receive him in Los Pinos, as if he were a head of state,” he said, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

Appealing to the Mexican community, he said that those who have entered the U.S. are “the heroes of the country.”

“I want to ask you, with my heart in my hand, that every time you hear an aggressive or denigrating expression, remember that there, in Mexico, you are the heroes of the country, the brave, the enterprising, the generous, those who dared to cross the border to give their family a better future,” he said, according to CIS.

A candidate from the conservative National Action Party, Anaya has promised respectful relations with the United States but said his government would not let Washington take advantage.

“At the right time I will say personally to the president of the United States, and I will say it in his language so there will be absolutely no confusion … Mexico will not pay a single cent for that wall,” Anaya said.

The election is July 1. Reuters reported in January that since the last election, seven times as many Mexicans in the U.S. have received voting credentials under new rules that let Mexican citizens sign up at local consulates rather than in Mexico.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Italy: Eurosceptic Populists Win, Mainstream Parties Lose

Italian 5-Star Movement’s candidate for the post of the Prime Minister, Luigi Di Maio, with Beppe Grillo (L) during the closing of the electoral campaign of the M5S in Rome, Italy, 02 March 2018. ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MEO (ANSA via AP)


Italy has been hit by a historic political earthquake. Sunday’s election results speak for themselves: the two populist parties (the Five Star Movement and Lega Nord) have won, while the establishment-mainstream parties have been all but wiped out.

The mostly leftist Five Star Movement (started by Beppe Grillo) took home more than 30 percent of the vote. Although progressive in most of its views, FSM is also eurosceptic, making its resounding victory a major problem for Brussels. The Five Star Movement’s brother-of-another-mother, the right-wing Lega Nord (Northern League), also performed extremely well with around 17 percent of the vote, making it Italy’s third party. Current governing party PD (Democrats) was barely able to fight off Lega by finishing second with a mere 19-20 percent of the vote.

And Berlusconi’s Forza Italia? They had to settle for fewer votes than Lega Nord, probably ending up with 13-15 percent.

Together, Lega Nord and the Five Star Movement could — theoretically — govern the country. Chances of them doing so are rather slim, however. As such, it’s likely that Italy will now have a hung parliament. As La Stampa splashed on its front page today: “Di Maio wins, Italy ungovernable.” Luigi Di Maio is FSM’s leader.

Be that as it may, Italy’s populists are celebrating the results. Lega Nord’s leader Matteo Salvini took to Twitter to thank voters:


And Italy’s populists were joined in their celebration by other European populist leaders:


It’s not unfathomable that even President Trump may extend his congratulations to both Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini. He already endorsed the latter back in 2016, telling him he hoped Salvini would be prime minister one day.

What’s more, Trump’s former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was in Rome for the election. He called on Five Star and Lega Nord to join forces with each other and with the “Brothers of Italy” party. The latter traces its lineage back to Italy’s fascist era. “I think if they create a coalition among all the populists it would be fantastic,” Bannon told newspaper Corriere della Sera. “It would pierce Brussels in the heart.”

Bannon is right on that one. If these parties join forces, EU bureaucrats will indeed immediately switch into full panic mode. It would put their entire project in jeopardy, because all parties involved are anti-EU, and have plans that are the complete opposite of the EU’s vision for Italy’s future.