German right-wing MPs go to Syria to see if it’s safe to send refugees back

Smoke is seen in some areas in Damascus, Syria, on February 20, 2018. © Ammar Safarjalani / Global Look Press

A group of MPs from the far-right Alternative for Germany Party has come to Damascus to see the situation on the ground “firsthand.” The politicians are seeking evidence that refugees could be repatriated from Germany to Syria.

The group, consisting of six federal and regional MPs, arrived in the Syrian capital on Monday. They said their trip is a “private” one, even though it was discussed with the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) co-chairs, Alexander Gauland und Joerg Meuthen, according to Der Spiegel weekly.

The German delegation includes four members of the German Bundestag (the Lower House of the German Parliament) and two regional MPs from North Rhine Westphalia. The MPs are expected to stay in Syria for about seven days and will visit Damascus as well as the cities of Homs and Aleppo.

The information they gather would particularly allow the MPs to “adequately assess” if Syria can be considered “safe” for the refugees to return there. “Experience that the MPs would get would allow [them] to make a rational assessment of the situation in Syria with regard to the ongoing discussion about its designation as a ‘safe country of origin’ as well as with regard to the decision on the moratorium on repatriation of failed asylum seekers,” the group said in a statement posted on Facebook before its departure.

The AfD capitalized on the refugee crisis by repeatedly criticizing Merkel for her ‘open door’ policy as Germany accepted the largest number of asylum seekers during the massive influx of refugees to Europe. The party is known for its harsh anti-Islam and anti-immigrant stance.

Back in November, the German MPs from AfD already came forward with an initiative to declare Syria a “safe country of origin.” They also urged the German government to sign an agreement with the Syrian President Bashar Assad, which would “promote the return of the Syrian refugees” to their homes. The motion was rejected by other MPs, who accused the AfD of “cynicism.“By [submitting] such proposal, the AfD acts as a press service of Assad,” a member of the German Green Party, Luise Amtsberg, said at that time.

Germany has accepted hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers during the refugee crisis after the Chancellor Angela Merkel embraced the policy of “open doors.” Berlin also imposed a moratorium on repatriating failed asylum seekers to Syria back in 2012, arguing that it is not safe for them to return home.

Now, the group said it will visit education facilities in Syria as well as meet with the representatives of various “religious communities” as well as some Syrian officials. The MPs also said they had “nothing against” meeting with the Syrian President Bashar Assad personally. They did not specify, however, if such a meeting was on their agenda.
On Tuesday, the MPs met with the Syrian Grand Mufti Ahmed Hassun. According to Christian Blex, a regional MP from the German State of North Rhine Westphalia, who leads the group, he called on the Syrian refugees to return home. Earlier, they also met with some members of the Syrian parliament.


Blex also posted some photos from what he described as streets and a market in Damascus. He said that the group met “many open and friendly people,” adding that “everything is absolutely calm.”


Earlier, the MPs complained in their statement that the “German media coverage provides no sound way to assess the exact situation in Syria,” adding that their trip is aimed at “obtaining detailed information about the humanitarian situation and reconstruction efforts in Syrian regions, which were liberated from terrorists.”

In the meantime, the AfD continues to gain popularity at home. Despite being mired in numerous controversies, the far-right are now close to becoming the second most popular political party in Germany.

Fake News: CNN Speculates Russia Probably Covered Up Involvement In Chemical Attack

Assad echoes Putin in saying attack was false flag set up by US

Steve Watson | – April 13, 2017

In a report Wednesday, CNN cited ‘anonymous sources’ to push a conspiracy theory that Russia covered up its communications regarding the chemical attack in Syria

According to the network, an anonymous senior US official has claimed that the US intercepted communications between Syrian military officials which proves that Damascus was behind the attack in Idlib.

CNN then noted that evidence implicating Russia has not been unearthed, and speculated that the reason is probably because Russia is better at covering its tracks.

“The likelihood is the Russians are more careful in their communications to avoid being intercepted.” the CNN report reads.

The report states that US intelligence has communications “featuring Syrian military and chemical experts talking about preparations for the sarin attack in Idlib last week.”

The anonymous source didn’t provide any other facts or context, such as when the intercept was made, and what concrete information was contained within it.

The only specific detail given from the source is that Russia flew a drone over the hospital that was treating people injured in the attack.

The report also speculates that even if US intelligence agencies had proof of Russian involvement it probably wouldn’t make it public because “the US feels right now that it has made the case that Russian support for [Syrian President Bashar] Assad must end.”

CNN says that the source did say that the US “did not know prior to the attack it was going to happen.”

Meanwhile, the Syrian President has echoed Vladimir Putin’s claim that the attack was a ‘false flag’ set up to justify US military strikes.

Assad went further than Putin, specifically saying that the US was behind the attack, and that it is a 100 per cent fabrication”:

“Our impression is that the West, mainly the United States, is hand-in-glove with the terrorists. They fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack.” Assad said in an interview with AFP.

Assad also claimed that the Syrian army ‘gave up’ all its chemical weapons in 2013, and said “Even if we have them, we wouldn’t use them.”

The Syrian leader declared that he will only allow a probe into the attack if it is ‘impartial’.

“We can only allow any investigation when it’s impartial, when we make sure that unbiased countries will participate in this delegation in order to make sure that they won’t use it for politicized purposes.” Assad said.

The Syrian President also said that Syrian firepower is ‘not affected’ by the US missile strike, and added that the US is ‘not serious’ about finding a political solution to the civil war because “they want to use it as an umbrella for the terrorists.”

‘They’re terrified that peace was going to break out’ – Ron Paul on US Syria strike

“A victory of neo-conservatives” – that’s how Ron Paul, a former member of the US House of Representatives and three-time presidential candidate, described the US strike on Syria, adding that he does not expect peace talks to resume any time soon.


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Speaking to RT, Ron Paul said that there is no proof of Damascus’ guilt that could trigger such a rash and violent response from the US.

“I don’t think the evidence is there, at least it hasn’t been presented, and they need a so-called excuse, they worked real hard, our government and their coalition.”


This is not the first time something like this has happened in Syria or elsewhere, Paul said, but now it is convenient to pay attention and react immediately.

“If any of this was true, I don’t know why they couldn’t wait and take a look at it. In 2013, there were similar stories that didn’t go anywhere, because with a little bit of a pause, there was a resistance to it built in our Congress and in the American people. They thought that it was a fraud and nothing like that was happening, and right now, I just can’t think of how it could conceivably be what they claim, because it’s helping ISIS, because it’s helping Al-Qaeda.”

“From my point of view, there was no need to rush. There was no threat to national security. They have to give a reason to do these things,” Paul added.

A factor that contributed to the speedy reaction was of course the US president, the politician told RT.

“I have no idea what his purpose was. Maybe he just didn’t want to hear the debate, because the last time they debated it, they lost. And this time, it was necessary for them to jump onto this, before people came to know what was really going on.”

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The Syrian situation now is “a victory for neo-conservatives, who’ve been looking for Assad to go,” Paul said.

“They want to get rid of him, and you have to look for who is involved in that. Unfortunately, they are the ones who are winning out on this, and the radicals, too! There is a bit of hypocrisy going on here, because at one minute we say, well, maybe Assad has to stay, the next day he has to go, and we’re there fighting ISIS and Al-Qaeda. At the same time, what we end up doing is we actually strengthen them! It is a mess.


“I don’t believe that our people or the American government should be the policemen of the world, it makes no sense, it causes us more trouble and more grief, it causes us more financial problems, and it’s hardly a way that we could defend our constitutional liberty.”

This policy clearly does not lead to peace, Paul told RT.

“The peace talks have ended now. They’re terrified that peace was going to break out! Al-Qaeda was on the run, peace talks were happening, and all of a sudden, they had to change, and this changes things dramatically! I don’t expect peace talks anytime soon or in the distant future.”

Last but not least, the politician spoke out about the deeper reasons – and potential disastrous consequences – of the latest attack’s timing.

“I was wondering about the fact that the announcement came when Trump was talking to Xi [Jinping, the Chinese president]. And of course, [North] Korea’s high on the list of targets for our president and our administration. It might be a warning: this is what’s going to happen to you if you don’t do what we tell you. I just don’t like us being involved in so many countries, in their internal affairs; I think it’s so detrimental.”

Assad: No one invited US to Manbij, all foreign troops in Syria without permission are ‘invaders’

Any foreign forces, including those from the US, that enter Syria without invitation are invaders, Syrian President Bashar Assad told Chinese media in an interview, noting that no one had given the US troops currently in Manbij permission to be there.


“Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation or consultation or permission, they are invaders, whether they are American, Turkish, or any other one,” Assad told Chinese PHOENIX TV, as cited by the Syrian state-run SANA news agency.


When a journalist asked the Syrian president if Damascus had “opened doors” for American troops in Aleppo province’s city of Manbij, Assad said “No, we didn’t.”

“What are they [foreign troops] going to do? To fight ISIS [Islamic State, formerly ISIL]? The Americans lost nearly every war. They lost in Iraq, they had to withdraw at the end. Even in Somalia, let alone Vietnam in the past and Afghanistan.”

According to Assad, the US “didn’t succeed anywhere they sent troops, they only create a mess; they are very good in creating problems and destroying, but they are very bad in finding solutions.”

The Pentagon confirmed earlier in March that US troops had been sent to Manbij to prevent conflict between US-backed Kurdish forces and rebels backed by Turkey.

Without foreign intervention, the Syrian war “will take a few months” to bring to an end, Assad noted.

The complexity of this war is the foreign intervention. This is the problem,” he said.

Syria’s president stressed that government troops are now very close to Raqqa, Islamic State’s stronghold some 100 kilometers from Manbij.

American troops were first spotted in the town earlier in March. Reports emerged at the time claiming that a deal had been struck for the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to hand over some 20 villages in a zone between Manbij and Al-Bab, which had been recently taken by Turkish-backed forces, to the Syrian government.

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“They [Syrian forces] are certainly aware of where we [US] are, and we are aware of where they are. There is no intention between the two of there being any conflict against any party other than ISIS,” Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told reporters.

On Thursday, the US-led coalition confirmed that around 400 American marines and army rangers had arrived in Syria to establish an outpost to support an operation to take the city of Raqqa. The new contingent adds to the 500 US troops already in Syria. US Air Force Colonel John Dorrian, the coalition’s spokesman, says the new soldiers have been deployed to expedite the defeat of the terrorists in Raqqa.

Russian sappers sweep Aleppo for mines, discovering shells made in US, Germany


Russian bomb disposal teams are continuing to sweep schools and mosques of Aleppo for booby-traps, mines and munitions after they were wrested from rebel control. Recovered explosives come from various parts of the world, including the US and Germany.

The teams discovered and defused some 14,700 dangerous items, including 6,700 IEDs. The munitions discovered in stockpiles left behind by various armed groups ranged from small arms rounds and hand grenades all the way up to rockets meant for multiple-rocket launchers.

Footage of the ongoing demining operation released by the Russian Defense Ministry showed crates full of various munitions; some of them marked <span style=”color: #00ff00;”><strong>“Produced in Yugoslavia by Ordnance Corps United States Army.”</” /]
Mass graves of tortured civilians found in Aleppo – Russian MoD


“The munitions we found were German, American, Bulgarian… The amount they had was somewhat disconcerting,” Maj. Ivan Gromov, a bomb disposal squad leader said.

The Russian military in Aleppo are assisting with restoring normal life in the city after four years of hostilities. In addition to disposing of explosives, they help with deliveries of humanitarian aid and restoring utilities. A Russian military police unit was deployed to Aleppo to preserve order and prevent possible abuses.

Militants opposing the Syrian government were forced to leave eastern Aleppo after Damascus conducted a successful offensive operation in the city last month. The evacuation of rebel fighters and their civilian supporters was meant to spare lives and was conducted with the help of international humanitarian organizations. This ended constant fighting in the city, which was divided into government-held and rebel-held parts for years.

Report: Jihadist Who Sent 8 Year Old Daughter On Suicide Mission Dead


Man recently released a video of his daughter preparing for her suicide bombing of a Syrian police station


Abu Nimr, an Islamic terrorist who recently sent his eight-year-old daughter on a suicide bombing mission in Damascus, Syria, has died according to an RT correspondent.


Infowars reporter David Knight joined The Alex Jones Show to discuss the viral video that was released last week.

Karrie Murray 

It’s sick who would ever do that to their children!! My heart breaks for those poor kids.

‘Lies are their agenda’: Canadian journalist blasts MSM Syria coverage at UN event


Western mainstream media’s coverage of the Syrian war is “compromised” as their local sources are “not credible” and, in the case of Aleppo, not even there, a Canadian journalist said in an emotional speech at the UN.


“These organizations are relying on the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights [SOHR], which is based in Coventry, UK, which is one man. They’re relying on compromised groups like the White Helmets. Let’s talk about the White Helmets,” she went on.

Members of the controversial group “purport to be rescuing civilians in eastern Aleppo and Idlib … no one in eastern Aleppo has heard of them.” Meanwhile, she noted, “their video footage actually contains children that have been ‘recycled’ in different reports; so you can find a girl named Aya who turns up in a report in say August, and she turns up in the next month in two different locations.”


“So they [the White Helmets] are not credible. The SOHR are not credible. ‘Unnamed activists’ are not credible. Once or twice maybe, but every time? Not credible. So your sources on the ground – you don’t have them,” Bartlett concluded.

A journalist from Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera took a more measured tone and asked Bartlett to explain the difference between the Western and Russian media coverage, saying that Russian television channels report on humanitarian efforts and reconciliation instead of overt naming and blaming.

“You ask why we aren’t seeing this,” Bartlett said. “This relates to the other gentleman’s question about why most of the corporate media are telling lies about Syria. It’s because this is the agenda; if they had told the truth about Syria from the beginning, we wouldn’t be here now. We wouldn’t have seen so many people killed.”