Nazi Collaborator George Soros Works to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018

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Stealth coup. The evil hand of Soros is exposed yet again in this latest document leak. He funds violent, subversive groups whose malevolent objective is to destroy America. He spends millions attacking, smearing and defaming my colleagues and me. His organizations are behind the Muslim invasion of the West. And he is working to to enlarge the U.S. electorate by 10 million voters by 2018, according to leaked documents. What better way to negate the will of the people? It’s a master-plan to destroy the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

His plans for the world is no borders. Why? “If the whole world became a dictatorship, then all one can do is form a conspiracy — which would probably be discovered in five minutes — and die that way,” Ayn Rand .

Trump must win if we are to have any hope of a future living in freedom.

Leaked Docs: Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018
Soros has bankrolled efforts to challenge voter ID laws, register minority voters

BY: Joe Schoffstall, WFB, August 23, 2016:

A top priority of liberal billionaire George Soros is to enlarge the U.S. electorate by 10 million voters by 2018, according to leaked documents.

The plan to grow the electorate by millions of voters was discussed during a May 2014 board meeting of the Open Society Foundations, a liberal grant-making group founded by Soros. A 220-page guide detailing the plan was among more than 2,500 hacked Soros documents released by DC Leaks, which publishes documents from influential officials around the world.

The guide covers strategies and tactics the group will employ in the United States from 2015 to 2018. The top goals listed by the guide are to “advance electoral reform” and “combat suppression.”

“The following four goals form the scaffolding of U.S. Programs’ work,” the guide states. “1. An American democracy strengthened through increased meaningful participation, inclusive practice, and accountability.” The third strategic goal expands upon this, calling for “Full political, economic, and civic participation of immigrants and communities of color by dismantling the barriers and strengthening the conduits to opportunity.”

Later, the guide discusses expanding the electorate by “at least 10 million voters” in the United States. This would be accomplished “by lowering barriers to voter registration through the various forms of modernization and increased ballot access while sustaining and expanding the franchise by establishing strong protections against vote suppression, denial and dilution.”

An Open Society Foundations spokesperson affirmed the group’s interest in voter turnout.

“The Open Society Foundations supports efforts to encourage wider participation in U.S. elections, and opposes measures used to try to suppress voter participation,” the spokesperson said via email.

The leaked documents help explain why Soros has quietly funded efforts to battle voter identification laws and target Democratic-trending voters for registration.

Soros began supporting challenges to voter ID laws in 2014.

“We hope to see these unfair laws, which often disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society, repealed,” Soros said about the campaign in 2015. He vowed to spend at least $5 million on the effort.

The campaign’s leader is Marc Elias, a partner at the D.C-based law firm Perkins Coie and Hillary Clinton’s top campaign lawyer. Elias’ work on the legal project is separate from his work on the campaign, although Clinton supports the effort.

The first in a series of lawsuits claiming that voter ID laws disproportionately hurt minority voters was filed in Ohio just days before the Open Society documents were transmitted to the board of directors in May 2014.

Elias filed the Ohio lawsuit on behalf of a group called the Ohio Organizing Collaborative. That group was later replaced on the lawsuit when it was investigated by a state criminal agency for allegedly forging signatures and registering dead people to vote.

Weeks after the Ohio lawsuit was filed, a second lawsuit was filed challenging Wisconsin’s voter ID laws. A third lawsuit was filed in Virginia soon afterward, a challenge Soros and Elias would ultimately lose. Lawsuits in other states followed.

Soros has also funded recent voter registration campaigns from his own bank account.

Soros donated $3 million to the Immigrant Voters Win PAC, which was established to fund the Families Fight Back campaign. That campaign aims to register 400,000 Hispanic voters in swing states before the November elections.

J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a nonprofit law firm that litigates to defend election integrity, said that Soros is spending big to transform American elections.

“George Soros is involved in every aspect of manipulating the rules of American elections,” Adams told the Washington Free Beacon. “From funding Pew’s efforts to centralize election administration, to fueling litigation that attacks election integrity laws, to fanning the flames of racial agitation and polarization, Soros dollars are doing all they can to fundamentally transform American elections.”

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How Saudi Arabia Exports Ultra-Conservative Islam

Published on Aug 23, 2016
What Do ISIS & Saudi Arabia Have In Common?…

Voice of Reason

Wahhabism is the cancer of the world.
Kev San

But remember their motto “Religion of peace”

Fuck Saudi Arabia. Fuck the Middle East. Kick out the migrants, burn down Saudi funded mosques.
GradeA's Kid

Ewww Mosques are the ugliest things in the world.

after saud arabia opened their mosques in Sweden there have been alot of isis fighters goong to syria from sweden..
Black Stallion

Islam is poison. And this is coming from someone born Muslim.

FBI Confirms They Found Nearly 15,000 More Undisclosed Clinton Emails

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On Monday, State Department lawyers confirmed in federal court that the FBI found approximately 14,900 emails sent to or from Hillary Clinton‘s private email server that had not previously been turned over, The Hill reported. This is roughly 50 percent more than the 30,000 emails that Clinton’s lawyers turned over back in 2014.

The emails were discovered during the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s server. They turned the documents over to the State Department after they concluded the probe.

Attorneys told U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg that they are assessing the nature of the emails. It remains to be seen when or how many of the emails will be released to the public.

According to the Washington Post, the State Department had planned on a release date of October 14, but Judge Boasberg rejected that, ordering the State Department to have a new plan to present at a hearing on September 22.

Monday’s hearing was part of a lawsuit brought by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch in May 2015 under the Freedom of Information Act. Judicial Watch had sought all State Department emails sent or received by Clinton after learning that she had used a private email server while she served as Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013.

This article has been updated with information regarding the release of the emails as well as background information.

CNN Implies Blacks Won’t Back Trump if He Doesn’t Give Felons Voting Rights


CNN posted a questionable headline on Sunday linking African American voters to felons, reading: “Trump wants GOP to court black voters — then slams voting rights for felons.”

The article published on Sunday by CNN’s Ashley Killough and Karl de Vries is about the Republican nominee’s recent outreach to African American voters during his campaign rally in Virginia on Saturday and his criticism of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s plan to restore the voting rights of felons. McAuliffe, who is under FBI investigation for campaign contributions, could potentially become a felon himself.

CNN describes the plan as “a move McAuliffe says could help African-Americans who were disproportionally affected by laws that put lifetime bans on felons.”

But CNN’s article doesn’t provide statistics or the percentage of felons who are African American that would be eligible to vote in order to substantiate McAuliffe’s claim, thereby equating Trump’s appeal to African American voters as an appeal to felons.

Virginia’s Supreme Court struck down McAuliffe’s order in July, as CNN reported at the time.