CNN: Copycat of Charlottesville?

CNN: There Will Be Questions About Whether Barcelona Attack Was ‘Copycat’ of Charlottesville

BY: David Rutz

CNN host Wolf Blitzer said Thursday there would be questions if the Barcelona terror attack involving a van crashing into a group of people was a “copycat” of what happened in Charlottesville, Va.

At least 13 people were killed and more than 50 were injured in Barcelona on Thursday when men rammed their van into a crowd of pedestrians at Las Ramblas, a popular tourism area in the city in northeastern Spain. The attack came five days after a man with white supremacist group ties was arrested for driving his car into a group of counter-protesters in Charlottesville, killing one woman and injuring multiple others.

CNN national security correspondent Jim Sciutto said the “shared tactics” of the attackers in both instances was “alarming.”

“In light of the uproar of the last several days, five days apart you have a white supremacist in Charlottesville use a vehicle to kill, and here you have attackers at least following the modus operandi of terrorists using vehicles apparently to kill as well, and those shared tactics that should be alarming,” Sciutto said.

“There will be questions about copycats,” Blitzer said. “There will be questions if what happened in Barcelona was at all a copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. Even though there may be different characters, different political ambitions, they used the same killing device: a vehicle going at high speed into a group, a large group of pedestrians.”

There have been multiple terror attacks before the events in Charlottesville involving perpetrators using cars; last July, a terrorist in Nice, France, killed 84 people by plowing his truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day.

UPDATE: 2:34 P.M.: This article was updated with more up-to-date information on the victims in Barcelona.

UC Berkeley Immigration Attorney: ‘White Americans are the Original Nazis’

By tom Ciccotta

Prerna P. Lal of UC Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Center took to Twitter in the aftermath of the Charlottesville chaos to argue that “white Americans are the original Nazis.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.12.47 PM

From her Twitter account, Professor Lal went on a several tweet rant that led up to the conclusion that white Americans are the original Nazis. “In a way, white Americans are the original Nazis so  isn’t a surprise,” she wrote.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.14.18 PM

“Reminder from WW2 – dialogue, diplomacy and appeasement doesn’t work with Nazis. Just putting it out there,” Lal wrote at the beginning of the tweet series.

Lal works as an attorney at UC Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Program, and as a supervisor to law students at the East Bay Community Law Center, a clinic of the law school at UC Berkeley. She describes herself as a ” queer Indo-Fijian attorney.”

This isn’t the first time Lal has made unusual comments online. In 2013, she warned that others should not “screw with Fijians,” because in the past Fijians used to “roast” and “eat” white invaders.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.15.36 PM


Police treating incident as terror attack… – AUGUST 17, 2017

A van plowed into numerous pedestrians outside a food market in Barcelona Thursday leaving 13 dead and more than a dozen injured, in what police are describing as a terror attack.

“Witnesses said a white van driven by a man mounted the pavement before crashing into pedestrians. The driver then fled the scene,” reports

Subsequent reports claim gunshots were heard near the La Boqueria food market, and El Periodico newspaper  reports that two men entered a nearby bar and took people hostage.

Devastating footage from Twitter shows the gruesome aftermath of Thursday’s truck attack.

Warning: graphic footage.

“Metro lines have been shut and shoppers and pedestrians have been seen running into buildings as armed police flooded the area,” according to The Sun.

A graphic from the BBC maps the path of the truck as it rammed into a pedestrian zone:

Thursday’s truck incident follows months of jihadist attacks in Europe and the UK mainly attributed to radical Islamists, with the terror group ISIS claiming responsibility for much of the violence.

More on this as it develops…

*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Van smashes into pedestrians in central Barcelona


A van has struck a group of pedestrians in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona city center. Catalan police say they have activated attack protocols, but cannot confirm the motive behind the crash.

The driver fled the scene on foot, according to local reports. It’s not clear how many people have been injured, but images from the scene show several people lying on the ground in the immediate aftermath.



  • 16:30 GMT

    Authorities have not yet confirmed how many people were struck in the attack, however local media sources are reporting that at least one person has been killed and between 20 and 25 people have been injured. Police confirmed there are dead and injured, but have not specified the number.

  • 16:29 GMT

    It’s still unclear whether there are one or two attackers on the run. The department of the interior is searching for a second van that the attacker, or attackers, may have used to flee the scene, El Periodico is reporting.

  • 16:23 GMT
  • 16:21 GMT

    Catalan news channel TV3 says an assailant is in the ‘Rey de Estambul’ restaurant on Carrer de l’Hospital, which shares a junction with Las Ramblas.

  • 16:19 GMT

    Spain’s department of the interior has tweeted that a manhunt is underway “for the author of the attack.”



16:16 GMT

Emergency services are tending to the injured at the scene.



  • 16:10 GMT

    Two armed men, who are understood to have been in the van, are “entrenched” in a bar following the crash, El Periodico newspaper is reporting.

  • 16:06 GMT

    AFP is reporting that Spanish authorities have labelled the incident a “terrorist attack.”

Rep to introduce more impeachment articles…


Rep. Steve Cohen (D), a Tennessee liberal, announced Thursday that he will introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump based on his defense of the white supremacists who participated in a deadly rally in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend. 

“Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the President said ‘there were very fine people on both sides.’ There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen,” Cohen said in a statement.

“President Trump has failed the presidential test of moral leadership.”

Cohen’s decision follows on the heels of a similar effort by Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), who last month introduced his own articles of impeachment contending Trump obstructed justice amid the federal investigation into Russia’s interference with the 2016 presidential election. Rep. Al Green(D-Texas) is the only other Democrat to endorse Sherman’s resolution.

Democratic leaders have sought throughout the year to discourage such an aggressive strategy against Trump, fearing that it could both undercut the ongoing Russia investigations and politicize those probes in ways that might damage Democrats in their districts. The Democrats last month launched a 2018 messaging agenda that doesn’t mention Trump at all.

But last weekend’s violent marches in Charlottesville have sparked new levels of Democratic outrage against the president, whose initial response was to blame “many sides” for the bloodshed in Virginia; he has now doubled down on that contention. Speaking Tuesday from Trump Tower in New York City, the president condemned the “egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence” of groups like neo-Nazis, but also accused the counterprotesters — the “alt-left,” by his term — of being “very, very violent” and contributing to the tragic events.

“You had a group on one side that was bad, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent,” Trump said on Tuesday from Trump Tower in Manhattan. “Nobody wants to say that. But I’ll say it right now.”

The Democrats have pounded Trump relentlessly over his response, and at least two House lawmakers — Reps. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) and Jackie Spier (D-Calif.) — have called this week for his removal from office. Speier, in doing so, invoked the 25th Amendment, which outlines Congress’s impeachment powers, but stopped short of announcing plans to introduce her own articles of impeachment.

Cohen, who last month had introduced a resolution of no confidence in Trump, said the Charlottesville episode left them no choice but to take the effort a step further in pushing for impeachment.

“As a Jew and as an American and as a representative of an African American district, I am revolted by the fact that the President of the United States couldn’t stand up and unequivocally condemn Nazis who want to kill Jews and whose predecessors murdered 6 million Jews during the Holocaust, and could not unequivocally condemn Klansmen whose organization is dedicated to terrorizing African Americans,” Cohen said.

“No moral president would ever shy away from outright condemning hate, intolerance and bigotry.”

Judge Fired For Facebook Post Criticizing Dems’ AntiFa Thugs And Snowflakes


By Rick Wells

Not all judges these days are crazy left-wing zealots intent on changing America into a communist Obamatopia, but the ones who aren’t and speak up are likely to pay a price.

It’s one thing to usurp and overrule the President of the United States twice and the Supreme Court of the United States in bench legislation, as Obama’s choomy so-called Judge Derrick Watson did in the case of the executive order terrorist importation pauses. That’s acceptable behavior apparently, as no sanctions were issued for any of the offenses, with tortured, irrational and disjointed non-opinions barely issued in explanation.

It’s one thing to usurp and overrule the President of the United States twice and the Supreme Court of the United States in bench legislation, as Obama’s choomy so-called Judge Derrick Watson did in the case of the executive order terrorist importation pauses. That’s acceptable behavior apparently, as no sanctions were issued for any of the offenses, with tortured, irrational and disjointed non-opinions barely issued in explanation.

But let a judge denounce the leftist Democrat hit squad, the AntiFa thug force, and there’s hell to pay. One Atlanta judge is paying for his transgressions now, at home and out of a job. It’s not because of an on-the-job error in judgment, having violated his oath or ruled, as Judge Watson did, utilizing a portion of his anatomy typically reserved for use as a foundation while sitting.

Judge James Hinkle wrote on his personal Facebook page the truth about the so-called “anti-fascist” fascists, the loathsome AntiFa Democrat goons.  Judge Hinkle wrote, “It looks like all of the snowflakes have no concept of history. It is what it is. Get over it and move on.”

Accept the past that they can’t change, stop whining and move on? How racist! Next thing he’ll probably be wanting them to accept responsibility for their own actions. What kind of judge is this guy? Certainly he’s unfit to hold that office. Hinkle went on to say, “Confederate monuments in Virginia have the rear ends of horses facing north.” The Judge added in a second post, “PERFECT TUESDAY MORNING. The nut cases tearing down monuments are equivalent to ISIS destroying history.”

That’s just too much truth for the Georgia judicial system to handle. Shortly thereafter Judge Hinkle was advised by Gwinnett County’s chief magistrate Kristina Hammer Blum that he was suspended. After letting him stew for a day, Judge Blum took it one step further and forced Judge Hinkle to resign. One doesn’t belittle the Democrat street thugs and get away with it.

Blum issued a statement at about 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday stating that Judge Hinkle had “offered his immediate resignation from his position as a part-time Magistrate.”

She said, “For 14 years, Judge Hinkle has dutifully served this Court. He is a lifelong public servant and former Marine. However, he has acknowledged that his statements on social media have disrupted the mission of this court, which is to provide justice for all.”

Of course if he had said the same thing about the white boys holding their monument rally or President Trump, not a word would have been said unless to offer praise for his professional insight or some other idiotic liberal tripe.

Blum added that Judge Hinkle is entitled to his personal opinions, but when they go against the snowflakes, it’s voicing them is clearly a mistake. She said, “While, thankfully, our Constitution protects the rights of all citizens to express their opinions, judges are held to a more stringent standard by the Judicial Canons.”

The Georgia Code of Judicial Conduct requires that judges always act in a way that “promotes public confidence.” She said, “Under this heightened standard, the right of the public to a judiciary free from even the appearance of bias takes priority over any judge’s necessarily limited right to individual expression while serving in that office.”

In her self-righteous butt-covering statement Blum told WSB TV: “I have made it clear to all of our judges to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity, impartiality, and fairness of the judiciary. I consider any violation of those principles and policies to be a matter of utmost concern.”

Like any clear thinking person who isn’t a libtard, Hinkle said he didn’t see anything wrong with his actions, adding, “But you know, with the way things are going in the world today, I guess everything’s controversial.”

He’ll be a lot happier away from that nuthouse, that lunatic liberal in charge and all of those melting snowflakes.