Chicago bakery loses one-third of staff to immigration raids

A Chicago, Illinois bakery that makes McDonald’s hamburger buns is struggling after a third of its workers were detained by immigration enforcement. The company is facing pressure to raise wages in order to attract replacements.


About 800, or 35 percent, of the workers at Cloverhill Bakery had to be replaced, reported Bloomberg News, citing the Zurich-based Aryzta AG. The company makes baked goods for fast-food chains and supermarkets. The workers were supplied by a job-placement agency that faced federal audits earlier this year.

“It’s proceeding very, very slowly because it’s like having a brand new factory and a brand new workforce,” CEO Kevin Toland said on a call with analysts. “That’s presenting a lot of challenges, as you can imagine.”


Toland said the raid of Cloverhill caused the company to face pressure to raise wages and challenges in retaining staff. The raid also led to a 7 percent decline in sales in North America in the quarter ending in October, and will eventually lead to higher consumer prices.

In the first six months of President Donald Trump’s administration there was a spike in the number of immigrants arrested by federal agents in Chicago. Data from the US Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) revealed an approximate 30 percent increase in arrests and deportations in Chicago compared to the end of the Obama administration.

“It’s been basically emergency after emergency for most of the year,” Tania Unzueta, a Chicago activist with the national Mijente organization, a Latino organizing group, told the Chicago Tribune“From immigration raids to members of our organization being called to do check-ins and really not knowing whether they could be detained or deported.”


The Chicago Immigration Court has 24,844 pending cases in its system as of this spring, according to the DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review. That is up from 13,000 pending cases in 2010. Nationally, the pending caseload has doubled since 2011.

According to EOIR, total orders for removal between Trump’s inauguration and the close of the fiscal year hit 63,634. At the end of fiscal year 2017, some 1,940 people were detained in Chicago, up from 1,669 at the end of the prior year. Most of them are of Mexican descent, statistics show.


The Trump administration set in motion sweeping changes in how the federal government dealt with those living in the US illegally. It is estimated there are 11 million immigrants living the US without legal status.

A January 25 executive order dispatched more than 100 immigration judges to immigration jails across the US. Nine of every 10 cases heard have led to federal orders to leave the US.

Trump’s order also expanded the list of deportation priorities to include any noncitizen who is charged with a criminal offense of any kind, or who is suspected of committing criminal acts, fraud or willful dishonesty while interacting with immigration officials. This is in addition to those who are subject to a pending order of removal, or have been previously deported and reentered the country.



Program will save military $200,000 a day – NOVEMBER 28, 2017

President Trump will sign the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which contains an amendment that allows U.S. citizens to purchase the popular 1911 pistols from the U.S. Army.

It currently costs the U.S. military about $2 a day to store one pistol, with an estimated 100,000 1911s being stored, according to the International Business Times,

Selling the .45 ACP M1911A1 pistols to the public will recoup the $200,000 expenditure by the military, and possibly even profit from it.

The pistol was invented in 1911 and is a semiautomatic weapon that became popular during World War One.

As Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins reports, “the 1911 is one of the most popular handguns ever developed. It is valued for military use, home defense, self-defense, and concealed carry. Although the military’s 1911s were made by Colt, citizens have long been purchasing civilian models from Colt as well. These range from the basic government model to 1911s with finely tuned triggers and target barrels that allow for incredible accuracy in competitive shooting.”

The sales will occur under the sponsorship of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, which has been selling approved military surplus weapons to U.S. citizens for over 100 years.

In addition to the M1911A1, the M1911 pistol, the M–1 Garand, and .22 rimfire rifles will also be up for grabs when they are sold in 2018.


Schumer Cancels Meeting Because Trump Won’t Surrender To Democrats

Chuck Schumer got his feelings hurt when President Trump tweeted he doesn’t see a deal with Democrats coming out of a WH meeting. Schumer wants surrender so he cancelled the

By Rick Wells

Democrats invariably attempt to use the guise of “bipartisanship” as a premise for a one-sided acquiescence to their positions  on the part of gutless Republicans in Congress.

President Trump struck the first blow in the upcoming December battle over spending, immigration,  the border and tax reform with a tweet he sent out ahead of a scheduled meeting on Tuesday with “Chuck and Nancy.”

President Trump tweeted, “Meeting with “Chuck and Nancy” today about keeping government open and working. Problem is they want illegal immigrants flooding into our Country unchecked, are weak on Crime and want to substantially RAISE Taxes. I don’t see a deal!”

President Trump’s words didn’t sit well with the conniving Democrats, who might have been hoping for another dose of preferential treatment from a White House visit. If the President isn’t going to surrender to their demands, they’ll attempt to cut him out of the process and go deal directly with the surrender-prone members of Congress, Ryan and McConnell in particular.

Scummy Chuck Schumer took to his favorite position for whining, the Senate lectern, to cry over the way he and Nancy had been treated by that “mean old President Trump.” Schumer said, “Unfortunately, this morning, instead of leading, the President tweeted a blatantly inaccurate statement and then concluded ‘I don’t see a deal.’”

The problem “Scummy Schumer” has with President Trump’s tweet is that it is actually the opposite, he was very accurate in his statement.

Schumer snarked, “Given that the President doesn’t see a deal between Democrats and the White House, Leader Pelosi and I believe the best path forward is to continue negotiating with our Republican counterparts in Congress instead.”

He continued, “Rather than going to the White House for a show meeting that won’t result in an agreement from a President who doesn’t see a deal,  we’ve asked Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan to meet with us this afternoon.”  Schumer is lambasting the President for prejudging the meeting as he hypocritically describes it as a “show meeting.”

Schumer, in calling for Republicans to cut President Trump out of the process, labeled them as “actually interested in negotiating a bipartisan agreement.” Bipartisan is Democrat speak for Republican surrender, not a great endorsement of the leadership of either McConnell or Ryan.

Schumer goes on to threaten a government shutdown and fire a blame salvo at Republicans. Certainly there will be many more fired over the coming weeks.


Lindsey Graham favors fixing DACA with government funding bill, says shutdown ‘possible’


by Josh Siegel 

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday Republican leaders should attach to the year-end government funding bill a fix to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Graham was breaking from GOP leadership in both chambers of Congress, who in recent weeks have said any effort to fix DACA would come after and separately from a funding bill that will be needed by Dec. 8. Some Democrats and Republicans have suggested a dispute over the issue could lead to a government shutdown.

“Everybody believes we need more border security,” Graham said on CNN’s State of the Union. “Most people believe we need to go from chain migration, family-based immigration to merit-based immigration and most want to give the Dream Act kids a more certain life. Let’s do it in December for the good of the country and let’s take care of a lot of problems at one time to show the country we actually can function. I’m rather excited about the possibilities of legislating in December.”

Graham, asked if the government could shut down over the dispute, said “anything is possible” in Congress.

Graham, with Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Il., has authored a bill, known as the Dream Act, that would offer legal status to individuals who received protection under DACA.

DACA, created by President Obama using executive authority, gives nearly 800,000 immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children the ability to work and stay in the U.S.

Trump has said he will rescind the program in March 2018, giving lawmakers time to create a legislative solution to help a class of individuals known to many as “Dreamers.”

Republicans have said any effort to help Dreamers would have to be matched to border security measures, and potentially reforms to the legal immigration system.

Some Senate Democrats, meanwhile, have speculated about the idea of holding up the spending bill in December if it doesn’t include a DACA provision.

Durbin, who appeared on CNN Sunday with Graham, said he also supports including a DACA fix to the government funding bill in December, but he refused to say whether he would demand that if it risks a government shutdown.

“We believe we can put together a bipartisan coalition to pass it and make that part of the end of the year,” Durbin said of the DREAM Act.

Durbin said he would support attaching border security measures to a DACA fix, but he was less committal about including legal immigration provisions.

Trump has backed a bill by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ala., that cuts legal immigration levels in half by limiting so-called “chain migration” that favors family ties, and replacing it with a “merit-based” system.

The White House has previously said that bill should be part of a DACA fix.

“When it comes to border security, we signed up for that,” Durbin said. “When it comes to chain migration, bottom line, I’ve spoken to Sen. Cotton about this, is when these Dreamers become citizens, they are not going to be second-class citizens. They are going to have the same rights as others in the United States.”

Graham said it would be “sad” if Republicans and Democrats can’t agree to a solution for DACA.

“It would be sad to miss this opportunity,” Graham said. The president has talked very warmly about the Dream Act kids.”


Dem Congressman Calling For Trump Impeachment ‘Had SEX With Drug-Addicted Staffer’ — Then SUED HER!

November 27, 2017 by Joshua Caplan

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) is under fire following reports he had sex with a drug-addicted staffer and then sued her after she threatened to go public with the encounter. Green is one of the loudest voices on Capitol Hill calling for President Trump to be impeached

Daily Caller reports:

Lucinda Daniels, his onetime district director, claimed she suffered a hostile work environment, claimed sexual harassment and demanded $1.8 million. Green sued her, saying she was using their sexual relationship to shake him down at the behest of other unnamed conspirators.

“Daniels has threatened to go public with her complaints if the Congressman does not per her money. Green has done nothing wrong and refuses to pay ‘hush money’ just for political expediency. Green will not be extorted or blackmailed by Daniels. He will not be the victim of a shakedown by Daniels and her agents. Green demands vindication of his actions and now sues Daniels for declaratory judgment relief relating to her workplace allegations and her quest for money,” documents Green filed in federal court in 2008 say. […]

In the recording, “Daniels is heard ‘snorting’ the cocaine immediately before questioning whether it was ‘cut’ with some other substance and being assured that it was “straight off the ki[lo] … Daniels asks for the purchase price of the drugs, which she calls her ‘Tuesday special’ price. In response, the drug dealer sells her the drugs for $40.”

Green said Daniels “act[ed] sluggish at work as through under the influence of drugs” and “slurr[ed] her speech as if under drug influence.” He claims she fell “asleep on the phone in the middle of telephone conversations with staff and the Congresswoman” and had “a general appearance of incoherence at times due to apparent drug use.”

The Congressman’s office issued the following statement on the report:

“In the present climate, we wish to jointly quiet any curious minds about our former and present relationship with one another. We are friends, and have long been friends. At an unfortunate time in our lives, when both of our feelings were hurt, we hastily made allegations and charges against one another that have been absolutely resolved.

This matter has been resolved without payment of any money or transfer of any consideration of any kind by either of us to the other. As friends, we have both agreed that we see no need to make further statements regarding this absolutely resolved matter.”

As recent as October, Green called for Trump’s impeachment.

According to Green, the impeachment process must begin because Trump is “undermining the integrity of the Executive Office of the President of the United States.”

Video credit: Reflect

Green claims, “[Trump] has undermined the integrity of his office, has brought disrepute onto the presidency, has betrayed his trust as president to the manifest injury of the people of the United States of America and as a result is unfit to be president.”

“He warrants impeachment, trial and removal from office,” Green added.

Lawsuit Filed To Force Sessions To Investigate Mueller Conflicts and Corruption

FreedomWatch has filed a lawsuit asking a US District Court to force AG Sessions to investigate the conflicts and corruption of Robert Mueller to remove him as special. . .

By Rick Wells

FreedomWatch founder and attorney Larry Klayman filed a lawsuit Monday in the pursuit of having Robert Mueller removed as the special counsel looking for something, anything under the guise of Russian collusion.

The complaint asks the US district court to force Jeff Sessions’ DOJ to do their job and investigate the leaks that are flooding from the special counsel’s “investigation, as well as “the obvious conflicts of interest among staff.” We might ask why President Trump’s own high priced legal team hasn’t made a similar move.

The complaint was filed against both AG Jeff Sessions and FBI director Christopher Wray, arguing, “it is a criminal offense to leak grand jury information.”

In a written statement Klayman said, “Robert Mueller is not a ‘man of integrity’ as the Washington, D.C., Democrat and Republican political establishment like to spin. He is just another pol who is representing his establishment benefactors in both political parties who want to see the presidency of Donald Trump destroyed.”

We all know the close, years-long relationship between Mueller and Comey should have resulted in his own resignation if he were the man of integrity so many of the establishment toadies claim he is. His personal involvement with the cover up of evidence of Russian crimes also shows he’s as dirty as his comrades Comey and Rosenstein.

But how thorough will a Justice Department Investigation of itself be when two or more of the guilty parties, Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General and the Deputy FBI Director, Andrew McCabe are involved in the criminality and the cover up?

Klayman said of Mueller, “He must be held accountable to the law and should not be able to do as he pleases to further his and his friends, like former FBI Director James Comey’s, political agenda. We are hopeful that the court will order Justice to do its job and conduct an expeditious and impartial investigation and then order Mueller to step down as special counsel. There are others, perhaps who practice outside of the Washington, D.C., swamp, who could step in and do an honest and conflict-free investigation of so-called Russian collusion.”

Klayman has right on his side, but he’s dealing with the swamp where being on the side of what is right, patriotic and good for the nation puts you at a disadvantage. Our government is a criminal operation where the mobsters take care of their own and the American people are merely a commodity to be used in the pursuit and maintenance of power.

He’s going to need that hope he mentioned and a lot of luck. The odds are he’ll get told he doesn’t have standing or some other legal tactic will be used against him. Even if he wins and an investigation is ordered, then what?

As the pandering owner of the Houston Texans, Bob McNair said of the NFL in a brief moment of clarity, “the inmates are running the prison.” And the swamp gators have infested DOJ and the FBI.