Mysterious NYC skyscraper owned by AT&T nerve center of NSA mass surveillance programs – report

Built to endure a nuclear attack, a New York City skyscraper known as the AT&T Long Lines Building is actually among the most essential assets of the NSA, which runs mass surveillance programs inside the windowless tower, according to the Intercept.


The brutalist structure located at 33 Thomas Street in Lower Manhattan is made up of 29 floors and three underground levels. Built between 1969 and 1974 by John Carl Warnecke & Associates, it was simply referred to as Project X during the planning phase, the Intercept reports.

The 550-foot high-rise was purportedly designed to house enough food and supplies to sustain a “self-contained city” of 1,500 people for two weeks in case a worst-case Cold War scenario involving atomic weaponry arose.

Aside from accommodating “powerful computers, cables, and switchboards” and handling long-distance phone calls, including international ones, the AT&T telecommunications center doubles as a wiretapping facility that targets calls, faxes, and internet traffic, according to the Intercept.

The Long Lines Building is still shown as being owned by AT&T by New York’s Department of Finance, the Intercept found.

The NSA refers to the skyscraper as TITANPOINTE, according to documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden and interviews that the Intercept conducted with ex-AT&T employees. A key NSA program called BLARNEY is allegedly run out of a secret location in the building that taps into communications of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and at least 38 countries, including close US allies such as Germany, Japan, and France, their report states.

BLARNEY documents detail how the program does “full take” surveillance, meaning it gathers both content and metadata in bulk by using “commercial partnerships” to “gain access and exploit foreign intelligence obtained from global networks.” The data collection falls into six different categories: “counterproliferation, counterterrorism, diplomatic, economic, military, and political,” according to The Intercept.

The former president of the UN’s general assembly, Mogens Lykketoft, told the Intercept, “Such spying activities are totally unacceptable breaches of trust in international cooperation.”


Among the leaked NSA documents are two guides, one from April 2011 on the BLARNEY program and another from February 2013. The former reveals that TITANPOINTE exists in New York City, and the latter refers to a “partner” named LITHIUM, which is what the NSA calls AT&T. The 2011 document also points employees to the FBI’s New York field office, which is just a block from the AT&T Long Lines Building.

Both AT&T and the FBI coordinated NSA agent visits to the facility, the Intercept reported. Further evidence from the NSA documenting that TITANPOINTE is, in fact, the 33 Thomas Street building includes instructions for visitors to buzz in, sign in, and meet an escort. The Intercept found a buzzer outside the building, a sign-in sheet at the lobby desk, and a round-the-clock guard. There are also AWM parking spaces, reserved for federal agents, in front of the building.

Former AT&T engineer Thomas Saunders told the Intercept that there are at least three 4ESS switches” for routing phone calls across various networks inside the building.

“Of the first two, one handled domestic long-distance traffic and the other was an international gateway,” Saunders said. That aligned with NSA documents that describe TITANPOINTE as having “foreign gateway switches” with “RIMROCK access.” RIMROCK is NSA code for 4ESS switches, the Intercept reported.

Another spying program reportedly operating from the building called SKIDROWE allegedly focuses on covertly vacuuming up internet data.

An AT&T spokesperson denied that government agencies have direct access to their networks, however.

“Rather, we simply respond to government requests for information pursuant to court orders or other mandatory process and, in rare cases, on a legal and voluntary basis when a person’s life is in danger and time is of the essence, like in a kidnapping situation, Fletcher Cook told The Intercept.

Apart from AT&T, some 80 corporations have “strategic partnerships” with the NSA, the report states.

US intelligence head James Clapper resigns

US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has announced he has submitted his resignation. Clapper said last year that he would step down at the end of President Barack Obama’s final term in office.


In his resignation letter, Clapper said that his more than 50 years of service was enough.

I submitted my letter of resignation last night which felt pretty good. I’ve got 64 days left,” Clapper said during a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday.

Clapper’s resignation comes as the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump begins discussions on cabinet appointments.


There is “no reason to question” FBI Director James Comey for disclosing the Bureau’s renewed investigation of Hillary Clinton‘s emails a week before the election, Clapper told the lawmakers.

Clapper was sworn in as the fourth Director of National Intelligence (DNI) in August 2010. During his tenure as director he has often been required to defend the position of the National Security Agency (NSA).

In a famous exchange in March 2013, Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) asked Clapper, Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?”

Clapper answered, No, sir… not wittingly.”

Just two months later, NSA whistleblower Snowden left the US with 10,000 documents exposing the extent of government surveillance. Snowden’s files showed that the NSA was indeed collecting telephone metadata of millions of law-abiding Americans. Clapper was never charged with lying under oath, however.

Senator Wyden, a leading critic of unchecked intelligence powers, spoke out about Clapper’s resignation.

“During Director Clapper’s tenure, senior intelligence officials engaged in a deception spree regarding mass surveillance,” said Wyden, a champion of civil liberties advocates in a released statement issued on Thursday over the announcement of his resignation.
“Top officials, officials who reported to Director Clapper, repeatedly misled the American people and even lied to them.”

Wyden said even with the disclosures of Edward Snowden, Clapper’s office refused to correct the record. His office offered a number of explanations for the “misstatement” including he forgot about the phone records program and he had offered the “least truthful” answer because it was in an unclassified setting.

“Regardless of what was going through the director’s head when he testified, failing to correct the record was a deliberate decision to lie to the American people about what their government was doing. And within a few months, of course, the truth came out,” said Wyden.

Clapper spent 32 years in the US Air Force, retiring in 1995 with the rank of Lieutenant General. His last post was as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). He then spent six years in the military industry, before returning to head the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency from 2001 to 2006. He briefly taught at Georgetown University before President George W. Bush appointed him undersecretary of defense for intelligence in 2007.

The position of Director of National Intelligence was established under the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, following a recommendation by the 9/11 Commission.

The commission had identified major intelligence deficiencies over the 9/11 attacks and failures of the intelligence community to be able to protect US interests against foreign threats.

The DNI is the principal adviser to the president on intelligence matters related to national security, and directs and oversees the National Intelligence Program.

Trump says FBI rank & file ‘won’t let Clinton get away with crimes,’ questions email review

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said the FBI’s rank-and-file agents will not stop investigating Hillary Clinton’s handling of confidential information via her private server even after the FBI director said no charges would be brought against her.


Addressing a crowd of supporters gathered for a rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Trump argued that despite FBI chief James Comey’s statement Sunday that the probe into Clinton’s alleged national security breaches “will go on for a long, long time.” Comey earlier said that nothing incriminating was found in the emails stored on the laptop used by Clinton’s senior aide that could have warranted any charges against her.

“The rank-and-file special agents at the FBI won’t let her get away with her terrible crimes, including the deletion of 33,000 emails after receiving a Congressional subpoena,” Trump said.


“Hillary Clinton is the most corrupted person ever to seek the presidency of the United States,” Trump argued.

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used a private email server for both work-related and personal email correspondence. In the course of the investigation, she turned over some 33,000 business-related messages to State Department, but deleted about the same number of personal messages.

READ MORE: ‘Process has begun’: FBI scouring 650k emails on Clinton aide husband’s laptop in reopened case

Trump then called into question the FBI’s ability to sift through hundreds of thousands of emails on whether they contain classified information in just over a week’s time.

“You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days, you can’t do it folks,” Trump said, adding that Hillary Clinton was “being protected by a rigged system.”

However, media reports claimed on Sunday that the vast majority of emails in the new batch were either found to be private, or duplicating those that had previously been reviewed by the FBI.

In light of this report, social media sprang into discussion of how much time it would take to sift through the 650,000 emails for duplicates, with one blogger even appealing to the former NSA contractor and CIA employee, whistleblower Edwards Snowden. Snowden replied that such a task would take “minutes-to-hours,” even on old laptops.


Whistleblowing group WikiLeaks, however, seemed to disagree that the case has been closed, writing in response to a tweet by General Michael T. Flynn that WikiLeaks, on its part, has published over 7 million of Clinton’s emails in total, and most had to be verified by a human, not a machine.

“Clinton uses pseudonyms and proxies, of which Huma is one, so most need to be read by hand,” WikiLeaks tweeted.


Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server has courted much controversy, with her supporters accusing the FBI of interfering in the election process. In late October, the agency obtained a warrant to scrutinize emails, discovered on the laptop during an unrelated criminal investigation into former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest aide.


The FBI intended to examine the contents of some 650,000 emails to ascertain if some of the messages could be linked to the Clinton probe.

On Sunday, Comey issued a statement, saying that the FBI had “reviewed all the communications that were to or from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State” contained in the new batch of emails and did not find anything that would require prosecution, upholding FBI’s decision dating back to July.

In July, Comey described Clinton’s handling of emails that contained sensitive information on US policy as “extremely careless,” but did not recommend the Justice Department to press any charges against her. He said that the FBI had not found any evidence proving that she mishandled classified information on purpose, saying that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

Hillary Clinton Loves Millennials LOL

Published on Nov 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton sure does love us millennials. Even the deplorable basement dwellers among us. Oh yeah, and in closed door speeches for the banks, Hillary Clinton has assured Wall Street executives she’ll do everything in her power to keep cannabis illegal, whereas Donald Trump on the campaign trail has confirmed he’ll introduce LEGAL medical cannabis in the United States, and will work to protect the states rights of those states that have already introduced legal recreational cannabis use, or that plan to. Similarly, Hillary is saber rattling for war with Russia, a nuclear power that has in no way direct or otherwise attacked the United States… nor has it even provoked us! She’s just loony, can’t figure out how her own email security, starts blaming it on the freakin’ Russians—that’s what crazy old people do. And we pity crazy old people. We try to help them out. But we do not elect them as President of the United States, especially when we have a perfectly competent and NOT CORRUPT alternative: Donald Trump.

I’m 30; I rent and probably will into the foreseeable future. Home ownership has become out of reach for many millennials. Car ownership has become unrealistic for many millennials. I have multiple sources of income and they are highly variable – many millennials deal with this; income variability and the burden of the ‘self employment tax’ when we are basically underemployed roaming contractors for various corporations, not strictly speaking at all ‘self employed.’ Then, as I discuss toward the end, there’s the financial burden Obamacare places on already strapped millennials – it’s untenable. Trump will repeal Obamacare and replace it with something humane, but realistic: with interstate competition allowed between insurance companies (as logic would dictate!), and a safety net for those who truly need it.


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Audra Clementine

The hairs on my arms stood up when he said “I HAVE NOTHING!” I feel his pain and my heart goes out to him because things are really bad. He’s so honest and that took a lot to say as a man. He’s a good man.
Julie Brown

I agree. We are all in the same boat. And, it has been sinking rapidly under the current administration.
praying patriot

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I assume you are in NYC. that is a completely different alien world. many more millennials in the real world see the light and are voting TRUMP


Insiders attempting to save America from Hillary presidency

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones – NOVEMBER 2, 2016

It’s now clear from numerous sources that the Podesta hack, which led to Wikileaks releasing tens of thousands of Clinton campaign emails, as well as other hacks targeting the Democratic Party, were the work of U.S. intelligence operatives attempting to save America from a Clinton presidency.

The Clinton campaign has repeatedly insinuated that Russian agents were responsible for the release of the emails, but the reality is far different.

The hackers were concerned individuals who were alarmed at Hillary Clinton’s rampant corruption and mishandling of classified material as far back as 2009, when officials with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) became aware of violations of record keeping procedures at the Department of State under Secretary Clinton.

Sources who have spoken privately to Alex Jones but don’t want to be named have confirmed that government and intelligence operatives worked in tandem to provide Julian Assange’s organization with the Podesta emails.

This is backed up by former British ambassador Craig Murray, who was told by security insiders that the email leak “comes from within official circles in Washington DC.”

William Binney, NSA whistleblower and former technical head of the NSA, also told Infowars back in August that the email leaks which have negatively impacted the Democratic Party were carried out by individuals within the U.S. intelligence community who were angry at Hillary exposing classified information and sought to take revenge.

“Hillary has a problem with NSA because she compromised Gamma material,” Binney said. “That is the most sensitive material at NSA.”

“And so there were a number of NSA officials complaining to the press or to the people who wrote the article that she did that. She lifted the material that was in her emails directly out of Gamma reporting. That is a direct compromise of the most sensitive material at the NSA,” he added

“She’s got a real problem there … there are many people who have problems with what she has done in the past. So I don’t necessarily look at the Russians as the only one(s) who got into those emails,” Binney concluded.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Steve Pieczenik also claimed that elements within the U.S. government, including the FBI and the CIA, have “initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange and Wikileaks in order to stop Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States.

Pieczenik asserted that Assange had released “emails that we gave to him in order to undermine Hillary and Bill Clinton.”


‘Israel is depressing’: Clinton adviser vents frustration in latest Podesta emails

WikiLeaks has dumped another batch of emails from the account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta. This is the 21st batch of communications to be released by the whistleblowing site.

There will be a total of 50,000 emails released in the lead up to November 8, according to WikiLeaks. So far, 35,594 have been published.


On Thursday, further discussion among the Clinton campaign of Bill Clinton’s controversial past was revealed, while Clinton adviser Neera Tanden branded the private email server debacle as “f**king insane.”

READ MORE: ‘How’s this different from Bill Cosby?’: Past of Hillary’s husband discussed in Podesta emails

Speaking via telephone to a conference in Argentina on Wednesday, Julian Assange claimed the ongoing releases had “whipped up a crazed hornet’s nest atmosphere in the Hillary Clinton campaign.” Assange also claimed that the campaign had attempted to hack the WikiLeaks servers.

READ MORE: Assange claims ‘crazed’ Clinton campaign tried to hack WikiLeaks

Israel is depressing

Clinton adviser Neera Tanden tells Podesta that “Israel is depressing” in a mail from March 18, 2015 titled ‘Man’.

“It’s a good lesson that the wing nuts are just ruthless in every country,” Tanden adds.

The right-wing Likud Party led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a surprise victory in national elections on the same day, handing him his fourth term in office and making him Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.

“Bad,” replies Podesta.

Someone has your password

In March 2016 Podesta is warned to change his email password “immediately” and ensure that two-factor authentication is turned on” after Charles Delavan, a member of Clinton’s IT team, mails him warning that someone tried to access his account.

“It is absolutely imperative that this is done ASAP,” Delavan tells Podesta’s chief of staff Sara Latham in a second mail stressing the urgency of the issue.

A Google alert on the unauthorized login attempt shows its source as being in Ukraine.


Edward Snowden gang

“That’s your Edward Snowdon [sic] gang,” Podesta claims when advised of leaked emails from the Center for American Progress (CAP).

The mail was sent to Podesta by Herbert Sandler, founder of World Savings Bank, which was sold to Wachovia Bank in 2006.

He’s bad bad bad

In an email chain from February 2016, Clinton’s Jewish Outreach Director Sarah Bard mocks Bernie Sanders for his lack of following in Israel. She sends a link to a New York Times article which claims Sanders sought advice from an expert who accused Israel of having ties to a chemical attack.

Media mogul Haim Saban gives his two-cents on the topic, stating that “Bernie Sanders has a 25 year awful record on Israel,” before adding, “THIS is NOTHING.”

“Get your researchers to come up with some of the awful things these 2 (sic) have said about the US/Israel relationship, and you will have plenty of ammunition on the issue,” Saban goes on. “He’s bad bad bad.”

Bernie the megalomaniac

In a separate email to Podesta, Sanders is described as a “Megalomaniac” by philanthropist Philip Munger, who urges Clinton to turn her “financial connections from liability to asset”.

Just days ahead of the Iowa caucus in January 2016, Munger claims: “Bernie relying on charisma and revolution. Megalomaniac!”

Crap that young people pay attention to

In a February 2016 mail Podesta is given advise on Clinton’s campaign by marketing executive Wendy Bronfein, who tells him that Clinton “may not be the best face” to attract younger voters.

Instead she should utilize trending figures in her favor because “that’s the crap that young people pay attention to,Bronfein says.

“I hate to generalize a generation but by social media nature, they ‘follow’. So if someone they identify as cool endorses – they will likely fall in line with that candidate.”

Bill Clinton’s “Saxophone moments” are praised by Bronfein as an example of “pop culture play”.

“It’s f**king dumb but being ‘cool’ counts for more than it maybe should,” Bronfein concludes.

LIMBAUGH: When You Watch The ‘NEWS’ You’re Actually Watching The ‘Clinton Campaign’

Liz Douglas


Why should anyone get their “news” from any mainstream source? Alternative media. That’s the only place you can find any real news.

When you watch the “news” you’re watching criminal activity and treason.

The agenda of communism.
jim s

Are the media working for the Clintons and DNC or are the Clintons working for the media? The reason I say this is if you look back on some of the old videos of 8 years ago you find the Clintons complaining about how Obama is getting a pass from the media and gets shown in a better light. Almost to point that he was chosen by the media. To watch these videos you might think the Clintons were republicans. lol