Austria: Nine Muslim “refugees” family members gang-rape teacher for two hours, as she pleaded “No, I don’t want this”


By Pamela Geller

A gang of nine Iraqi migrants (all family members) allegedly posed for selfies while they took turns raping a woman after dragging her off the street during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Vienna.

The cultural enrichment visited upon the west by Islam knows no bounds. It will not stop until it dawns upon those with power admit their culpability and resign.

The people who created this disaster (whether politicians, judges, churchmen, administrators or from the media) or not the ones to sort out this mess.

The Muslim family that prays together, rapes together.

With the exception of one confession, none of savages have shown remorse. Because the Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified. (source Robert Spencer)


    • The nine men are accused of raping a woman, 28, on New Year’s Eve 2015
    • Only one of the men has admitted to being involved in the horrific attack
    • The court heard the victim met four of the men while drinking in a bar in Vienna
 By Allan Hall for MailOnline

Nine asylum seekers from the same family have gone on trial in the Austrian capital Vienna accused of the New Year’s Eve 2015 gang rape of a 28-year-old German teacher.

Prosecutors charged the Iraqi men with ‘abuse of a defenceless person and rape in a very humiliating and agonising way for the victim.’

At the opening of the trial on Tuesday the court heard how the woman, identified only as Sabine K., was ‘blind drunk’ when she went with the men to an apartment.

Most of the men deny the charges but DNA from six of them was found in or on her body.

Police escort suspected ringleader Alaa Al-J. to court to face trial for rape

The court heard how the victim arrived in Vienna on December 28 2015 to spend the New Year with a female friend in the city.

Shortly before midnight on December 31 they wandered into the city centre to join milling crowds celebrating the arrival of 2016 and at 2am were seen drinking in a bar-restaurant called Cactus.

Shortly before 3am Sabine’s friend noticed she was no longer there and was told by another patron that the men she had been talking with had ‘taken her away.’

The defendants, aged between 22 and 45, all arrived in Austria between May and December 2015 via the Balkan route.

One of the suspects, Sabah Al-J., is brought into the courtroom in handcuffs

At the time of the attack, five of them had cemented their right to stay, the applications of the other four were still pending.

Judge Petra Poschalko heard how the woman was taken by four of them to an apartment in Vienna’s Rustenschacher Allee, where five other men were waiting.

Sabine later said she found herself naked on a double bed being assaulted by the men one after the other.

Her lawyer Karina Fehringer. told the court that she was assaulted in the dark so she could not identify the men.

After the attacks, which went on for several hours, the victim needed in-patient treatment at a trauma clinic and now is under psychiatric care for post traumatic stress disorder.

She had another breakdown at the weekend and was too fragile to be in court to face her attackers.

Only one man, Mohamed Al-A., 31, admitted his role in the rapes and he sobbed in court as he said he was ‘really drunk’ on vodka at the time.

One of the accused, Mohammed Al T., has a hood covering his face and looks to the ground as he is led in to court

His Muslim faith may forbid him to drink alcoholic beverages, but on New Year’s Eve he said he made an exception and drank vodka.

He was with co-defendants Nazar Al-J., Mohammed Al-T. und Alaa Al-J. in the Cactus bar, and the four men are alleged to have taken the victim back to the apartment.

The other defendants – Hader Al-A., Mustafa Al-J., Nael Al-J., Marwan Al-J. und Sabah Al-J. – lay in wait for her there, the court was told.

Medical experts testified she was raped multiple times and sodomised. The victim said she yelled at them, in German: ‘No, I don’t want this.’ Then in English: ‘Listen to me, just a little bit.’

Her attackers conversed only in Arabic. Alaa Al-J. was said to be the rape ringleader. After it was over Mohammed Al-. escorted her to a toilet in the flat where he took a selfie with her on his mobile phone.

Another suspect, Marwan Al-J, holds his hands to his face as he is led into court in handcuffs

Later he and Alaa Al-J. escorted her to a nearby tram stop where they tried to stem her sobbing by saying in English: ‘Don’t cry.’

After she went to police, a tracking app on her mobile phone led officers to the rape scene. The app showed that her ordeal lasted from 4.20am to 6.20am on January 1 2016.

The court heard that with the exception of the man who confessed, none of the others have shown remorse.

Several denied rape even in the face of the DNA evidence. One man claimed that the woman had been ‘offered’ to them by relatives: another that she was a willing participant in whatever took place.

Judge Poaschalko seemed visibly angered at the shifts in their stories throught Tuesday’s hearing. The court resumes again on Thursday and sentencing will be handed down on March 6. She has warned them they face up to 15 years each in jail.

Robert Reich Implies Trump Incited Sweden’s Migrant Riots

by EZRA DULIS22 Feb 2017

Robert Reich, a professor at UC Berkeley and former U.S. Secretary of Labor, has insinuated that President Donald Trump incited Monday’s riots in Sweden — echoing his unproven conspiracy theory just weeks ago that Breitbart News organized violent demonstrations at his university.

“Trump’s lies have consequences,” Reich wrote Tuesday afternoon on Twitter. “48 hrs after his comments on Sweden, riots broke out in an immigrant community.” His statement refers to President Trump’s comments at a Florida rally this weekend, describing problems in the European country due to heavy migration from Muslim-majority nations:

We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening. We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.

Establishment journalists mocked this segment of the rally speech, assuming Trump falsely claimed a terror attack had occurred recently in Sweden. Later on, he tweeted that he had seen a report on Sweden on Fox News Friday night. On the primetime show Tucker Carlson Tonight, one segment covered widespread unemployment among asylum seekers in Sweden.

However, just two days later, chaotic migrant riots shut down taunts from Swedish politicians and left-wing reporters. The violence in Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm with a large immigrant population, reportedly began after police made a drug-related arrest. Attackers targeted police officers, property, and bystanders. One freelance journalist described the scene as “like a war zone,” and migrant rioters hospitalized a photojournalist for Dagens Nyheter, one of Sweden’s largest newspapers.

Reich, 70, has since deleted the tweet — after a wave of more lucid users found and mocked his theory.



Earlier this month, Reich similarly blamed conservatives for violence that made national headlines and embarrassed leftists. After protesters shut down a speech at UC Berkeley by then-Breitbart Tech Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos, Reich claimed that he “heard there’s some relationship there between [instigators of arson and physical attacks] and the right wing and the movement that is affiliated with Breitbart News.”

The professor offered no evidence, but CNN anchor Don Lemon egged him on to expound the theory instead of fact-checking the assertion. Reich also found sympathetic ears in Salon, Newsweek, and UC Berkeley’s official blog; they all reprinted a piece where he speculated that “that Yiannopoulos and Breitbart were in cahoots with the agitators in order to lay the groundwork for a Trump crackdown on universities and their federal funding.”

After Breitbart Tech pointed out the left-wing press’s eagerness to spread Reich’s conspiracy, the Washington Post poured cold water on the narrative, calling the supposed plot “phantasmagorical.”


Published on Feb 21, 2017

Trump is right. Mass immigration has ruined Sweden.


LoL so guys, also watch this youtube video: youtube­­.­­c­­o­­m/watch?v=v1thgau5Ers thank me later on

Sweden is angry to my country Slovakia because we don´t take “refugees” (i.e. economic migrants-benefit seekers, almost all are muslims). So Swedes, read the message from a Slovak: Slovakia is taking only genuine refugees – that´s why you will be welcomed here when fleeing from Swedistan. P.S. A message to my brothers and sisters from V4: Let´s swear to our ancestors fallen in the anti-Ottoman wars that our countries will stay MUSLIM-FREE ZONE FOREVER ! !


I’m Swedish born and have lived here my entire life. I can second that the message that this country is turning to absolute shit. I also have close friends, smart people, who are in complete denial about it because the media will lie to their faces about it day in and day out. I’ve been a left wing liberal my whole life, I’m voting for the far right nationalist party come election day. This has to end.
Larissa Douglas

Feminism, pc culture, liberal agendas and ideas brainwashed many people. Swedish government knows if they admit that they have a refugee and illegal alien problem then it leads to angry Swedish people snapping at the government and at the same time the government has to deal with the illegal aliens and refugees who are committing crimes, arson, theft, and other things. Swedish government lying and creating fake news in order to prevent themselves from dealing with angry Swedish people snapping at them who would likely protest, form coup, and such to overthrow the politicians. In the USA, when we had Barack H. Obama he brought all these refugees and didn’t secure the borders and didn’t have strict enforcement which led to many illegal aliens coming through the borders and other ways. Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, liberals groups, liberal media, and such knew that many people are angry and they would lie covering up protecting the illegal aliens and refugees. Whenever terrorism happened on US soil, Barack Obama, liberal media, the Democratic Party, and others made excuses calling terrorism attacks as workplace violence (San Bernardino), just explosions (NY/NJ bombing in trash bins), Ft. Lauderdale airport attack (done by a mentally ill person), etc. The same thing been going on in Sweden and other pc culture liberal nations where citizens of nations are thrown under the bus by their own government and their own government protecting themselves from any sort of accountability from their wrongdoing.

I live in Sweden. EVERY word in this film its TRUE ! Mass immigration caused and causes enormous problems here, social, economical and demographic. Another big problem is that swedish media give a false picture of the situation, they are hiding facts and simply lying. We have an establishment (media, politicians, educational and cultural institutes) who are persecuting, bullying and crucifying every person who is trying to say the truth officially. People are talking in their kitchens with close friends, as in Sovjet. And so it has been since 1990’s! If you criticize migration you loose your job! Migrants who didn’t work a single day here get more in social subsidies than old swedes who worked a whole life! We have thousands of low-income seniors, we have nursing homes which are cutting food and coffee for old people, old swedes have no money to go to the dentist, all this while african and arabic migrants get apartments, generous subsidies, free medical care and free education. You probably don’t know that crazy swedish politicians approved to pay to migrants not only a generous parents allowance (one year per child) but also for children BORN BEFORE THEY CAME TO SWEDEN !! This is a mockery, an insanity approved by socialists and Miljopartiet (Green party). Swedes are peace loving people who don’t fight or argue if not necessary, that is why Sweden now is sinking into a chaos like a stone.

We should just genocide anyone who is Muslim at this point. Fuck it. Castrate, sterilize, and get rid of the rest of them.

The people who endorse the Islamic invasion, like any traitor, deserve death.



Masked man discharged noxious chemicals into subway car

Daily ExpressFEBRUARY 22, 2017

TRAIN passengers were left with breathing problems in Sweden tonight after a masked man threw liquid on them as the carriage doors slammed shut – trapping them inside.


The attack happened on a subway train at Sankt Eriksplan station in Stockholm, where emergency services rushed to the scene.

One passenger onboard said commuters were left in a state of panic, most suffering from breathing problems and others desperately rushing for the exits.

Reports initially stated the man threw a rucksack into the carriage, but Swedish police have confirmed it was a noxious liquid instead – the motives behind the incident or the identity of the man involved are not yet known.


One witness, Alexander, 22, was on his way home from work and sat far back in the subway car when he noticed that people started to scream.

He said: “Suddenly lots of people were running back toward me. They kept both their mouth and eyes closed and cried and coughed.

“It seemed like pepper spray, or whatever it was that was thrown out, and we got huge respiratory problems.

“Then when the train arrived at Fridhemsplan they evacuated it.”

The driver reportedly told a passenger a man in dark clothing and a hood sprayed something into the train then walked away.

After passengers were evacuated off the scene, the train was moved to the Akeshov, where the carriage was examined.


After a review, it was reportedly concluded that there was no trace of liquid within the carriage, and staff were unsure where exactly the liquid was thrown.

Jens Mårtensson a duty officer at the Stockholm police said, according to a Swedish news-site: “We do not know what it was, but it was certainly not fatal.”


Economist suggests move would trigger “internal civil war”

| – FEBRUARY 22, 2017

Leftists in Germany want to give non-citizens, including refugees, the right to vote in elections, according to a new survey.

Supporters of Germany’s major political parties were asked if electoral laws should be changed to allow non-EU citizens living permanently in Germany to vote.

Among supporters of the Social Democrats (SPD), 63.7% supported the proposal, along with 64.8% of Green Party voters. Among centrist parties, there was moderate opposition to the proposal, whereas supporters of the anti-immigration AfD party opposed the idea by a 96.9% margin.

Latest polls show that Social Democrats leader Martin Schultz would beat Chancellor Angela Merkel if balloting was based on a direct leadership vote. The German federal election takes place on September 24 this year.

This means that if elected Schultz would have the backing of the majority of his supporters should he wish to try and enact the measure.

The obvious benefit to the left of giving non-citizens the vote is that they will overwhelmingly vote for left-wing parties who will reward them by maintaining and expanding the welfare state.

“Essentially, they want to give the refugees a right to vote. They need not be an EU citizen nor do they need to pay taxes. The mere right to vote is you happen to be there at the time,” writes economist Martin Armstrong.

“Can you imagine letting everyone from Mexico come into the USA and then vote if the United States should petition Mexico to join them? It seems the left is just totally insane. They will do absolutely anything to win and that means they will allow all of the Middle East to enter Germany and then outnumber the Germans in their own election?! Where is the logic here?”

Armstrong predicts that if the SPD tried to move ahead with allowing refugees to vote, it would set off an “internal German civil war”.

Poll: Most Americans Oppose ‘Sanctuary Cities,’ Support Trump’s Travel Ban


by Robert Gehl

Whatever leftists think about “Sanctuary City” policies, they’re on the opposite side of most Americans.

Because by and large – we hate such a program – and in staggering numbers.

A new Harvard-Harris poll shown exclusively to The Hill shows that 80 percent of all voters say local authorities should have to comply with the law by reporting illegal immigrants they come into contact with to federal agents.

As it stands, hundreds of cities – most with Democratic mayors – and some states and counties – are refusing to cooperate with the feds in detaining these illegal aliens.

President Trump has signed an executive order directing Homeland Security to find ways to withhold federal funding from these cities. The top ten sanctuary cities in the country combined stand to lose upwards of $2.27 billion. They are:

  1. New York City: $701.6 million
  2. Chicago / Cook County: $526.4 million
  3. Los Angeles / LA County: $466.2 million
  4. Philadelphia: $199.5 million
  5. Detroit / Wayne County: $104.7 million
  6. Seattle / King County: $72.7 million
  7. San Francisco: $70.9 million
  8. Boston / Suffolk County: $65.5 million
  9. Denver: $39.1 Million
  10. Washington, D.C.: 20.4 million

That money goes to everything from public education to health services.

Homeland Security Secretary Kelly is expected to hire thousands of new immigration enforcement agents with broad authority to detain and deport those in the country illegally – setting up a showdown between the feds and Sanctuary Cities. Reports are that illegal immigrants could be detained for as little as a traffic violation.

The Harvard poll showed strong support for a reform of the nation’s immigration laws, with 77 percent saying they support comprehensive reform and only 23 percent against it.