Donald Trump Changed The Game By Skipping The Presstitute Media

Published on Dec 6, 2016

B Ahve

When he spoke and turned to the camera to call off any supporting causing trouble to stop it, they repress it. Video the media, Hid for 3 days. The media is no longer the 4th estate. They lied and tried to manipulated us. We have a government controlled media. And we won’t have it. We will finish them off. Keep reporting , keep pushing Truth thru FACTS.
Rambo Bike

Go trump !! It shows maybe his more forward thinking than people think , his more than wellcome to come and sort out England .

Twitter’s stock price has been in a crash and burn nosedive ever since May of LAST YEAR, to the point that it’s only worth barely more than 1/3 of it’s May of 2015 value, and they think that this tactic of banning and trying to marginalize Republican/Conservative views even to just floating the idea that they’re even thinking about BANNING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, would be the final nail in their business’s coffin. Isn’t the fiduciary responsibility of a company to make money for it’s shareholders, the people who OWN the company? Twitter’s honestly one of the dumbest companies out there.
Michael Matus

go trump fuck………..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Warns citizens it will be monitoring angry Facebook posts

Paul Joseph Watson | – DECEMBER 5, 2016

The German government has reacted to the shocking news about a Muslim migrant who raped and killed a 19-year-old woman by warning that it would be watching Facebook posts carefully for instances of Islamophobia.

A teenage Afghan asylum seeker was arrested on Friday for the alleged rape and murder of medical student in Freiburg which took place last month.

The victim’s father is a senior EU official and a vehement supporter of the migrant policy that has seen over a million “refugees” pour into Germany over the last year.

The aftermath of the murder was made even more bizarre by the fact that the victim’s parents used her funeral to raise money for charities that are working to bring more “refugees” into Germany. The victim herself was also a “refugee activist”.

As if the story couldn’t get any more disturbing, the German government’s response was to warn German citizens who expressed anger over the incident on Facebook that it would be on the lookout for Islamophobic hate speech.

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel asserted that the murder should not be used to stoke anti-migrant sentiment.

“Such horrible murders already happened before the first Afghan or Syrian refugee arrived here,” Gabriel told the Bild newspaper. “We will not allow incitement after such violent crimes, no matter who commits them.”

In reality, the German government’s own statistics show that violent crimes have skyrocketed since over a million migrants arrived in the country.

The only individual with a shred of common sense appears to be the chairman of the DPoIG police union, Rainer Wendt, who said that the murder could have been prevented.

“We wouldn’t have this victim, and so many others, if our country had been better prepared for the dangers that always go along with massive immigration,” he told Bild.

Those concerns are not shared by Angela Merkel’s government, which is more pre-occupied with hunting down German citizens for inflammatory Facebook posts.

After the mass molestation of women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the German government and media conspired to cover-up the incident.

Reports of rapes, sexual assaults, crime sprees and violent attacks conducted by migrants in German cities are now commonplace and have led to a surge in popularity for the right-wing Alternative For Germany (AfD) party.

“We are shocked by this crime and at the same time we see that our warnings about the uncontrolled arrival of hundreds of thousands of young men from Islamic-patriarchal cultures are written off as populist,” said AfD co-chief Joerg Meuthen.


The allegations stem from an “upfront deal” Trump’s campaign signed with Twitter back in August 2016.

BY Christian Datoc

Gary Coby, director of digital advertising and fundraising for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, is accusing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of personally censoring pre-approved advertising campaigns purchased by the eventual president-elect’s team.

Coby wrote a lengthy piece on Medium detailing the entire situation.

The allegations stem from an “upfront deal” Trump’s campaign signed with Twitter back in August 2016.

Coby wrote that the deal “is a common setup where we [committed] to spending a certain amount on advertising and in exchange receives discounts, perks, and custom solutions.”

The deal placed a $5 million minimum spending commitment on the Trump campaign but provided “discounts on promoted trends” and “value adds,” including the “custom hashtag emojis” Dorsey and Twitter CEO Adam Bain would eventually block from running.

According to Coby, the first instance of censorship occurred in September, when he attempted to tweak the design of an emoji already approved to run by Twitter.

Originally, Twitter had approved a “hand receiving a moneybag” emoji that would be tacked on to every tweet including the hashtag “CrookedHillary.”

But Coby and the Twitter team redesigned the emoji “into a running stick figure with a moneybag.”
Though Twitter assured Coby that the new emoji would be approved, “since all that changed was a hand to a stick figure,” he was contacted by Twitter’s Vice President of U.S. Sales, Dan Greene, just days before the first general election debate.

Green informed Coby that the company had removed approval because they “couldn’t accuse someone of committing a crime they did not commit or were no under investigation for” and “they claimed to fear litigation from [Hillary Clinton].”Coby attempted to explain to Twitter that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation were in fact under investigation for pay-for-play politics, but Twitter “did not budge.”

Additionally, Twitter had no answer when asked why emojis that showed emails and cellphones being destroyed, “which could also represent committing a crime,” were still approved to run.

“To me, this was clearly a BS reason that was made up to give them an out,” Coby wrote of the first incident. “I was also confidentially told from TW staff that the running stick figure emoji reached Adam Bain, COO, and he personally put a stop to it.”

Despite what Coby paints as a breach of contract, Trump’s campaign attempted work with Twitter in good faith to run another custom-emoji campaign during the second debate.

Coby and Twitter designed a “moneybag with wings emoji” that was approved by Twitter’s legal team to launch at 3:00 am, EST on Saturday, October 8.

Screenshot from official Twitter PDF with finalized emoji design (Medium)

Screenshot from official Twitter PDF with finalized emoji design (Medium)

However, despite the pre-approval, Twitter informed Coby the day before the campaign was supposed to begin that CEO Jack Dorsey had killed the idea the previous night.

Dorsey and Adam Bain explained to Coby the emoji needed to be pulled because “there wasn’t a paid-for-by disclaimer,” despite both the RNC and DNC running custom emojis without disclaimers.

Coby further noted that a top Federal Elections Commission official confirmed that “the agency does not regulate emojis and that such transparency isn’t required on tweets.”

After the second betrayal, Coby told Twitter that this “was clearly a political move and telling us otherwise was just insulting.”

Coby also pulled the remainder of Trump’s Twitter spending campaigns, “costing Twitter millions of dollars.”

Coby provided The Daily Caller the following statement upon request from the Daily Caller.

“I think it’s clear that Jack Dorsey was deeply involved in deciding how Twitter restricted advertising from GOP Presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump. From my personal experience, buying for Trump’s campaign, it’s clear that Twitter decided to block real advertising from a real candidate.”

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National Registry of White Males: Woman sets up database to register America’s ‘greatest threat’

Inspired by President-elect Donald Trump’s proposal to create a national registry for Muslims, one woman decided to start her own such database – for white men.


“Forget the nation of Islam, our most immediate threat to domestic security is and always has been white, straight men,”Candace Thompson wrote in a Facebook post. “That is why I have decided to do my part as a Red Blooded Patriot by creating The White Male Registry.”

Thompson was inspired to create the registry following appointments made by Trump’s transition team and talks of a registry for Muslims in the US.

READ MORE: It’s official: Flynn, Pompeo and Sessions in Trump’s cabinet 

“As you may or may not know, in America 57% of reported rapes and 64% of mass shootings were committed by white men,”she wrote. “Forty-five percent of all serial killers are white men. 1 in 3 women will experience some form of domestic violence during their lifetime, and 97% of those domestic violence perpetrators were men.”

“According to a Newsweek article from earlier this year, Right Wing Extremists pose a greater threat to National security than ISIS, and in the past week alone The Southern Poverty Law Center has registered over 400 reports of hate crimes enacted in the name of the nationalist, racist, and sexist campaign rhetoric espoused by Donald J Trump.”


A year ago, Trump said he would “certainly implement” a database to track Muslims, but, since winning the election, his communications head, Jason Miller, has claimed that the president-elect had “never advocated for any registry based on religion.”


However, Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach, who is thought to be a key member of Trump’s transition team, told Reuters that the team has, in fact, discussed a proposal to create such a registry.

The White Male Registry features a number of questions including, “have you ever made a derogatory comment about a marginalized group to another white male?”


Thompson said it has received over 700 entries so far and found that about half the respondents answered genuinely.

“I’d say it’s about half and half as far as replies go,” she told the Huffington Post. “A lot of genuine responses that are humble and honest, and then a lot of hateful ones.”

The registry is voluntary up until January 20, at which point Thompson says “anyone and everyone” can register men “they may personally perceive as a threat to their safety.”


As well as registering Stephen Bannon, Trump’s pick for White House chief strategist, and Jeff Sessions, the soon-to-be US attorney general, Thompson also sent a message to Trump himself after placing him on the list.

“I sincerely hope that we have the chance to meet in person one day so that I can grab you by your most esteemed man-pussy,” she wrote, while cautioning “but be forewarned: once I grab it I will never, ever, ever let go.”

Twitter purges “alt-right” after Trump’s win

Published on Nov 18, 2016

Ezra Levant of looks at the post-Trump win crackdown on conservatives on social media. MORE:… ***

Archie Andrews

It’s not jus twitter. I got banned from Facebook just this Wednesday for posting a crusader picture.
Nathan Higgins

Some leftist communist harridan made a blacklist of conservative news, calling it “fake news.”
Samuel Zdrodowski

The mere mention of lena dunham makes me cringe… Please tell me I am not the only one.

Funny how anti-fascists are the biggest fascists
So Angry

Clint Eastwood’s Twitter account was pulled – ostensibly for backing Trump. Never saw the man be abusive to anyone.