By Emily Smith and Daniel Halper November 21, 2016 | 5:12pm | Updated

Donald Trump scolded media big shots during an off-the-record Trump Tower sitdown on Monday, sources told The Post.

“It was like a f–ing firing squad,” one source said of the encounter.

“Trump started with [CNN chief] Jeff Zucker and said ‘I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed,’ ” the source said.

“The meeting was a total disaster. The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they would get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing down,” the source added.

A second source confirmed the fireworks.

“The meeting took place in a big board room and there were about 30 or 40 people, including the big news anchors from all the networks,” the other source said.

“Trump kept saying, ‘We’re in a room of liars, the deceitful dishonest media who got it all wrong.’ He addressed everyone in the room calling the media dishonest, deceitful liars. He called out Jeff Zucker by name and said everyone at CNN was a liar, and CNN was [a] network of liars,” the source said.

“Trump didn’t say [NBC reporter] Katy Tur by name, but talked about an NBC female correspondent who got it wrong, then he referred to a horrible network correspondent who cried when Hillary lost who hosted a debate – which was Martha Raddatz who was also in the room.”

The stunned reporters tried to get a word in edgewise to discuss access to a Trump Administration.


“[CBS Good Morning co-host Gayle] King did not stand up, but asked some question, ‘How do you propose we the media work with you?’ Chuck Todd asked some pretty pointed questions. David Muir asked ‘How are you going to cope living in DC while your family is in NYC? It was a horrible meeting.”

Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway told reporters the gathering went well.

“Excellent meetings with the top executives of the major networks,” she said during a gaggle in the lobby of Trump Tower. “Pretty unprecedented meeting we put together in two days.”

The meeting was off the record, meaning the participants agreed not to talk about the substance of the conversations.

The hour-long session included top execs from network and cable news channels. Among the attendees were NBC’s Deborah Turness, Lester Holt and Chuck Todd, ABC’s James Goldston, George Stephanopoulos, David Muir and Martha Raddatz,

Also, CBS’ Norah O’Donnell John Dickerson, Charlie Rose, Christopher Isham and King, Fox News’ Bill Shine, Jack Abernethy, Jay Wallace, Suzanne Scott, MSNBC’s Phil Griffin and CNN’s Jeff Zucker and Erin Burnett.

Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of The New York Times, plans to meet with Trump Tuesday.

There was no immediate comment from the Trump Team.

5 Times Corporate Media Got Caught Publishing Fake News Causing the Death & Suffering of Millions


A now-notorious list of ostensibly “fake” news sites — created by a liberal professor, seemingly out of thin air — spread like wildfire online in the past two days and was eagerly reprinted by corporate media presstitutes hoping to vindicate their own failed reporting on the 2016 election.

But branding perfectly legitimate outlets with the same scarlet letter as those devoid of integrity deemed the professor’s list a spurious attempt to defame alternative and independent media — anyone dissenting from the left’s mainstream narrative — as a whole.

This is, in no uncertain terms, a hit list — or, at least, a laughable attempt — and it fits conveniently into the establishment’s burgeoning war on independent media disguised as a battle against fake news.

When corporate media outlets from the Independent and Business Insider, to the Los Angeles Times and NYMag scrambled over one another to reprint this irresponsibly contrived hit list, they proved yet again a lack of journalistic integrity — the same issue that originally caused regular subscribers to abandon them in the first place.

Indeed, in this otherwise unknown professor’s foray into the world of journalism, a glaring mistake was made — the only mainstream outlets making the list were those who had heralded Bernie Sanders as the best candidate for the White House.

Such an obvious attempt to control thought could only be conjured in a totalitarian regime.

In fact, failing to place the exact corporate media organizations on the list, who for nearly a year praised fealty only to Hillary Clinton — and for decades have foisted on the public countless mendacious whoppers — constitutes a comedic lack of honesty. So, to bring that irony front and center, it’s imperative to examine some mainstream lies — most of which had appalling consequences — including the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the United States and around the world.

1. George W. Bush’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

President George W. Bush decided to unleash the full force of the U.S. military upon the world in a new policy of war writ large disguised as a war on terrorism following the attacks of September 11, 2001. First arbitrarily designating Afghanistan as its primary victim due to the supposed identities of the attackers, Bush then chose Iraq to feel the wrath, and set out to invade the country following dubious claims Saddam Hussein harbored destructive chemical and biological weapons and was actively seeking far stronger munitions.

“Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised,” the president asserted in a public address on March 17, 2003. “This regime has already used weapons of mass destruction against Iraq’s neighbors and against Iraq’s people.”

Bush’s assertions were questioned by not only human rights experts, but by U.N. weapons inspectors and countless others — so shortly after the U.S. invaded the sovereign nation, the New York Times took up the slack to fill in the appropriate casus belli.


Judith Miller notoriously reported on a source she described only as an Iraqi scientist who had seen several extensive caches of such weapons stored somewhere in the country. American weapons experts, she claimed, “said the scientist told them that President Saddam Hussein’s government had destroyed some stockpiles of deadly agents as early as the mid-1990’s, transferred others to Syria, and had recently focused its efforts instead on research and development projects that are virtually impervious to detection by international inspectors, and even American forces on the ground combing through Iraq’s giant weapons plants.”

In hindsight, Miller’s problematic report turned out to be horrendously flawed, and the Times spent months attempting to backtrack, but the damage — fomenting widescale public support for a war no one wanted the military to undertake — had been done. Years later in 2014, the Times — after much internal strife — again took up Miller’s case, in a series reporting catastrophic injuries U.S. military personnel suffered in handling chemical weapons in Iraq. But that report, and the parroting of it by multiple other mainstream mainstays, failed to fully disclose Hussein had been oblivious to the stockpiles presence — something the CIA had clearly stated in a report.

2. Gulf of Tonkin Incident


Often, the American mainstream media becomes a de facto government employee, taking the claims of U.S. officials and reporting them as proven fact — and nothing exemplifies this penchant better than reporting on the Gulf of Tonkin incident — perhaps one of most flagrant lies ever dreamed up as a justification for war.

On August 5, 1964, the New York Times reported “President Johnson has ordered retaliatory action against gunboats and ‘certain supporting facilities in North Vietnam’ after renewed attacks against American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.” Additional outlets, such as the Washington Post, echoed this claim.

But it wasn’t true. At all. In fact, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, as it became known, turned out to be a fictitious creation courtesy of the government to escalate war in Vietnam — leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of U.S. troops and millions of Vietnamese, fomenting the largest anti-war movement in American history, and tarnishing the reputation of a nation once considered at least somewhat noble in the eyes of the world.

In 2010, more than 1,100 transcripts from the Vietnam era were released, proving Congress and officials raised serious doubts about the information fed to them by the Pentagon and White House. But while this internal grumbling took place, mainstream media dutifully reported official statements as if the veracity of the information couldn’t be disputed.

Tom Wells, author of the exhaustive exposé “The War Within: America’s Battle Over Vietnam,” explained the media egregiously erred in “almost exclusive reliance on U.S. government officials as sources of information” and “reluctance to question official pronouncements on ‘national security issues.’”

If due diligence had been performed, and reporters had raised appropriate doubts about the Gulf of Tonkin false flag, it’s arguable whether support for the contentious war would have lasted as long as it did.

3. Suppression of brutality perpetrated in Bahrain during the Arab Spring

CNN sent reporter Amber Lyon and a crew to U.S. ally Bahrain for a documentary about technology’s role in the 2011 people’s uprising known as the Arab Spring, ultimately titled “iRevolution: Online Warriors of the Arab Spring” — but what they encountered instead bore the hallmarks of a repressive and violent regime, and its attempt to filter and censor the truth. Lyon and the other CNN reporters went to great lengths to speak with sources participating in the massive uprising — one the Bahraini government wished to quash at all costs.

“By the time the CNN crew arrived,” the Guardian reported, “many of the sources who had agreed to speak to them were either in hiding or had disappeared. Regime opponents whom they interviewed suffered recriminations, as did ordinary citizens who worked with them as fixers. Leading human rights activist Nabeel Rajab was charged with crimes shortly after speaking to the CNN team. A doctor who gave the crew a tour of his village and arranged meetings with government opponents, Saeed Ayyad, had his house burned to the ground shortly after. Their local fixer was fired ten days after working with them.”

Even the CNN crew experienced the wrath of the regime, upon showing up to interview one source, the Guardian continued, “‘20 heavily-armed men’, whose faces were ‘covered with black ski masks’, ‘jumped from military vehicles’, and then ‘pointed machine guns at’ the journalists, forcing them to the ground. The regime’s security forces seized their cameras and deleted their photos and video footage, and then detained and interrogated them for the next six hours.”

After returning to the U.S., Lyon felt it her duty to expose the abuse being perpetrated by the government of an ally nation — but CNN International didn’t agree. CNN U.S. eventually aired the one-hour documentary. Once. CNN International never did — worse, the organization gave Lyon the cold shoulder, ignoring her repeated requests to return to Bahrain, which would have put CNN ahead of the game in reporting government brutality. Its failure to air the documentary and refusal to provide justification for doing so angered seasoned CNN and other mainstream established journalists across the board.

Lyon met with CNN International president Tony Maddox twice — he first promised to investigate why the documentary wasn’t aired, and then turned against her, warning the journalist not to discuss the matter publicly. Bahraini officials contacted CNN International repeatedly complaining about Lyon’s continued reporting on what she’d witnessed. Intimidation continued until she was eventually laid off, putatively for an unrelated matter.

Attempting to save face, CNN International rebuffed the Guardian’s account and interview with Lyon — but the effort was an impotent justification for the obvious failure of integrity.

But threats for Lyon to remain silent followed her off the job, and when she persisted in exposing the Bahraini regime, as well as the suppression by CNN, the outlet sent a stern warning to halt. Lyon, however, said she had never signed a non-disclosure agreement and would not be pressured into their lies — ultimately walking away reputation in hand — something that could not be said for CNN.

4. That time Fox News hired a CIA operative who wasn’t a CIA operative

Wayne Shelby Simmons made guest appearances on Fox News as a security expert with insider expertise from his work as a CIA operative — for over a decade. However, Simmons had never been employed by the agency — in fact, the imposter’s lies eventually caught up with him and he was arrested and sentenced to 33 months in prison.

“Instead of verifying whether Simmons had actually worked for the CIA, Fox News and the Agency allowed him to make fools out of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Andrew Napolitano, Neil Cavuto, and everyone at Fox & Friends for over the last twelve years. After building a false reputation as a CIA agent on Fox News, Simmons obtained an interim security clearance when an unnamed government contractor hired him in 2008. Simmons also falsely claimed on national security forms that his prior arrests and criminal convictions were directly related to his supposed intelligence work for the CIA, and that he had previously held a top secret security clearance from 1973 to 2000,” The Free Thought Project’s Andrew Emett explained.

In other words, mainstream Fox News didn’t bother with journalism at all — proffering fake expertise as the real deal — because the outlet failed the most basic of tasks any hourly wage employer would perform.

Simmons’ commentaries weren’t harmless stabs in the dark, either — relentlessly parroting baseless Islamophobic rhetoric to drum up support for the government’s insidious war on terror likely poisoned the minds of thousands of viewers, furthering the already divisive atmosphere in the U.S.

5. Vapid anti-marijuana propaganda and the furtherance of the war on drugs

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, over $51 billion is spent fighting the war on drugs in the United States — each year. In 2015, a striking 38.6 percent of all arrests for drug possession were for cannabis — 643,121 people were arrested for marijuana-related offenses.

What those figures don’t show are the millions of lives ruined by criminal conviction for the government’s unjustifiable quest to eradicate, demonize, and vilify this beneficial plant. It would be an impossible task to tally the number of families whose homes have been destroyed by SWAT teams searching for marijuana — whether or not police bothered to verify an address. An untold number of others have been slain by police for the same reason.

But worst of all, the mainstream media propagates nonsensical, false propaganda about cannabis to convince the gullible and ignorant among us to equate it with heroin, cocaine, and other ‘illicit’ substances. And while a majority of the populace has seen through such lies, some outlets have obstinately continued the drug war — seemingly of their own volition.

One stunning example occurred in March last year, when Dr. David Samadi made a guest appearance on Fox News to fearmonger the horrors of marijuana and scare the bejeezus out of the viewing audience.

“It actually causes heart attacks. It increases your heart rate. And on and on,” Samadi claimed, fecklessly distorting statistics. “We’re seeing in Colorado that we had 13 kids that came to the emergency [room] and ended up in the ICU as a result of overdose from marijuana. Now we have crack babies coming in because pregnant women are smoking this whole marijuana business.”

Fortunately, the Internet has provided the public with alternatives to these corporate media lies — and as of two years ago, despite these and other claims about pot being a dangerous substance, Pew Research Center found fully 69 percent of the population felt alcohol was more harmful than cannabis.

* * *

While this list presents only a few of the bigger lies of the corporate press, there are innumerable examples of its proud history of actual fake news. Keep these in mind when the mainstream presstitutes rush to reprint a hit list targeting journalists and outlets whose narratives counter the establishment. Indeed, it would be the corporate media — with its vast captive audience — who most deserves to be listed as propagators of lies.



ENQUIRER exposé was only the beginning!

Oct 24, 2016 @ 13:26PM

Hillary Clinton’s shady Mr. Fix It will tell all on TV tonight, just days after his explosive confession in The National ENQUIRER hit the stands.

The man who’s rocked Washington, D.C., will join Sean Hannity on tonight’s episode of “Hannity” — airing on the FOX News Channel at 10 p.m. EST — to reveal his true identity at last.

Viewers will finally see the face of the Clinton insider who’s finally speaking out to tell voters the truth about the former First Lady and current presidential candidate.

PHOTOS: Leaked Emails Detail Hillary Clinton’s Desperate Health Crisis Cover-Ups

As The ENQUIRER reported, this man played a key role in some of the Clintons’ dirtiest schemes: the plot to take down Bill Clinton mistress Monica Lewinsky, sleazy deals to buy women’s silence, and so much more.

Tune in to “Hannity” on FOX News Channel tonight at 10 p.m. to learn the identity of the man who covered up Bill and Hillary’s sickest secrets — as told in the new issue of The National ENQUIRER, on newsstands now!

Bombshell: Paid Protestors At Trump Rally Exposed

Published on Oct 18, 2016

Project Veritas has released the first video in a series of videos exposing the corruption behind the Democratic Clinton machine. Violence at Trump Rallies Traced to Clinton Campaign and the DNC Through Process Called Birddogging…



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I knew the corruption was bad, but this is beyond belief! How the MSM can cover this up when the world can see what’s going on. No wonder Obama wants to shut down alternative media. Our constitution is being stomped on and used for toilet paper. It’s truly tie for a revolution! They have no shame!
alexander robles

Damn the Clinton’s are so sloppy now they don’t even cover up the shit.
Dana Lively

Warner Bauer

Nixon was impeached for far, far less than this. Makes Watergate look like a high school prank.


“The first batch is reasonably soon”


During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange suggested that the organization could drop its long promised Hillary Clinton bombshell as soon as next week.

Asked by Hannity how soon the new information would be released, Assange responded, “The first batch is reasonably soon, we’re quite confident about it now, we might put out some teasers – I don’t want to promise anything because you have to see how the formatting goes – but we might put out some teasers as early as the next week or the week after.”

New revelations from Wikileaks are widely expected to represent the much anticipated “October surprise” for the 2016 presidential election, although the information could arrive weeks in advance.

Last month, Assange told Megyn Kelly that the new material on Clinton could swing the outcome of the election “if it catches fire” and that the American people “have a right to understand who it is they’re electing”.

As we previously reported, establishment media outlets are already gearing up to blame the Wikileaks data dump on Russian hackers in an attempt to neutralize its impact.
Elsewhere in the interview, Assange pointed out how Hillary Clinton brazenly lied to the FBI when she claimed she couldn’t remember what a (C) stood for on classified documents.

“In fact we have already released thousands of cables by Hillary Clinton. Here she is “Clinton” see, that’s her signature. With a “c” in brackets right there. We have thousands of examples where she, herself has used this “c” in brackets and signed it off. And more than 22,000 times that she has received cables from others with this “c” in brackets,” said Assange as he held up an example to the camera.

Culture Beat: Facebook Continues Its Leftist Ways

Over the last few months Facebook has been in the news often, and for reasons other than its latest stock value. This past May, Fox News reported on 10 instances where conservatives were singled out for censorship, and this after Facebook’s own internal investigation in which it claimed to have found no evidence of overt anti-conservative bias. However, after several more revelations of censoring conservative content, Facebook admitted that there had been some censoring of conservative content — but only by a few workers. The problem is, Facebook’s anti-conservative bias hasn’t changed.

A recent example is that of middle school teacher Stephan Neidenbach, who founded a Facebook page entitled “We Love GMOs and Vaccines.” To his surprise he later found the page had been removed by Facebook censors, because it offended some anti-GMO and anti-vaccine activists. National Review recounts, “Despite the fact that no polices were violated, [Facebook] acquiesced to [the activists’] demands and deactivated the page. … Neidenbach was subsequently banned from the platform for 30 days.”

This is yet another example of Facebook’s bias against conservative pages, whether they be pro-Second Amendment, conservative news or opposed to a variety of liberal issues. Facebook clearly seeks to tilt the public’s views on cultural and political issues away from a conservative perspective and toward leftist and socialist ones. No matter how much it may deny its bias, Facebook is a powerful platform that aims to promote and normalize a leftist worldview.

WATCH: Sean Hannity Video Contrasts Obama’s Praise of Islam with His Criticism of Christianity


In an interview with Breitbart National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Fox News host Sean Hannity showed a video compilation of President Obama’s staunch defense and praise of Islam over the years contrasted with his critical comments about Christianity.

Hannity introduced the video clip during a discussion of Obama’s refusal to use the term “radical Islam” to identify the enemy – a refusal which he doubled down on in a speech on Tuesday that Gorka described as “petulant” and “outrageous.”

“[Obama] said that, ‘What difference does it make what we call it?’ Well, what if you went to a doctor’s clinic with a serious illness, you had tuberculosis, and the doctor says, ‘I’m going to call what you have the flu or a common cold. Here’s a couple of aspirins. Go home,’” Gorka explained.

Watch the video above.

Below is a partial transcript:

SEAN HANNITY: Here with reaction, author of Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, the distinguished chair of military theory at Marine Corps University, Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

Let’s look at this attack. Let’s look at it from a law enforcement standpoint. Here they had all the information about this guy. He said he was part of al Qaeda. He said he was part of Hezbollah, cheered on 9/11, all these indicators, on a watch list, taken off a watch list. Big mistake?

SEBASTIAN GORKA: Well, clearly, it is a big mistake because this man has killed 49 Americans. Yes, we don’t know exactly how the decision was made. I work with members of the FBI, and they’re good people. They’re patriots.

Most of the big problems we’ve seen in the last seven years come out of the DOJ. It’s the DOJ that puts the political correctness matrix on top of the FBI.

HANNITY: OK. If the FBI, the DOJ, Homeland Security — if they knew about the Orlando terrorist, they ultimately did nothing. They didn’t follow up on the guy. You know, are we supposed to believe that the Syrian refugees that the president wants to bring into the country and Hillary Clinton wants to bring into the country that they say they can vet properly, even though our intelligence officials say ISIS will infiltrate — how dangerous is that?

GORKA: Hugely dangerous. ISIS has stated in their English language publications, Sean, that they will and they are using the refugee streams. We saw in Europe, we saw people using false Syrian passports exploiting the refugee streams to execute the attacks that were just like the attack in Orlando. So we don’t have to hypothesize. It’s happened already, and they say they want to do more.

HANNITY: One of the things I like about your book is you say we can defeat jihad. OK, we have Chattanooga, we have Boston, we have San Bernardino, now we have Orlando. We had Belgium. We had Paris.

We don’t seem to be winning this war, and a president that is hell-bent and passionately today saying he doesn’t have to say or identify radical Islam for what it is.

GORKA: But passionate in his petulance. That speech was outrageous!

HANNITY: That’s a great line. He was petulant today.

GORKA: Totally! He said that, “What difference does it make what we call it?” Well, what if you went to a doctor’s clinic with a serious illness, you had tuberculosis, and the doctor says, “I’m going to call what you have the flu or a common cold. Here’s a couple of aspirins. Go home.”

HANNITY: What if in World War II, we didn’t identify Nazism for what it is or imperial Japan for the enemy that they are?

GORKA: This is — this is…

HANNITY: Or Reagan saying the evil empire!

GORKA: Right. This is when you have to bring Americans together. Those people weren’t gay people, they were Americans!

HANNITY: By the way, under sharia, radical Islamists, if it was a group of women dancing…

GORKA: Right!

HANNITY: … they would feel justified in doing this.

GORKA: Right, listening to music.

HANNITY: Listening to music.

GORKA: The Taliban banned music in Afghanistan!

HANNITY: All right, I’m trying to understand, it’s pathological at this point to me, the president, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats…

GORKA: It is.

HANNITY: It’s inexplicable. It’s — you know, I don’t understand this mysterious reluctance and resistance to identify an enemy.

I want to play some things for you. Let’s first go to The New York Times’s Nicholas Kristof and they talked about Obama when he was in a Muslim school. He said, “He recalled” — in a first rate accent, by the way — “the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first rate accent in a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated, and it’ll give Alabama voters a heart attack, but Mr. Obama described the call to Muslim prayer as one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”

Now, I’m going to play for you back to back his comments about Islam and his comments about Christianity, and I want you to respond. Let’s roll the tape.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The United States is not and will never be at war with Islam.

And I’m also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the American people and a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country, As Salaam Aleikum.

Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism, it is an important part of promoting peace.

Our enemies respect no religious freedom. Al Qaeda’s cause is not Islam. It’s a gross distortion of Islam.

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.

We’ve reaffirmed again and again the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. Islam teaches peace.

Remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. Slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.

On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love, and I have to say that sometimes, when I listen to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned.


HANNITY: He won’t say “radical Islam.” You heard his comments about Islam, terrible deeds in the name of Christ.

GORKA: Horrific! What nation are we? Who were the Founding Fathers? What Creator are they referring to in our founding documents? Are they referring to Allah or some nameless blob? No. They’re referring to the God of the New Testament.

HANNITY: Judeo-Christian values.

GORKA: Absolutely! Why is the sympathy always for the other? Why is America the problem, Sean?

HANNITY: OK, now let’s add to this an Iranian deal where you give the number one state sponsor of terror $150 billion. Let’s add to that American bloodshed for Ramadi and Mosul and Fallujah and Tikrit. Let’s add to that Muhammad Morsi, former head of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, becomes the head, the president of Egypt, and he gives them tanks, F-16s and $1 billion-plus, a guy that referred to the Israelis as descendants of apes and pigs.

He’s on the wrong side all of the time!

GORKA: And when a man comes along who’s a Muslim who says, I’m not letting the [Muslim] Brotherhood steal my country — I’ve met President Sisi. What do we do? We reject him!

HANNITY: President Sisi had has more courage to stand up to radicalism than the president of the United States!

GORKA: He’s on the front lines.

HANNITY: But here’s my question. Why? What is it?

GORKA: Look, let’s leave conspiracy theories to the side.

HANNITY: It’s not a conspiracy! It’s inexplicable to me!

GORKA: I’ll give you the explanation. This man comes from a certain ideological background, OK? His buddy was Bill Ayers. He grew up with a certain…

HANNITY: Bernadine Dohrn…

GORKA: Right!

HANNITY: … Reverend Wright…

GORKA: Right.

HANNITY: … ACORN, Alinsky…

GORKA: Right.

HANNITY: … Frank Marshall Davis.

GORKA: And what’s the common denominator? America is the problem. Whatever the issue is, we are the problem. And as a result, he’s always going to sympathize with who? The bad guys. This idea that this guy had a twisted sexual identity in Orlando, he was suffering — we’re going to make the perpetrator out to be the victim eventually! It’s unconscionable, Sean!

HANNITY: I don’t think anybody else in the media will put that together, what we just did.

GORKA: No. And I’m glad you did it. That’s powerful.

HANNITY: Sebastian, good to see you. Thank you.

GORKA: Thank you, Sean.