Next Round of ESPN Layoffs Will Cut Budget by -$80 Million in Salary and Benefits


Another round of layoffs is set to cut about $80 million in salary and benefits from ESPN’s budget, sources say. The newest layoffs come after over 100 employees were let go in April.

News broke three weeks ago that more layoffs were expected to hit the 38-year-old cable sports network sometime after the Thanksgiving holiday. But, new reports say that as many as 100 more employees will be cut, mirroring the number released in April.

According to Sporting News, there is a sense of dread among the network’s employees with many assuming “it’s not if, but when” they are laid off.

The industry is most especially wondering if SportsCenter Jemele Hill will be given her walking papers.

ESPN’s SportsCenter, a particular target for cuts according to Sports Illustrated, has been at the center of controversy for months after Hill repeatedly violated the network’s social media policy, in one case calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist.” After a second violation, where Hill essentially  used her Twitter account to teach people the benefits of boycotting the Dallas Cowboys advertisers, ESPN suspended Hill for two weeks.

The continued layoffs should come as no surprise. The network has steadily lost ground and profitability, losing over 10,000 subscribers a month while forced to pay billions in broadcast fees levied by the various national leagues. ESPN also has reportedly lost more than 13 million subscribers over the last five years.

According to Sporting News, ESPN lost $1 billion in affiliate revenues after losing those 13 million subscribers since 2010.

The network also reportedly made salary package deals with employees to prevent them from quitting to go to work for rivals such as Fox Sports 1. Some of those deals included a promise to pay employee salaries until they begin a new job, even if they are laid off at ESPN.

As noted, the network instituted mass layoffs in April, but back in 2015, over 300 were jobs were cut.


Fitton – Judicial Watch Suing State Dept Over Manafort Podesta Double Standard

Fitton reveals Judicial Watch is suing the State Dept for documents that may explain why Mueller is treating similar “offenders” Manafort and Podesta very differently…

By Rick Wells

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton announced a new lawsuit on Monday against the State Department in their never-ending battle against corruption and the anti-American parasites attempting to destroy this nation.

Judicial Watch is seeking records about the Podesta group. He explains, “You may recall the Podesta Group has been tied to Paul Manafort, who was indicted by Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, yet Podesta’s been tied to the Clintons and of course Paul Manafort is tied to the Trump team.”

Fitton says, “We want to know if there was any disparate treatment of team Trump versus team Clinton by Robert Mueller, whose investigation is suspicious, given its partisan nature. Judicial Watch is suing the State Department to find out the truth about what the Podesta group was up to with the Obama State Department.”   [VIDEOS BELOW]

In an interview from a few days earlier, and prior to the filing of the lawsuit, Fitton offered some other insight into some of the shady deals that they’re aware of and what prompted them to suspect there’s more to be learned.

He begins by pointing out that Paul Manafort was in partnership with the Podesta Group and that both he and Tony Podesta say their innocent, that all of the forms were filed properly. The main different seems to be an affiliation with President Trump’s campaign versus the Clintons and her campaign.

Fitton notes the fact that Mueller was working with the Clinton campaign who were responsible for the very dossier that is part of the flimsy basis for his investigation of Trump. He says, “It just screams disparate impact or disparate treatment between Manafort and Podesta or basically between the Trump team and the Clinton team.

Judicial Watch is going to see what kind of documentation may be found to indicate criminal wrongdoing as a possible and probable reasons for the different handling of the similar cases.

Fitton gave an explanation of why they think there might be something up a few days earlier:

Soros waging ‘frontal assault’ on Hungary – ruling party deputy chairman

Hungary is facing a frontal assault from US financier George Soros, the vice-chairman of the ruling Fidesz party has said, after the billionaire released a statement accusing the Hungarian government of “lying” about his agenda.


Fidesz vice-chairman Gergely Gulyas pushed back against Soros’ claims that his government was spreading disinformation, and denied that it was stoking anti-Muslim sentiments and embracing anti-Semitic stereotypes. Instead, Gulyas accused Soros of attacking his country through his NGOs and EU bureaucrats, and using them to push a pro-migrant agenda.

“What Soros writes about immigration, in general, is a pro-immigration stance that is open about its disdain for the nation state,” Reuters quoted Gulyas as telling news conference on Monday. “Decisions made in Brussels echo that in the field of immigration policy.”


“Days before a recent immigration decision in the European Parliament, Soros was meeting with the rapporteur on the subject as well as five different EU commissioners. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but this holds some clues.”

On Monday, George Soros released a statement in response to seven allegations the Hungarian government made against him in their National Consultation survey on the “Soros plan.” The statement attempted to offer a rebuttal to those claims, for example that Soros wants to resettle 1 million refugees throughout Europe each year. The statement countered that in 2016, Soros acknowledged that circumstances had changed and that instead, the EU should make a “commitment to admit even a mere 300,000 refugees annually.”

The statement also dismissed claims that Soros wants to undermine European culture, launch attacks on countries which oppose immigration and called for migrants to receive reduced sentences for their crimes, as lies.

The conservative Hungarian government, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has made no secret of its disdain for George Soros and his political activities, accusing him of undermining European borders and values by helping facilitate the flow of refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa. In May, Soros accused Hungary of being a “mafia state,”words that Orban considered a “declaration of war.”




The company announced the measures last week saying that residents of the Paris suburb will have to travel to pick up locations to get their packages

French courier Chronopost has announced that it will not deliver any packages to the heavily migrant-populated Seine-Saint-Denis suburb on the outskirts of Paris because the area is too dangerous.

The company announced the measures last week saying that residents of the Paris suburb will have to travel to pick up locations to get their packages. They said that the danger to their delivery drivers was simply too high in the area which has been described as a no-go zone, radio broadcaster France Info reports.

Though Chronopost has refused to deliver to certain neighbourhoods it has deemed to be too dangerous since last year, this is the first time an entire district has been designated as off-limits.

Last year, 51 of its delivery drivers were attacked while doing their rounds. The number of violent robberies in the Île-de-France region, where Seine-Saint-Denis is located, has risen by 40 per cent in the last two years alone. Across France, the number has increased by 60 per cent.

Laurent Russie, Communist Party mayor of Seine-Saint-Denis, expressed outrage at the company’s decision: “It is totally abnormal that a part of the city so small is no longer delivered to by what I continue to consider as a public service.”

Chronopost is a subsidiary of La Poste, which is 73.7 per cent owned by the French government.

“The disappearance of public services leads to insecurity,” Russie added.

Postal workers are not the only ones who have been attacked in the troubled Paris suburbs.  Earlier this year, police were attacked in the area during riots following allegations that officers sexually assaulted a local man with a truncheon.


In July, around 900 cars were burned and one officer severely attacked in the area during a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump who attended the annual Bastille Day celebrations.

Seine-Saint-Denis has also been tied to radical Islamism and Islamic terrorism. Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron admitted that the Paris suburbs had become havens for Islamism and vowed to tackle the issue.

“Radicalisation has taken hold because the French Republic has given up,”  Macron said and added: “And we allowed, in too many cities, too many districts, representatives of a distortion of a religion who are full of hate and disenfranchisement to provide solutions that the Republic no longer gives.”