Shocking double standard of social network giant exposed yet again

| Infowars.com – MARCH 24, 2017

The way in which Facebook polices content on its network is under scrutiny again after it was revealed that a post in which a user called for white women to be “hunted and killed” was deemed to not be a violation of community standards.

“White women should be hunted and killed then we won’t get white babies who think the(y) own the world,” the user posted.


When the post was reported by another user for “hate speech,” Facebook responded with the message, “We reviewed the comment you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

Meanwhile, posts by Christians that simply state bible passages in discussions about homosexuality are being removed, while pages devoted to showing grisly mock images of President Trump being assassinated are not taken down.


The social networking giant has also received criticism for several recent incidents during which rapes of women have been been live video streamed on the platform.

Facebook also refused to remove the infamous video where a mentally disabled man was tortured by a group of young black men when it was reported.


It seems that Facebook is too busy complying with threats to remove so-called “fake news” to deal with actual examples of hate speech and violence.

Flags for so-called fake news which cite Snopes – a far-left partisan outfit – as an independent fact checker, are already appearing when users attempt to post links to certain stories.


Facebook also began recently declaring Infowars posts to be “spam” and deleting them from public view, although this appears to have been remedied for the time being.


Twists & Turns: MSM focusing on allegations of Trump, Russia connection not snooping claims

Published on Mar 24, 2017

The scandal over the snooping on Donald Trump’s team has taken a turn. The US House of Representatives Intelligence chief has been forced to be on the defensive over his claims that communications have been possibly intercepted at some point


CNN is the enemy of the people.
Antonio Howard

You notice how MSM all say the same thing? Thats why people like Alex Jones have more subscribers than CNN.
Atlantean Fox_14

notice how TYT hasnt even bother to admit they r wrong as well n never made vid about this xD
Pat Hacker

It’s an empty witch hunt to impeach Donald Trump. It’s all too obvious now.

Almost nobody believes the MSM news!
jcee 123

lol rather then attacking obama for attempting to meddle in a election they attack the man that told them he did, completely crazy, media are trying to manipulate the people!, there should be laws that prevent the rich from funding media!, all media should be crowd funded by the people!, that’s the only way to ensure it’s for the people.

Nunes did the right thing.. He felt obligated to tell the President of the United States that he and his team was subjected to illegal surveillance . Crooked Comey has some explaining to do. The reason Comey couldn’t come out and dispute Trump claim of having his “wires tapped” from the beginning is because it was the truth and they were unexpectedly caught. He tried to bury it by sending the DOJ to dispute it first. They’re all caught.. those lying vermins.

The Great Devin Nunes: Obama Officials Face Five Years in Prison

Published on Mar 23, 2017



“who invited the ghost of the communist past into our chambers again” – real Devin nunes quote when nancy pelosi was re-elected recently to be house minority leader
Lower Middle Class Patriots

obama is a queer indonesian muslim socialist……….and spy!!
Sherry Mercer

it’s straight up blackmail,Comey is up to his own shit in the paedophile ring
Ilove The Usa

Obama will be put in prison soon
Yesenia Rivera

5year for treason ,,, he should be hung,,,, for every person he killd
Andrew Hall

More news of evidence . No arrest . Why even report . Is this just a tactic to just piss Americans off distraction. Of something big going on and news just doing this to blindside us on some real truths.
Brenda Maki

good man!

I would like to see them go to jail but I don’t think that will happen all they will get is a slap on the wrist.

Surveillance in Nov, Dec, executive order signed in Jan. Of course it was done as a cover up, or more to the point as a cover his own ass! It was Obama’s way of giving himself a presidential pardon. They were so sure (duped) to believe Hillary was gonna win he figured the spying on a presidential candidate would not be an issue. He was wrong. Just like he was wrong about the ACA. I bet 99 percent of those liberals out there would be pissed if they found out their lives were being tapped. Spying on Americans is truly treasonous. I wonder who’s gonna throw themselves on the sword for that prick? Bet it won’t be Comey. Comey’s a rat!
Nancy Stone


Tip “Tap” Toe! A Smoking Gun? Trump was Indeed Spied On! # 2

Published on Mar 24, 2017

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Shrub 1975

Who is this stupid women with the glasses???
Joe Radler

Fox should NEVER use Marie Harf. All those years of her lies as spokesperson of the State Department… its disgusting, and I for one don’t want to give her another platform to add her “creative fiction” to the national debate.

This woman is lying.

I hope the investigation makes this woman and others look foolish as they are!! We know there is no dough that this had Ob hands all over it!! Witch!!…>:{
D. Gregory

This former Obama spokeswoman in the glasses misrepresented what Nunes said, imagine that, Nunes said multiple Trump personnel were unmasked, not ‘may have been’ or ‘possibly’, he said he ‘saw their names’ in the reports that were distributed, and that’s illegal


Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 6.13.31 PM

‘Orwellian Big Brother’ intrusion on Trump, other citizens in public and private sector.

WNDMARCH 23, 2017

The lawyer who founded Judicial Watch and later Freedom Watch, Larry Klayman, has sent a letter to Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, asking him to look at a whistleblower’s evidence of “systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans, again including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, other justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen such as Donald Trump, and even yours truly.”

That spying was done, Klayman’s letter contends, by the FBI.

It’s become a major issue following President Trump’s assertion that he and Trump Tower were spied upon by the federal government, and the subsequent denials by intelligence and law-enforcement officials, including FBI Director James Comey, who famously cleared Hillary Clinton on accusations she mishandled classified information as U.S. secretary of state.

Klayman has been working with Dennis Montgomery, a former NSA and Central Intelligence Agency contractor who “left the NSA and CIA with 47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of information, much of which is classified.”

Montgomery then “sought to come forward legally as a whistleblower to appropriate government entities, including congressional intelligence committees, to expose that the spy agencies were engaged for years in systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans.”

Explained Klayman: “Working side by side with former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who lied in congressional testimony, and former Obama Director of the CIA, the equally ethically challenged John Brennan, Montgomery witnessed ‘up close and personal’ this “Orwellian Big Brother’ intrusion on privacy, likely for potential coercion, blackmail or other nefarious purposes.”

Trust the government? Maybe you shouldn’t. Read the details in “Lies the Government Told You,” by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

But he said the testimony has been essentially ignored.

Now, however, with the issue pending before Congress, there even are media reports that appear to substantiate the general claims that the government has been spying. The New York Times in January referenced wiretapping at Trump Tower, and just this week ABC News documented that the FBI monitored Trump Tower.

The report claimed, “But it was not placed at the behest of Barack Obama, and the target was not the Trump campaign of 2016. For two years ending in 2013, the FBI had a court-approved warrant to eavesdrop on a sophisticated Russian organized crime money-laundering network that operated out of unit 63A in Trump Tower in New York.”

It resulted in the indictments of more than 30 people, ABC said.

Explained the report: “The FBI investigation did not implicate Trump. But Trump Tower was under close watch. Some of the Russian mafia figures worked out of unit 63A in the iconic skyscraper – just three floors below Trump’s penthouse residence – running what prosecutors called an ‘international money-laundering, sports gambling and extortion ring.’”

Klayman, a Washington watchdog who repeatedly took on the Clinton political machine to investigate suspicion of wrongdoing, explained in his letter to Nunes, which was copied to other members of Congress, that he previously won a judgment from U.S. District Judge Richard Leon preliminarily halting the “illegal, warrantless, and massive surveillance of U.S. citiznes and lawful residents” in 2015.

As part of Nunes’ hearing on claims of government spying, he invited “anyone who has information about these topics to come forward.”

Klayman said that is exactly what Montgomery has done.

“There is a myriad of evidence, direct and circumstantial, of the illegal and unconstitutional surveillance disclosed to the FBI by Montgomery,” said Klayman, describing how his client made an on-camera interview with the agency about the misdeeds some time ago.

He said Montgomery “holds much of the roadmap to ‘draining the swamp’ of this corruption of our democracy.”

Montgomery, Klayman said, has information “that the spy agencies were engaged for years in systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans.”

During Montgomery’s interview with FBI General Counsel James Baker, under grants of immunity, he “laid out how persons like then businessman Donald Trump were illegally spied upon by Clapper, Brennan, and the spy agencies of the Obama administration.”

“He even claimed that these spy agencies had manipulated voting in Florida during the 2008 presidential election, where illegal tampering resulted in helping Obama to win the White House.”

But that interview, “conducted and videotaped by Special FBI Agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett, occurred almost two years ago, and nothing that I know of has happened since.”

Klayman wrote that it appears to have been “buried” by Comey, possibly because “the FBI itself collaborates with the spy agencies to conduct illegal surveillance.”

He said he previously visited with a staff lawyer, Allen Souza, to inform Nunes of questions that needed to be put to Comey while under oath.

“My expressed purpose: to have Chairman Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee ask Comey, under oath, why he and his FBI have seemingly not moved forward with the Montgomery investigation while, on the other hand, the FBI director recently claimed publicly, I believe falsely, that there is ‘no evidence’ of surveillance on President Trump and those around him by the Obama administration.

“Indeed, there is,” he wrote.

He tells members of Congress that Comey needs to be grilled during a subsequent hearing, now set for March 28. He asks Nunes to respond by March 24 to let “the American people, and Mr. Montgomery … know where you and the other members of your committee stand.”

“Do you intend to get at and investigate the full truth, or as has regrettably been the case for many years in government, sweep the truth under the carpet?”

Other recipients of the letter were Reps. Adam Schiff, Mike Conaway, Peter King, Frank LoBiondo, Tom Rooney, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Michael Turner, Brad Wenstrup, Chris Stewart, Rich Crawford, Trey Gowdy, Elise Stefanik, Will Hurd, Jim Hines, Terri Sewell, Andre Carson, Jackie Speier, Mike Quigley, Eric Swalwell, Joaquin Castro and Denny Heck.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/whistleblowers-lawyer-comey-falsely-denied-evidence-of-surveillance/#iRCu5qyxozmU6ojW.99

McCain Wants Select Committee Because Nunes Doesn’t Blame Russia, Talked To Trump

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 4.09.46 PM

By Rick Wells

Senator John McCain wants to present his anti-Trump case and sound like a reasonable statesman, so he goes into the friendly confines of MSNBC. He’ll be free to attack Rep Nunes, President Trump and the process there, they all work for the same people.

In the full interview, the second video below, McCain questioned Nunes’ use of words of “incidental” collection, claiming to not know what that meant, in a most phony and obvious manner. He says, “I don’t know what incidental could actually mean unless we’re talking about… unless they were monitoring the conversations of some foreign entity, i.e. Russian, that the other names might have come up.” McCain can’t imagine us monitoring anyone other than the Russians. For him, all Russia all the time and “War with Russia or bust.”

Based upon Nunes’ “failure” to brief Shifty Schiff before advising President Trump, and Schiff’s appearance on her show just prior to the McCain interview as part of the master attack plan, McCain says he’s calling for a select committee. Noting that there’s a better relationship with committee chairs in the Senate, he’s says “This just shows a tremendous chasm between the two senior members of the House Intelligence Committee.”

What it looks like, Songbird, is that you sense that the Russian-Trump collusion narrative isn’t going to fly with Rep Nunes, that he’s on to you and your Democrat comrades. You think your best shot is now to remove him from involvement before you lose this chance to “get those dirty Ruskies.”

He makes the election interference assertions again, which Van Susteren rebuffs by pointing out that Nunes stated the word “Russia” appeared nowhere in the documents he was provided. McCain insists, “We know that for sure.” How do we know that when the individuals involved in investigations all say there’s no proof, Johnny boy? Because you say so and because the globalists and the military industrial complex need another big war?

Van Susteren describes the actions of Chairman Nunes as “Keystone copish,” bemoaning that we now have to hire other people, an independent commission or a select committee. McCain takes that as his cue to go into full drama queen mode. He’s obviously thrilled that Nunes provided him with a basis upon which to make the demands but still having to pretend it’s done “with a heavy heart.”

He says, “It’s a bizarre situation, and what I think, the reason why I’m calling for this select committee or a special committee, is I think that this back and forth and what the American people have found out so far that no longer does the Congress have credibility to handle this alone. And I don’t say that lightly.” Sure he does, just as he lightly said last week that his fellow Senator Rand Paul was working for Vladimir Putin or as he criticized Michelle Bachman and five other members of Congress viciously for daring to question Huma Abedin’s terrorist ties. He does whatever his globalist masters tell him to do and it’s always done lightly.

He’s as phony as they come, in Chuck Schumer’s and Adam Schiff’s league – and working on the same anti-American team.