Plan B: US considered arming Syrian rebels against Russian planes & artillery, report says

The US administration has been secretly considering sending more firepower to CIA-backed rebels fighting Syrian government forces, including weapons that can be used against Russian aircraft and artillery, according to a media report.

Citing US officials, who preferred to remain anonymous, the Washington Post reported the existence of a so-called ‘Plan B,’ which in case of “failed diplomatic efforts” provided for arming US-backed Syrian rebels with truck-mounted anti-aircraft weapons that could help rebel units “defend themselves against Russian aircraft and artillery.”

It says the plan was raised several times over the course of recent weekly White House meetings and was submitted to President Barack Obama during a National Security Council meeting on October 14.


The newspaper states, however, that ‘Plan B’ was “neither approved nor rejected,” with Obama reluctant to make any decision on the matter.

New arms supplies to the so-called moderate opposition could lead to the deaths of Russian military personnel who have been aiding the Syrian Army, and this could in turn cause a direct confrontation with Moscow, which Obama has been trying to avoid.

While the plan reportedly had supporters in the form of CIA Director John Brennan and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, many were skeptical, including Secretary of State John Kerry.

White House sources also told the newspaper that the decision not to expand arms deliveries to Syrian rebels “reflects a growing skepticism”within the American administration regarding the expansion of a“covert CIA program,” through which it has been training and arming Syrian ‘moderate opposition’ over the past three years. This, in their words, has been the central element of the US strategy to put pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad and force his resignation.

The US has been supporting fighters from the Free Syrian Army (FSA), founded in 2011 by officers of the Syrian Armed Forces who said their goal was to bring down Assad’s government. There have been a number of reports that the US-led coalition has been supplying FSA rebels with weapons, including surface-to-surface Grad rockets, especially after the Russian-backed offensive in Aleppo began. A US official told the Washington Post that the White House still considers the FSA the only force in Syria capable of prolonging the war and consequently succeeding in ousting Assad.


Washington and Moscow have opposing views on Assad, and this has been one of the main stumbling blocks stalling their peace efforts as chairs of the ISSG (the International Syria Support Group). But according to US officials, many now doubt that “even an expanded version” of the CIA’s plan could help US oust Assad as long as he is backed by Moscow.

“It’s a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into,” a former senior administration official who was involved in the Syria program early on is cited as saying. “There’s a huge risk here since the Russians entered […] The lesson out of this is that if you don’t take action early on, you should almost expect the options to get worse and worse and worse.”
He added that under current circumstances, the US president has “understandable reason for caution” in steps regarding the Syrian crisis, but noted that “the lack of a decision is a decision” in itself.

“The Russians have seized the initiative,” another senior administration official is cited by the newspaper as saying. “You can’t pretend you can go to war against Assad and not go to war against Russia.”

Last week, Damascus and Moscow stopped carrying out airstrikes in eastern Aleppo and opened a number of humanitarian corridors for those who want to escape the areas of the city controlled by terrorists and rebels in the hope that the break will lead to a complete ceasefire.

Despite the humanitarian pause having been prolonged several times, it ended on Saturday evening without significant achievements, as militants repeatedly sabotaged the ceasefire efforts, shelling humanitarian corridors and killing civilians. Over a thousand heavily-armed fighters have massed near eastern Aleppo, seemingly in preparation for a new offensive on the city. Moscow says the humanitarian pause will once again be prolonged only when the rebels stop violating the ceasefire.

Syrian refugee in Germany with 4 wives, 22 kids sparks social media fuss over welfare

A Syrian refugee who claims social benefits in Germany with his four wives and 22 children has sparked debates on social media, after the German press brought his story into spotlight.

The man in question, Ghazia A. (the surname is not disclosed) fled Syria in 2015 and headed to Germany via Turkey, accompanied by his four wives and 23 children.


According to Muslim tradition, a man is allowed to have up to four wives as long as he can support them financially. However, Germany does not officially recognize polygamy.

Ghazia had to choose one of the women as an “official” wife in order for him and the rest of the family to claim social benefits, the German magazine BILD . He opted for his “main” wife Twasif and five children, while the other three women have been officially called his“partners” by the authorities.

The man now lives in the community of Montabaur in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. His other three wives had to split the remaining children between them and were moved by the authorities into various neighboring communities, while one of the daughters married and is currently living in Saudi Arabia, BILD noted.

A neighbor of Ghazia told the news outlet that the refugee is often absent from his ‘main’ family while visiting other wives and children, living within a radius of some 50 kilometers.

“According to our religion I have the duty to visit each family equally and not to prioritize any of them,” Ghazia A. told BILD.

The story was first broke by the German media outlet  earlier this year. After being published by the respective news outlets, people on social media voiced discontent over the entire family getting social benefits.

“Of course, the #Syrian (49) lives with his 4 women & 22 children from #Social benefits, from what else?!” one person noted in a tweet.


Reacting to the case, a German financial manager  his calculation of what the German state is paying to the entire family annually. On the website of the Employers’ Association he estimated that the refugees are getting roughly 360,000 Euro per year. There is no official confirmation on the numbers yet.

“I am practically always on my way to be with my family – yet I would gladly like to work,” the Syrian refugee told BILD. Back in his home country the man used to earn enough money with his car sharing and car service business to cover the expanses of his large family, the magazine said.

Some people on social media assumed the case is a reflection of a new reality in Germany. “The new reality in the big canton – nice Friday to you all. My neighbor has 4 women and 23 children,” one message said.

Another one claimed that the “the Syrian with 4 women and 23 children is now being sold to us as a new normality.” 

According to Guido Göbel, a local official in the community of Montabaur, covering the financial expenses for the Syrian family is not easy. However, he said that the case is an “exemption,” Rhein-Zeitung reported.

Germany welcomed some one million refugees in 2015, according to official estimates. The influx of immigrants slowed down in 2016, however.

Iraqi refugee who raped 10yo boy at Austrian swimming pool has conviction overturned

An Iraqi refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool, calling it a “sexual emergency,” has had his conviction overturned after a court in Austria concluded that the 20-year-old attacker may have been unaware the boy did not want to be abused.

The assailant, identified as Amir A., was taken to the Theresienbad pool in Vienna in December of last year as part of the integration process into Austrian society. He was also provided with a 15-year-old translator to help him integrate.

Once at the pool, Amir A, who had worked as a taxi driver in Iraq, dragged a 10-year-old schoolboy into the changing rooms, locked the door and violently sexually assaulted him.


The boy, known only by his first name, Goran, told a lifeguard he had been attacked, and the police were called. He suffered severe internal injuries and was rushed to a children’s hospital. He is still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

After the incident, Amir A. reportedly returned to the swimming pool as if nothing had happened, continuing to have fun and using the diving board.


The assailant, who came to Austria via the Balkans in September 2015, confessed to the rape, saying he had acted because of a “sexual emergency” as he had not had sex for four months. When asked if such actions were legal in his home country, he admitted he knew that such acts were forbidden in any country of the world,” Kronen Zeitung daily reported.

In June, a court found Amir guilty of grave sexual assault and rape of a minor, and sentenced him to six years in prison. A court awarded the boy’s family €4,730 (US$5,150) in compensation after prosecutors described him as suffering “profound despair,” the newspaper reported.

But on Thursday, the Supreme Court overturned the verdict and ordered a retrial, Heute reported.

The court ruled that while the verdict with regard to the serious sexual abuse of a minor was “watertight,” the written verdict on the conviction of rape cannot be sufficiently proved.

The new trial is likely to take place in 2017, until which time the 20-year-old will remain in custody. In the event that the charge of rape is proved in the new trial, the attacker could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison, Vienna Online reported.


The mother of the victim, who herself moved to Austria as a Serbian refugee, said her son suffers from severe panic attacks and can only sleep with the  help of medication. He “screams and cries” and is “often frightened,” she said, as reported by Heute.

There have been a number of reports of similar attacks by asylum seekers at swimming pools across Austria and elsewhere in Europe.

A 37-year-old mother and her four-year-old son were subjected to a sexual assault in the quiet southern Austrian town of Klagenfurt in March, Kurier daily reported.

Authorities in the Austrian town of Mistelbach issued a temporary pool ban for refugees following a sexual assault by a “dark-skinned’ man on a 13-year-old girl in June.  According to Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, the girl was first followed by a young man into the women’s changing room. Once there, he forced her to perform oral sex. The girl, however, fiercely resisted and started shouting, forcing the attacker to flee.

#Podesta latest: WikiLeaks releases 17th batch of Clinton campaign chair emails

WikiLeaks has released a new tranche of emails from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta.

The organization has published more than 26,000 emails on its website over the last fortnight, with a new batch dropping every day.

The latest leaks include emails in which Podesta suggests going “postal on the press”, and expressions of concern over the content of Clinton’s Wall Street speeches.

Earlier leaks revealed details of Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, ‘Pay to Play’ donations, and staff concerns over her difficulty with apologizing.

The emails also reveal how some of Clinton’s campaign team showed contempt towards fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders, as well as their attempt to get the jump on Clinton’s own email server scandal.

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Yesterday’s leaks showed campaign team members discussing Bill Clinton’s sex scandals, as well as Podesta’s qualms about President Barack Obama’s Afghanistan strategy back in 2009.


Monday’s release by the organization marks the 17th consecutive daily dump of emails related to Clinton’s campaign team, bringing the number of published documents to more than 30,200.

Goldman Sachs speeches

In a January 23, 2016 email leaked Monday, Mandy Grunwald of Grunwald Communications expressed concern over the content of Clinton’s Wall Street speeches.

“It’s pretty bad. She is critical to some extent of what led to the crash but the more memorable stuff is totally accomodationist,” Grunwald wrote in a group email to the Clinton campaign about the Goldman Sachs paid speeches.


Grunwald then elaborates: “‘I’m not interested in pointing fingers’ Dodd-Frank was just because ‘people needed to do something for political reasons’ Suggesting that people in the industry know best how to regulate it.”

“There are also some very tepid comments about Obamacare. And a ton of foreign policy stuff, including some naive sounding comments about Putin – that could cause a whole separate set of issues – but Jake should review all that.”

Grunwald was married to Matthew Cooper, a journalist who worked at Time and was investigated along with Judith Miller over the Valerie Plame CIA leak.

No love from Gore

Emails between Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills on November 11, 2015 discuss former Vice President Al Gore stating he would not endorse Clinton for president.

Abedin tells Mills: “well that was 16 years ago. [H]ard to put on email but there is no love lost in this relationship. [R]eminder that he also refused to endorse in 2008!!!”


‘Fish rots from the head’: Podesta on Clinton 2008 campaign

An email exchange with a former White House adviser gives an insight into Podesta’s assessment of Clinton’s ill-fated 2008 presidential run.


The email from January 2008 shows Paul Begala, who served as counselor to president Bill Clinton, mentioning a New York Times report claiming Podesta is about to help in Hillary Clinton’s faltering race against rival Barack Obama.

“[T]he NY Times say YOU are joining Hillary’s campaign,” Begala writes, to which Podesta implies he has no intention of stepping in from the sidelines.

“Mary [Podesta’s wife] put me in witness protection after reading the NYT,” he said.

The correspondence came following Clinton’s Iowa caucus defeat, a major blow to her effort to become Democratic nominee. “I know the fish rots from the head, but I really feel sorry for her. This definitely could have been won,” Podesta writes.

Confidential meetings

A March 3, 2014 email marked ‘Confidential’ shows an exchange between Podesta, Cheryl Mills, chair of the Democratic National Committee, and Stephanie Schriock from the Emily’s List PAC. In the mail, Schriock flags a request from a Wall Street Journal reporter seeking information about a meeting at Clinton’s home between herself, Podesta and Mills.

“He called me,” Podesta writes. “Tried to get me to confirm Woodward and Bernstein style. Blink twice if I’m far from the truth. I didn’t play along and told him nothing. But he knew a lot.”

Cheryl Mills writes back, “what did he know?”

Framing coverage of Clinton’s private server

In an email exchange on March 8, 2015, an opinion writer for The Hill, Brent Budowsky, forwarded Podesta a copy of an email comment he sent to NBC’s Chuck Todd about a recent show that presumably mentioned Clinton’s private server.

“Chuck you neglected to mention that most Republican candidates for president also used private emails, in Jeb’s case you neglected to mention that he also used a private server, and you neglected to mention that a long list of Senate and House Republicans almost certainly use private emails and hide behind the Freedom of Information Act,” wrote Budowsky.

“Someday we should have a serious conversation about ratings, and why so many people, myself included, have largely stopped watching this stuff.”

Monday’s leak also includes an August 2015 exchange between Clinton’s campaign staff about framing the email server controversy and the best timing for releasing a statement on the issue.

“Just talked to Podesta – we are thinking we shouldn’t put out the statement at this point because it is so late in day on a Friday the press is bound to respond negatively and it will defeat our purpose in framing this,” Deputy Communications Directer Kristina Schake wrote. “Think we should send it out tomorrow morning.”

“In any case, I would vote for having her address this Sunday, so we can legitimately claim she’s trying to move on and address what voters care about on Monday,” Campaign Manager Robbie Mook wrote.

Clinton Dirty Money Trail – $675,000 To Wife Of FBI Official Overseeing Investigation


The Obama Clinton corruption is everywhere. An FBI official who was promoted during the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her obvious criminal actions received $675,000 in cash and services into their household in the form of “campaign donations” to his wife. Oddly, she seems to have not been seriously entertaining the notion of running for office prior to being selected by the corrupt Governor of Virginia, seemingly out of the blue. She had to be convinced in a private meeting with Governor Terry McAuliffe, the former DNC Chief, and close Clinton ally to run, “for the good of the state.”

The donations took the form of $467,500 in cash and another $207,788 worth of support in the form of campaign mailers. The candidate was Dr. Jill McCabe, who met with McAuliffe only once. In that meeting he persuaded her to embark on her unsuccessful run for the Virginia State Senate. Her husband is Andrew McCabe, has since been promoted to deputy director of the FBI and had oversight of Clinton’s case once promoted.

It’s an interesting theory, that McAuliffe or his representatives identified McCabe as a potential willing accomplice and promised him, his wife, or both, that they would shower her with cash and perhaps a seat in the State’s Senate and to give him a nice promotion. All he had to do in return was to deep six the Clinton investigation or agree to go along with the decision of their compromised Director, James Comey.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “A spokesman for the governor said he ‘supported Jill McCabe because he believed she would be a good state senator. This is a customary practice for Virginia governors… Any insinuation that his support was tied to anything other than his desire to elect candidates who would help pass his agenda is ridiculous.’” Put more correctly, anyone who believes this crooked Democrat’s line of crap is an idiot. Of course it was a relatively clean way for them to funnel large amounts of money to her in exchange for political favors. It’s the quid pro quo that Clinton and her circle of corruption thrive upon.

The excuses from the FBI and those involved in the scheme are laughable in their criminal transparency and dependence upon the naiveté of the public for their consumption. The FBI issued a statement saying that Mr. McCabe “played no role, attended no events, and did not participate in fundraising or support of any kind. Months after the completion of her campaign, then-Associate Deputy Director McCabe was promoted to Deputy, where, in that position, he assumed for the first time, an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails.”

Did he help her spend the money? Did he eat any of the food or stay in the house it paid for? And does it really matter that they chose not to promote her husband during the campaign? They put him where he needed to be to benefit Mrs. Clinton when he needed to be there. The campaign was primarily a way to move the money from Democrat fundraisers to one of those who held the decision making power over their future nominee. A time lag provided them with a weak, but their only remotely plausible deniability.

The already compromised Comey FBI is providing protection for McCabe and themselves, stating that he recognized the conflict of interest and covered himself by seeking “ethics advice” from the bureau and following it. They instructed him to abstain from involvement in public corruption cases in Virginia or campaign activities. That advice did not extend to the most corrupt individual in all of the federal government, whom he became a de facto agent in support and protection of, Hillary Clinton.

In their claims of innocence, the McCabes insist on directing the attention towards the Virginia race, their safe zone from the obvious big picture conflict of interest. Dr. McCabe offered the sophomoric excuse, “Once I decided to run,”[and accept 2/3 of a million bucks and a great job for my husband], “my husband had no formal role in my campaign other than to be a supportive husband to me and our children. As a federal official…everyone who participated in our campaign understood and respected that he could not participate.”

He was supportive but had no formal role. Isn’t that sweet. It’s the informal role that stinks to high heaven, Doc. The one that helped Hillary Clinton get away with treason and so much more.

WikiLeaks Exposes Clinton Fabricated Putin Trump Bromance, Admits Owns ISIS Disaster


The tactic of branding Donald Trump’s openness to dealing with Putin and his lack of prejudicial animosity for the Russians is seen as a weakness to be exploited by the Clinton warmongers in their efforts to distort who Donald Trump is and to discredit him by creating a relationship that doesn’t exist between him and Putin while masking their own web of entanglements.

They also recognized the actual vulnerability of Hillary Clinton in her joint responsibility for the growth of ISIS and failures of her shared “strategy” with Hussein Obama for dealing with them.

In one of the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks, the following comments were made by political advisor Brent Budowsky to Podesta. It’s advice that an examination of the rhetoric indicates was acted upon by the Clinton campaign. He recommended:

“be careful about the U.N., support but don’t go too far. Putin did not agree to anything about removing Assad and continues to bomb the people we support. [Rebels, ISIS, Al-Nusra] We pushed the same position in 2012 (Geneva 1, which HRC knows all about) and Geneva 2 in 2014. Odds that Putin agrees to remove Assad are only slightly better than the odds the College of Cardinals chooses me to someday succeed Pope Francis.

“Best approach is to slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin, but not go too far betting on Putin re Syria.”

“Does she really want to co-own the Obama-Clinton ISIS strategy?  She will never state what I believe we need to do—at least 20,000 ground troops with 3,000 American and at least 10,000 from Sunni Muslim nations— because she is consumed with keeping Obama’s goodwill and afraid of liberal backlash.  But at the least she should not be branding and infecting herself with Obama’s policy towards Syria and ISIS by offering such high and direct praise for it.”

She does NOT want to run for Obama’s third term on ISIS and Syria to continue the Obama-Clinton policy against ISIS

The best single move to elect her would be a massive voter registration and organization drive. Expand the electorate so more voters will vote so her low trust ratings generally will have less prorated impact, and the number of higher trust voters will be newly registered.

There is no ad on earth that will increase her trust ratings or the enthusiasm of her voters the way a mega-registration project will increase her support on election day.  As for ISIS, the mathematically worst place for her to be is co-owner of the Obama-Clinton policy. Obama could destroy her candidacy the same way Democrats lost control of the House, the Senate, governorships and state legislatures during her presidency.  Things happen for a reason, and either change the reason or we will end up with the same outcome.