Davos 2017: The rich striving to adjust to Brexit & Trump world after failing to predict both

Published on Jan 18, 2017

The World Economic Forum in the Swiss town of Davos is into its second day, with delegates looking for ways to adapt to the challenges set in 2016. Trump’s inauguration coincides with the last day of the forum – with his future presidency causing the big buzz in discussions there. Another major shift that business leaders are striving to adjust to – Britain’s decision to leave the EU.


Fuck George Soros and Fuck the EU

These globalists want to destroy our people and cultures and turn us all into mindless consumer drones

The people of the United States and most of the other defunct organisations passing themselves of as ‘nations’ don’t really want globalism or did you miss that somehow? 0:33 President Elect Trump Could Be Last Hope for Globalism? WTF people…
Vicious Bigot

Crush these globalists Who plot to profit off the destruction of our cultures and our people’s future.

Did you ever wonder why Islamic terrorists Never attack these meetings or those of other globalists, or people like Soros, Juncker, Merkel ??? Think about it! Could be be that Islamists, EU-fans, globalists, etc., are on the same page regarding the racial, religious and social destruction of the European nation-state And the same groups also want the destruction of other countries that support “European values” (i.e. Australia, Canada, Russia, USA others)
Thats What She Said

last hope for globalism? NOOOOOOOOOOO!~!!!! Globalism needs to DIE
Floppy Dodo

Fuck the globalist NWO! Fuck the EU and Soros! The people are waking up and fighting back 🙂

Leading Swedish mall turned into ‘no-go zone’ by migrant teen gangs – report


Migrants in Gothenburg, Sweden have the local police on special alert at the country’s leading mall. Many are afraid to visit Nordstan mall, as citizens are openly harassed and even attacked, Expressen reports, citing police.


According to Expressen, local police are also being intimidated, and have been forced to implement special measures due to an increase in threatening behavior toward shoppers and business owners.

Sales are reported to have taken a massive hit. Although not the largest mall in Sweden, Nordstan is said to bring in the most business.

According to the Swedish paper, trouble starts around 8pm, once the shops begin closing. In some cases, the gangs of young people outnumber the police.

“We have seen an increase since last autumn, with mostly unaccompanied minors who are staying here in Nordstan,” one of the police managers, Jonas Bergqvist, told Expressen.

“In the evening they deal drugs and violence between fractions sometimes occurs. If there are conflicts from their home countries, they bring them here.”

Police also say the gangs are becoming increasingly aggressive towards them.

Bergqvist remembers a group of teens numbering around 150 people, who surrounded him and his colleagues around New Year’s Eve during an operation.


Authorities view this rise in cases as going hand in hand with the increased arrival of undocumented migrants, as incidents particularly involve youths from Syria, Afghanistan, and Morocco – some of them street children.

Some incidents escalate to seriously dangerous situations: one teenager was said to have been robbed with broken glass held to his throat. A shopkeeper had tried to intervene, but was also threatened.

There are legal problems with bringing offenders to justice, as many lack identification. This forces the police to hand over the offenders to social services.

“I’ve had people in front of me that look like they are 35, but who claim to be 15. I can’t prove they’re lying so we have to release them,” Rikard Sorensen, another officer, says.

As a result, the shopping mall becomes a place of almost total lawlessness after 8pm, joining other spots in Sweden now labeled as no-go zones, according to the local media report. To be considered a no-go zone, the area usually has to be marked by a dangerous incidence of muggings, robberies, harassment, and sexual assault. In September 2016, the number reportedly rose to 55 areas.

Whatever happened to smooth presidential transition Obama vowed?



“You better stop stealing money from your mother’s purse, young man, or I will punish you late this year or perhaps sometime in 2018,” said no parent who was serious about punishment.

Yet that’s pretty much what President Obama did with his old-fashioned expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats over alleged political hacking by Moscow interests going back 18 months.

A very strange retro-response from a president who mocked Mitt Romney for suggesting in 2012 that Russia was America’s worst strategic threat. Obama said: “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

As has often happened when Obama shoots from the lip sans teleprompter (think his red line in Syria, ISIS is a JV squad), the aloof one is wrong.

Obama’s been golfing and snorkeling in Hawaii since mid-December. But he left orders for a number of last-minute steps, including more ineffective sanctions against Russia and a stunning historic break with Israel. Indeed, these measures smell more of vengeance than practical policy.

Petty political ploys are standard operating procedure back in the Chicago wards that spawned Obama’s career. They’re less expected at the presidential level. In fact,

Russia’s president declined to retaliate.

Anyone needs an oversized ego to see themselves as president of all of Obama’s alleged 57 United States. But Obama’s ego is larger even than the million-acre national monument he recently imposed on Utah.

And when Obama’s ego rubs against those of other, let’s say, non-self-effacing egos like Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump, friction is inevitable.

With Putin, Obama’s actions smack of a jilted suitor. Remember in 2009 when Obama was in full Russia suck-up mode announcing a botched reset in relations with Moscow and even unilaterally canceling a missile defense system within former Soviet satellites, without telling them?

Like most dictatorships getting what they want, Russia reacted predictably, not by cooperating in return but by pushing for more. (See Munich Pact with Hitler, 1938.) The Putin gang did not help restrain Iran, but sold it sophisticated arms in defiance of U.N sanctions.

Russia annexed Crimea, fomented guerrilla war in Ukraine, moved militarily into Syria and the Mideast, seeks to undermine NATO and harassed U.S. military at sea.

And Russians, according to U.S. intelligence sources, also hacked the emails of Democrat organizations and operatives to their extreme political embarrassment during a presidential race.

But wait! Nearly seven years into Obama’s reign and two months before the Ruskies hacked Democrats, the Chinese allegedly broke into the Office of Management and Budget. They got all the personnel files, Social Security numbers, security concerns and clearances for 21.5 million current and former federal employees.

How many Chinese did Obama expel? What other retaliation did he order? None, actually.

We might guess that Obama making an international stink over Chinese hacking would raise the question, of why after all of Obama’s warnings, security commissions and vows about the paramount importance of national security, this federal government’s cybersecurity remains a sieve.

For someone who attended Harvard, Obama often claims a convenient ignorance: Among the examples: The imploded ObamaCare website, the IRS harassment scandal and his unexplained absence during the murderous Benghazi night.

The president claimed ignorance of Hillary Clinton’s insecure email server, though he knew how to message her there. And recall he initially dismissed Edward Snowden as a mere hacker. It took Obama a year to call Syria on using chemical weapons, then he quickly backed down, blaming Congress.

Since Obama vowed to run a smooth presidential transition, what’s the real point of picking a tardy diplomatic scuffle with Putin? What’s the real point of setting Israel (and the annoying Netanyahu) adrift at the United Nations now?

Why issue all these offshore drilling bans and new federal regulations? Why commute more federal prison sentences than a dozen past presidents combined? Why keep releasing Guantanamo terrorists when so many return to their homicidal careers?

Might it be to plant political IEDs for his annoying successor, as Democrats seek to restore their party? For the first time in nearly a century a former president decided to reside in Washington. Obama has rented a mansion and office space where he’ll be easily accessible to media friends for, say, kibitzing his successor – unlike Obama’s predecessor, who went silent for more than a year.

Families of Pulse Nightclub Victims Sue Facebook, Twitter, Google for Providing ‘Material Support’ to Islamic State


Twitter, Facebook, and Google are being sued by the families of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting victims for allegedly providing “material support” to the Islamic State.

Fox News reports that a federal suit was filed by the victims’ families on Monday against Twitter, Facebook, and Google as the families believe that the companies “provided the terrorist group ISIS with accounts they use to spread extremist propaganda, raise funds, and attract new recruits.” The lawsuit further states, “Without Defendants Twitter, Facebook, and Google (YouTube), the explosive growth of ISIS over the last few years into the most feared terrorist group in the world would not have been possible.”

The Florida shooting took place in June at Pulse nightclub, a prominent gay club in Orlando where an Islamic terrorist by the name of Omar Mateen opened fire, killing 49 people and injuring 53 more. Mateen was shot dead at the scene of the attack by police forces. Mateen had previously been interviewed by the FBI but was not under surveillance at the time of the attacks.

Speaking to Fox News, Juan Gurerro, who is the father of one of the Pulse nightclub victims, said, “Life has not been easy for me or my whole family, it is something I remember and have to live with every day.” The lawyer representing the families in the case, Keith Altman, further said, “Mateen was radicalized by ISIS using the defendant’s tools for that express purpose.”

This is not the first time that victims of radical Islamic attacks have attempted to sue social media companies for allegedly allowing terror groups to coordinate via their digital platforms. The family of a 46-year-old former Florida Sheriff, Lloyd “Carl” Fields Jr, who was killed while providing police training in the Middle East, sued Twitter in January, claiming that the social media company “knowingly permitted” ISIS accounts to spread extremist propaganda.

Mark Bartholomew, a professor at the University of Buffalo School of Law, discussed what a successfull lawsuit such as this could mean for social media companies in the future.“It would be a big change because it would be the first crack at making these companies liable for what shows up on our feeds,” he said. “It’ll be interesting to see how big that crack is, because right now it’s a door without many cracks.”

Are Unarmed Liberals Seriously Trying To Incite A Civil War?



Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, I came across a post that showed a picture of the protests in South Korea that led to the impeachment of their leader. The comment that went along with the image suggested that Trump deserved protests like the ones in S. Korea, adding that Trump was a “scoundrel through and through” and that they refused to “call him President”.

This is what protests looked like in South Korea. Click on them. They shut it down. MILLIONS joined in. Forced the impeachment of their President this week.

Trump deserves protests like this. I refuse to call him President. He’s a scoundrel through and through.

I had a good chuckle because it reminded me of how badly millions of Republicans took it when Obama was elected… and I chalked it up to them just taking their turn at whining about an election that they wished had turned out differently.

I could have moved on, and this post would never have been written, except for the comments in that thread about what my poor despondent little butt-hurt Liberal friends thought they ought to do about the situation. And… as if right on cue… it was when the group-think spiraled downward into the abyss of demanding that Trump never be allowed to take office, and that their only hope was in ravaging and terrorizing the Electoral College that it occurred to me just how stupid and naive and self-destructive these Liberals really are. [see the Google search results for “liberals want to block electoral college“]

I’m getting sick and tired of listening to people – almost always Liberal – complain about the Electoral College; without it, there would be no reason for national elections to even take place because – in the most populous states of America – Liberals embarrassingly outnumber Republicans and their voices would simply drown everyone else’s out.

The whole idea behind its design was to make sure that the will of each state in the Union was equally represented in Washington so as to guarantee that states such as New York and California wouldn’t be able to tell states like Rhode Island and Wyoming how to live their lives and tend to the needs of their residents.

Look… I get it… Liberals hate Trump and believe the world is coming to an end because he was elected president. They think he’s going to destroy the planet, deport Hispanics, and has no respect for women. And even though the logic behind them being okay with putting the wife of one of the most sexist and misogynistic men to have ever held public office BACK in the White House (where he will surely try to pick up where he left off) escapes me, I DO feel their pain.

I’ve never been a fan of Trump myself but the time has long passed for stopping the train of democracy; each of the some several States held their primaries and the people spoke. Any attempt by sore losers to presume to know better what the people want than the people themselves will be met by a revolt on a scale the likes of which our poor unarmed Liberal friends could never have expected or imagined. Cooler heads on the left need to remind the faithful that the proper response to their defeat is to do a better job of finding the right candidate in 2020 to undo the mess they helped create in 2016.

Yahoo hit by biggest hack ever (again), 1 billion accounts affected

In September, the internet giant revealed 500 million user accounts had been hacked. Now, Yahoo has doubled its unenviable record.

ben owen

Looks like the end for Yahoo.
Anthony Durant

What’s the best email to use?

Inb4 Russians is an excuse
Tommy T

I don’t have yahoo or email. They are apart of Queer Obama, and Pedophile Hillary lying liberal news group.

God damnit Yahoo!! If it weren’t for their emails they would be useless to me.
Youtoob celery jason genova

so that’s what the spam email was about

Good thing I don’t use yahoo loool
Jarkko Väänänen

Hahahahah 1 billion inactive accounts. Who even still uses Yahoo anymore?

Ahead of Trump Meeting IBM’s CEO Pledges to Hire 25K and Invest Over 1 BILLION in the U.S.


by Amy Moreno

On the eve of a YUGE tech industry meeting with Donald Trump, IBM’s Chief Executive Ginny Rometti said she plans on hiring over 25,000 people in the U.S. and invest over 1 billion over the next four years.

The spirit of “America First” is contagious!

From Investors.com:

Rometty, who is on Trump’s advisory panel of business leaders, will join Facebook’s (FB) Sheryl Sandberg, Amazon.com’s (AMZN) Jeff Bezos and Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Larry Page and Eric Schmidt at a summit with Trump on Wednesday in New York that is said to focus on jobs.

During the run-up to the election, Trump made employment issues a mainstay of his campaign, promising to scrap trade deals he viewed as draining jobs from the country and impose tariffs on imports if necessary. He has since claimed credit for preventing thousands of manufacturing jobs from moving overseas and used state incentives to strike a deal with Carrier, a unit of United Technologies (UTX), to pull back on its plans to move some operations to Mexico.

Rometty is continuing what is emerging as a formula among technology companies. In conjunction with meetings with Trump in his Manhattan tower, they’re pledging to create jobs and invest billions of dollars in the U.S., even if the plans had already been in the works since before he was elected.

Over the past few years, IBM — like many large U.S.-based companies — has been criticized for eliminating thousands of jobs in the country and moving resources to places such as India. The company reported fewer employees at the end of 2013 than the beginning of the year for the first time in a decade, and reduced its total workforce by 12 t year. IBM said it hired more U.S. employees last year than it had in the five years prior.