Mike Pence Rally Attracts More People than Hillary and Kaine’s Rallies Combined



We like Mike!

And so do the GOOD PEOPLE of Ohio!

Mike Pence made a MAD DASH from the airplane to the hangar, filled with cheering supporters to deliver a speech in the great state of Ohio!

Pence had more people at this one rally than Hillary and Kaine’s rallies put together!

What fantastic energy and what a HAPPY and EXCITED CROWD!

I will say it again – WE LIKE MIKE!

VIDEO : Mike Pence Rally Attracts More People than Hillary and Kaine’s Rallies Combined

Illegals join fight to oust Sheriff Joe…


– The Washington Times

PHOENIX — Maricruz Ramirez can’t even vote, but she’s doing everything she can to get others to turn out on Election Day to defeat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

An illegal immigrant from Mexico, Ms. Ramirez led a group of immigrant rights activists Saturday as they went door to door, hoping to find young or infrequent voters they could entice to turn out, emboldened by the prospect of taking out the Republican lawman who’s been dubbed “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

This could well be the year.

After cruising to election in his first five races, Sheriff Arpaio barely topped 50 percent of the vote in a three-way race in 2012, and Paul Penzone — the Democrat who was part of that three-way race the last time — is leading the sheriff in the latest polling this year. In fact, it’s not even close: An Arizona State University/Arizona Republic poll released last week put Mr. Penzone at 45.9 percent support and Sheriff Arpaio at just 31.1 percent.

Some analysts have questioned that poll’s sample — and the timing. It was taken just as the Justice Departmentannounced it was pursuing criminal contempt charges against the sheriff, accusing him of continuing racial profiling

Sheriff Arpaio calls the accusations “a bunch of garbage” and said it wasn’t a coincidence the charges were announced the day early voting started. He said his opponents, ranging from the Obama administration to billionaire liberal crusader George Soros and immigration activists, are pulling out all the stops to defeat him.

“They’ve been after me since Day One for doing my job,” he says in a new campaign commercial. “This is all politics.Hillary gets a free pass, but they’re coming after me?”

Trump effect

The sheriff might have been a juicy target no matter what, but in 2016 — the year of Donald Trump — he’s all the more ripe for the attacks.

Long before Mr. Trump won the GOP’s presidential nominee by staking out a law-and-order stance and vowing to get tough on illegal immigration, Sheriff Arpaio was doing it.

He set up tent cities as jails, even in Phoenix’s punishing summer heat, and issued pink underwear to inmates. He also brought back chain gangs.

On immigration he pioneered a crackdown at the local level, including training officers to enforce federal immigration laws and having his deputies raid workplaces where he suspected illegal immigrants were working under false identities — a violation of state law.

But the federal government nixed its training program, and the sheriff was forced to cancel his workplace raids under pressure from a federal court that said the state laws were likely unconstitutional.

Most recently, a federal judge said the sheriff was thumbing his nose at a court order demanding he take steps to halt his deputies’ racial profiling during their stops. The judge recommended criminal contempt charges, and the Obama administration agreed to pursue those charges earlier this month.

Further deepening the Trump-Arpaio comparison is both men’s work in questioning the circumstances of President Obama’s birth — long after the president released his birth certificate. Sheriff Arpaio in 2012 had his cold case posse dig into the certificate the White House posted online, and as late as this summer, the sheriff said he still had questions about the president’s birth.

When Sheriff Arpaio endorsed Mr. Trump during the GOP’s presidential primary, it seemed to ignite the perfect storm in Arizona.

But Sheriff Arpaio waves off the comparisons, pointing out that he’s been in politics for decades, has a long record to run on and has built up a deep well of support from many of his constituents.

“I’m the lone ranger. I ride alone,” he told The Washington Times as he waited to speak Saturday at a political picnic. “You don’t see people endorsing me. I mean, I could, but I don’t. I go to the people.”

Hispanic power

There are hundreds of thousands of voters who have literally never known another sheriff in their lives. The Census Bureau in 1990 — two years before the sheriff’s first election victory — put the county’s population at 2.1 million. Today it stands at 4.2 million, making it the nation’s fourth-largest.

The Hispanic population has grown even faster, from 345,000 in 1990 to 1.3 million now — or nearly a third of the county’s residents.

“Some people in this state have lived their entire lives with Arpaio as sheriff. We are about to knock his ass out,” said Marisa Franco, one of the leaders of Bazta Arpaio, the immigrant rights groups’ effort to unseat the sheriff.

Some 200,000 residents turned 18 since the last sheriff’s election, and this year alone the groups say more than 150,000 Hispanics have registered to vote — nearly twice the sheriff’s 80,000-vote margin of victory in the last election.

“This is the time that the community is fed up. In the past there was a lot of fear; the community didn’t come out. The community has lost the fear,” Ms. Ramirez, one of those preparing to canvas this weekend, said through a translator.

An illegal immigrant who’s been in Maricopa County for 15 years, Ms. Ramirez said her family has had its own run-ins with Sheriff Arpaio. She said a relative was working at an auto mechanic’s shop when deputies raided it. Most of the employees ran, but her relative hid out for more than a day, sleeping in his hiding place to avoid being nabbed.

Fernando Lopez, 25, said he himself was picked up by deputies and put into deportation proceedings under SheriffArpaio’s old agreement to help enforce federal immigration law. Mr. Lopez was eventually released on bond and, after four years, had his case closed — though he’s still here without status, and does not have a work permit.

He said the Arpaio race is a chance for his community to flex its muscle.

“With this movement, we want to prove we can take him down,” Mr. Lopez said.

Where a decade ago illegal immigrants were likely to remain in the shadows, hundreds of thousands have stepped forward, protected by Mr. Obama’s deportation policies, and made their voices heard.

Led by young illegal immigrants, dubbed the Dreamers, they’ve taken spots in the first lady’s box at the State of the Union, have protested on the streets outside the Capitol and have fought in the courts for legal protections.

“For so long people tried to be invisible, keep your head down. But when they go after you, nobody notices. That happened for too long. When the Dreamers started to come out, that took a lot of courage, but that created a narrative,” Mr. Lopez said.

Purple paradise

Immigration has bedeviled the GOP for years, and Arizona is no exception. Even as Sheriff Arpaio pushed for a crackdown and the state legislature passed laws testing the limits of enforcement, Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, both Republicans, led the push for the 2013 immigration legalization bill in Congress.

Mr. Trump’s candidacy has deepened the rift. Mr. Flake never backed the billionaire businessman in the presidential race, and has in fact been one of his more vocal critics from Congress. Mr. McCain, who is running for his sixth term this year, backed Mr. Trump earlier in the general election, then withdrew his support after a tape emerged of Mr. Trump bragging in 2005 about unwanted groping of women.

Mr. Flake attended Saturday’s political picnic and shook hands with Mr. Penzone, though he did not appear to exchange words with Sheriff Arpaio. Mr. Penzone, the Democrat running for sheriff, even slipped his business card to the senator.

Afterward, several Republican women came up to Mr. Flake to tell him they were upset he wasn’t backing the GOP team, and insisting they won’t vote for him in 2018, when he’s up for re-election.

Worse yet for Republicans, Democrats say the state is on the verge of becoming purple — one of the perennial swing states.

Hillary Clinton is making a major push to win Arizona, including running a full slate of commercials attacking Mr. Trump as unfit for office. A cash-strapped Mr. Trump, meanwhile, is not on the air — though an outside group has started running ads attacking Mrs. Clinton.

Dominating the airwaves, however, is Sheriff Arpaio. It’s impossible to watch the local news and not see several Arpaioads. The most prominent one touts his deputies’ work in going after deadbeat parents, but the campaign has also added a new one with the sheriff complaining about the Justice Department’s attacks.

All of that is fueled by the sheriff’s prolific fundraising. As a national figure, he’s able to tap donors across the county, and had raised more than $12 million as of late September. Mr. Penzone had raised about $540,000.

“The sheriff’s going to spend more on advertising than the national candidates,” said Richard Herrera, a political scientist at Arizona State University.

The opponent

Almost forgotten for many of the sheriff’s critics is the man who would replace him, Mr. Penzone, a former Phoenix Police Department sergeant.

He has vowed to end what he calls Sheriff Arpaio’s “extracurricular nonsense” — and particularly the court battles over civil rights violations. Through 2015 Sheriff Arpaio had racked up $142 million in legal fees, settlement payouts and court costs, according to the Arizona Republic newspaper.

“A lot of his decisions have been based off of trying to promote his own notoriety, or creating political leverage to keep him in office,” Mr. Penzone says of his opponent. “There is no place for politics in law enforcement. Law enforcement should be nonpartisan.”

Mr. Penzone said the anti-Arpaio effort is “an obvious wind to my sails,” but said he’s seen evidence voters also know more about his own record as challenger, compared to 2012, when he first ran to unseat the sheriff.

“When I go to events now, it’s so much more common for people to come up and say, ‘I’ve done my homework, I know who you are, I am a Republican and I used to vote for Joe, but I’m done with him, and I believe in you because I think you’ll do a good job,’” the challenger said.


Horrified citizens share damning healthcare increase photos online

Infowars.com – OCTOBER 25, 2016

For years Infowars and others have warned the “Affordable Care Act” was unsustainable.

Now the Obama administration has confirmed health insurance premiums in 2017 will rise by an average of 25 percent across the country, with folks in some states set to see triple digit increases.

Frustrated with the higher costs, many have taken to Twitter to share letters from their health insurers illustrating the devastating impact of Obamacare.

For “Jay Wells” under Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, monthly premiums are going up from $711.83 to $1,872.17 – 163 percent!


Another letter to a person insured with AmeriHealth New Jersey shows an increase from $808.64 per month to $1,495.64, or almost $700 more per month – 85 percent!


A letter to a person covered under Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey depicts a $2,700 family increase in deductible out-of-pocket costs (up from $10,000 to $12,700) and a $300 monthly premium increase year-over-year.


Twitter user @asunnygirl says her premiums doubled under Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and she now has a monthly cost of over $1.6k.


And yet another person with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey showed their monthly premium is now over $2,300.


While he didn’t include a photo of his letter or mention his health insurer, Jeff Guide of New Mexico says he’s seeing a 216 percent increase next year.


With Americans now witnessing in realtime the collapse of the collectivist healthcare model, it’s no doubt the shocking letters from health insurers will sway public opinion ahead of the US election.

CBS anchors confused about why Obamacare premiums are “skyrocketing”

Liberty Doctrine

Obamacare was a scam from the beginning.
Dan Troop

The one, sure way to assure that any plan or program fails is to put government bureaucrats in charge of it.

Can’t wait to see ObamaCare REPEALED.

Truly uneducated, stupid people are on TV. I think it’s voice quality and facial symmetry that gets them the job. It surely ain’t journalism.

I haven’t been to the doctor in years.. I don’t want to go. Got billed 800 dollars this past year for Obama care .. got punished for NOT going to the doctor. There should be a penalty only if you try to use healthcare.. if you don’t use it.. you shouldn’t be billed for it!!!!!!!!!! So wrong. But.. I suppose it’s better to pay 800 dollars , instead of paying THOUSANDS a year only to have it “just in case”. I’ll save my money and pay for any broken bones out of my own pocket. Surgery .. I won’t get it done.. medicine .. I can go to a clinic if I’m sick. Thus.. what do I need healthcare insurance for? I don’t want surgery even if I get really sick, and I don’t want to go to the doctor for “checkups”. Get off my back big brother.. I don’t want to pay for this crap, and its wrong to punish me for being healthy.
Walter White

No way they are this stupid.


Really moron!!!!?? You think its Failed???
Archie Alexander

If the mainstream media was doing their jobs as unbiased reporters they would know why Obama and his Obamacare is not working.

Dems exposed… Philly Mess: Only 2 Insurers Left, Premiums To Rise 53%!



PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period begins next week customers will see some changes, including fewer choices and higher prices.

In Pennsylvania, the number of insurers in the marketplace has gone from 13 to eight. In Philadelphia, just two insurers are left and premiums are expected to rise 53 percent.

Temple Students Attacked, Officer Thrown To Ground, Police Horse Punched In Assaults

Aviva Aron-Dine of Health and Human Services says the size of the hike reflects artificially low rates early on. Pennsylvania had among the lowest rates in the nation.

“Issuers were pricing for a completely new market, one where they could no longer exclude those with the most serious health needs,” she said, “many set prices that turned out to be too low.”

First Snowflakes Of Season May Not Be Too Far Off 

But Aron-Dine maintains the plans are still affordable, since three-quarters of Pennsylvanians qualify for tax credits.

“Not only do tax credits bring down the cost of coverage, they adjust dollar for dollar with the cost of the benchmark plan in your area,” she explained. “So even if the cost of benchmark coverage goes up, most consumers will not have to pay more.

Aron-Dine claims costs could even go down if consumers take the time to shop for a cheaper plan. She says new features on the healthcare.govwebsite will make that easier to do.

Aetna CEO Says Young People Pick Weekend Beer Over Obamacare

BY  ZTracer  

Healthier people will avoid buying Affordable Care Act health insurance plans as premiums climb, threatening the stability of the market, Aetna Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Bertolini said.

“As the rates rise, the healthier people pull out because the out-of-pocket costs aren’t worth it,” Bertolini said at Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead Summit in New York.

Premiums for health plans sold to individuals under the ACA, known as Obamacare, are going up by about 25 percent on average for next year. Bertolini said that as costs rise, more individuals will decide not to buy health plans. That’ll push premiums even higher, unless a new president and lawmakers can find fixes for the new markets created by the 2010 health law.

“What happens is the population gets sicker and sicker and sicker and sicker,” Bertolini said. “The rates keep rising to try and catch it. It’s a fruitless chase, and ultimately you end up with a very bad pool of risk.”

The government has emphasized that subsidies are available for many people to help cushion the premium increases. When they are taken into account, about 77 percent of current ACA enrollees will be able to buy health insurance for $100 or less a month, the U.S. said in a report on Monday.

Leaving the Market

Insurer Aetna itself is largely ending sales of ACA plans, because it’s recording hundreds of millions of dollars of losses on the policies. The insurer will offer individual coverage on the ACA’s exchanges in four states for next year, down from 15.

Bertolini said Aetna would consider restarting sales on ACA exchanges if lawmakers make changes to the market that would help plans bear the cost of enrollees who’ve turned out to be sicker than expected. He also said passing laws will take time, given the reluctance of some legislators to improve the ACA.

“We have the ability to get back in to the exchanges if the regulation gets it right,” he said. “I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon enough for us to get back in before 2019, maybe 2020.”

Ballot troubles: Long lines, vote-changing machines reported amid record-breaking early turnout

New ID requirements, voting machines casting the wrong vote, unfamiliar or distant polling places, and names missing from voting rolls are just some of the challenges that are starting to disrupt voting leading up to Election Day.

The November presidential election will be the first without federal protections under the Voting Rights Act, with 14 states creating laws requiring voter ID.

Early voting has begun in several states, including Texas, North Carolina and Florida, with record turnout – although voters for both parties have reported experiencing problems with voting machines.


Residents in two different Texas counties on Monday reported problems with electronic voting machines which have replaced traditional paper ballots.

In Amarillo, a woman said she tried to vote Republican but was shocked as she watched the machine switch her ballot to Clinton/Kane.


At nearly a dozen Denton County polling locations issues occurred with the controlling unit that checks in and issues unique codes for voters to cast ballots, causing hour-long delays, according to election officials, reported the Denton-Record Chronicle.

For an hour to more than two hours, voters were unable to cast ballots at 11 of the 22 polling locations in Denton while election personnel swapped out the equipment.

All of the equipment was repaired by 11am, according to election officials.

“The important thing was to fix the problem, and that’s what we did,” Lannie Noble, Denton County elections administrator, told the Denton-Record Chronicle. “As soon as we found out there was an issue, we addressed it as expediently as we could.”

In Tarrant County, a woman casting a vote for the Republicans saw it flipped to Democrat.


The bigger issue was longer lines for voting as records were broken in counties in Dallas and Tarrant for turnout, with each reporting about 43,000 early voters. Bexar and Travis counties reported about 30,000 first-day voters apiece.

“We just want to get it over with,” Sam Tabb told the Houston Chronicle as he stood in line at a polling station in Pasadena.“We will be glad when this whole thing is over. It’s just been a real zoo. In my lifetime, it’s probably the worst election ever.”

Florida – swing state

Early in-person voting began on Monday in Florida and long lines meant voting took 30-40 minutes, but there were no reports of machine malfunction or voting issues, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Nearly 300,000 went to early voting sites on Monday as first-day voting was offered in 50 counties. Another 1.3 million have mailed in ballots.


The Associated Press reported Republicans have a slight edge in early voting. Numbers show more than 665,000 Republicans have cast ballots compared to more than 658,000 Democrats.

Changes in state law increased the number of days and hours allowed for early voting after long delays in 2012.

The state also changed limits on the types of locations that can be used for early voting, allowing for larger venues. Being able to use fairgrounds and community centers allows room for more voting stations and ballot printers, which should accommodate voters faster. Voters need to show ID with a signature.


Voting locations in Rutherford and DeKalb counties experienced server issues last Thursday, causing delays for early voters,according to WKRN.

Dennis Stanley, an administrator with the DeKalb County Election Commission, said paper ballots were provided so people could still cast their vote.

North Carolina – swing state

Election officials and the North Carolina chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) warned that electronic voting machines can be sensitive and voters should review their choices before casting a final ballot.
In a statement, the NAACP said voters in at least five counties statewide have reported that machines will select an incorrect candidate. Among the counties were New Hanover, Cumberland, Iredell, Mecklenburg and Catawba.

“In all instances of which we are currently aware, voters were able to fix the problem by reviewing their choices and fixing the error before submitting their electronic ballots,” the statement said, according to WWAY-TV.


The group said it is, and will continue, investigating the complaints through Election Day.

“Throughout the early voting period and on election day itself, on behalf of our membership, the NC NAACP and our partners will be investigating all complaints received by our members, and by voters our members are assisting across the state,” said NC NAACP President Rev. Dr. William Barber. “We are gravely serious at this time about protecting the voting rights of North Carolinians. No voter should feel intimidated in this election or concerned that your vote will not count.”


Barber said, “In every election, there are cases where electronic machinery has problems. We ask the State Board to alert voters immediately of what efforts are being made to remove or fix malfunctioning machines.”

Ohio – swing state

A federal court ordered Ohio last week to allow millions of unlawfully purged voters to be allowed to cast a provisional ballot this November, after the state’s Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted (who also claimed the election can’t be rigged) fought an earlier court order to restore those voters to the rolls.