Gay Anti-Trump Protester Gets Embarrassed by Tucker Carlson

Published on Feb 20, 2017

leftist flails around trying to justify his bigotry against Trump as Tucker exposes his lack of substance in his position that Trump may take ‘potential action against gays’ or is somehow anti-LGBT.

Andrew Y

Trump is not anti gay. Pence doesn’t believe that a gay lifestyle is approved by God, as with most Christians, but that doesn’t mean that he HATES gays.
Apache Crying Bear

What an idiot!! I can’t stand these cry babies. Build a bridge and get over it people Trump won, He is the President for the next 4 years. All your sniveling is going to change one thing. It never has never will all it does is show the world how pathetic you are.
ludacz cz

Another gay man that has no clue! Trump supports the gays! How many times does he have to say it, and what does a gay man give a shit about trumps taxes, shut the fuck up…
Keith Ho

That guy just embarrassed the entire LGBT community. Please bring evidence to support your argument.
Jan Senatorska

The guy is so lame why come on live TV when you have nothing important to say
Bonasa Umbellus

Wow, this guy is clearly misinformed and not educated on the subject at all
Mark Merrill

As a gay man, I have to say that this guy is nuts. He simply can’t find any real issue to debate. He says one thing and then can’t defend what he is even saying. He’s nuts. He’s obviously a low functioning individual, must have rode the short bus. He’s entitled gay, and white, and nothing else. Poor spokesman for the Gay community. Get an education young girlfriend.

NONE of these idiots know why they are protesting. You all need to get a job. We are laughing at all of you.

Limbaugh Doubles Down: Media Doing What They Can To Undermine Trump Presidency

Published on Feb 21, 2017

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Why is Obama still free from jail????

these liberals medias don’t care bout u. the are pushing liberals and Soros agenda, and they want to undermine Trump

Claiming victimhood again lol Soft MFs
husker hammer

The MSM is out of the closet. We knew they were Obama lapdogs and nothing but liberal mouth pieces but they tried to hide it. Now they don’t care. They are nothing more than democrats with a TV show.
Mitchell Albrecht

@3:40 it is unprecedented in the scope of the sedition/treason/satanic child sacrifices.

Teacher Put On Leave For Speaking Against Supporting “Day Without Illegals”


By Rick Wells

The west coast states, or at least the insane liberals who run them, seem to have lost touch with reality and what it means to be the United States of America. Ours is not a dumping ground for the human refuse of the world, including unquestioned access by its radicals, as that stupid poem on the Statue of Liberty pedestal claims. We’re better than that, we have a culture and we have laws that must be enforced. Eight years of an outlaw illegal alien occupying the White House has caused some to forget those truths and allowed others the opportunity for exploitation. The poisonous influences of that miscreant must be purged.

While California has long been the leader of the liberal, crazed west coast states, Oregon and Washington are catching up. Earlier this month the governor of Oregon declared it to be a sanctuary state and forbid “all state agencies and employees from helping federal immigration officials locate or apprehend undocumented immigrants.” Oregon has a problem with radical liberals tearing up Portland and many see this action as an attempt to throw them a bone.

Washington’s AG and a “so-called” judge just intervened in national security, creating a threatening situation for all of us, on behalf of potential terrorists that want to enter America. They overruled the President in order to allow people for whom we have no means of determining their true intent or background to force their way in. Those irrational acts took place in the metropolitan mind screws of Olympia and septic Seattle. But the toxic political correctness has backed up and spilled over the bowl into other, more rural and formerly normal areas of the state.

In the little town of Prosser, southeast of Yakima, an elementary school teacher is currently under suspension for something she said, in our land of supposed protected speech, while not on duty, not on school grounds and not to her students. She exercised her supposed rights under the Constitution on her own personal social media page.

The teacher, who has not been identified, was placed on leave Friday. The school district described her offense as having posted a Facebook message that “could be considered hostile or offensive on the basis of national origin.” Supposedly the post resulted in numerous emails and angry phone calls and visits to the school by “concerned citizens and parents.”

In the Facebook post the teacher reportedly voiced her stance in support of boycotting Thursday’s “A Day Without Immigrants” [illegal alien squatters] protests. She also provided information on how to contact the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency to “report illegal aliens.”

The post continued, saying, “They will need to know names, locations(either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide.” She added, “If this offended you in anyway do me a favor and unfriend my American ass!!!”

All of that was legal, all of it was her opinion, she wasn’t breaking any laws and was within her rights as an American citizen to express. What was the problem, one might ask. The school enrollment is two-thirds Hispanic, with 72 percent of all students receiving a discounted lunch. The problem is there is a high percentage of illegals enrolled in the school and their interests were put ahead of the rights of the American citizen.

The politically correct panderers to the lawbreaking illegals at the Prosser School District, explained their decision in a news release issued late Friday afternoon. It stated, “Due to possible safety and security concerns, as well as concern for disruption of the school environment, this teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending investigation of this incident by the district.”

Liberals often fall back on the concern for safety as an excuse to justify their trampling of the Constitution. There’s also the ever-popular “right thing to do” and “not who we are,” that Obama drilled into our psyche at every opportunity. They’ll probably have to draw upon those when they take unjustifed and illegal disciplinary action against her. They used the words possible to describe the basis for their decision, including the threat to the school environment. That is evidence that no malfeasance took place, that the liberals were offended and reacted. She needs to find a good lawyer now.

While the identity of the teacher was not released, the school was identified as Keene-Riverview Elementary School. The town a population of less than 6,000 and only one zip code. She’s the one teacher that didn’t show up for work, the one with the guts to speak the truth, who is being attacked for doing so.

The politically correct eggheads in the school administration issued a news release distancing themselves from the teacher, saying,  “Please be assured that the views expressed by this teacher on her personal Facebook page do not in any way reflect the views, beliefs or values of the Prosser School District or its administration or Board of Directors.” All of those trained communist seals believe and think exactly alike, speak as one and none of them agree with the principled and patriotic teacher. National security, national sovereignty and putting Americans first are concepts they are unfamiliar with in libtard-tainted, small town Prosser.

The parents should be outraged that patriotism is offensive speech at that school as well as the trampling of this American woman’s constitutionally protected freedom to voice her views. That is what should have them concerned. That is why they should be making phone calls and visits.

*(THE RELIGION OF PEACE AND THE SWEDISH PEOPLE) – “Like a Warzone”: Muslim Migrants RIOT, LOOT, TORCH Cars, ATTACK POLICE, Hours After Swedish PM Slams President Trump for Linking Mass Migration to Rising Violence


By Pamela Geller

FEBRUARY 21, 2017

As I said in my segment with Sean Hannity yesterday, We discussed the violent chaos and crime in Sweden. President Trump referred to this in a recent speech and was widely mocked. Now the Swedish government and the enemedia are pretending that all is well in Sweden – yet just weeks ago MPs in Sweden were calling for billions for the police to fight the migrant crime epidemic

And a government agency admitted there were 50 no go zones.

This is why President Trump called the media “the enemy of the American people.” They’re actively lying to the public to keep them ignorant about what is really happening. The brouhaha over Trump’s remarks about Sweden is a case in point.

Now the Swedish government and the enemedia are pretending that all is well in Sweden – yet just weeks ago MPs in Sweden were calling for billions for the police to fight the migrant crime epidemic. And a government agency admitted there were 50 no go zones In February 2016, the National Criminal Investigation Service was forced to admit more than 50 areas in were now labelled as “no-go zones”


Breitbart, February 21, 2017:


The riots, in which cars were set ablaze and shops were looted, resulted in the Stockholm suburb looking “like a warzone” according to a journalist who was at the scene.

Police retreated to a nearby gas station after being forced to fire a warning shot as a group of around 30 thugs pelted officers with stones, according to Expressen.

“Our officers were attacked by a number of people, some of them masked, who threw stones. They felt under so much pressure that a shot had to be fired”, said police spokesperson Lars Bystrom.

In the unrest, which began at around 8.30pm after a man was arrested next to Rinkeby metro station, a pedestrian on his way home was beaten and robbed and a press photographer was hospitalised after being attacked by a group of around 15 people.

“I was hit with a lot of punches and kicks to the body and head, and spent the night in hospital”, the Dagens Nyheter photographer said.

The riots continued late into the night, with police reporting later that shops were looted, and that a number of cars were set on fire during a second violent riot.

“I’ve witnessed turmoil and civil unrest before, but this is something else. It looks like a war zone here”, said a freelance journalist working at the site of the clashes with state television outlet SVT.

The shocking scenes in Rinkeby, where 61 per cent of residents were born abroad, come after Trump told a rally in Florida over the weekend that Sweden is “having problems like they never thought possible” as a result of mass migration.

At a press conference on Monday, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said he was “surprised” by the U.S. president’s comments, adding: “I think also we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly, and for verifying any information that we spread.”

Worried about the nation’s image abroad, state broadcaster Sweden Radio last week aired a piece in English which claims that ‘no-go zones’ — dangerous suburbs where police fear to tread — don’t exist in the country.

However, a report last September revealed that 80 per cent of police officers were considering switching careers due to the danger they face in the field.

Swedish police Sergeant Peter Larsson said: “The violence against us in the police and the paramedics and firefighters, has become much worse. We’re talking about stone throwing, violence, fires. It has become much worse in recent years.”

*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Muslim gets put in his place by Neil Boortz.

Muslim gets put in his place on a radio show
If Muslims want any respect at all. They will have to stop the Muslims that are killing people all over the world. SHARE THIS VIDEO
Angry Muslim calls radio talk show to complain.
He gets seriously owned by host Neil Boortz.


Pan Da

stop treating islam as a religion. its a cult. 
jack benjamin

Dirty god damn muslims treat women like slaves and attack innocent people. We will rise against these refugees i will not allow any of our american women or children or men to be burdened or hurt by you. YOU WANT A WAR WITH US U.S. CITIZENS FUCK YOU PIECES OF SHIT. EUROPEANS RISE UP AND FORCE THESE SCUM BAGS OUT

Islam is a cult. It’s an antiquated barbaric religion…and it needs to go. These assholes offer nothing of value to the world. Oh I’m sorry, they did invent Algebra…well thanks for that. Fat lot of good that does you in a desert wasteland you smelly camel fucker.
John Delgado

God bless you for telling this fool off Neil.
baron bull

What a fucking stupid muslim like most muslims around the world all muslims must kill there own isis people ,there mothers there fathers there children only then will you be excepted into planet earth,when this is done as arse lickers God bless you NEIL BOORTZ
Sandra Jackson

I know. They do all kinds of shit and you never hear any of the so called peaceful Muslims say anything until you say something about their ass raping, warlord, prophet.
David Large

It is war and they will take over europe thanks to angela merkel and cameron and the rest of the dogooders,