They Can’t Let it go! Hillary Supporters Sue Florida for Recount Claiming “Hillary WON the State!”



Clearly, Hilary supporters are stuck in stage one – the “denial stage” because this is becoming a circus of stupidity.

Three Hillary supporters are suing the state of Florida, claiming Hillary actually won the state and they want a recount.


Three voters in Florida filed a lawsuit in state court seeking a recount of the votes in November’s presidential election. The voters claim that Hillary Clinton really won Florida, but problems including  hacking, faulty voting machines, and voters being turned away from the polls led to a Trump victory. They sued Governor Rick Scott, Donald Trump, State Attorney General Pamela Bondi, and 29 Republican presidential electors in the state.

The lawsuit, filed by law firm Clint Curtis & Associates, demands a hand recount of every paper ballot in the state.  In a press release, the firm said that in addition to the voting problems mentioned above, the disparity between pre-election polling numbers and the vote totals “cast suspicion” on the results. The complaint also alleges that “tens of thousands of illegal votes were improperly counted,” and that there were tens of thousands of “legal votes cast throughout the state of Florida that were improperly rejected.” The lawsuit claims that had the votes in Florida been counted properly, Clinton would have won.

“This is an election where pretty much everyone knew what the results were going to be – except they were completely the opposite,” Clint Curtis said. “If we can’t get a real count of the votes for this election, then we have lost our democracy. We will never be able to challenge a close election again.”

While the complaint says, “There is massive evidence of electronic voting machine malfunctioning,” it does not actually provide any such evidence. Instead, it uses a long list of opinions from various individuals regarding the computer system’s security in general, each drawing the conclusion that Florida’s election could have been hacked.

The lawsuit also points to the number of ballots that were counted that did not count for the Presidential election because they either had multiple candidates selected or no candidate selected. The complaint says that the in this year’s election, 1.67 percent of the votes were considered invalid for this reason, compared to 0.75 percent in 2008 and 2012. The lawsuit calls this “extremely suspicious,” concluding that it must be due to foul play. It does not take into account that both Trump and Clinton were wildly unpopular candidates, and that more voters than usual may have chosen not to vote for anyone for President this year, while still casting votes for other offices.

Obama’s 2015 Hawaiian vacation cost taxpayers over $4.8mn

President Barack Obama’s family vacation to Hawaii in 2015 cost taxpayers more than $4.8 million.


Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained Secret Service records through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request which revealed the agency spent $1.2 million on the trip. Adding that to previously-obtained expense records, the group found the total cost of the Obamas’ trip to Hawaii last December came in at over $4.8 million.

The group has also tallied the total spent on the Obama family vacations during his eight years as president, which comes to $85 million.

Although the Obamas vacationed for 17 days, the Secret Service arrived before the First Family, bringing the Secret Service’s accommodation bill for 19 nights to $1.46 million. Another $165,893 was spent on 103 rental cars throughout the vacation, as well as $68,964 on air and rail expenses.


“The Secret Service and the Air Force are being abused by unnecessary travel,” Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton claimed. “Unnecessary presidential travel for fundraising and luxury vacations on the taxpayers’ dime would be a good target for reform for the incoming Trump administration.”

It remains to be seen whether Trump will choose to forgo luxury vacations during his administration.

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Judicial Watch filed an FOIA lawsuit against the Secret Service in May after it failed to respond to its FOIA requests sent in January.

The group is known for filing FOIA requests and lawsuits to expose politicians. It was set up in the 1994 during Bill Clinton’s presidency and filed more than 18 lawsuits against the administration.

The group managed to have a number of Clinton’s State Department emails released through such lawsuits and continues to attempt to have all related emails released.

On Monday, it filed a motion to unseal videos of depositions taken during the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server as secretary of state.


The group’s claims against the Obamas’ foreign trips have been criticized in the past. In 2011, they implied First Lady Michelle Obama tricked taxpayers into funding an African holiday rather than “the professed purpose” of an official visit to further education.

“This trip was as much an opportunity for the Obama family and friends to go on a safari as it was a trip intended to advance the administration’s agenda in Africa,” Judicial Watch said at the time.

It pointed to Obama’s “private family safari” which was in fact paid for by the Obamas themselves. Media Matters highlighted the fact that former first lady Laura Bush also enjoyed an African safari on her visit to the continent in 2005, which the group did not criticize.

Donald Trump Changed The Game By Skipping The Presstitute Media

Published on Dec 6, 2016

B Ahve

When he spoke and turned to the camera to call off any supporting causing trouble to stop it, they repress it. Video the media, Hid for 3 days. The media is no longer the 4th estate. They lied and tried to manipulated us. We have a government controlled media. And we won’t have it. We will finish them off. Keep reporting , keep pushing Truth thru FACTS.
Rambo Bike

Go trump !! It shows maybe his more forward thinking than people think , his more than wellcome to come and sort out England .

Twitter’s stock price has been in a crash and burn nosedive ever since May of LAST YEAR, to the point that it’s only worth barely more than 1/3 of it’s May of 2015 value, and they think that this tactic of banning and trying to marginalize Republican/Conservative views even to just floating the idea that they’re even thinking about BANNING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, would be the final nail in their business’s coffin. Isn’t the fiduciary responsibility of a company to make money for it’s shareholders, the people who OWN the company? Twitter’s honestly one of the dumbest companies out there.
Michael Matus

go trump fuck………..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

After A Complete Loss In All Branches Of Government The Left Now Believes In States Rights 12 / 5

Published on Dec 6, 2016

After A Complete Loss In All Branches Of Government The Left Now Believes In States Rights 12 / 5 / 2016

robbie hohman

What are the collective socialists fighting for besides feelings that are subjective and not based in reality?
juan galt

For decades the Left/Dems have claimed that “states rights” issues were Republican “code words” for racism/ white supremacy. Especially during the 1964 Pres election. Political Science professors (who are mostly Dems) have been teaching the “coded words” theory since.
Stormy Syndrome

Guess if anyone in this country would have an idea of racism, and White Supremacy, it would be the Democrats. They tend to forget the Republican party was founded based on fighting slavery and White supremacists of the Democrat party. They forget Republicans were nearly always 100% for giving African Americans equal rights, and voting rights, while the Democrats were normally 100% against it. The left has been trying to confuse the American public for well over a century. That party seriously needs to be dissolved.

I really enjoyed this interview
Sick Pat

It is indeed surprising the things people will do once they have been slapped in the mouth. LMFAO
sometimes jones

The dems want the right to import illegal alien voters. That is the primary reason.