WHOOPS, CNN “Fat Shamed” Ms. Universe in 1997 Article, Suggesting she “EXPANDED like the UNIVERSE!”



Hypocrisy anyone?

Back in the good ol 90’s, our dishonest liberal pals at CNN FAT SHAMMED Miss Universe, by suggesting she was “expanding like the universe.”

Gee CNN, I think what you said could be classified as “aggressive and really rude” by your own progressive standards.

Will you be apologizing?

Man zapped as he tries to steal booby-trapped Trump sign

A fed-up Donald Trump supporter took matters into his own hands after his Trump signs kept being stolen or vandalized.

A home surveillance camera captured a neighborhood sign thief attempting to snatch the sign from the front lawn.

But to the thief’s surprise, the homeowner had booby-trapped the sign and instead, he got an electric shock that sent him scurrying away.

The video has gone viral on Reddit, with one commenter calling it a “high-energy sign!”

Rod Arbogast

HAHAHA Fuck this neighbor!
Gato Brujo

loving, tolerant and comprehensvie liberals on an average day

Liberalism is a mental disorder.
Aberkae Godrilla

liberal syndrome supporting an agenda even if it can causes self-harm and or death to the end!
L Garou

A disgruntled stay at home dad?

ive been spotting a lot of missing trump signs lately, and one vandalized one in my area. liberals sure do like to preach about tolerance more than they like to practice it.

Breaking: Washington Times reporter confirms what we all suspected about the debate


Even at these debates the system is rigged. Washington Times Columnist tweeted on Tuesday L.Todd Wood that several sources confirmed that Hillary Clinton did indeed received questions ahead of the debate. This gave her enough time to prepare canned answers and rebuttal: