Open Borders Crowd Still Outraged: ‘Families’ Incarcerated — Together!

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By Charlie Spiering

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday to halt the practice of separating illegal immigrant families apprehended at the border, despite questions about its constitutionality.

“We’re going to have strong, very strong borders, but we’re going to keep the families together,” Trump told reporters at the White House before signing the order. “I didn’t like the sight or the feeling of families being separated.”

The president said the order was important adding that he, the First Lady, and his daughter Ivanka felt strongly about the issue.

“I think anybody with a heart would feel very strongly about it, we don’t want families separated,” Trump said, and noted that it was an issue of “compassion.

He clarified that the issue of separating families was not a new one, but he would continue tackling the tough issues surrounding immigration.

“At the same time, we are keeping a very powerful border, and it continues to be a zero tolerance, we have zero tolerance for people who enter our country illegally,” Trump said.

Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen joined the president in the Oval Office for the signing ceremony.

Nielsen thanked the president for his leadership on the issue and again demanded Congress to change the loopholes on immigration.

“We ask them to do their jobs, the laws need to be changed,” she said.

Trump said it was tough to watch the children separated from their parents and the troubling images on television.

“You’re going to have a lot of happy people,” Trump said as he signed the executive order.

The order instructs his cabinet members and the Department of Homeland Security to maintain family unity by detaining illegal alien families together and provide or construct adequate facilities to do so.


Rush Limbaugh Warns: 'If the Media Keeps Generating This Hysteria, Somebody’s Gonna Get Killed'

“The news media’s fanning the flames”

 | – JUNE 20, 2018

Rush Limbaugh warned on his radio show today that if the media continued to generate hysteria over the Trump administration’s border policy, “somebody’s gonna get killed.”

“Okay. Folks, I’m just gonna say it here. If the media keeps this up — if they keep up generating this hysteria — somebody’s gonna get killed. I think we’re pretty close to somebody getting killed already, and I’m not being hyperbolic, and I’m not trying to call attention to myself,” said Limbaugh.

“I’m genuinely worried about the out-of-control aspect of this. The news media’s fanning the flames. The news media is leading the way on this,” he added.

Limbaugh went on to explain how the left was becoming desperate because they thought Donald Trump would have been kicked out of office by now, but his popularity only seems to be growing.

“The Drive-By Media is especially unhinged. This is the longest it’s taken to get rid of a political opponent that they can ever recall,” said Limbaugh, adding that Trump’s success, “has created a mob of political monsters who gather on Twitter to spew insane hatred — and this is bleeding over to people even in the establishment.”

“They’ve already begun shooting Republicans at baseball practice,” said Limbaugh in reference to last year’s incident where a leftist Bernie Sanders supporter shot and almost killed Congressman Steve Scalise.

Limbaugh pointed to the unhinged meltdown by leftist actor Peter Fonda, who tweeted his desire to see 12-year-old Barron Trump kidnapped and put in a cage with pedophiles, while also threatening to target and stalk the children of Border Patrol agents.

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Limbaugh also cited a story about the arrest of a Florida man who threatened to kill Republican Congressman Brian Mast’s children over the Trump administration’s child-separation immigration policy.

“If you are going to separate kids at the border, I’m going to kill his kids,” Laurence Key told an intern. Key is a Democratic activist who volunteers with the local Planned Parenthood.

“Now, why does this guy think what he thinks? Why is this guy dead wrong about what he thinks is going on? Answer: The media. How else is this guy “learning,” quote-unquote, what’s happening, what’s going on? There is no other source of information for this that generates this kind of lunatic, deranged hatred,” said Limbaugh.

Rep. John Lewis: ‘Cannot Be Any Peace in America’ Until Child Border Policy Ends

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 13: U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) speaks during a protest June 13, 2018 in Washington, DC. Democratic congressional members joined actives to protest "the Trump administration's policy to separate children from their parents at the border." (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

By Joshua Caplan

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) told reporters Wednesday there “cannot be any peace in America” until border agents cease the separation of immigrant families.

“It made me so sad,” Lewis began. “I cried last night. When I heard those babies crying. Knowing that young children have been taken from their mothers.

“Some of these young children may never, ever see their mothers or their fathers again.”

“That’s not right!” the Congressman continued. “There cannot be any peace in America until these young children are returned to their parents.

“It doesn’t matter if we are black or white, Latino, Asian-American or Native-American. We are all one people, one family. We all live in the same house. Not just America’s house, but the world house,” Lewis said.

The lawmaker then offered to travel to the southern border, dismissing fears of being arrested.

“I will go to the borders. I’ll get arrested again,” he said to pro-amnesty Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL).

“If necessary, I’m prepared to go to jail.”

The media is in overdrive this week reporting that the overwhelming majority of minors being taken from adults have resulted in the separation of immigrant families. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen debunked such claims ahead of Monday’s White House press briefing, clarifying the “vast, vast majority” of the 12,000 minors detained by federal authorities were brought to the border by human traffickers.

“So I want to be clear on a couple of other things,” said Nielsen. “The vast majority, vast, vast majority of children who are in the care of HHS right now — 10,000 of the 12,000 — were sent here alone by their parents.”

The Justice Department introduced in April a “zero-tolerance” immigration policy aimed at curbing illegal border crossings, resulting in nearly 2,000 minors being separated from adults between April 19 and May 31.


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By Benny Johnson

The media and political class become more and more outraged over the Trump administration’s decision to detain and prosecute immigrants illegally crossing the border.

Lost in the debate is any acknowledgment that President Obama’s administration also used detention facilities.

Current U.S. immigration laws, when enforced, have the consequence of temporarily separating adults who arrive with children into separate detention facilities in order to prosecute the adults.

The policy of prosecuting immigrants for crossing the border illegally has been in place for multiple administrations. The Obama administration prosecuted half a million illegal immigrants and similarly separated families in the process. So did the Bush administration.

Personal accounts from immigration lawyers tell a tale of Obama being equally concerned about unaccompanied minors traveling to the border and wanting to create a deterrent.

Photos of border detention facilities from the Obama-era, taken during 2014, look nearly identical to the ones taken during the Trump era.

You never see them, however. Here they are, taken in 2014 during a media tour of Obama-era detention facilities in Brownsville, Texas, and Nogales, Arizona.

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As the Daily Caller previously reported, “Obama administration prosecuted nearly 500,000 illegal immigrants between FY 2010-FY2016. They referred 1/5 of illegals for prosecution, which often resulted in family separations.”

Editor’s Note: Two of the 32 photos originally included in this post were found to be from a CPB press handout June 17, 2018. They have since been removed.



Never Trump "Conservatives" Want to Replace Pro-Trump Republicans With Illegal Immigrants

“Deport the contemptible Republican cowards”

Paul Joseph Watson | – JUNE 20, 2018

Never Trump establishment conservatives Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin have openly expressed their desire to see pro-Trump Republicans replaced with illegal immigrants.

Writing for the Washington Post, neo-con globalist Boot wrote, “If only we could keep the hard-working Latin American newcomers and deport the contemptible Republican cowards — that would truly enhance America’s greatness.”

Jennifer Rubin, who is also employed by the Washington Post as a “right of center” columnist, reacted to the column by tweeting it and enthusiastically proclaiming “yes!”

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 11.38.59 AM

The rhetoric sounds similar to that espoused by Bill Kristol in 2017 when he said lazy, white, working class Americans should be replaced with immigrants.

“Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in?” asked Kristol.

“You can make a case that America has been great because every — I think John Adams said this — basically if you are in free society, a capitalist society, after two or three generations of hard work everyone becomes kind of decadent, lazy, spoiled — whatever,” he added.

“Then, luckily, you have these waves of people coming in from Italy, Ireland, Russia, and now Mexico, who really want to work hard and really want to succeed and really want their kids to live better lives than them and aren’t sort of clipping coupons or hoping that they can hang on and meanwhile grew up as spoiled kids and so forth. In that respect, I don’t know how this moment is that different from the early 20th century.”

Both Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin have been relentless critics of President Trump. Boot describes himself as a social liberal who supports abortion, mass immigration, and believes in man-made climate change.

In December 2017, Boot wrote a groveling article for Foreign Policy in which he apologized for not recognizing his “white privilege” and his “male privilege”.