The third world moochers are coming as fast as they can before the gates close…or the wall is built. America has become a global magnet for moochers who want to come for the freebies they are given the moment they arrive. 

Mexican immigration authorities said Saturday they have been hit by a surge of almost 5,000 Haitian, African and Asian migrants entering by the southern border in just a few days.

Recent experience suggests the 4,749 migrants entering through Mexico’s Tapachula immigration center on the Guatemalan border will soon try to reach the California border, with many expected to apply for asylum.

Mexico’s National Immigration Institute said the migrants entered the country between Sept. 21 and 23. It did not break them down according to country of origin, but recent trends suggest the majority are likely from Haiti.

That would mark a huge increase over the number seen so far this year. The institute said a total of 7,800 Haitian migrants entered Mexico through Guatemala between Jan. 1 and Sept. 21, as well as 1,701 migrants from Africa and 3,753 from various Asian.

The institute said that none of these Haitian, African or Asian migrants have requested permission to stay in Mexico. “Up to this moment, the institute has not received any requests from these foreigners for refuge, asylum or regularization, because they have expressed that their desire is to reach the United States.”

The migrants cannot be sent back to their home countries, so Mexico gives them 20-day temporary visas so they can cross the country and get to the U.S. It said the Africans came mainly from the Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan and Nigeria.

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Ahead of Historic Debate, Union of 5,000 U.S. Immigration Officers Endorse Donald Trump


The union representing 5,000 federal immigration officers endorsed Donald Trump on Monday – giving him a boost hours before the start of the first presidential debate.

The National Immigration and Customs Council announced it would support the billionaire businessman over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. It is the first time the group has endorsed a candidate for president.

“The men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are the last line of defense for American communities. Our 5,000 officers, underfunded and undermanned, are responsible for enforcing immigration laws in a nation of 320 million people,” the union’s president, Chris Crane, said in a statement posted on Trump’s campaign website. “Our officers come into daily contact with many of the most dangerous people in the world – cartel members, gang members, weapons traffickers, murder suspects, drug dealers, suspects of violent assault – yet ICE Officers are unable to arrest or are forced to release many of the most dangerous back into U.S. communities due to unscrupulous political agendas and corrupt leaders.”


In the statement, Crane slammed the executive orders by President Barack Obama that are supported by Clinton that he said, “have forced our officers to violate their oaths to uphold the law and placed every person living in America at risk – including increased risk of terrorism.”

“Our officers are prevented from enforcing the most basic immigration laws, including laws against illegal work, illegal entry, illegal overstay and also the public charge law,” he continued.

Crane outlined in the statement that the endorsement for Trump was conducted by a vote of the union’s membership and that the former Secretary of State received only 5 percent of the vote.

Immigration has been a hot-button issue throughout the presidential race, with Trump laying out a hardline position that includes proposing to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and looks to crack down on the flow of undocumented immigrants entering the country.

Leaked FBI Data Reveal 7,700 Terrorist Encounters in USA in One Year; Border States Most Targeted

by BRANDON DARBY26 Sep 2016

Leaked documents with sensitive FBI data exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas reveal that 7,712 terrorist encounters occurred within the United States in one year and that many of those encounters occurred near the U.S.-Mexico border. The incidents are characterized as “Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounters.” Some of the encounters occurred near the U.S.-Mexico border at ports-of-entry and some occurred in between, indicating that persons known or reasonably suspected of being terrorists attempted to sneak into the U.S. across the border. In all, the encounters occurred in higher numbers in border states.

Some of the documents pertain to the entire U.S., while others focus specifically on the state of Arizona. The documents are labeled, “UNCLASSIFIED/LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE” and contain data from the FBI-administered Terrorist Screening Center, the organization maintaining the Terrorist Screening Database, also known as the “Terror Watch List.”

The leaked FBI data are contained in a fusion center’s educational materials, specifically the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center’s (ACTIC) “Known or Suspected Terrorist (KST) Encounters Briefing” covering from July 20 2015 through July 20 2016. The leaked documents are composed of 10 individual pages, but Breitbart Texas chose to release only nine of them due to page 10 containing contact information for ACTIC.

Page Two of the documents contains a map of the entire U.S. with the numbers of encounters per state. The states with the highest encounters are all border states. Texas, California, and Arizona–all states with a shared border with Mexico–rank high in encounters.

Page Three shows a map of where the encounters occurred in the state of Arizona. The majority from this map occurred in Phoenix, a major destination point for people who illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border. The map also shows that encounters occurred at ports-of-entry, likely from persons either walking up and asking for asylum or from Sinaloa cartel attempts to smuggle them into the U.S. in vehicles. Most significantly, the map shows that many of the encounters occurred near the border outside of ports-of-entry, indicating that persons were attempting to sneak into the U.S.

Page Six shows a pie chart indicating that the majority of encounters in Arizona were with Islamic known or suspected terrorists, both Sunni and Shi’a. Eighty-nine encounters were Sunni, 56 were Shi’a, 70 were “Other International Terrorist Groups or Affiliates,” and only 52 were with “Domestic Terrorism.”

Page 7 contains definitions to help understand the maps.

Breitbart Texas provides the leaked documents and data below:

Brandon Darby is managing director and editor-in-chief of Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Watch Hillary’s Campaign Manager Short Circuit re: Sanctuary Cities


Hillary’s campaign manager Robbie Mook is really bad at this. Like, really really bad at this.

Exhibit Q, when Jake Tapper asked about Sanctuary cities…

“…cities where they don’t enforce federal immigration laws and that sometimes means people who are criminals, who are in this country illegally end up getting free and committing worse crimes. It’s a fact that that does happen. Does Hillary Clinton consider sanctuary cities to be a problem?”

It should be an easy enough question, especially since illegal immigration (see 1,800 Illegals to be Deported. Obama Admin Grants Citizenship Instead… and Mexico Now Wants Border Wall of Their Own. To Keep Out Illegals. The Irony…) has been a yuge issue this cycle.

It’s a simple question for which a campaign manager should have a simple answer.

Not Hillary’s campaign manager, who after talking about her pledge to release a “comprehensive reform plan” in her first 100 days….

“We cannot have a situation where anybody is coming to this country illegally and committing crimes. So she has, as I said, put out plans to make sure that we are removing violent criminals from this country. But that can happen at the same time that we’re not tearing families apart. And that we’re making sure that hard-working people who have been here for a very long time come out of the shadows, come in to the system, pay those back taxes, become citizen, and so, actually, our economy can continue to grow.”

Here’s the rub…

Let’s set aside the fact that he didn’t answer the question and instead, just spit out every immigration talking point handed to him by the DNC. And the RNC. And all the shows. He pretty much said all the things in the lexicon of things to be said. It’s very interesting that while Trump’s campaign was the one who didn’t look like they knew what they’re doing, they seem to be peaking at just the right time.

Everything Hillary Clinton ever says is a poll-tested pander. Mook’s response was so erratic, it looked like Hillary’s internals are so bad that he doesn’t even know how to pander at this point.

The fact that Mook tried appealing to the center while not pissing off the hardliners or Hillary’s leftist base – and failing miserably at all three – leads me to think that there’s panic setting in in Brooklyn.


Obama Admin Email Revealed -Trying To Stack The Election?

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Ibolya Magyar

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TODAY’S – Government cheating !!!!
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Everything in the Obama/Clinton system is fishy. Vote for Jill Stein to get some honesty and transparency in our government.

Alabama: Can’t find job because don’t speak Spanish…



A white middle class Alabama woman says she has been rejected by prospective employers because she doesn’t speak Spanish.  

Sandra Langlois, a native of Albertville, Alabama, told CNN the changing demographics brought on by illegal immigration has left working class whites like herself struggling to find gainful employment.

Langlois, a 42-year-old woman who as a child immigrated to the United States legally from Germany, said: ‘It’s kind of, really, discrimination. If you’re not here legally, then you need to go ahead and go back home… They need to come over here the right way. Don’t sneak over. Don’t stay here.’

The influx of immigrants – both legal and illegal – has made it harder for native-born Americans who don’t speak Spanish to find jobs in areas of the country that have grown more ethnically diverse in recent years.

Albertville is a town that reflects the demographic changes that are having a major economic impact in wide swaths of the country.

Its population numbers 21,462 – with 30 per cent of those Hispanic. Nearly 3,800 locals were born outside the US.

Though Albertville is known as the home of the Mueller Company, the fire hydrant-manufacturing giant, it is also the place where poultry processing plants have come in and hired a labor force made up predominantly of immigrants.

Locals like Langlois say the large immigrant population has made it harder for those here legally to find work.

‘It’s just not fair,’ she says. ‘It’s like they’re getting special treatment.’

Others, however, say that the immigrants have bolstered the economy because they are willing to do jobs that native whites will not do.

‘There’s plenty of jobs,’ says an Albertville resident, Ronnie Wise. ‘You’ve just got to want to do it.’

Wise, who is himself unemployed, told CNN that the local economy benefits from a large immigrant population.

‘A lot of people don’t want to [work in certain jobs], and they (immigrants) will. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have any chicken plants here.’

CNN cited a poll which said that 27 per cent of working class whites believe that their families have been negatively impacted by illegal immigrants taking jobs in their communities.

Of that number, 80 per cent want the government to deport them.

The poll numbers indicate that the sentiment is even stronger in the South, where the changes in population make-up are most acutely felt.

The survey cited by CNN shows that almost half of working class whites (47 per cent) see immigrants as a burden. The number of white college graduates who feel the same way drops to 20 per cent.


‘There’s no place [in Albertville] to really be away from them anymore,’ said one local, Joe Lusk, a 59-year-old fence company owner.

White working class angst over economic woes and immigration is fueling the popularity of Donald Trump‘s candidacy for president.

Trump is expected to easily win Alabama and other Southern states where anxiety over illegal immigration is highest.

Nonetheless, it appears that the illegal immigrant population in the US is holding steady. In some states, it might even be dropping.

A new survey by the Pew Research Center indicates that the number of illegal immigrants in Georgia has dropped, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The survey found that overall in the US, the number of illegal immigrants in the country since the Great Recession has held steady, while the number of undocumented aliens from Mexico has dropped, The Wall Street Journal has reported.