Luis Gutierrez: Post office delays causing Dreamers to lose DACA amnesty

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By Stephen Dinan

Some illegal immigrant “Dreamers” are demanding leniency from the government, saying they applied for renewed protections under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals deportation amnesty, but were denied because the post office delivered their applications too late.

At least 21 cases have emerged from the Chicago area, according to Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, and activist groups in New York have reported delayed applications there as well.

“I don’t care if it was incompetence by one federal agency or the other, the DACA applicants did everything right and they are still getting rejection notices and their whole lives in this country and the hopes and dreams of their families are at stake,” said Mr. Gutierrez, a Democrat who demanded the Trump administration take steps to clean up the mess.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency handling the applications, blamed the U.S. Postal Servicefor the problems and said it was “committed to working with the USPS to understand and address the USPS  error that occurred that delayed the mail.”

The agency gave no hint of relaxing its deadline, though, saying the same system worked for more than 10 million other applications last year.

“Given the volume of mail, and the variety of ways in which applicants can submit a timely request, USCIS has a long-established policy, tied to regulation, that the official ‘receipt date’ is the day that USCIS physically receives a properly filed application, petition or request,” the agency said.

Tens of thousands of Dreamers rushed to get in applications for renewal between Sept. 5 and Oct. 5 after President Trump announced a six-month phaseout of the DACA program, the legally suspect 2012 temporary amnesty that protected as many as 800,000 illegal immigrants from deportation and granted them a foothold in society.

Under the phaseout, those whose applications were to expire before March 5 could apply for a renewed two-year permit — as long as their application was received by USCIS by Oct. 5.

That set off a scramble to reapply and to get the $495 filing fee.

Of the 155,000 people who were eligible to apply in the six-month window, about 133,000 filed applications on time.

Another 5,000 applications came in late, Homeland Security officials said.

It’s unclear how many of those were due to post office problems, but Mr. Gutierrez said he knows of applications sent as early as Sept. 13 — three weeks before the deadline — that were rejected for being too late.

In one case involving registered mail the post office said it delivered the package Oct. 5 but USCIS said it didn’t get it until Oct. 6, making the renewal invalid, the congressman said.

“I don’t trust this administration as far as I can throw the White House and all its occupants. They feel they have a mandate to turn documented immigrants into undocumented immigrants so they can deport more people,” Mr. Gutierrez said.

The New York Immigration Coalition and Legal Aid Society said it has filed open-records requests to try to get to the bottom of what happened.

They doubted the rejections were mistakes or hiccups. Camille Mackler, director of immigration legal policy at the coalition, said it seemed like “systematic attempt to enact this administration’s anti-immigrant agenda.”

They said there’s an easy solution — accept all applications that were postmarked by Oct. 5.

Mr. Gutierrez and Rep. Mike Coffman, Colorado Republican, had warned USCIS about the potential problems months ago.

In a letter to Homeland Security and USCIS on Sept. 18, they said the immigration service had used postmarks to judge submission dates for other applications before, and said not respecting postmark dates “runs contrary to the federal government’s historic policy on immigration deadlines.”

They never received a response to their letter.



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BALTIMORE, MD (Breitbart) – Two MS-13 gang members that are in the country illegally and are wanted fugitives for various murders in the U.S. were recently caught hiding in Maryland.

Federal authorities arrested Misael “Temblor” Zambrano Gonzalez in southeast Baltimore after a brief foot chase in a residential area. The man is wanted on two separate murder warrants in two states.

According to information released by the U.S. Marshals Service, Zambrano is wanted for the 2016 murder of a 16-year-old male teen in Houston, Texas. Zambrano fled to Maryland where he reportedly carried out another homicide in 2017. Zambrano is also a suspect in the July 30 murder of 35-year-old Wilson Hernandez in Indianapolis.

According to the Tennessean, Zambrano and Hernandez got into a heated argument over a woman that escalated to the point where Zambrano stabbed the victim eight times in the back. Shortly after, Zambrano was reportedly able to escape authorities by jumping from a balcony.

Deputy U.S. Marshals and local authorities also tracked down and arrested Milton A. Portillo Rodriguez, an MS-13 member from El Salvador who is wanted for his alleged role in another murder in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

The capture of both men was done with the use of task forces and special response teams since they are considered to be armed and dangerous. These high-risk arrest operations have become more common in Maryland as law enforcement is forced to deal with the increasing presence of MS-13 members and other criminal alien gangs. At the same time, politicians who push a pro-immigration agenda inadvertently created a breeding ground for the MS-13 as they are able to recruit and expand operations in sanctuary cities.

In Washington, D.C., officials went beyond pushing sanctuary policies and dedicated a $500,000 legal defense fund aimed at helping illegal immigrants and their families in case they are arrested by federal authorities, Breitbart Texas reported.

Ramos Says That The “Trump Effect” Is Scaring Illegal Immigrants From Coming To The US! (VIDEO Inside)

Jorge Ramos made a point that illegal immigrants are petrified by the “Trump Effect” and it is making them unwilling to ever attempt to somehow slip into the United States.

The author and journalist for Univision showed up on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, and attempted to explain the phenomenon that, after Trump took office, illegal immigration dropped no less than 40%.

“These people, calling their relatives and their friends in Latin America, saying, ‘Don’t come here, this is not the right moment.’ So I think it is possible.”

“Really no one wants illegal immigration, not even undocumented immigrants. It is very risky for them. It is better to do it in a legal way.”

In fact, this is the same deliberation that Conservatives have been giving forever. If the federal government makes it evident that it will not put up with illegal immigration any more, and that it had been constructing firm immigration laws, upcoming potential illegal aliens would not be even willing to come to the United States illegally.

Ramos ended his elaboration with something brighter and that is that America’s illegal immigration population has stayed unchanged over the last ten years.

“…I think, many Americans, many people who voted for Donald Trump, they really have to understand that there’s no invasion. No one is invading the United States.”

“Mexicans are not invading the United States. The undocumented population has remained stable at about 11 million for the last decade. So those are the positive things.”

Naturally, there are liberals who think all of this is based on nothing but assumptions. In any case, that is only them not being able to accept the fact that our country has become the safest it has been in years! And we owe everything to the “Trump Effect.” This couple of months since taking office, Trump has been tirelessly working on securing laws that would disable many illegal immigrants from stepping on our soil and potentially claiming the lives of many Americans through all sorts of terrorist attacks!

Wake up people! Trump is the single best thing that has happened to USA and its safety!

Have a further look in the statement here:

Dems, Illegal Aliens Riot Inside Senate Building To Force DACA Amnesty

Illegal alien agitators and globalist Democrats staged a riot inside a Senate Office building and authorities did nothing to stop it. The perfect chance to line em up and ship em out…


By Rick Wells

The dishonest leftist media reports it as if it’s a natural organic response to a legitimate complaint, illegal aliens rising up to protest against Republicans and demand citizenship. Certainly there is nothing spontaneous, natural or legitimate with any of it, but propagandists aren’t there to report the truth.

Hundreds of illegal alien squatters and their American enablers took to the Hart Senate building on Thursday, in what the media is describing as a mass protest. What it really was was an illegal occupation and a missed opportunity for a mass deportation that should not have been allowed to pass without being capitalized upon.

The complainers are clearly organized by the left, with other events in other cities as well. The globalist commie Democrats are trying to intimidate non-RINO Republicans into cowering to them and make the path for betrayal of the American citizens easier for all Republicans, weak, extra-weak and RINOs to take.

In case the frequency of the absurdity clouds anyone’s thinking it’s important to remember that illegals have no right to demand anything. The best they should be able to do is request an aisle or window seat on the bus or plane home. They have no right to be in this country, no right to make any demands and should have been collected by the complicit Capitol Police and ICE and disposed of rather than coddled and tolerated. Their conduct demonstrates, as if we didn’t already know, this rabble is not the kind of people we want in this country.

The leftist push for a December vote approving DACA amnesty is on and this was part of the Democrat and RINO theatrics in the lead up. Filling up fifteen or twenty buses is the kind of strong signal that would put a stop to lawlessness in America, the kind of message that wasn’t delivered.   [VIDEO BELOW]

If they had been white citizens, they would have been declared to be domestic terrorists, skin heads or Klansmen and there would have been a much more visible police presence and perhaps some arrests for being the American citizens that they are.

But these are foreigners who are violating our laws and parasitically sucking off our society, useful tools for the globalist Democrats in their march towards national destruction. The Capitol Police have been told to keep their “hands off.” They have Democrat leadership that’s having trouble even with prosecuting Pakistani spies and the traitors involved in Congress.

At least one might have thought that ICE, under President Trump, would have had the guts and the green light to do their jobs; they aren’t generally intimidated by mobs of illegals. But acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke and the Trump nominee to head the agency, Kirstjen Nielsen, both support amnesty for the DACA illegals and more. Of course the foreign squatters were allowed to take over a key government building without any response from the complicit authorities.

There’s a new name in the Soros leftist bloc that is made their debut Thursday as a weapon in the attack on the fabric of America. UndocuBlack is a hybrid BLM and LaRaza anti-white, anti-sovereignty, anti-American agitation group. They made their initial appearance along the road to cultural Marxism on Thursday, describing themselves as a “multigenerational network of Black undocumented people organizing our communities and building power.”

Another race based agitation group, this one for illegals, is exactly what America doesn’t need. We’re getting closer and closer to the point where similar white groups are going to form in response to being pushed around by racist anti-American special interests.

Of course, those citizens will be denounced as racists and white supremacists for doing less than what the illegal foreigners are doing in a country they have no right to be.

Democrats are deliberately trying to force this nation into a race war. That’s part of the plan. If anyone thinks this will stop with surrendering on DACA, they’re in for a big surprise. This will stop when America is no longer America, when we are nothing but a spot on a globalist map and DC swamp is officially renamed Sorosville.