If some countries aren’t shitholes, then why do people flee to the US?

Kit Daniels | – JANUARY 12, 2018

Notice how the anti-Trump media is more concerned about defending the “honor” of shithole countries than defending the rights of American citizens:

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Limbaugh: Reaction to Trump ‘Shithole’ Remarks ‘Faux Rage,’ ‘Made Up’ for Cameras, Microphones

by JEFF POOR 12 Jan 2018

Friday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh dismissed the reaction to the remarks reportedly made by President Donald Trump deeming some nations to be “shithole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of congressional leaders on immigration policy.

Limbaugh called it “faux rage” and said much of it was an act for the cameras and microphone.

“All I can tell you is I have been there,” Limbaugh said. “I have been in the midst of these kinds of firestorms, folks. And I can tell you this is all faux rage. It is faux anger. It is faux outrage. It is made up. It is for the cameras. It’s for the microphones. It’s for the audience. It’s based on the presumption everybody finds Trump reprehensible and always has and this is just the final straw. And I don’t believe these people are sincerely outraged. They are sincerely excited because it is yet what they believe is another opportunity to get rid of Trump.”

Limbaugh predicted this would be another failed effort to undermine the president’s credibility in the eyes of the American people.

“They need to consult history,” he continued. “The NBC ‘Access Hollywood’ video didn’t do it. Trump’s remarks when he announced his candidacy didn’t do it. They, to this day, do not know why Trump is popular. They do not know why Trump is elected. They think they do, and they chalk it up to, ‘There must be more bigots in America than we thought. There must be more racists in America than we thought. They’re still in a massive state of denial. And I think they are becoming more and more unhinged as each day goes by that they haven’t been able to get rid of Trump.”

Gohmert – Sh**hole Sideshow Uproar a Dem Diversion To Pressure Trump On Amnesty

By Rick Wells

Rep Gohmert sees the distraction of the hand-wringing globalist Dems for what it is, a diversion of focus from the anti-white racism of US policy they created. Amnesty talk from

Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX) doesn’t bother to defend President Trump’s choice of language to describe the “sh*thole countries” that receive what is an obvious racist preference for immigration as part of the browning of America initiated by the globalists Bush and Obama.

He instead chooses to focus on the frustration that the President, Congress and patriotic Americans who voted for him feel with the process. Gohmert notes, “The only people they want to talk about being dreamers are people who came into the country illegally.” Gohmert notes that they’re not kids any longer and many of them don’t even speak English, despite their free educations and support.

He also reminds the audience how every instance of amnesty talk results in a surge at the border and how anyone given any type of legal status will eventually be made a citizen, citing the 3/5 of a person from the days of American slavery as a situation that will not be repeated for long.

Gohmert points out the obvious that nobody wants to talk about, the fact that those who are demanding the immediate legalization of these non-citizens are the same ones to obstruct any effort at border security. Their goals are not to secure the nation but to maintain the flow of illegals until we are sufficiently overwhelmed and our nation is stolen away from us.

He says that a wall is not necessary for the entire length of the border but that there are hundreds of miles where it is. He also draws lessons from the 1986 amnesty in which border security and amnesty were combined into one bill. The amnesty was implemented immediately and the security never happened.

He says, “We have got to not put the cart before the horse or we’re going to run this cart and horse right off the cliff.” Shannon Bream states that there are people unhappy on both the right and the left with what they are hearing proposed so far.

Gohmert injects, “Like the people who voted for Donald Trump.” Bream agrees, “Yeah, a lot of those folks, you’re absolutely right.” Hopefully President Trump was watching.

*(IT’S OK WHEN A DEMOCRAT SAYS IT) – FLASHBACK: Ted Kennedy on 1965 bill: ‘It will not inundate America with immigrants from… deprived nations of Africa and Asia’

by KATIE MCHUGH 30 Mar 2015

On Monday, President Barack Obama gave an emotional speechcommemorating the $79 million replica of the Senate chamber at the Edward M. Kennedy Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

The thrust of Obama’s speech condemned America as an unimaginative, prejudiced, unambitious country whose only hope lies in liberals who selflessly dedicate their lives to leading it out of the darkness.

The replica of the Senate chamber celebrated the “hard, frustrating, never-ending” war progressives wage against America on its behalf, Obama declared.

“We live in a time of such great cynicism about all our institutions. And we are cynical about government and about Washington, most of all. It’s hard for our children to see, in the noisy and too often trivial pursuits of today’s politics, the possibilities of our democracy — our capacity, together, to do big things,” Obama said. “And this place can help change that. It can help light the fire of imagination, plant the seed of noble ambition in the minds of future generations. Imagine a gaggle of school kids clutching tablets, turning classrooms into cloakrooms and hallways into hearing rooms, assigned an issue of the day and the responsibility to solve it.”

Children in America are brought up with a backwards view of the world, Obama said. Their moral universes are small and prejudiced, but progressive governing will open their minds.

“Imagine their moral universe expanding as they hear about the momentous battles waged in that chamber and how they echo throughout today’s society. Great questions of war and peace, the tangled bargains between North and South, federal and state; the original sins of slavery and prejudice; and the unfinished battles for civil rights and opportunity and equality,” said America’s first black president, elected after he promised Americans a “post-racial presidency.”

Obama obliquely referred to Kennedy’s role in pushing his influential political accomplishment: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. 

“Towards the end of his life, Ted reflected on how Congress has changed over time. And those who served earlier I think have those same conversations. It’s a more diverse, more accurate reflection of America than it used to be, and that is a grand thing, a great achievement,” Obama said.

In this case, Obama is right: It’s worth reflecting on how much America has changed since 1965, and examine the effects of the legislation Kennedy promoted that brought it about.

The passage of the act marked a fundamental change in America’s immigration policy: Rather than serving the interests of Americans and national unity by setting limits on immigration, the act put “family unification” as the top priority, serving the interests of foreigners first.

Kennedy declared:

“First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same…

Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset… Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia…

In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think… The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.”

How have Kennedy’s promises stood up to the passage of time?

Fifty years later, the Census bureau predicts that the foreign-born population is set to increase 85 percent by 2060, where Hispanics will see their number grow by the tens of millions and native-born whites are the only group expected to decline in both absolute numbers and fertility rates.

Fifty years later, the U.S. places no numerical limit on the immediate family members of aliens admitted into the country. Despite holding only five percent of the world’s population, the U.S. is the most popular destination in the world for immigrants, attracting 20 percent of all the world’s migrants.

Fifty years later, the U.S. allows some 11 to 20 million illegal aliens to squat on its territory while allowing over one million more each year to legally enter the country.

Fifty years later, the native-born population of whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews and all the rest suffer economic loss while the foreign-born see net job growth.

Fifty years later, Central American governments are propped up by $12.2 billion in remittances taken out of the American economy by foreign workers the U.S. refuses to tax or expel.

Fifty years later, Central American migrants, thousands of whom are indigenous Mayanswho can’t write or speak even Spanish, storm the border in endless waves while federal agents fly them to nearly every state in the union without so much as a photo ID — while American citizens are fondled and scanned by the very same TSA agents.

Fifty years later, we have Rep. Luis Gutierrez threatening Americans in Spanish, vowing they they will be made to suffer “electoral punishment” for resisting a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, declaring his one loyalty is the not to the United States but to foreigners breaking immigration laws, and printing “Do Not Deport Me” cards for those same individuals.

Fifty years later, Americans are led by a president who illegally grants deportation stays for five million illegals that will allow them to get Social Security numbers (and therefore the ability to vote in U.S. elections) along with $35,000 per head in tax benefit freebiesforcibly taken Americans who managed to hold onto their jobs, who joyfully predicts that a “President Rodriguez” will leave the borders wide open for future tsunamis of immigrants.

Fifty years later, American schools punish “racist” students who wear shirts depicting the American flag and taxpayer-funded colleges vote to ban the flag after angry illegal immigrants complain it “triggers” them.

Fifty years later, illegal alien Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros received no jail time after she slaughtered two Oregon children playing in a leaf pile by running them over, fleeing the scene, having her car taken to a car wash to scrub off the gore, and lying to police about her hit-and-run.

Fifty years later, illegal alien Ramiro Ajualip is charged with savagely raping and sodomizing a 10-year-old Alabama girl while her parents left her alone in the presence of their “family friend.”

Fifty years later, Vanessa Pham’s family carries on without their daughter, who died after the PCP-addled illegal alien Julio Blanco Garcia stabbed her more than a dozen times after she gave him and his toddler a ride to a hospital.

Fifty years later, American marathon runners walk on prosthetic limbs and suffer through countless painful surgeries after Muslim Chechen immigrants Tamerlane and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were granted asylum so they could plot against the country that bent over backwards to accommodate them.

Fifty years later in Boston, where English colonists sparked what would become the American Revolution, nearly half of all children have at least one foreign-born parent. “Learning English isn’t so easy” thanks to incredible demand for adult English-language classes, reports “Boston can’t benefit from its diversity if everyone can’t communicate.” Taxpayers are on the hook for $500,000 to teach just 200 students, yet total enrollment in these classes stands at 3,400 with another 4,000 immigrants on wait lists.

The costs Americans pay in lowered wages, strained social safety nets, their children’s blood, their declining quality of life, the chaos of sharing space with an ever-swelling criminal population aided and abetted by the nation’s elite, the berating Americans of every stripe endure when they dare ask their country merely be preserved — that’s the real legacy of Ted Kennedy.

That the ruling class celebrates his legacy indicates that they don’t plan to stop transforming America any time soon.

*(These are the same people who love to call Southern states “redneck” and “backwards” states) – Mark Levin Show: Leftists can’t stop talking about “sh*thole countries” remark by Donald Trump

Published on Jan 12, 2018

The leftist media can’t stop talking about Trump reportedly talking about immigrants from sh*thole countries. Many people fled countries like Haiti, Cuba, Syria, and Venezuela to get out of the terrible circumstance caused by their failed centralized governments. Democrats tell us all the time that these immigrants can’t return to their countries because of all the crime and disease. Isn’t that a definition of a sh*thole? (audio from 01-11-2018)