MSNBC Panel: Trump Running 'Concentration Camps' For Illegal Immigrant Kids

Far-left taking fake news to another level

Twitchy – JUNE 16, 2018

As we told you earlier, Joe Scarborough doubled down on comparing the Trump administration’s border policies to the Nazis, but Scarborough’s not the only person on MSNBC making that similar allegation:

The two people accusing the Trump administration of running concentration camps for kids at the border were former Obama 2012 campaign staffer Stephanie Cutter and ex-RNC chairman Michael Steele.


And Trump’s first term isn’t even half over. Just imagine where the rhetoric might be headed.



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Immigration, Terrorism Dominate EU Public Opinion Poll

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By Dan Lyman

A new Eurobarometer poll conducted for the European Commission reveals that immigration and terrorism are the overwhelming top concerns across the bloc.

Respondents in 21 out of 28 EU member states ranked immigration as the number one issue, and the subject received the highest overall mentions (38%) followed by terrorism (29%).

Estonians are most concerned with immigration (62%) followed by Czechs (58%) and Hungarians (56%).

Six remaining member states ranked immigration in second place, with Portugal providing the only aberration, where it was the fifth most important issue.

Terrorism – which can often be linked to immigration – was the most important issue in seven nations.

Interestingly, in Sweden, where lax border controls and an open door to migrants have lead to a stunning surge in sex crimesviolence and no-go zones, ‘climate change’ was the biggest concern for 29% of respondents – the highest in the EU.

Results of the Eurobarometer poll track closely with those of a YouGov survey conducted in 11 European countries in April.

As Infowars Europe reported, immigration was the primary concern in nine countries and second most important in two more, and terrorism ranked first or second in nine of those nations, as well.

In a 2017 study conducted by Chatham House, the think tank made similar discoveries with a comparable sampling of over 10,000 Europeans, finding that “across all 10 of the European countries an average of 55% agreed that all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped, 25% neither agreed nor disagreed and 20% disagreed.”

Immigration concerns have most recently engulfed Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s reign teeters on the brink.

Debunked: Viral image of crying, caged toddler ‘detained by ICE’ not what it seems

Debunked: Viral image of crying, caged toddler ‘detained by ICE’ not what it seems

A distressing image of a crying toddler locked in a barred cage after purportedly being detained by US immigration officials has gone viral – but despite online claims, it does not actually depict what has been alleged.

The image, which shows a little boy crying in a cage as he looks out between its bars, was shared by activist journalist and undocumented migrant Jose Antonio Vargas as a comment on the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown on families.

In the same thread, Vargas admitted that he came across the photo on a friend’s timeline and was still looking for the original source. Nevertheless, the snap quickly went viral with Vargas’ post garnering more than 23,000 retweets and many others sharing the image across their own social media accounts.

Vargas explained that he shared the photo because when was he detained by ICE in McAllen, Texas in 2014, he encountered children who were locked up there. “It wasn’t okay then; it’s not okay now,” he wrote, adding that he’s been outraged about the incident for years.

It has since emerged that the picture was in fact not from a detention facility at all, and instead was taken at a protest against Trump’s immigration policies held on June 10 outside Dallas City Hall. The demonstration organized by Brown Berets de Cemanahuac was held to call out the policy of family separation and confining undocumented children.


The photo of the child in the cage was taken by Leroy Peña and posted, but apparently since deleted from his Facebook page. Peña confirmed to PolitiFact that he took the original photo, explaining that the boy had followed his brother into the enclosure and then got upset when he saw his mother outside. “He was only in there 30 seconds,” Peña said.

Other photos from the protest show the boy walking around.


View image on Twitter

Some activists, however, appear to believe that the origin of the photo is irrelevant, arguing that it documents a real issue even if this particular image is not as it first seems.

Arizona lawmaker Catherine Miranda was among those to defend the staged photo, reported Phoenix New Times. The Democrat senator who is running for US Congress shared the photo alongside the comment, “How does taking a 4-year-old from their parents and jailing them make us safer? The cruelty of Trump’s policies of today are real. Families belong together not torn apart and most definitely should not be caged like an animal.”

Despite several users bringing it to her attention that the circumstances of the photo were not what they were purported to be, she did not remove the post and criticised users for presenting her with the facts.

“You’re part of the problem of division. If I’m letting people know an example of a picture that Trump supports… jump on board with fighting against it. Stop being part of dividing our Latino community,” she responded.

READ MORE: Trump blames Dems’ ‘bad legislation’ for his own child-separation policy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a “zero-tolerance” policy that pledged to separate immigrants illegally crossing the border from their children in April. This was put into action by Homeland Security in May as they began referring all cases of illegal entry for criminal prosecution.

Almost 2,000 children have been separated from their parents in a six-week period, according to Department of Homeland Security figures obtained by AP.

Some 1,995 minors were separated from 1,940 adults from April 19 through May 31, according to the figures. The separations were not broken down by age, and included separations for illegal entry, immigration violations, or possible criminal conduct by the adult.

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Promoting diversity? Teacher wears full face Muslim veil, reads from Koran in Swiss school

Promoting diversity? Teacher wears full face Muslim veil, reads from Koran in Swiss school

A teacher in Switzerland has made headlines after wearing a full face veil and reading passages from the Koran out loud during a lesson on Islam, local media reports. The stunt was apparently aimed at promoting diversity.

“She [the teacher] came into class completely veiled without warning and started reading lines from [the] Koran out loud”, students from a vocational school in the Swiss capital told local 20 Minuten newspaper.

Though nobody is said to have left the class, the extraordinary move raised a few eyebrows. Some of the students claimed later that “it did not belong in a classroom,” the news outlet reports.

READ MORE: ‘Incompatible with Danish values’: Denmark plans face veil ban with hefty fines for offenders

The video released by 20 Minuten claims to show the teacher in question wearing a niqab – a Muslim face-covering veil – reading passages from the Koran. Some of the words are bleeped out. The teacher, however, is not a Muslim and reportedly bought the niqab during a vacation in Egypt.

The school administration backed the lesson as promoting diversity. The teacher was discussing the book ‘The Kite Runner’ by Afghan-American author Khaled Hosseini. Set in the late 1970s, the book tells the story of the fall of Afghanistan’s monarchy and the rise of the Taliban.

“Individual aspects were discussed in class, such as the history of Afghanistan or the Taliban,” Daniel Hurter, the deputy director of the school, said“[This] Thursday [the class] was about Islam.” He even claimed students were “happy” with how the subject was presented.

The ‘Koran teaching’ lesson has nevertheless sparked controversy outside the walls of the school. Stefan Wittwer, from a local union of education facilities, said that if the teacher presented the topic without context, it would not be appropriate. He added that “realistic teaching is a good thing.”

Local politician Irene Kalin said the approach was “insensitive” and that it would have been better if the teacher had invited a Muslim woman to read the Koran.
Another politician, Matthias Aebischer, echoed her statement, saying the teacher should have just taken the niqab to class and shown it without wearing it. “To discuss Buddhism, she probably wouldn’t come and meditate in a monk’s robe.” 

Around 350,000 of Switzerland’s population of 8.3 million are Muslim. In December 2017, Swiss authorities rejected a campaign sponsored by the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) calling for a nationwide ban on face veils. The federal government referred the issue to individual cantons. It noted that Ticino and St. Gallen cantons opted for a ban, while the others were opposed.

Legislation banning full face veils has been adopted by a number of European countries, while in several others, laws are currently under consideration. France was the first EU country to ban Islamic face veils in public places in 2010, citing security reasons.

Earlier in June, the upper house of the Dutch Parliament finally put to a vote a controversial bill banning face veils in public places, including public transport and schools.

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Muslim Students to Swedish Teacher: Won’t Listen to You “Because You’re White”

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By Ben Warren

Swedish teachers are concerned over Muslim students’ open hostility to non-Muslims allegedly learned from their extracurricular Koran studies.

Kent Karlsson, a teacher at a school with students from grades three to six in Borlänge, said Muslim students wouldn’t listen to him because he was white or a non-Muslim.

“… Students question teachers who do not have [a] Muslim background by saying, ‘I do not listen to you because you are white’ or ‘You are not Muslim, why should I listen to you?’” He said. “This occurs in all age groups, from six-year-olds to thirteen-year-olds.”

“It worries me if some of the children in the Koran school interprets that it is only Muslim men and women to listen to.”

The additional course-load is reportedly taking a toll on the young students’ performance as koran studies can be three to five days a week after normal school hours.

Other teachers who wished to remain anonymous said the Muslim students are not doing their homework or even passing because of the workload learning Islamic scriptures requires.

“… The children are tired and unable to do the maths or writing lessons they received at school. [It] is clear they miss knowledge,” says one teacher.

Karlsson recognized the merits of memorizing long texts, but was ultimately concerned with whether or not the Koran studies took precedent over his Swedish curriculum.

“If all the power is needed to learn these texts on the outside, and that the power is not left to work with the school that is mandatory, then I can say I’m worried,” he says.

Correspondingly, Swedish officials are on record with concerns that a “shadow society” is forming among migrants who refuse to assimilate.

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Majority Whip Steve Scalise Joins President Trump in Opposition to Paul Ryan’s Amnesty Bill ‘will not support immigration legislation that the president opposes’

Trump, Ryan, Scalise

By Matthew Boyle

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise opposes House Speaker Paul Ryan’s amnesty plan, his office confirmed to Breitbart News on Friday. Scalise joins President Donald Trump in opposing the Ryan amnesty plan, which is scheduled at this time for a vote next Thursday in the House.

“Scalise did not, in fact, whip the compromise legislation today, and he does not intend to whip any immigration bill unless it has the support of President Trump,” Scalise spokeswoman Lauren Fine told Breitbart News. “He will not support immigration legislation that the president opposes.”

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s office continues to decline to answer whether he will stand with President Trump or with lame duck Paul Ryan’s amnesty plan. But now, it is clear the House GOP leadership team is divided, as Ryan is the only member of the leadership team on record in favor of this amnesty plan the speaker put forward, all as President Trump came out in strong opposition to it on Friday morning.

Trump, on Fox and Friends, said that he “certainly wouldn’t sign” the lame duck Ryan’s amnesty bill if it ever made it to his desk.

Scalise’s opposition to the Ryan bill, his office confirmed, is predicated on the fact that President Trump opposes it. If that somehow changes, Scalise’s position could change. But, Scalise himself told Breitbart News he stands with the president.

“As we draft legislation to fix our broken immigration system, I’m working with President Trump on a bill that secures the border, fully funds the wall, closes loopholes on enforcement, and solves the DACA problem in a way that restores the rule of law,” Scalise told Breitbart News.

In other words, the Ryan bill does not do those things, President Trump opposes it, and Scalise stands with Trump against Ryan and the speaker’s amnesty plan.

Desperate administration officials who were involved with Ryan in crafting the amnesty plan have since claimed–anonymously–to The Hill newspaper that the president misspoke, but several White House officials in contact with the president on this matter have told Breitbart News that The Hill‘s report using anonymous sources is simply incorrect.


While those anonymous quotes in The Hill newspaper appear to suggest otherwise, at least two senior White House officials have told Breitbart News that whoever leaked that inaccurate information was simply mistaken.

“President Trump does not appreciate leakers, especially ones who push inaccurate information,” one White House official said. “He appreciates people who suggest inaccurately he ‘misspoke’ about or ‘misunderstood’ something even less. Swift justice should be coming their way soon.”


“President Trump made his views on the Ryan amnesty bill very clear today,” another White House official said. “Unless he says something different publicly, it should be presumed that he knows exactly what he was talking about and what he was saying and why.”

Now that Scalise has joined President Trump in opposition to the Ryan amnesty plan, Ryan’s position as speaker is on even shakier ground. Rep. Steve King (R-IA), in an interview on Breitbart News Tonight on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel this week, has said that Republicans are discussing now forcibly removing Ryan from the Speakership so as the party can move past his failures onto completing the president’s agenda.


Merkel ‘Pinned to a Wall’ Over Migrant Crisis

Internal party revolt could be beginning of end for Merkel

 | – JUNE 15, 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s grasp on power is slipping as a political revolt over the migrant crisis has her “pinned to a wall,” according to one analyst.

A heated showdown within her government has exposed divisions that many believe cannot be mended and could ultimately lead to her ouster if pressure intensifies.

Merkel’s rejection of tighter border security proposals from her Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, considered a hardliner on immigration, served as the ultimate tipping point, and a scheduled Thursday session in the Bundestag was canceled after failed late-night talks – a rare occurrence.

Analysts at globalist think tanks have been on edge, warning that this could be the beginning of the end for Merkel, who barely cobbled together a coalition months after the 2017 elections.

“To those who argue that Europe’s populist wave is over-hyped, it now has Merkel pinned to a wall,” tweeted Matthew Goodwin, a visiting senior fellow at Chatham House. “Nothing will be the same from hereon. Ivan Krastev was right when he argued that the refugee crisis would be a game changer.”


“I am in Berlin and you can cut the tension with a knife,” asserted Peter Rough of the Hudson Institute. “Merkel is on the brink at the moment. In fact, one foot is over the ledge and she is peering into the abyss. AfD may be merely in opposition, but their pressuring of CSU from the right may lead to end of her chancellorship.”

Tom Wright, senior fellow at the Brookings Institute also weighed in, saying, “Biggest story you’re likely missing right now: Merkel in an internal party crisis in Germany (over migration) and could lose a confidence vote this week, leading to her resignation. Situation in Berlin on a knife edge.”

It is unclear how events will play out over the weekend, but all bets are off the table as the anti-migration populist wave spreads westward across the continent.

Germany’s population has grown by two million since the start of the migrant crisis in 2015.

Dan Lyman: