Government responds by putting people who talk about the problem on a “hate list”

| Infowars.com – MAY 22, 2017

A new study has found that people with a migrant background are responsible for 90% of shootings in Sweden, emphasizing once again how the country’s huge importation of “refugees” is exacerbating social problems.

“Young men with immigrant background are behind almost all murder and assassination attempts by firearms shows a recent survey. Most of them originate in the Middle East and North Africa,” reports FriaTider.

The stats are taken from an investigation by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, which found that out of 100 people involved in assassination and murder attempts where firearms were used, 90 people had at least one foreign-born parent.

Around 80% of the culprits are from Middle Eastern and North African countries such as Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Somalia and Eritrea.

The newspaper speculates that joblessness could be a contributing factor to the crime wave, pointing out that less than 30% of adult Somalis living in Sweden have a job.

“It is a fact that the phenomenon of street violence and violence occurs in some areas, and most of those living there have been foreigners,” said Stockholm University’s Amir Rostami.

The figures back up veteran Swedish police officer Peter Springare’s assertion that crimes he processed, which include rape, assault, violence against police, drug trafficking and murder, were almost exclusively committed by someone named “Mohammed” or a variation of that name and the culprits were invariably from Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Somalia, or Syria.

Instead of addressing why migrants are so vastly overrepresented in crime statistics, Sweden has instead targeted those who dare to draw attention to the problem.

A Swedish government body recently put thousands of people on a “hate list” by blocking Twitter accounts that so much as questioned whether accepting migrants was a good idea. The list also ensnared completely non-political individuals such as Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie.

Other countries in Europe that have accepted large numbers of migrants are also experiencing huge problems with crime.

A report released last year by Germany’s Interior Ministry found that an extra 402,741 crimes were committed by migrants, with non-Germans accounting for 27.6 percent of total offences.


*(From the religion of Peace) – Before and After Sharia Law: A Cautionary Tale

Published on Apr 24, 2017

David Menzies takes us on a trip down memory lane to a time before Islamic countries became theocracies ruled by Sharia Law, a cautionary tale. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/before_and…
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My father’s company sent us to Iran (from the US) in 68, we left in 77. It was nice place, westernized…Iranian women and men dressed liked everyone else. Women wore bikinis, went to school etc….no hated you for being a westerner or christian…..now it’s an Islamic shit hole.
Gustavo Alba

Sharia law is a joke it’s nothing more than to dominate over women liberals will love living under it!
Andrew Wilson

This should be shown to every woman. Women are the beating heart of the far left..This is what’s ahead of them if they follow modern feminism which supports Islam…Look at the Antifa garb…Sharia in training!! 


Exactly the same case in Egypt where im from.. so sickneing
Thomas In Paine

Before and after 1965 Detroit similar severity

Glad this video is back up!!! Everyone needs to see this!

Im guessing it was flagged by a bunch of idiots, so they reuploaded.
Kevin Charles

I wish I could give more thumbs up. I saw a similar video of a Montage of Europe and how the satanic backward progressive religion of Islam destroyed the beauty in culture too


Court also claimed forced anal sex wasn’t rape

| Infowars.com – APRIL 21, 2017

Despite his 14-year-old victim repeatedly saying “no,” a Muslim migrant won’t face rape charges because the court claimed he had “difficulties in interpreting” the word “no.”

The Hovrätten (royal court) of Western Sweden said the Iraqi, who had former convictions, had “suspected ADHD,” which, according to the court, gave him “difficulties in interpreting and interacting with other people as well as recognizing the standards he is expected to live up to.”

This despite video evidence of the girl resisting and repeatedly saying “no” during the sexual assault – and despite evidence indicating the girl was blackmailed by the migrant who reportedly threatened to harass her family.

The court sided with the migrant even further by suggesting the girl’s repeated “no” only pertained to forced anal sex, which the judges somehow did not consider rape.

“Abdul will instead be sentenced for protection and will be included in the Freedom Relation and Relationship Program ROS, instead pay 60,000 SEK [roughly $6,650 US dollars] to the girl in compensation,” reported Swedish media, who also said Abdul is still a citizen of Iraq.

The incident occurred on Oct. 4, 2016 in Gothenburg at Abdul’s own apartment, but it wasn’t reported how the girl got there in the first place.

Another Muslim migrant charged with rape in Sweden two months ago was similarly slapped on the wrist by the court after anally raping a 13-year-old girl.

The Syrian migrant was only sentenced to two months in jail and ordered to pay the equivalent of $2800 to the victim.

He received a light sentence partially because the court accepted his “Syrian papers” claiming he was a minor despite Swedish paperwork stating otherwise.

“The then-17-year-old man, who since turned 18, pulled a 13-year-old girl on one of the school’s toilets, locked the door and then raped her,” reported the Swedish newspaper Expressen.  “During the trial, the convicted rapist’s age has been a major issue.”

“His personal shows that he was born in 1998, and was 18 years old when the crimes were committed, but by his own admission he was born in 1999.”



Senator says bombing will lead to “more death and more refugees”

Steve Watson | Infowars.com – APRIL 10, 2017

Senator Rand Paul, who has been vocal in his opposition of the US missile strike on Syria, hit out at advocates of the action, including his long time rival John McCain, this past weekend, equating their support of military action with “stupidity”.

“Anybody who wants to talk to Putin about a political settlement and helping Assad go away, anybody who wants to talk about that, myself include, will be called by the McCains of this world a friend of Vladimir Putin.” Paul explained in a CNN appearance when asked if there was a political solution to the strife.

“So, as long as we have that kind of stupidity involved in the debate it makes it very hard to get to what many thinking people have said, that the answer in Syria is ultimately a political solution,” Paul told host Michael Smerconish.

Paul was also responding to comments made by McCain earlier in the week, when the long time Senator described Rand Paul as someone who doesn’t “have any real influence” in the Senate, and that “he’s wrong on every other issue that I know of that has to do with national security.”

McCain also said that to describe US involvement in Libya, Iraq and Syria as ‘disastrous’ is “a very different version of history.”

Elsewhere during his interview, Senator Paul doubled down on his belief that the US should not be intervening in Syria.

“As horrific as those attacks were, and as heart-rending as the pictures and the atrocity and the children dying are, I don’t believe that there was a national security interest of the United States,” Paul declared.

Paul said that without “a vote in Congress,” Trump’s missile strikes in Syria were an “inappropriate way to start a war.”

“We have to decide when we are going to intervene as a country, when we are going to put our young men and women, put their lives on the line. And we don’t, frankly, do it for every atrocity in the world,” Paul exclaimed.

“It doesn’t mean we don’t have great sympathy, but we have to debate when and where we go to war. That’s what our founding fathers asked us to do,” he added.

Paul also argued that anyone who argues that a post-9/11 environment gives the President the right to circumvent Congress is “dishonest” and “not intellectually serious.”

“I mean, the generation of 9/11 certainly shouldn’t bind us to a forever war in the Middle East. I think it’s absurd,” Paul added.

The Senator also argued that the situation in Syria is a complex one that cannot be solved by military intervention.

“There can be an endless supply of enemies.” Paul said, asking “who takes over next? Are they better than the current occupant? So are the radical Islamic rebels — the radical Islamic rebels in Syria — better than Assad?”

“There are also two million Christians … in Syria, being protected by Assad, and they fear the Islamic rebels taking over. So there’s a complicated decision-making process as to who are the good guys in the war,” Paul explained.

In a further interview on Fox News, Paul reiterated that Congressional authority for ‘acts of war’ must be sought and that the action in Syria will likely lead to “more death” and “more refugees.”

“War has caused these refugees to flee and has caused these deaths, so, will more war accelerating or accentuating the current war with our involvement, will there be less refugees and less death? I would say there will probably be more death and more refugees.” Paul asserted.

Dem Strategy To Win Back Middle Class Shows How CLUELESS They Are [MEME]

Robert Gehl reports that Democrats aren’t as proud to be Americans as they used to be under Barack Obama.

According to a new Gallup poll, the number of Democrats who say the are “extremely” or “very” proud to be Americans has dropped from 78 percent to 67 percent in the last year. That’s the lowest number Gallup has ever recorded.

Of course, this all has to do with having a Republican in office, especially Donald Trump. The previous low point for Democrats was 74 percent back in 2007, shortly after then-President George W. Bush announced his (successful) Iraq “surge” of troops.

In total, 92 percent of Republicans and 73 percent of Independents said they were “extremely” or “very” proud of their country – the same percentage as one year ago.

Democrats are traditionally less “proud” to be Americans than Republicans. The highest recorded rate for them was shortly after 9/11, when 93 percent said they were proud. At that point, 99 percent of Republicans said they were “proud” Americans.


The drop in patriotism, Gallup concluded, is likely the result of the election of President Trump – his approval rating among Democrats is less than 10 percent.

Overall, however  – counting Republicans, Democrats and Independents – we are still a very proud nation. Three in four U.S. Citizens said they were “extremely” or “very” proud to be an American, even though that was down from 81 percent one year ago.

The percent who said they were “only a little” or “not at all” proud to be Americans rose slightly from 6 to 9 percent.

“Historically, Democrats’ patriotism appears to have been susceptible to considerations such as which party occupies the White House and how the U.S. is faring internationally, while Republicans’ patriotism has been more consistent over time,” Gallup concluded. “Therefore, for U.S. pride to bounce back to where it has been in the past, renewed feelings of patriotism among Democrats will be necessary.”

The poll of 1,526 adults was conducted March 9-29 and the margin of error is plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.


Special Report: CNN Rolls Around In Its Own Filth

CNN and its co-conspirators have backed themselves into a corner

Jon Bowne | Infowars.com – April 8, 2017

In the court of public opinion, the entire sycophantic Obama-nized media has decided to continue lying in the filthy bed they made for themselves after cozying up to the ever-so-charming, Constitution-subverting former President Barack Obama.

A vast majority of Americans have truly had enough of the blatant disinformation.

This is a call to politicians, bureaucracies, law enforcement – basically those of you still out there fighting the good fight in your own little way – to finally pull the plug on this propaganda mutation inhabiting your television.

Open your doors to a whole new wave of media seeking the truth for truth’s sake.

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And, How To Recognize War Propaganda