‘F*ck Trump’: Art Gallery Under Fire For ISIS-Style Trump Beheading

Latest depiction of ‘tolerant’ left’s violent fantasies

 | Infowars.com – JULY 17, 2018

An art gallery in Portland is being blasted online for prominently displaying an image of President Donald Trump being decapitated.

As part of their “Fuck you Mr. President” exhibit held on July 13, One Grand Gallery showed art from leftists still suffering Trump derangement syndrome more than 18 months after his inauguration.

One image displayed on a window facing SE 10th Avenue depicts a brutal ISIS-style decapitation of Trump.

A June 4 call to artists for the exhibit is exemplary of the gallery’s hatred for the sitting US president.

“How far we’ve come since our Bernie Sanders show from the fall of 2016,” the post reads.

“[Trump’s] election has brought out the worst in American citizens, exacerbating political divides, and we have been devastated watching the unfortunate turn of events since” his inauguration,” the now-deleted post read.

“We hate the president and want to let him know,” reads another call to artists.

Another Instagram post seeking artists features a middle finger salute to the Trump Tower in Las Vegas.


On Tuesday, hundreds of Trump supporting commenters inundated the gallery’s Facebook page with pro-Trump memes and statements, while some claimed they were referring the art to the Secret Service.

The unhinged artwork is the latest instance of the Left’s violent fantasy of chopping off Trump’s head.

In the past, Mexican-American metal band Brujeria had a shirt pulled from the Walmart website due to its obscene image featuring the president’s bloody severed head.

And who can forget CNN contributor Kathy Griffin’s off-the-wall 2017 photo shoot in which she held a bloody, decapitated head made in the likeness of US President Donald Trump.

The gallery did not respond to Infowars’ requests for comment at time of publication.

The exhibit will be on display through August 10th.


Radical Islam wins in Sweden: Number of Islamists increases by 900% with children being raised to hate the West – Study


Last year, Swedish authorities declared that the number of Islamist militants in Sweden had risen from 200 to 2,000 over a 10-year period. Now, a 265-page report has been released on the fundamentalist branch of Islam known as Salafism, which advocates a return to ‘pure’ Islam. The report, the largest ever of its kind, shows a clear rise of Salafism in Sweden.

According to the study, which was commissioned by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, a government department, “not all Salafists are jihadists, but all jihadists are Salafists”.

It shows evidence that Salafist preachers in Sweden are co-operating in order to push their message across Muslim communities, and that disturbing every-day behaviour is now common even in children.

The study was created in order to understand, by interviewing police, social workers, and community representatives, how religious beliefs lead to acts of terror.

It found a well-organised ideology that was consciously creating a deep social rift between Muslims and Swedes by pushing for Sweden’s Muslim minority population to reject the country’s mainstream cultural surroundings, allowing terrorists and radical jihadist recruits to emerge.

According to author and prominent extremism researcher Magnus Ranstorp, “Salafists advocate gender segregation, demand that women veil themselves to limit ‘sexual temptation,’ restrict women’s role in the public sphere and strongly oppose listening to music and some sports activities.” The religious movement appears to be highly coordinated.

“It is interesting that the Salafist preachers, on whom the study focuses, appear to be more in cooperation with each other, rather than rivals. Instead, these preachers seem to divide their da’wa (mission) into different geographical areas,” Ranstorp says.

Muslims are encouraged by prominent extremist leaders to refrain from making friends of non-Muslims, to encourage them to love Allah, and to hate non-believers for not following Islam. They are instructed to refrain from joining wider communities and groups and must resist changing their appearance, language and behaviour in order to adapt and integrate with Swedish culture.

Sweden is home to over 800,000 people born outside of Europe (largely from Syria and Iraq) as well as hundreds of thousands of second and third-generation migrants, and these instructions are becoming deeply ingrained in these sections of the population.

In the Swedish municipality of Boras, officials are reporting that they are seeing young children refusing to drink “Christian” water from the taps and washing themselves in the mosque after spending the day in contact with non-Muslims.

In Vasteras, teenage criminals are reportedly using what they are taught about non-Muslims to justify stealing from shops with non-veiled cashiers while shouting “kafir” (a derogatory Arabic term for a non-believer). Other reports have emerged detailing accounts of groups of Muslims harassing immigrant shop owners, demanding to know if they follow Allah and abusing them otherwise.

In Gothenburg, which has supplied more recruits from Sweden to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) than any other city, Salafists informed their followers that voting in secular Swedish elections was “haram” – forbidden.

One interviewee makes it clear that the influence of these extremist Islamist leaders spreads beyond the mosques. “Swedes have no idea how much influence political Islam has in the suburb. Swedish laws are not applied there.”

In its conclusion, the study urges Sweden to be more open to understanding and exposing the clear links between radical Islam and terrorism. “When the then-National Coordinator Against Violent Extremism said that the question of why so many people chose to travel to IS from Sweden was ‘a million dollar question,’ it is an illustration of the overall inability of Swedish authorities (with the exception of police and security police) to see that this problem has not emerged from a vacuum.”


Muslim Party Leader Tells Dutch to Leave Their Own Country if They Don't Like Diversity

“They should get lost!”

 | Infowars.com – JULY 11, 2018

The leader of the Muslim DENK party in the Netherlands has caused controversy by telling Dutch citizens to leave their own country if they don’t like the increasing number of Muslim migrants populating Dutch cities.

“If they don’t like a changing Netherlands in which people with different cultures live… like in the city of Zaandam or the neighbourhood of Poelenburg, they should get lost,” Tunahan Kuzu said during an interview.

Anti-mass immigration politician Geert Wilders responded to Kuzu by telling him to go home to Turkey.

In the 2017 Dutch election, Kuzu’s party, which refuses to recognize the Armenian genocide, attracted 200,000 votes, enabling it to gain three seats in parliament.

What Kuzu is specifically referring to when he speaks of “a changing Netherlands” remains unclear.

Maybe he’s referring to how every year a thousand underage Dutch girls are trafficked into sex slavery by pimps with migrant backgrounds.

Maybe he’s referring to school children being indoctrinated into the new diversity-friendly environment by being made to pray in mosques.


Maybe he’s referring to graffiti scrawled on the wall of a primary school that read, “Cancer Wilders is gonna die,” a reference to the anti-immigration politician, “attack Jews,” “kill all Jews,” “Jews gonna die,” or the term “ISIS”.


Maybe he’s referring to the fact that violent homophobic attacks on gay people in Holland by Muslim migrant youths are increasing.

Maybe he’s referring to the fantastic economic benefits that Muslim migrants bring to the Netherlands, like the 85% of “refugees” who remain unemployed and on welfare since they arrived in the country in 2014.

Maybe he’s referring to Holland’s Turkish population, who occasionally stage riots in support of Islamist dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In any case, the message is clear, get on board with the new way of doing things, or get out of the country.


ISIS Group Warns of Knife-Wielding Terrorists on Commercial Flights

By Bridget Johnson

The pro-ISIS group that in January depicted the invasion of Washington and in February declared “Paris before Rome,” depicting a terrorist invasion that began with cells in the countryside outside Paris before attacking the city, circulated a warning online to commercial aviation.

The Al-Abd al-Faqir Media release comes on the heels of a March video depicting a global caliphate, showing a Facebook-style profile of “John Stephen,” a white man with a closely trimmed beard and an image of the White House exploding in flames as his banner photo.

In the new poster, a clean-shaven dark-haired white man sits in the aisle seat during a commercial flight, a knife blade jutting out from his hand.

“You will be an easy prey,” the poster warned in English, French and Arabic.

While ISIS still distributes propaganda including video, audio, stories and photos through the group’s official propaganda channels, ISIS-supporting media groups have taken up the task of whipping up the grass-roots with suggested attack methods and targets.

A Modesto, Calif., tow-truck driver arrested and charged in December with hatching a holiday plot to attack San Francisco’s Pier 39 apparently paid attention to ISIS supporters’ propaganda posters. Everitt Aaron Jameson loved with a heart, said the criminal complaint, a poster from ISIS supporters showing Santa overlooking Times Square with a box of dynamite at his side.

The Al-Faqir aviation warning was distributed on Telegram and other online forums.

The only knives the Transportation Security Administration allows in carry-on bags are plastic or round-bladed butter knives. All other knives must be in checked baggage.

This month Australia confirmed that one of their citizens was captured in an ISIS plot to bring down an Etihad Airways plane flying from Sydney to Abu Dhabi last year. The explosives were smuggled inside of a meat grinder and Barbie doll, and would have gotten onto the plane had it not been for an Etihad check-in employee at Sydney’s airport who flagged the bag for being 15 pounds over the weight limit.

Australian officials dubbed it one of the “most sophisticated plots that has ever been attempted on Australian soil.”

Lebanese officials said Amer Khayyat tried to smuggle two explosive devices as a backup in case one didn’t detonate as planned. The plot allegedly called for the devices to detonate 20 minutes after takeoff.

ISIS & Africa terrorist groups stirring new, bigger migrant crisis for Europe – UN food chief

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau speaking in a video message. January 2, 2018 / AFP

Islamic State leaders who fled Syria are now conspiring with terrorist groups in Africa to use food as a recruitment tool and weapon to trigger another migrant crisis in Europe, the head of the UN World Food Program has warned.

David Beasley said that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) was partnering with terrorist groups like Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda to spark a wave of African migration into Europe – and infiltrate the ranks of migrants in the process.

Many IS militants are fleeing from the wannabe caliphate that failed to appear in Syria and Iraq. But now they have reportedly found refuge in Africa’s Sahel region, a belt of semi-arid land spanning east-west across Africa south of the Sahara Desert. According to Beasley, the terrorist coalition is now using food as a weapon to destabilize the region, which is home to 500 million people, and force a new wave of mass migration into Europe.

“You are going to face a similar pattern of what took place years ago, except you are going to have more ISIS and extremist groups infiltrating migration,” Beasley told the Guardian during a visit to Brussels for a two-day Syria summit.

The size of the crisis will also be far worse this time around, Beasley warned. “My comment to the Europeans is that if you think you had a problem resulting from a nation of 20 million people like Syria because of destabilization and conflict resulting in migration, wait until the greater Sahel region of 500 million people is further destabilized. And this is where the European community and international community have got to wake up.”

Referring to the threat of an African migration wave into Europe, Beasley told the Associated Press last month the migration crisis created by the war in Syria “could be like a drop in the bucket compared to what’s coming your way.”

Beasley warned that the international community needed to take immediate action to prevent a food crisis in the Sahel region, noting that the UN’s food program was already over-extended and under-funded due to “19 or 20 countries in protracted conflict.”

More than 2.5 million migrants poured into the European Union in 2015-16, leading to political, social and economic friction that the bloc is still struggling with today.

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Racing toward ignorance: Why are Trump & Russia all we ever hear about in the media today?

The US seems to be going down a dangerous path where a handful of voices in the mainstream media dictate what “should” matter, and events of global importance are shunned in favor of anything that involves Trump or Russia.

A recent Gallup poll noted that Americans are losing confidence in mainstream media. As technology advances, so does knowledge. We are witnessing a greater capacity to achieve global knowledge than any generation before us. As such, we are not content to study history or lose ourselves in fiction: rather, we long for current events, relevant stories, and news about the world around us. Right now. Today.

So what happens when our sources of knowledge, with all the technological advances and communications at their disposal, decide what our news should be? In the United States and Europe, media outlets such as CNN and the BBC have eyes and ears all over the world. Reporters are provided stories of victories, triumph amidst adversity, and genocidal terrorist organizations intent on eradicating entire nationalities, ethnicities, and religious people in the name of service to a “god” they think desires that.

In my time traveling in the Middle East, it took one week to learn of a small village in northern Iraq where a mere 10 farmers fought off 70 Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS)  militants to provide their families time to escape before the terrorist organization invaded their home. They were victorious and nearly every family was able to escape before IS came back. Yet, to learn of this story, I was not even privy to the vast resources of a Western news outlet, so we can only imagine what foreign reporters and correspondents are able to learn every day.

But these are exactly the stories we don’t hear.  Most mainstream media outlets with the largest audiences are no longer run by multiple companies or those with a passion to gain and spread knowledge from a variety of opinions. Rather, they are run by a select elite in the US – those with goals to manipulate, to paint a picture, and spread a narrative that their unwitting subjects must be told. In 1983, over 50 companies owned the mainstream media.  Today it is six.

Voices that stray from the desired narratives are silenced and replaced with those willing to feed into it, and at the end of the line, we become fed by a story of the world around us that is not based in an encompassing reality of multiple important issues, but instead, is centered on certain small, unimportant storylines with our emotions and opinions left as the victims.  The narratives are the stories to achieve a desired sentiment in an audience, while media “main characters” are those actors that must always be the central focus of any story today that gets its global audience. Any story – no matter how great, important, or pertinent to today’s world – that does not seemingly include the “main characters” is, therefore, not a story at all. It seems to be brushed aside, forgotten, as its place in the narrative does not fit without the main characters.

I never noticed the obvious nature of the main character in mainstream news articles, nor did I pay attention when certain stories catapulted to the top of the news headlines while others seemed to immediately fade away. Today, however, it has become impossible to search for any story outside the current main characters: Donald Trump and Russia.

These are the two main characters that must always be the top story with all other global events, policies, and stories following woefully far down the line. As a human rights attorney and specialist in international crimes and foreign policy, it is the most ridiculous show of media manipulation I’ve ever experienced.  Certainly, that’s not to state that stories of true worth and value occurring which involve Russia or President Trump should not make news.  That is not the issue. The issue is what happens when all events or matters of global importance are shielded in favor of anything that involves Trump or Russia. When it becomes impossible to ascertain the world around us without stumbling across 25 articles on the main characters, there is now a serious problem. In a world where we are at the highest peak of communication and information gathering, we have become a people content with knowing very little because we have very few options.

The purpose of this piece is not to call out the mainstream media outlets of the West, but rather to highlight the dangers in continuing down a path where the people allow a handful of voices to dictate their emotions and what “should” matter in the world.

MSM psychosis about Trump’s every move

No world leader has been afforded more media coverage in the United States than Donald Trump. Certainly, no one expected his opponents (whether domestically or abroad) to lose the US 2016 election gracefully, but the rate at which mainstream media psychosis surrounding every tweet, breath, or allegedly questionable action of Donald Trump immediately takes precedence in all main news outlets, daily. Our mainstream outlets have become so obsessed with Trump that stories of war, famine, destruction, terrorism, rape, murder, persecution and even stories of triumph and employment and success have all taken a back seat to a story about a porn star whose faltering national tour became a sensational hit because she may have had an affair with Trump in 2006, and he may have asked her to not speak about it.

North and South Korea are, for the first time since the 1950s, set to announce an official “end” to the Korean War, but in America our news wants us to know every facet of Stormy Daniels as we glorify her bravery for wanting to speak about sex with the president while her public persona skyrockets into infamy – a woman whose career has centered on making money through, with, and because of sex. I’m saddened for the country I call home because we don’t even question the process of what makes a story worth blocking out an entire news cycle for.

We no longer care about what matters most in this world or protecting those who cannot speak for themselves. Sure there are those of us who change the channel, but we have chosen either to be fed the stories blindly while our emotions are manipulated, or we blindly choose to not follow anything at all; having lost hope that we can actually gather knowledge through conventional, mainstream methods.

‘Russia meddling’: Americans told they are too stupid to incite their own opinions

The leader of Russia and all its officials have little duty to the rest of the world. Their main duty is to protect the people of Russia as well as their citizens’ interests.  (As an aside, that’s also the duty of every nation state leader.) Yet, since the election of Trump to the White House, the narrative has been that Russia’s main interests lay in the United States, its leadership, and its survival (or destruction). In America, the mainstream media audiences so enamored by that narrative began to believe that Russia has no other interest but to manipulate America’s way of life, and in 2016, its election.

Take the 2016 election story coverage and the ominous “election meddling” scandals that refused to leave the television of every CNN nightly story for at least a year.  In reality, no evidence of poll meddling or actual voter fraud ever surfaced or was even provided as probable cause. What was eventually provided was a dozen “hacker” accounts or “bots” set up to highlight political differences within the people. Now even if this was something remotely tied to a Russian government, did US news outlets attempt to conclude what was actually being presented? Stories of social clashes, violence from Black Lives Matter protests or other real local and state stories simply being posted on social media in the US, which (“experts” noted) was meant to manipulate US voters in the election.

So to be clear, the mainstream media told the American people that we were too stupid to incite our own opinions and emotions, and because we saw a few posts we were fooled into thinking we needed to vote someone else into office. Yet without any sort of reasonable analysis on the media, the story remained “look what Russia did,” “look what Trump and Russia did,” “look what Trump’s people are doing with Russia,” when the story should have been, “why have the American people allowed ourselves to be so filled with hate and animosity over social and political issues that we are incapable of reaching a civilized societal status? When did we become so easily manipulated by any story we read, no matter where that story appears?”

The more disconcerting fact of this is that what “Russia” was accused of nightly for nearly a year on every major media outlet is exactly what every major media outlet does daily in today’s news. There seem to be mainstream stories about Russia when any true expert in global policy will conclude that all recent alleged “scandals” of Russia have, in fact, been carried out simultaneously and in the past by nearly all powerful countries – in most cases, much worse stories. Certainly, this is not to exonerate Russia or any other country from any actual instance of corruption or bad faith in action. The point is much deeper than that. The question we should be asking is, “why is Russia all we ever hear about today?” rather than, “why is Russia doing so much?”

Where are the stories of persecution or the resurgence of IS, the recent dictatorial strides of multiple modern democracies looking to silence opponents? It is occurring everywhere. It merely looks different depending on where you look.

Perhaps this is one effect of the mass globalization we’ve seen in recent years coming to a tipping point. No world system founded on a basis of state sovereignty can ever expect a smooth transition to a globalized structure, because interests of the people will always need to be heard, if they are afforded the chance. There must always be a controlling hand making sure the loudest voices of the (much) larger population are being provided parallel stories to ensure smooth operations in societies throughout Europe and North America.

While “we the people” has always been a hallmark of the United States’ founding, most civilized nations contain similar mantras supporting the voices of the people to be prosperous, safe, and secure in their cultural homeland and society, free from anything and anyone that may threaten that safety or security. But our voices, our thoughts are only as informed as what we are provided. And until the mainstream takes a backseat to the truth in objective media outlets without mandatory scripts, we will be forced to search much harder to learn about our world and the issues that matter most. We must conduct extensive research to understand the underpinnings of policy and global injustices in order to grasp the knowledge our ancestors made sure we would be able to find. Perhaps, despite our technological advances, we are actually living in a time where we must learn to rely less on what the loudest sources are declaring, and venture back to a time where the people learned to work for true knowledge.