WATCH CLUELESS CLINTON SUPPORTERS Agree With Donald Trump Quotes [Video]

Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have very different views on just about everything. Jimmy always wonders about whether people are really paying attention to those issues or not.

For the most part, he thinks it doesn’t matter what a candidate says, it just matters which candidate says it. To put this theory to the test, we asked diehard members of Team Hillary if they agreed with some stuff Hillary has said. But the quotes we asked about were not from Hillary, they were actually quotes from Donald Trump. So will these Democrats agree with Donald Trump?


Hillary could strangle a litter of puppies on live TV and brain dead dems will still vote for her.
Joseph Lunar

Hillary supporters are dumb 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Clinton Campaign sponsored by the Saudi Kings
Ryan Lucas

Just goes to show how insane Democrats are.
Shaun B

Loving it wonder since he went that far if he hit them with the truth that they are agreeing with Trump and not Hillary the reactions and looks on their face would be priceless. Trump 2016 for the White House, Clinton 2016 for prison

Ted Cruz Jokes About Killing Donald Trump by Running Him Over with His Car

Published on Mar 31, 2016

Ted Cruz joked about his fantasy of running over Donald Trump in his car when he was on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show Wednesday night! The mainstream media in conjunction with social media platforms, has been hoping to incite psychos to attempt to assassinate Trump in order to stop him from winning the Republican nomination and becoming president. John Kasich’s co-chair joked about killing trump, saying “you gotta take him out with a head shot,” and death threats made by anti-trump thugs on social media and YouTube are largely ignored by the selective enforcement of the terms of service as the liberal puppet masters continue to create a climate they hope will incite someone to murder Donald Trump. If anything anywhere close to these kinds of statements or “jokes” were made about Hillary Clinton, people would be arrested, and the liberal media would be destroying people’s careers. The sickening double standard is clear. Report by media analyst Mark Dice.

Sweer Potato

Ted is really going in the gutter these days. It’s ugly to watch, a lot of people are done with him.

Charge all of them with terrorist threats or don’t and make a mockery of the law.

This has become a sickness. Charges would be laid if even 1% of these threats were directed at the magic negro in chief. Worse In fact, these threats are coming from political rivals and mainstream persons.
Leroy Jones

wow, I haven’t heard about this Cruz comment. If it would’ve been Donald Trump, it would be a soundbyte for a full week
Amit Misra

TRUMP will be president. CRUZ has 463 TRUMP has 736 (+10 to add MO win declared recently). CRUZ phony bible holding Christian image is gone…we now see him in true color!!

Thank you for this video Mark. It’s funny, Cruz makes a statement like this and everyone laughs, yet if that was Trump making the same statement towards Cruz or anybody else, it would be all over the mainstream media news and more Trump bashing! Cruz is evil.

John Kerry Turns to Hollywood for Help Fighting Islamic State

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.24.58 AM


Secretary of State John Kerry met with a number of major film studio heads on Tuesday for a discussion about how the movie industry can help fight narratives being pushed abroad by the Islamic State.

The 90-minute meeting, which was organized by Universal Pictures head Jeff Shell, was held at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

The conference included a “brainstorming session” that included an exchange of ideas on how to involve storytellers in regions affected by the terror group, according to industry outlet Variety.

A source who attended the meeting told Variety the top film executives also exchanged observations on the international film and TV marketing and how it relates to sharing narratives across cultures.

“Let’s figure out how to involve people who are there,” the attendee told the outlet.

Kerry tweeted a photo of the meeting on Tuesday; however, he referred to the terror group as “Daesh,” which is a pejorative term used to describe the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL).

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.26.11 AM

“Great convo w studio execs in LA. Good to hear their perspectives & ideas of how to counter #Daesh narrative,” Secretary Kerry wrote from his official Twitter account.

The word “Daesh” is an acronym for the Arabic phrase “al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil Iraq wa al-Sham” (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

The British, French, and some Arabic governments use Daesh, as opposed to ISIS/ISIL, so as to not directly associate the terror group with Islam.

Kerry and Shell were joined at the conference by executives from Warner Bros., DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amblin Partners, and NBCUniversal.

Chris Dodd, the chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) also attended the meeting.

Jeff Shell is the chair of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, for which Kerry is a board member.

While in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Kerry stopped by the set of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!for an interview. He tweeted:

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.27.10 AM

CNN’s Honest Promo for the Democratic Debate

Published on Oct 14, 2015

There wasn’t nearly as much excitement for the first democratic debate as there was for the republican ones. At least CNN was honest with the promos they ran for it.

Hillary for prison 2016

Bernie Sanders is the man!

Just vote for Trump ! screw the debate, let’s help make America great again

People wouldn’t actually vote for this lying witch, would they? Wait, I forgot how too stupid people are in America these days.

Watch Hillary Supporters Get Tricked Into Endorsing Trump [VIDEO]


Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew out to Los Angeles to find Hillary Clinton supporters and ask them about her tax plan, but what they didn’t know is that they were being asked about Donald Trump’s plan instead, and the late night host tricked them into endorsing Trump.

In the clip, the cameraman asks the Clinton supporters if they agree with her policy to cut corporate taxes and get rid of the alternative minimum tax — all Trump’s ideas — and every person agrees.

Just wait until you see their faces when they find out it’s not hers.

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