New Video Exposes JIMMY KIMMEL For Being a Complete Pervert & Sexual Harasser

President Trump has been living rent-free in the not-so-funny comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s head since he became the Republican candidate for President in 2016.

The unhinged liberal TV host has spent the 18+months on his show, and as the host of the lowest-rated Academy Awards Show in recent history, going out of his way to attack President Trump and his character. It’s interesting to note that Kimmel has a keen interest in criticizing Trump for stories surrounding his alleged sexual misconduct.

But what happens to the credibility (and the career) of a guy who spends a majority of his on-air time attacking our President for alleged sexual misconduct, when an old video emerges of him pretending to commit sexual acts against an unsuspecting woman? In the video, it appears as though Kimmel is setting up a woman to look through a viewer at something in the distance, while he acts out having explicit sexual relations with her behind her back. Is this disgusting behavior okay with liberals?

By the way, this is not just an “allegation”, this is an actual video that shows how little regard Kimmel has for women.*WARNING…some viewers may find the content of this video to be disturbing.


Kimmel’s attacks aren’t limited to President Trump, however. Last week, Kimmel came under fire by FOX News’ top-rated host, Sean Hannity for attacking First Lady Melania Trump’s accent while she read to a group of kids during the White House Easter celebration. Here’s how Kimmel’s responded to Hannity, after he called him out for his unfair attack on Melania:


Sanders demands gun control while standing behind safety of armed guards

 | – MARCH 14, 2018

Bernie Sanders was escorted by armed guards as he addressed an anti-gun march in Washington, DC.

Sanders live-streamed himself and his entourage of armed Capitol Police at the event on Wednesday while he waded through a crowd of gun control proponents:

At several times during the live stream, the guards blocked students from getting too close to Sanders.

Sanders likely felt well-protected by his Glock-carrying guards as he told marchers to have “courage to take out the NRA.”

It seems that Sanders wants gun control for everyone – except for his own security detail, a luxury a majority of Americans cannot afford.

Other gun control proponents also enjoy the security of armed guards, like late night host Jimmy Kimmel, for example, who actually beefed up his security over the past year due to the increasingly political nature of his show, including his demands for gun control.

“Ever since the late-night show host began crusading against the effort by President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, there have been ‘incidents with Trump supporters’ that have forced him to increase security at his show tapings,” reported Mercury News. “In response, ‘the show has increased personnel at both the front and back entrances. This personnel consists of highly-trained, off-duty police officers.’”

Nearly every celebrity advocate of gun control has armed bodyguards.