Hillary Clinton Is MIA Following Final Presidential Debate

by Hannity.com Staff

Tim Kaine, President Obama, Michelle Obama, and Vice President Biden have all hit the campaign trail following Wednesday’s presidential debate in Las Vegas.

Noticeably absent–Hillary Clinton.

Although the Democratic nominee had precisely ZERO public appearances in the week leading up to Wednesday’s presidential debate, the grueling hour and a half marathon of standing and talking apparently required a full day of rest and recuperation.

Clinton will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow for a get out the vote rally in Cleveland, Ohio.

Between now and election day–which is 18 days away–Clinton will make a grand total of six public appearances according to her calendar of scheduled events. Her Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine, by contrast, will make 11.

You’d be forgiven if you found it bizarre that a presidential candidate would carry such a light load in the weeks leading up to election day.

By contrast, Donald Trump hit the ground running following the Las Vegas debate. Over the next three days, he will be making as many public appearances as Clinton will over the next two and a half weeks.


Globalists pitting US, Russia against each other so they can rule both

Alex Jones | Infowars.com – OCTOBER 17, 2016

The US and Russia have all but declared war. Alex breaks down how this manufactured conflict is being used to take over what remains of the United States by the globalists:

Mandy Retweets

Omg that woman is nothing but a warmonger. She’l kill us all.
Coco Good

Will war even wake people up or will they believe obama that Russia was the aggressor?

A Trump victor would be the biggest defeat for the left, democrats and the political elite, perhaps in history. Trump needs to win and make American great again.
Darrin Ward

Did you see Biden’s face…You could see the evil pouring out! What a waste of human flesh
larry swenson

Clintons to be hung publicly at high noon in the town square. git “r” done. 👍
Link The Champion of Hyrule

I want to rip George Soros’ throat out of his neck.

Long live the True American Republic! DOWN with globalists, down with socialism! May God have ‘mercy’ on our souls!

Joe Biden The Original LEWD GROPER




If you look up the word “Groper” in the dictionary you’ll see this picture:

Biden is that “awkward uncle” who you only see on Holidays who sits across from you at the dinner table leering at your chest while shoveling fork-fulls of turkey into his pie-hole.

This video perfectly captures the BIDEN GROPEFEST.

It’s funny how the liberals are pretending Trump is a “groper” when they have this groping perv on their team.


5 More Tidbits From Clinton Staffer’s Hacked Emails



Hillary Clinton’s thoughts about Bernie Sanders supporters were not the only tidbits to emerge from the recently hacked emails of a Clinton staffer.

The 13,000 emails from the account of White House advance staffer Ian Mellul, who contracted with the Clinton campaign, included audio from a private fundraiser in February where Clinton called Sanders supporters “children of the Great Recession” who were “living in their parents’ basement.”

Mellul’s emails also provided insight into how Clinton’s advance team planned for events with her, former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Numerous email exchanges reveal how staff members worked to accommodate the candidate and her surrogates, including their request for SUVs with retractable running boards so “it’s easier to get out.” The emails also reveal efforts by the White House to keep Black Lives Matter protestors from attending events.

Here are five tidbits from the hack.

1. Clinton Campaign Requests Cars With ‘Little Step That Comes Down’

Hillary Clinton

An email exchange between Clinton staffer Jason Chung and Laura Gross of the public relations firm Scott Circle revealed that the campaign requests that Hillary’s SUV come equipped with a “little step that comes down” so it is “easier to get out.”

Chung confirmed that the campaign was requesting SUVs that have “like almost a little step that comes down.”

“It’s okay if the ones you have do not,” he said.

Hillary’s struggle to maintain her balance has at times been an issue for the campaign.


Hillary Clinton

Mellul emailed Opal Vadhan, a member of Clinton’s advance team, asking what food Hillary would like to eat before a May flight to Washington, D.C.

“Im the last finance site tomorrow night before their flight back to DC so I want to feed her/get the good stuff for the traveling staff,” Mellul wrote.

“CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP BROTH BASED!” Vadhan replied. “She also likes greek salads, salmon, healthy chicken sandwiches.”

Chicken Noodle Soup

3. Bill Clinton Waited in Girls’ Locker Room Before Speech, Requested Diet Iced Gatorade

Emails about a Bill Clinton rally at a New Mexico middle school in June show that the former president requested “hot tea with lemon and honey” and diet “iced Gatorade.” The former president waited in a girls’ locker room before the event.

Bill Clinton Hot Tea


Bill Clinton Girls Locker Room

Vice President Joe Biden prefers “sealed bottles of water, black coffee, and cans of Coke Zero and Dr. Pepper, and mixed nuts,” according to advance emails from his staff.

4. Staffers Worked to Prevent Black Lives Matter From Protesting Michelle Obama Speech

Michelle Obama

The first lady’s staff circulated a CNN article about Black Lives Matter protesting Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel during the United States Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C., in January. Staff members wanted to avoid the spectacle of protestors at Michelle Obama’s speech at the conference the next day.

“I want to make sure you guys have a heads up on this so that we can ensure no protestors make their way into our event. :)” wrote Chynna Clayton, who works in the first lady’s office.

Michelle Obama Protests 2

5. Mellul Is on a Listserv With His Frat

Ian Mellul

Before he was a White House advance staffer, Mellul was a member of Pi Kappa Phi at George Washington University. He gets a lot of emails from his former fraternity brothers on various Listservs.

One email inviting Mellul to a Kappa mixer bore the subject line: “Young Jew Boy Blarne With Alien Cock Fucks Fat Milf With Saggy Tits And C-Section Scar” [sic].

Kappa mixer

Another email sent to the “Thetazeta” group warned brothers not to touch the doorknob of their house because “someone rubbed literal shit all over it.”

The fraternity is being investigated for code of conduct violations following the email leaks.