RUSH: If Trump Budget Means The End Of GOP, Why Don’t The Democrats Vote For It?

Published on May 24, 2017

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Demtards are habitual whiners.
Elizabeth Velazquez

their gravy train has come to a screeching halt the hungry rats are scattering
Powder River

Trump has done more to fulfill campaign promises than most other Presidents and although a sound and fiscal budget are a sizable portion of good Government a loss of funding to regulatory agencies i.e. EPA etc would assist in the overall plan to revitalize the economy. That’s the main goal is to get the economy moving and the only way to get that is to defund the out of control agencies and role back the regulation stifling the small businesses that make up the greater portion of our economic engine.
JM Talboo

Fake Media Says Trump’s Budget Has “Deep Cuts” In It But That’s Not True! (REACTION) – LIMBAUGH: Trump’s Budget Is ‘A DREAM COME TRUE’ – Trump Mafia: The FIRST TRUMP BUDGET is gonna annihilate the DEMOCRAT WORLD – Mnuchin Comments On Trump’s “Historic” Budget Proposal: “It Will Prevent Taxpayer Bailouts”:

Because they cannot vote to stop paying off their government worker and welfare base.
Paul Squires

Gotta start somewhere

Sheila Jackson Lee In “Mother Of All Lunatic Rants” To Save Socialized Medicine, Obama Style

By Rick Wells

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee tells those in the House chamber to keep their eyes on the woman in the photo, a relief, because in doing so they don’t suffer the ocular discomfort and many associated side effects of looking at her.  

She and her staff of writers have come up with some real gems for describing the repeal of Obamacare, calling it the “mother of all bombs of healthcare dropped on the American people.” Really, that’s the best she and her team could come up with, that and derisively labeling the AHCA Trumpcare and referring to the President as “Trump the King.”

She brings religion into the discussion, irreverently saying, “May God have mercy on your soul.” She declares that she is a person living with a pre-existing disease, more than one apparently as she didn’t mention her mental illness and instability or her liberalism at all. She only referenced that she is a breast cancer survivor.

She describes the bill as being heartless, with 24 million people being “thrown off of the healthcare and reverse Robin Hood of stealing from the poor or the seniors, laying in their beds where you’re doing an age tax that is five times more than any ‘other’ young person has to pay is disgraceful.” So it’s disgraceful for those young people not to be forced to pay five time as much as an old and sickly person, Rep Lee, in pursuit of your communist equality?

The Democrats could have left our healthcare system alone and avoided all of this mess, but they can’t leave anything alone and it was a critical part of their seizing control over the citizenry. Now that they’ve successfully accomplished that, they’re not satisfied with the efforts to fix the collapsing mess they created.

She continues, railing against “the pittance that you’ve given for pre-existing conditions, $8 billion. They [elusive, unnamed expert sources] say you need $25 billion. Did those experts have a source for magically coming up with the money as well, Rep Lee?

The Commie nutjob closes with a social services spit storm of accusations that ultimately failed to prevent the passage of the AHCA through the House. She said, “I want to stand with the people, I want her [the actress portraying a sick person in the online photo] to live in dignity and to be able to get well. I want to make sure that Medicaid is provided for working families. I want insurance companies who make a lot of profit [incomplete thought but making a profit is enough of a crime to warrant Democrat action].

She ignores the gavel as she raves, “And I want to say this, I don’t want the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, to steal bread from the market because they can’t get any health insurance. She closes with another exercise in blasphemy, saying, “God have mercy on your souls.”

Rep Doug Collins follows that embarrassing display by what is supposedly a grown, professional adult legislator, observing, “Mr. Speaker, if I had to defend Obamacare, I’d go into hysterics too.”

Sheila Jackson Lee is the “mother of all something herself, something that can’t be mentioned in polite company. And we’d love to drop her.

Republicans to Fund PLANNED PARENTHOOD… But NOT border wall?

Screenshot 2017-04-26 16.08.45

By Terence P. Jeffrey

When Donald Trump stood in the lobby of Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 and announced he was running for president, he told all who listened to “mark” his words.

“I would do various things very quickly,” Trump said.

“I would repeal and replace the big lie, Obamacare,” he said.

“I will build a great, great wall on our southern border,” he said. “And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.

“Mark my words,” he said.

Fifteen months later — after he won the Republican nomination and less than two months before his general election showdown — Trump released a letter to pro-life leaders.

“As we head into the final stretch of the campaign, the help of leaders like you is essential to ensure that pro-life voters know where I stand, and also know where my opponent, Hillary Clinton, stands,” Trump wrote.

“I am committed,” Trump said, “to: … Defunding Planned Parenthood as long as they continue to perform abortions, and re-allocating their funding to community health centers that provide comprehensive health care for women.”

In his inaugural address, Trump did not back away from his pledge to secure the border.

“We will bring back our borders,” he vowed.

Three days later, he used executive authority to reinstate the Mexico City policy, which denies federal funding to organizations that provide or promote abortions abroad.

But he needed congressional action to defund Planned Parenthood at home, and a congressional appropriation to begin building the wall he said would ultimately be funded by Mexico.

A week after Trump’s inauguration, Vice President Mike Pence told the March for Life that Trump would keep his pro-life promises — with the help of the newly elected, Republican-majority, pro-life Congress.

“Life is winning again in America,” Pence said.

“That is evident in the election of pro-life majorities in the Congress of the United States of America,” he said. “But it is no more evident, in any way, than in the historic election of a president who stands for a stronger America, a more prosperous America, and a president who, I proudly say, stands for the right to life — President Donald Trump.”

“I like to say that over there at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we are in the promise-keeping business,” said Pence.

“That’s why on Monday, President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy to prevent foreign aid from funding organizations that promote or perform abortions worldwide,” said Pence. “That’s why this administration will work with the Congress to end taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion providers, and we will devote those resources to health care services for women across America.”

In 2011, after Republicans won back control of the House in the 2010 election, then-Rep. Pence introduced an amendment that would, as Pence put it, “deny any and all funding to Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates for the rest of the fiscal year.”

“I rise tonight because I also believe it’s morally wrong to take the taxpayer dollars of millions of pro-life Americans and use it to fund organizations that provide and promote abortion — like Planned Parenthood of America,” Pence said when his amendment was considered on the House floor.

The House passed Pence’s 2011 amendment, including it in the first funding bill approved by the then-new House Republican majority. But then-House Speaker John Boehner subsequently cut a spending deal with the Democrats in the Senate and the White House that did not include Pence’s amendment to defund Planned Parenthood.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the Government Accountability Office determined that Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliates received $400.56 million in Medicaid reimbursements in both federal and state dollars in 2012. Planned Parenthood affiliates, according to GAO, also spent $64.35 million in federal Title X funding in 2012.

When the House Republican leaders this year put together their weak and redistributionist reconciliation bill to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, it included language that would have denied Medicaid money to Planned Parenthood — for just one year. But it would not have denied Title X money to Planned Parenthood — because reconciliation bills do not deal with discretionary spending like that doled out under Title X.

When principled House conservatives opposed that Obamacare bill, the Republican leadership did not bring it up for a vote.

Now, Congress faces an April 28 deadline to pass a new government funding bill.

There is currently no talk that it will include language to prohibit funding of Planned Parenthood.

But there is talk that it will not include the language that President Trump has requested to provide $1.4 billion to begin his project to build “a great, great wall on our southern border.”

The Republican House can pass and send to the Republican Senate a bill that funds the border wall but not Planned Parenthood. Or they can pass one that funds Planned Parenthood but not the border wall.

The former course of action would fulfill the campaign promises that got their president elected. The latter would appease congressional Democrats and the liberal press.

So, which will it be?

Republicans emerge as president’s biggest obstacle…

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 4.02.30 PM

By Lisa Lerer

With friends like these: Trump struggles to win GOP

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional Republicans have a lot to say about their new president.

Donald Trump‘s proposed budget is “draconian, careless and counterproductive.” The health care plan is a bailout that won’t pass. And his administration’s suggestion that former President Barack Obama used London’s spy agency for surveillance is simply “inexplicable.”

With friends like these, who needs Democrats?

Less than two months in, Republicans have emerged as one of the biggest obstacles to Trump’s young administration, imperiling his early efforts to pass his agenda and make good on some of his biggest campaign promises.

Trump’s embrace of a House GOP plan to overhaul the country’s health system faces deep opposition from across the party, as does his push to get U.S. taxpayers to pay for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Republicans largely rejected his thin, 53-page first budget, joking that there’s a “fat chance for skinny budget” on Capitol Hill. And his tax reform and infrastructure plans have yet to gain any real traction in Congress.

Trump insisted on Friday that he is leading a party that is coalescing behind him.

“I think we have a very unified party. I think actually more unified than even the election,” he said at a White House news conference with German leader Angela Merkel. “You see when they talk about me, I seem to be very popular, at least this week within the party.”

Long a divisive political figure, Trump entered office with historically low approval ratings and a popular vote loss of nearly 3 million. Still, he claimed a sweeping mandate when he arrived in Washington, fiercely pushing back on any suggestion that he won with less than a historic margin and moving quickly on a series of controversial executive orders.

Now, his administration has reached the limits of what it can achieve without Congress, leaving Trump struggling to lead his party on Capitol Hill — starting with the health care bill.

After years of campaign promises to repeal and replace “Obamacare,” the bill presents the first major test of whether Trump and Republican leaders can marshal a fractious GOP caucus behind a major legislative initiative. GOP leaders fear that failure could chip away at Trump’s already thin political capital, dooming future efforts on tax reform and infrastructure.

Trump’s early missteps have overshadowed one of the administration’s smoothest-sailing moves — the nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Confirmation hearings begin Monday.

“A president only has so much political capital to expend and so much moral authority as well, and so any time your credibility takes a hit I think in many ways it weakens the officeholder,” said Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., who had described the surveillance claims as “inexplicable.”

The furor over Trump’s unproven claim that Obama wiretapped his New York skyscraper prompted Republican Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma to suggest Trump owes his predecessor an apology.

Republicans almost immediately balked at Trump’s budget, with Kentucky Rep. Hal Rogers uttering the “draconian” complaint and others questioning why Trump’s core supporters took a hit.

“Rural America stepped up to the plate behind the president in his last election, and we’re wholeheartedly behind him. We need to make sure that rural America at least gets its fair share,” said Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Ala.

Trump is hardly the first president to clash with members of his own party. Few congressional Democrats felt a personal connection to Obama, who came under criticism for his hands-off approach to Congress, and his lack of interest in schmoozing with lawmakers or using the trappings of his office to woo them.

While Trump has hosted Republicans for bowling, pizza and other White House events, he’s been hampered by his inexperience with governing and his distance from establishment GOP politics. A businessman, Trump has never lined up lawmakers behind a bill, crafted a political coalition or passed a budget — nor have many of his closest aides.

During his campaign, he embraced a populist platform, rejecting traditional conservative positions on issues like trade and cutting costly mandatory programs like Social Security.

Many congressional Republicans, from House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., on down, were slow to embrace Trump’s candidacy, and some of those concerns linger.

His series of false claims since the election haven’t helped the relationship, distracting from his agenda on Capitol Hill and forcing Republicans to answer near-daily questions about his accusations.

But Trump also seems eager to keep some wiggle room between his presidency and a bill some friends and allies believe is a political trap. They fear the legislation — they’ve dubbed it Ryancare — could violate some of Trump’s populist campaign promises, like providing health insurance for all Americans and preserving Medicaid, for a conservative Republican agenda led by Ryan.

“Speaker Paul Ryan and the establishment GOP have pulled a fast one on President Trump,” wrote Eric Bolling, a Fox News host with close ties to Trump, in an op-ed.


AP Congressional Correspondent Erica Werner contributed to this report.

‘Unprecedented freedom’: Republicans present Obamacare replacement

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.01.36 PM

The GOP-proposed American Health Care Act would return power to the states and offer greater choice, lower costs and more flexibility to individuals – and do it in around 100 pages, the bill’s architects told reporters after their proposal was made public.

“As Republicans, we have a choice. We can act now, or we can keep fiddling around and squander this opportunity,” said Kevin Brady (R- Texas), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Brady addressed reporters on Tuesday with Greg Walden (R-Oregon), who co-wrote the Republican proposal.

The proposal devolves power and decision-making back to the states, restores the free market to health insurance, and provides $10 billion a year from Congress to the states to subsidize Medicaid and ensure continuing coverage, Walden and Brady said. Tax credits toward healthcare would be available immediately, grow with age, expand with family, and transfer with employment.

“This is unprecedented freedom,” Brady said.


“We have crafted the biggest entitlement reform in the past 20 years,” said Walden, who sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee, where the proposal originated.

In contrast with the 2,400 pages of the ACA “written in the dark of night,” the new bill is just over 100 pages and available to the American public, Walden said.

“I encourage them to actually read the bill, find out what’s in it,” he added, referencing Nancy Pelosi’s (D-California) famous phrase about the original ACA, when she was House majority leader.

The new bill restores free markets and “rescues Americans from failures of the Affordable Care Act,” Brady said. “More people have opted out of Obamacare than are taking it. And those who have it, frankly, can’t use it.”

Walden backed him up by citing the Congressional Budget Office’s claim that 21 million would be covered, when it reality that number was 10 million, with young people choosing to pay the penalties instead.

“This insurance market is collapsing before our eyes,” the Oregon Republican said, pointing out that 225 counties across the US had only one insurance option last year, with that number growing to 1,022 in 2017, “and that was before Humana pulled out.”

“We’ve arrived to the scene of a pretty big wreck and we’re trying to clean up the mess,” Walden said.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.06.31 PM

The bill would also eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood and redirect the money to community health centers, so women would continue having access to healthcare. Pre-existing conditions would continue to be covered under the proposal, though there would be a penalty for letting the coverage lapse, as some people would game the system to avoid paying premiums under Obamacare by quitting the plan for three months then re-upping, Walden claimed.

Democrats have denounced the efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, dubbed “Obamacare,” by saying it would “Make America sick again,” in reference to President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. Some Republicans have also been critical of the proposed replacement, calling it “Obamacare lite” or “Obamacare 2.0” and arguing it does not go far enough.

Trump cuts US debt by $12bn in his first month in office, accuses media of ‘not reporting’ it

The US President Donald Trump has tweeted that he managed to decrease the US total public debt by US$ 12 billion during his first month in office while the former President Barack Obama increased it by US$200 billion over the same period.


Trump has also accused the media of turning the blind eye to this fact.

“The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama first mo,” he said in his Twitter post.

captureHe then added that he has “great optimism for future of the US business and jobs” and promised “big tax and regulation cuts.”


The figures presented by Trump coincide with the data issued by the US Treasury Department, according to which, on January 20th, the day of Trump’s inauguration, the overall US debt stood at $19,947 billion. On February 21st, a month later, the total US debt load amounted to $19,935 billion.

Moreover, between February 22 and February 23, the US debt fell by further $ 22 billion from $ 19,935 billion to $ 19,913 billion.

The US public debt really grew by more than US$ 200 billion from US$ 10,626 billion to US$ 10,838 billion in Obama’s first month in office, according to the US Treasury data.

According to the website, which tracks how much the US debt grows in real time, the debt had grown by $ 9 trillion or by 86 percent from $ 10.7 trillion to $ 19.6 trillion during Obama’s two terms in office, hitting a record high.


The largest budget item is Medicare/Medicaid which has seen over $1.1 trillion added to US debt. Social Security accounted for $900 billion, while $585 billion was spent on defense and war.

However, the New York Times reported in 2009 that Obama banned four accounting gimmicks that President George W. Bush used to make deficit projections look smaller. This decision led to a situation, in which the spending seemed to grow to a larger degree previously.

Trump’s statements come just a day after the Council on Foreign Relations predicted that “Trump’s policies would be likely to significantly widen the budget deficit.”

In November 2016, after the US elections, the Tax Policy Center (TPC) also said that the federal debt would rise by $7.2 trillion n ten years and by $20.9 trillion by 2036.

READ MORE:Trump tax plan helps ultra wealthy, businesses more than middle class, hurts single parents

Trump vowed to reduce the US debt and to eliminate deficit spending during his presidential campaign. On Wednesday, he once again addressed this issue and pledged to make Washington stop wasting taxpayers’ money.


“The finances of our country are a mess, but we’re going to clean them up,” the president said, adding that “we won’t let your money be wasted anymore.”

“We must do a lot more with less,” he said.


CNN “reminds” audience member what to ask

Jamie White | – FEBRUARY 8, 2017

CNN was caught handing out an apparently edited question to a member of the audience “clarifying” what to ask Ted Cruz during the debate Tuesday night with Bernie Sanders about the future of Obamacare. 

The question, read by Carol Hardaway is as follows:

“I have multiple sclerosis but could not afford insurance – without the treatment or medications I need, I had problems with walking, with my speech, and my vision. When the affordable care act was passed I moved from our home state of Texas because they refused to expand Medicaid to Maryland and within 2 weeks I started receiving treatments through Medicaid and am now well enough to work as a substitute teacher.”

“Senator Cruz, can you promise me that you and the Republican leaders in congress will have – actually have a replacement plan in place for people like me who depend on their Medicaid? In other words, I like my coverage, can I keep it?”

The email is from a Gmail account, with the subject line “Your Question,” as the picture shows.

This isn’t the first time CNN has been caught “managing” questions from the audience.

Just last October, WikiLeaks revealed that CNN commentator and former chair of the DNC Donna Brazile funneled questions to Hillary Clinton ahead of a major Democratic primary debate. She was fired as DNC chair and let go as commentator shortly after the revelations came to light.

A month later, WikiLeaks again revealed that CNN was caught asking the DNC to prepare questions for Wolf Blitzer’s interview with then-candidate Donald Trump

“Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Trump on Tues ahead of his foreign policy address on Wed,” wrote the DNC’s Lauren Dillon to fellow Democrats. “Please send me thoughts by 10:30 AM tomorrow. Thanks!”

Now that CNN is understood to be the fake news network, it’s surprising that they’re still digging their own grave by continuing to brazenly peddle fake narratives.