Sanctuary Sonoma Ignored ICE Detainers, Protected Illegal Who Torched Wine Country

By Rick Wells

Although nobody deserves what happened in the Sonoma California wine country, the loss of life and property and the tremendous expense and disruption associated with it, there are many in that community, including every Democrat leader, who caused it to happen and have no one but themselves and Sacramento to blame.

They don’t care when an illegal alien kills some “anonymous” American who isn’t related to them, but maybe the elites have connections to those who lost their lives in the Sonoma wine country fires. At a minimum maybe they’ll care that their favorite wine is not going to be available or will cost a lot more, as that affects them personally. Probably not.

Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Tom Homan confirmed on Thursday that a man arrested on arson charges for fire-setting in the Sonoma County Wine Country is an illegal alien from Mexico.

To make the case more damning for Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Xavier Becerra and the rest of the open border liberals fighting American sovereignty on behalf of the illegal invasion, he had been twice deported back to Mexico and returned.

Homan stated that ICE has issued detainer requests for the illegal alien, Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, now five times in the past year alone, including the one issued on October 16 which is related to the arson charges. He stated that all of the arrests were made “by Sonoma County on various felony and misdemeanor charges.”

Getting a firsthand education in the results of harboring criminals inside their community, Sonoma County, as is the case now with the entire state, has been a sanctuary jurisdiction that does not fully cooperate with ICE. They do not honor ICE detainer requests asking them to hold a criminal alien for pick up which means the criminal stays in the community, as this one did, and this was the result.

Homan detailed in his statement, “ICE was never notified of Mr. Gonzalez’ various releases.” If they had been, he’d have been setting fires in Mexico, not California. He was apparently not responsible for all of the fires, but even a small incident removed equipment and manpower from where they were already working. Whether he is alleged to have set a primary fire or others is not yet known.

“Once again, a non-cooperative jurisdiction has left their community vulnerable to dangerous individuals and preventable crimes. ICE lodged a detainer against Jesus Gonzalez with Sonoma County jail officials on October 16, following his arrest on felony charges for maliciously setting fire to a property.

This is especially troubling in light of the massive wildfires already devastating the region. Over the past year, ICE has lodged detainers against Mr. Gonzalez after four separate arrests by Sonoma County on various felony and misdemeanor charges. ICE was never notified of Mr. Gonzalez’ various releases.Additionally, Mr. Gonzales has been returned to his home country of Mexico on two separate occasions.

The residents of Sonoma County, and the state of California, deserve better than policies that expose them to avoidable dangers. Non-cooperation policies – now enshrined in California state law – ensure only one thing: criminals who would otherwise be deported will be released and left free to reoffend as they please.”



ICE To Step Up Worksite Enforcement

A construction worker chants along with protestors as they march through downtown Seattle in support of Daniel Ramirez Medina, who was detained by U.S. immigration authorities, in Seattle, Washington, U.S. February 17, 2017. REUTERS/David Ryder

By Will Racke

The Trump administration’s top immigration agent said Tuesday that he plans to ramp up investigations of businesses that knowingly employ illegal immigrants.

Speaking at a panel discussion at the conservative Heritage Foundation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Thomas Homan said the agency will prioritize worksite enforcement as a way to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S.

“Unless you remove the magnets [for illegal immigration], as long as they think they can come here and get U.S. citizenship and not get removed, they’re going to keep coming,” Homan said. “As long as they can come here and get a job, they’re going to try and come. So we are stepping up worksite enforcement.”

Homan said he studied the amount of time ICE agents were spending on workplace investigations and determined he wanted those efforts to increase by “four to five times.” In addition to bringing charges against companies that violate employment law, he said, ICE will also initiate deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants found at worksites.

“We’re going to do it a little differently than we’ve done it,” Homan said. “We’re going to prosecute the employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens, and we’re going to detain and remove the illegal alien workers.”

The Trump administration has already initiated legal action against several companies that either knowingly hired illegal immigrants or used guest worker visas to discriminate against native-born job applicants.

Earlier this month, Asplundh Tree Expert Co. pleaded guilty to a running a scheme to employ illegal workers and was ordered to pay a total of $95 million, the biggest penalty ever levied in an immigration case.

Before the Asplundh settlement, the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division sued a Colorado company for allegedly hiring foreign guest workers at the expense of qualified U.S. citizens. The lawsuit was the first under the DOJ’s Protecting U.S. Workers Initiative, a program initiated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in order to investigate employment discrimination on the basis of U.S. citizenship.

At Heritage, Homan said those types of enforcement actions would become a bigger priority in the coming year.

“We’re taking worksite enforcement very hard this year,” he said. “We’ve already increased the number of inspections and worksite operations, you’re going to see that significantly increase this next fiscal year.”

DREAMers Arrested For Smuggling Illegals…

Alejandra Garcia (C) stands with supporters of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program during a rally outside the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building in Los Angeles, California, U.S. September 5, 2017. REUTERS/Kyle Grillot

White House Correspondent

Two beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) were arrested for attempting to smuggle illegal immigrants into the United States, Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday.

The first arrest came on October 4 when Border Patrol agents stopped a car attempting to enter into the U.S. “After further inspection, Border Patrol agents discovered two adult male subjects concealed in the trunk of the vehicle. An immigration inspection of the two subjects revealed that they were both from the country of Brazil,” CBP said in a statement.”The driver, a juvenile, was identified as a national from the country of Guatemala and a recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in 2016.”

Then, on October 7, Border Patrol stopped another car also driving in Interstate Highway 35. “After further inspection, Border Patrol agents discovered one adult male subject concealed in the trunk of the vehicle. An immigration inspection of the subject revealed that he was from the country of Mexico,” CBP said. “[The driver], a juvenile, was identified as a national from the country of Mexico and a recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). All subjects were processed for removal proceedings.”

The DACA program was started by President Obama in 2012 to protect illegal immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as minors from deportation. President Trump announced a phase out of the program in September, a move that angered Democrats. (RELATED: Sympathetic Media Scrambles To Trot Out Shiny ‘Dreamers,’ But Forgets All The Nightmares)

Public university funds students’ DACA renewal application fees

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 3.19.25 PM


San Diego State University has set aside a large chunk of money to pay for its students’ Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals application renewal fees.

Officials at the the public university allocated $130,000 to fund the renewal application fees, which run $495 apiece.

“This is a one time funding allocation not to exceed $130,000 and will be given to the SDSU Economic Crisis Response Team. This could fund up to 262 student DACA renewals which we are told by the University would be sufficient,” D. Hayden Willis, vice president of financial affairs at SDSU, wrote in a Sept. 25 memo to the Financial Affairs Committee.

The memo adds that the funds are “unclaimed property” and received “after the 2017-18 budget was approved and are currently unallocated.”

Economic Crisis Response Team is a group of administrators, students and faculty who work to ensure “students experiencing food or housing insecurity, or other immediate, unforeseen financial crises are connected with short-term and long-term aid quickly and without stigmatization,” according to its website.

The effort was billed by the school’s student government as a way to continue to support San Diego State students. In a tweet, the group stated the effort aligns with their “mission, vision and values.”

The deadline to apply was Oct. 5, and officials promised confidentiality to applicants.

The Associated Students President Chimezie Ebiriekwe and the Undocumented Resource Area Coordinator Cynthia Torres did not to respond to The College Fix’s requests for comment.

The president of San Diego State, Sally Roush, has publicly expressed her support for the continuation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“As you consider your decision, we urge you to give the greatest weight to the fact that these individuals who arrived in this country too young to have made the decision to come here, or to have understood any consequent impact on their citizenship, have in fact excelled as students and as good citizens. We implore you to acknowledge these facts and urge you to retain the DACA program,” she wrote to President Trump in a public letter dated Sept. 3.

MORE: University of California defends due process for DACA students, denies it to accused students

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RINO Sen Cornyn Joining “Chuck And Nancy” In Favor Of DACA Amnesty First


By Rick Wells

Open borders Senator John Cornyn (RINO-TX) is, predictably urging the Trump Administration not to link their agreement to amnesty for DACA illegals to reductions in legal immigration, an often abused means of putting Americans out of work in favor of low wage foreigners.

The US Chamber of Commerce-owned Cornyn, McConnell’s number two in the Senate, said Congress should have a “bigger debate” about the appropriate levels of immigration, separate from passing an amnesty for the DACA illegals

Globalist Cornyn wants both amnesty and increases in legal immigration, so he naturally wants to have separate debates, one which grants DACA amnesty and a second one which ultimately raises a variety of immigration levels, putting more Americans out of work and lowering wage scales even further.

Cornyn told reporters on Thursday, “We ought to be narrowly focused on the DACA fix that the President’s asked us to consider … and then we can turn to these other issues in the next legislation.” Cornyn said he’s in favor of “merit-based immigration” a misnomer, as it implies a right to immigrate that does not exist and merely shifts the type of Americans that are robbed of opportunities to the more skilled.

Pitching his argument for amnesty now and open borders later, Cornyn said, “The most immediate thing we can do is to address the DACA situation. And I think the most logical way forward is to tie that to border security and interior enforcement.” Not real security, like the border wall. Cornyn is once again promising what won’t be delivered. He’s asking that trusting souls give him what he wants now in exchange for weak, in name only measures that do nothing and promises that are never intended to be kept.

President Trump sent a proposal on Sunday evening to Congress that outlined his requirements for cooperation on the DACA issue, a far cry from the surrender “Chuck and Nancy” thought they had hoodwinked him into.

Cornyn warned last Thursday that tying cuts to legal immigration in the DACA debate could sink legislation altogether. We should be so lucky. He acknowledged the dysfunction of the Senate and the reality that the open borders Democrats and establishment RINOs like him have no intention of actual compromise on any of their demands.

He said, “I think the problem is once we start getting into the legal immigration debate, and what the appropriate fixes are, then we are in danger of getting back into the comprehensive immigration reform debate, which leaves us basically empty handed.” He knows the Senate and that the loyalties of most of its members lie elsewhere, not with the American people.

Right now he’s supporting the illegals taking our jobs and destroying wages and doing so on behalf of the employers who fund his campaigns. They’re the same ones hiring the legal immigrants at levels which kill opportunities for Americans who should be entering the work for and lower our standard of living across the board. Cornyn and McConnell are deceivers claiming to be conservatives when they are really sellouts doing the bidding of their puppeteers.

Dobbs, Rollins – McConnell Must Rein In Loudmouth Corker, DACA Pushers Not Happy


By Rick Wells

Lou Dobbs begins the video by scrutinizing the anti-American antics of butt-hurt RINO Senator and embarrassment to Tennessee, Bob Corker.  Dobbs lists some of the derisive comments Corker has made about President Trump, including that he’s running a reality show and could send the nation on a path to WW lll.

Noting that Corker also accused the White House of operating an adult day care center, Dobbs cited President Trump’s Twitter response, “Bob Corker gave us the Iran deal and that’s about it. We need HealthCare, we need Tax Cuts/Reform, we need people that can get the job done!”

Noting that Corker also accused the White House of operating an adult day care center, Dobbs cited President Trump’s Twitter response, “Bob Corker gave us the Iran deal and that’s about it. We need HealthCare, we need Tax Cuts/Reform, we need people that can get the job done!”

Ed Rollins joins Dobbs for a discussion of Corker and President Trump’s 70 point immigration plan. Rollins points out the unfortunate reality that Corker has his seat for two more years and apparently intends to use it as the in-house critic of the President.

He says Corker’s position as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee,  gives him “a big platform to basically dump on the President and I think it’s just outrageous.” They agree that McConnell could and should rein him in, with Dobbs commenting, “And he looks so small, so insulting and petty, I mean a crack about a daycare center, World War III, I mean he looks moronic.”

They move on to DACA, with Dobbs observing, “We know it’s illegal, it’s unconstitutional and yet, here it is. The President has proffered an opportunity for the left to save DACA.” Rollins seems to argue that a comprehensive immigration monstrosity is somehow a positive thing.

Dobbs reminds him that every time it’s attempted “it becomes a catch all for every kind of nonsense except getting to the point, which is we need to secure our borders, we need to control immigration, and the list goes on, those 70 points in addition.”

Many would disagree with both of them, that little in the way of immigration reform is needed aside from a return to the enforcement of existing laws including sanctions employers hiring illegals. That would have the added benefit of not needing any new legislation which means Congress and their anti-American agendas and slothful non-productivity can be excluded entirely.

Dobbs points out the futility and madness of any discussion of immigration without first gaining control of the border. Futility on this issue is the goal of the open borders, anti-sovereignty leftists. He also points out that more than 70% of the border-crashing foreigners are on some type of welfare, saying, “We’ve got to take control of that immigration system, as the President campaigned.”

Are you listening “Chuck and Nancy?” What about that little commie cockroach Luis Gutierrez – comprende niño?