Obama brainwashing movie hits theaters this week

Published on Aug 25, 2016

This week, a romantic movie called ‘Southside with You’ hits theaters in America. It is charming. It is warmhearted. It is sharp-witted. It is perceptive. It is fully realized. It is the most wonderful movie, according to critics who caught its premiere. And it is also supposedly about Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date, although the account is highly dramatic and uncritical. The Resident breaks it down. Like The Resident on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TheResident


How absolutely stupid would one be, to pay money and waste time in a theater watching political propaganda for a MASS MURDERER who also wants to kill the audience and the rest of Americans?
Taran Marduk

Obama only wants to kill them if they have light skin. Better to be a horror movie with Obama breaking into houses and eating light skinned babies to be more true to form. lol
Ian Thaddiam

It’s going to be an epic tank. There’s only two people left on the planet who are still mesmerized by this fraudulent couple. I’d personally rather contract syphilis than see it. How real could a relationship really be when the female half refers to herself as a single mother (oops! look it up!) and seriously asks a roomful of eight-year old school children to help her remember how long she’s been married. Search YouTube for a video called “Michelle Forgets Wedding Year (FAKE Obama Marriage).” No married woman on the face of the planet doesn’t know to the hour how long she’s been married.
M.K. P.

their first date was a tub of vaseline and a glass pipe full of crack…turd burgelers

the people who voted for Barry are all too broke to go to the movies. I’m sure it’s going to be a flop.
Charmain LaReau

propaganda garbage
Jay Stimson

Does Michael … I mean … Michelle still have her wick in the movie ?

Obama Enjoys Late Night Outings on Vineyard Vacation Amid Floods, Police Protests



While communities in southern Louisiana struggle to recover from devastating floods that have killed at least nine people and violent unrest between protesters and police begins to settle in Milwaukee, President Obama is celebrating his second week of vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama, who is on his final summer retreat to the Massachusetts island as president, has spent almost every night out on the town for unusually late hours, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

On Sunday, as protesters hurled rocks at Milwaukee police officers to protest the shooting of an armed black man, Obama gathered his security and press entourage to go out at nearly 11 p.m. for an “unspecified ‘social event.’” He returned home just before 1 a.m. Monday and played a round of golf later that day, his seventh of his trip since arriving on Aug. 6. Obama was on the golf course for five hours earlier in the day on Sunday.

Despite taking a brief break from his vacation to attend a Hillary Clinton fundraiser on Monday, Obama has yet to comment on the Louisiana flooding and the ongoing unrest in Milwaukee. He did upgrade the emergency declaration for Louisiana to a major disaster declaration, authorizing federal authorities to respond with aid.

“Although Michelle is very strict about me actually taking a vacation when I get a vacation, she gave me a special dispensation for this evening because she understands, just as all of you understand, how important this is,” Obama said in Chilmark of Clinton’s presidential campaign at the fundraiser.

Riots began in Milwaukee on Saturday after a black police officer shot a black man who attempted to run away from officers during a traffic stop while wielding a handgun. Fourteen people were arrested Sunday after protesters lit six businesses on fire, including a gas station, torched squad cars, and heaved rocks at officers, wounding at least seven deputies.

Southern Louisiana endured historic flooding over the weekend, leaving more than 20,000 stranded and another 11,000 in search of shelter. The Red Cross said the flooding is the worst natural disaster in the U.S. since Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast in 2012. The region faced ongoing flood warnings Tuesday.

Obama: I’m Not Quitting, I’m Being ‘Forced Out’ Of the Presidency


President Barack Obama says he’s being “forced out” of the Oval Office, not quitting, as he faces the end of his presidency.

Obama was asked about the future of his golf game by the Golf Channel’s David Feherty in an interview that took place just before he played his 300th game as president.

“I’m not a hack, but I’m not quitting my day job,” he explained.

“Actually you are quitting your day job fairly shortly,” Feherty pointed out.

“Well then I may get good,” Obama replied grinning, before adding, “I’m being forced out, I didn’t quit.”

Obama says he has a golf handicap of 13, calling his irons “good,” his drive “straight but unimpressive in length,” his putting “decent,” his chipping, “ok,” but adding his sand game as “terrible.”

“I think at this point it must be psychological,” Obama said.

Media Fawns, Cries Over Michelle O…


By Kyle Drennen | July 26, 2016 | 3:05 PM EDT

As the media swooned over First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention Monday night and applauded her defense of America’s “greatness,” journalists seemed to suffer from collective amnesia as they forgot Mrs.

Obama’scontroversial revelation that she was “proud” of the country for the “first time” during her husband’s 2008 presidential run.

Speaking at a campaign rally for Barack Obama in Madison, Wisconsin on February 18, 2008, Michelle Obama proclaimed: “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.” At the time, the press initially tried to ignore the major gaffe. However, when it was clear the controversy wasn’t going away, networks attempted to dismiss the issue as unimportant.

Despite the First Lady’s very public reversal on having pride in the U.S., the convention coverage on Monday night and Tuesday morning failed to mention the obvious contradiction between her 2008 and 2016 comments. Instead, the broadcast and cable networks heaped hyperbolic praise on the presidential spouse.

The live special coverage on NBC, ABC, and CBS Monday night hailed the speech as “artfully painted” and filled with Obama’s “trademark…grace.”

On CNN, left-wing pundit Van Jones gushed: “…if you weren’t moved by that, go see the doctor….She gave a clinic on how to connect to the American people.”

On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe put them all to shame as the hosts and other journalists cheered the address as “One of the best speeches I’ve seen at a convention,” being in the “pantheon” of “great speeches,” and even remarked that “her optimism and her hope reminded me of Ronald Reagan.”