Chris Matthews: “Well That’s a Bitch” – After Trump Win Is Near

MSNBC Chris Matthews mumbles “Well that a bitch” after Donald Trump won North Carolina on Election Night, making it almost certain he would defeat Hillary Clinton. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. © 2016 by Mark Dice

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11/9 best day of my life
bane of liberalz

The only thing better then Trump winning is watching the liberal media meltdown.
Trump Will Win

It was oddly satisfying to see how sad the Hillary supporters where after she lost
Dixon Micucci

I just hope more of them riot, get sent to jail, so they can do slave-labor and get raped by the sub-deplorables who they CLAIMED to be fighting for.

TV Talking Heads Confidently Predict a ‘Landslide’ Victory for Hillary

‘He’s going to lose by a landslide, and they could lose the Senate and the House’

one can predict the future, but when your job is projecting political outcomes, TV talking heads have a lot of explaining to do. After all, in the run-up to Tuesday’s underdog victory for Donald Trump, the chattering class predicted a “landslide” for Hillary Clinton with regularity.

Enjoy the montage above for a quick trip down memory lane.



Less than half of respondents (47.8%) said that the media was reporting on the campaigns independently

CNS News – NOVEMBER 3, 2016

More people see the news media–as opposed to Russian hackers or political bosses–as the “primary threat that might try to change the election result,” according to a recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll.

Pollsters asked 1,000 likely voters: “What do you think is the primary threat that might try to change the election results?”

45.53% said “the news media”–followed by “the national political establishment” (20.79%); “undecided” (13.42%); “foreign interests such as Russian hackers” (10%); and “local political bosses” (8.95%).

When asked whether they thought the news media was “acting completely of its own accord or coordinating stories with individual campaigns,” less than half of respondents (47.8%) said that the media was reporting on the campaigns independently, while about a third (38.8%) said they believed that the media was coordinating with the campaigns it covered.

Another 12.6% of survey respondents were “undecided” whether there was coordination between the news media and individual campaigns.

Slightly more than half (56.5%) said they believe election results will be “fair and accurate,” while 38% say they are “worried that [election] results could be manipulated.”

In addition, all three major news networks failed to get to 10% on the trustworthy scale.

When asked ‘What news or TV commentary do you trust the most?’ less than a third (27%) of survey respondents cited Fox News. But that was almost twice the percentage that cited CNN (15.4%) as their most trustworthy source of news and information.

Other news outlets fared even worse:

  • Undecided (18.6%);
  • CBS (7.7%);
  • ABC (6.9%);
  • MSNBC (6.6%);
  • NBC (6.5%);
  • PBS (6.1%);
  • C-SPAN (2.9%);
  • Comedy Central (2.3%).

Survey participants were also asked: “Who do you think the media, including major newspapers and TV stations, would like to see elected president, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?”

Three-quarters (75.1%) replied “Hillary Clinton”, compared to 7.9% who answered “Donald Trump” and 4.9% who answered “neither”.

The national poll, which was conducted between October 20 and 24,  was based on live telephone interviews – in English and Spanish – of adults 18 years or older in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

CARVILLE CRACKS: Asserts FBI, GOP and KGB in Cahoots…


Democratic strategist calls reopened Clinton probe an ‘attack’ on American democracy in MSNBC tantrum

by Edmund Kozak | Updated 31 Oct 2016 at 6:49 PM

Famed Democratic strategist James Carville may be the first Clinton surrogate to have officially lost his mind over the FBI’s decision to reopen its investigation into Clinton’s private email server.

In an appearance on MSNBC on Monday, Carville relentlessly — and repeatedly — attacked the FBI’s decision to reopen the investigation, asserting it is part of a conspiracy to subvert American democracy.


“This is in effect an attempt to hijack an election,” Carville claimed. “It’s unprecedented … the House Republicans and the KGB are trying to influence our democracy,” he said.

Apparently the fact that the Soviet security agency was disbanded in 1991 does not preclude its involvement in this vast, anti-Clinton, FBI-organized conspiracy, according to Carville. Poor Carville was clearly apoplectic at the news of Comey’s announcement, describing it as an assault or attack on American democracy multiple times.

He was also adamant about who was responsible. “Comey was acting in concert and coordination with the House Republicans,” Carville said. “We also have the extraordinary case of the KGB being involved in this race and selectively leaking things from the Clinton campaign that they hacked,” he added.

Carville was very upset that Comey’s announcement thrust Clinton’s behavior back into the spotlight. “It would seem to me that the FBI shouldn’t be getting rolled by the House Republicans, that’s what happened here — there’s nothing else that’s going on — and in the meantime … democracy is under assault by the KGB,” he said. “To me that’s something we ought to be talking about.”

Unfortunately for Carville, fanciful tales about time-traveling Soviet spies and an FBI in the GOP’s pocket certainly make for interesting entertainment — but they pale in importance to the real-life stories of Clinton’s brazen lawlessness.

When the MSNBC anchor dared raise the fact that Democrats were praising Comey only a few months ago when he announced the FBI‘s decision not to recommend indictment, Carville went into a stuttering, sputtering fit.

“When the facts change I change my mind,” Carville said. “Why are you defending this, why are you sitting here as American democracy is under assault?” he asked.

“This is an unprecedented event that was done on behalf of the House Republicans,” Carville repeated. “And as we know the KGB is all over this election and this is what we are talking about? We ought to be talking about [how] our democracy is under assault right now and what we are going to do about it, not [what somebody said in July] about James Comey.”