“Is it possible that the Republican chairman of the House Intel Committee has been compromised?”

Steve Watson | – JANUARY 30, 2018

An MSNBC analyst seriously asked two Democratic guests Monday whether Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has ‘been compromised’ and become a ‘Russian agent’ in the wake of his vote to release the memo that is said to outline gross FBI misconduct as part of an opposition campaign against President Trump.

John Heilemann, a regular MSNBC talking head asked Sen. Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) “Is it possible that the Republican chairman of the House Intel Committee has been compromised by the Russians?”

Admitting it was a “ridiculous and absurd” question, Heilemann added “Is it possible that we actually have a Russian agent running the House Intel Committee on the Republican side?”

A stunned Murphy clearly couldn’t believe that Heilemann was seriously posing the question, replying “I-I-I-I hope that’s not the case,” and adding “I certainly have no information to suggest that it is.”

Nevertheless, the dismissal didn’t deter the MSNBC analyst.

“Doesn’t his behavior speak of that, though?” Heilemann asked, continuing “I mean, I’m not the first person who’s raised this. He’s behaving like someone who’s been compromised, and there are people in the intelligence community and others with great expertise in this area who look at him and say, ‘That guy’s been compromised.’”

Murphy again dismissed the notion and answered that Republicans simply voted along party lines in support of President Trump.

Far from leaving the suggestion there, simmering in it’s own ridiculousness, Heilemann brought it to an absurd boil later on in the broadcast, asking Rep. Eric Swalwell (D., Calif.) if he thinks Nunes is a Russian agent.

“Congressman Nunes, your chairman, it is suggested not by me but by people who follow these matters closely, could he possibly be someone who has been compromised by the Russians?” Heilemann asked.

“Is that something that you consider a possibility?” he followed up.

Swalwell didn’t take the bait, and instead suggested that Nunes had been “compromised by the White House.”

“He certainly seems to be willing to risk the republic to protect the president, to risk the rule of law to help the president’s case in the Russia investigation,” he said.

This is the level that MSNBC has stooped to in its political coverage. It has hosts asking elected Democrats if they think ‘muh Russians’ are secretly controlling Republican representatives, presumably as part of a giant conspiracy to stop Hillary Clinton becoming President and installing Trump as Putin’s puppet.

*(WHO CARES IF THESE 2 HOOD RATS DON’T SHOW UP?) – Democrat Reps. Maxine Waters, John Lewis to Skip Trump’s State of the Union


House Democrats Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) announced Friday that they will not attend President Trump’s first State of the Union address this month.

Waters and Lewis each made separate appearances on MSNBC to explain that they are skipping the president’s annual address because he allegedly called Haiti, El Salvador, and several African countries “shithole” nations.

“Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar?” Waters told MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes. “Someone who lies in the face of facts, someone who can change their tune day in and day out. What does he have to say that I would be interested in?”

“I don’t trust him, I don’t appreciate him, and I wouldn’t waste my time … listening to what he has to say,” she continued. “He does not deserve my attention.”

Lewis also announced that he would be skipping the address, accusing Trump of having racist sympathies after reports on the alleged remarks surfaced Thursday.

“At this junction, I do not plan to attend the State of the Union,” Lewis told MSNBC’s Katy Tur. “I cannot, in all good conscience, be in a room with what he has said about so many Americans. I just cannot do it. I wouldn’t be honest with myself.”

“I think the words and his action[s] tend to speak like one who knows something about being a racist. It must be in his DNA, in his makeup,” he added.

Waters and Lewis are the latest House Democrats to boycott Trump’s address after Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) announced last week that he would stay home during the State of the Union to avoid Trump’s “divisive” speech.

“Rather than listening to yet another destructive and divisive speech by Trump, I will not attend this year’s annual address to Congress,” he said in a statement. “Instead, like I did during Trump’s Inauguration, I will be working here at home listening to Oregonians about what they think about the State of the Union.”

Other Democrat lawmakers who are not planning to skip the State of the Union entirely are reportedly plotting ways to protest the speech, such as wearing black to show their support for victims of sexual misconduct.


7 times Trump critics called Russia a ‘s***hole’ & worse, and no one cared

On Russia:“Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country.”

Keith Olbermann, TV host and commentator

On Trump: “No, you’re not getting past the “S***hole” remark. Ever. You racist coward. Your presidency is over. Have a grown-up explain it to you.”


On Russia, last December, after hockey player Alex Ovechkin endorsed Vladimir Putin for this year’s election: “Maybe Ovechkin should be thrown out of this league and forced to go back and skate with Putin in that hellhole #ToHellWithRussia.”

Lindsey Graham, Republican senator

Lindsey Graham, United States Senator from South Carolina. / Reuters / Kevin Lamarque

On Trump:“Following comments by the president, I said my piece directly to him yesterday. The president and all those attending the meeting know what I said and how I feel. I’ve always believed that America is an idea, not defined by its people but by its ideals.”

On Russia: A “one-man dictatorship” (2009) with “an economy the size of Italy” that is “playing a poker game with a pair of 2s” (2014).

Tim Wise, prominent anti-racism activist “fighting alt-right Nazis since ‘89”

On Trump:“For those who keep excusing Trump because ‘that’s just how some people talk’… um, if your standards for the president are no higher than those you set for your Uncle Cooter, YOU are the problem. Unfiltered people are either demented or four [years old]. Either way, we should ignore them.”


On Russia:“W/each new day I know why part of my family left s***hole of imperial Russia. 100 years after last rev[olution] let’s hope 4 another1,” in a tweet from 2016.

Barack Obama, former US President

On Trump: Nothing yet.

On Russia:“Russia doesn’t make anything. Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old. The population is shrinking,” Obama told the Economist in 2014.

Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo political blog founder

On Trump:“It’s not just exclusion but a palpable dehumanizing contempt. The words only matter in as much as they illustrate the ugliness of what is currently happening and that is real and much more important than mere words,” Marshall wrote in conclusion to his post on Trump’s comments.

On Russia:“Xenophobic paranoia and a gravitation towards autocracy are embedded into the cultural DNA” of Russians, in a tweet from 2016.

Josh Barro, Business Insider Senior Editor, MSNBC contributor

On Trump:“Our president is an extremely prejudiced man and also an extremely superficial one,” Barro wrote in a column after the story broke. “The president’s prejudice causes him to make snap judgments about people, and his superficiality makes him incapable of processing information that might countermand his prejudices.”


On Russia: A dystopic s***hole since the dawn of history,” adding in another later deleted tweet – “It’s amazing how much national pride Russians have, given how little they have to be proud of.”


Chris Matthews Alleged Sexual Misconduct Payout ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ at MSNBC

On Saturday, an MSNBC spokesman confirmed that the American news cable and satellite television network paid off one of well-known commentator Chris Matthews’ former assistant producers after she filed a sexual harassment claim against him.

MSNBC claims the sum was just part of a normal severance package, but other sources insist it was a $40,000 sexual misconduct settlement.

According to this former employee, Matthews made inappropriate comments and jokes about her in front of others in 1999 while she was employed on his show, “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” Amber Athey, the investigative reporter for the Daily Caller who first broke the story, discusses the allegations against Matthews with Radio Sputnik’s Fault Lines.

“I established sources [at MSNBC], obviously and I can’t reveal who those are. I talked to two sources and they were familiar with the settlement and had a name and a number and so we [the Daily Caller] took it to the executives. Because we had specific details, they had to confirm [that a payment was made to one of Matthews’ employees],” Athey told hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan.

“Now I have additional sources [at MSNBC] that I am talking to that have claimed that this is the tip of the iceberg, not just in sexual harassment terms, but it terms of toxic workplace environment, and that’s something I’m exploring now,” Athey added.

According to Athey’s two sources familiar with the allegations against Matthews, MSNBC paid $40,000 to settle with the assistant producer on the show who complained about Matthews’ behavior toward her. Although the MSNBC executives admitted that a payment was made to the former employee, they claim that the company paid her a much smaller amount of money as a regular severance package.

“We got MSNBC to confirm that there was a sexual harassment settlement made with Matthews and an assistant producer back in 1999. Our sources were telling us it was for $40,000 and that it was a settlement. The MSNBC spokespeople disputed that, saying that it was actually for a lot less money and that it wasn’t a settlement but rather it was a separation-related payment, which leads me to believe that she was probably pushed out and given some kind of severance package after she made a complaint about harassment,” Athey explained.

According to MSNBC, the allegations against Matthews were thoroughly reviewed at the time and he received a formal warning. The network alleges that the comments Matthews made were inappropriate and juvenile but did not qualify as sexual propositions.

“What we know from MSNBC is that they have this history of not really investigating the claims that are brought against bigger people at the network and instead they try to cover it up and make it go away, and so this really isn’t an ‘out of the ordinary’ for their executives, to be paying someone off and pushing them out of the network in order to keep the alleged integrity of someone who obviously brings in really good ratings and has been with the network for 20 years now,” Athey added.

NBC Rocked as Matt Lauer is Fired for Sexual Misconduct
MSNBC declined to comment on whether the former assistant producer left because of Matthews and whether there were multiple sexual misconduct allegations against Matthews throughout his NBC career.

“[MSNBC] would not tell us if there were any other settlements against Matthews and if there were any other claims made against him. They would not tell us if this was a repeating thing throughout the years or if it was a one-time thing. From what we’ve seen, sexual misconduct is usually a pattern of behavior. One woman speaks up and then it’s a whole lot of women with a whole lot of stories,” Athey said.

Matthews is the latest high-profile man in media to be accused of sexual misconduct.

Just last month, NBC News fired Matt Lauer, the former “Today” anchor, who was accused of sexual harassment and assault by multiple women, some of whom even claim that executives at the network were aware of his behavior.

In October, a dozen women accused NBC’s “Game Change” author Mark Halperin of sexual harassment and groping and former Senior Vice President Matt Zimmerman was fired for not disclosing relationships he had with women he worked with.

CNN in Hot Water Over Erroneous Trump-WikiLeaks Story

On Friday, CNN claimed that the Trump team received access to hacked WikiLeaks files before they were made public. But the network made a serious mistake in the reporting, turning a potential bombshell story into a dud.

US President Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” and suggested that the mistake CNN made in its report about alleged collusion between WikiLeaks and his team was “purposeful.”

“Fake News CNN made a vicious and purposeful mistake yesterday. They were caught red handed, just like lonely Brian Ross at ABC News (who should be immediately fired for his ‘mistake’). Watch to see if @CNN fires those responsible, or was it just gross incompetence?” Trump said on Twitter on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.16.29 AM

In an “exclusive report,” CNN claimed on Friday that an encryption key providing access to hacked DNC emails from WikiLeaks had been sent to Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr. and aides on September 4, 2016, before the leaks were made public.

The whistleblower organization published the documents on September 13, so the nine-day advance would be very significant, taking into account ongoing allegations of collusion between the Trump administration and WikiLeaks. Mainstream media have repeatedly claimed that WikiLeaks is working in the interests of the Russian government.

After the story was published, The Washington Post obtained a copy of the email, which was actually sent to the Trump team on September 14, 2016, not September 4, a day after the documents were made public. A number of conflicting reports from other media outlets also pointed out the mistake.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.18.06 AM

​CNN later updated the story with a correction, saying its “initial reporting of the date on an email sent to members of the Trump campaign about WikiLeaks documents, which was confirmed by two sources to CNN, was incorrect.”

“The new information indicates that the communication is less significant than CNN initially reported,” the broadcaster admits.

President Trump also attacked CNN for the wrongful coverage as he attended a rally in Pensacola, Florida, late Friday.

“CNN apologized just a little while ago. They apologized. Oh thank you, CNN, thank you so much,” the president said. “You should have been apologizing for the last two years.”

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to criticize CNN for not fully retracting the story instead of correcting it.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.19.54 AM

Earlier this week, Trump Jr. spent nearly eight hours testifying in a closed session before members of the House Intelligence Committee about a January 2016 meeting at Trump Tower and his communications with WikiLeaks, as part of an ongoing probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election in the US.

WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange and journalist Glenn Greenwald also commented on the situation with CNN.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.21.19 AM

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.22.34 AMA CNN spokesperson said that there would be no disciplinary action taken in this case, as CNN does not believe the sources intended to lie to the reporters.
Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.23.33 AM


“You are not mentally fit to host a TV show!”

Steve Watson | – DECEMBER 8, 2017

Fox News Anchor Sean Hannity devoted a section of his nightly show to exposing the smear campaign MSNBC has been running for months against President Trump, attempting to paint him up as mentally unstable.

“Over at conspiracy TV MSNBC, Liberal Joe and his cohorts over at that network, well, they are at it again,” Hannity noted, referring to Scarborough and his cast of characters.

Hannity described how Scarborough and his “panel of Trump-hating sycophants” are routinely putting out “some deranged speculation”.

After running B-roll of Scarborough saying that “the President of the United States is not mentally fit,” Hannity fired back at Scarborough.

“You are not mentally fit to host a TV show!” Hannity urged.

“Makes you wonder why Liberal Joe has so much rage and contempt for this president,” Hannity continued. “Joe, you are scaring us. I will pay for therapy if you need it.”

As we have noted, there is a long running effort not just at MSNBC, but among several news networks, to paint Trump up as having Dementia or some other kind of mental deficiency.

The end goal, according to former Trump advisor Roger Stone, is to use the ‘mental impairment’ card to trigger impeachment efforts and remove Trump from office.

Meanwhile, in related news, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski attempted to defend disgraced Senator Al Franken on Friday, questioning the validity of one of his accusers, and suggesting that the woman could just be a Trump supporter with a vendetta: