Amid mass rioting, vandalism, looting, shooting, assaults, MSNBC anchors complain of violence by police

Steve Watson | – SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

As countless videos emerged of black lives matter thugs smashing up property, looting, assaulting reporters and innocent bystanders, and even SHOOTING each other, MSNBC claimed that the ‘protesters’ were peaceful, were hugging each other, and complained that police were reacting too violently.

As Infowars has detailed in a report this morning, footage from the unrest in Charlotte shows rioters stealing and looting cash registers from local businesses, smashing apartment windows and buses, physically attacking reporters and trying to set a photographer on fire, throwing rocks off bridges at passing vehicles, beating up innocent people for being white, attempting to hijack cars and terrify their innocent occupants, and engaging in gun violence against each other.

The situation in Charlotte is nothing short of absolute chaos, with legitimate reporters on the ground comparing the scenes to the West Bank unrest between Israelis and Palestinians.

CNN also reported prominently on the violence and looting, after one of their correspondents, Ed Lavandera, was attacked. Fellow CNN reporter Boris Sanchez, amid debris, tear gas and utter carnage, described the scenes as “totally out of control.”

The scenes of violent mobs marauding around while police resort to using tear gas look like something out of an apocalyptic societal breakdown.

Yet everyone’s favorite black lives matter apologist media network, MSNBC, painted a very different picture.

Host Rachel Maddow and correspondents Gabe Guiterrez and Tammy Leitner repeatedly told viewers that the scene consisted of “a mostly peaceful group of people” with only “some agitators.”

They claimed that the ‘protesters’ were “hugging and they’re being very peaceful”, and even claimed they were “cleaning up trash on the street”.

The ‘reporters’ then suggested that police were being too heavy handed in their response and were arresting those on the scene too violently.

“Well, on this issue, as you’re talking, we just saw a very violent arrest by a number of police officers in heavy-duty riot gear going after an individual protester. They sprung out of the line to go grab somebody specifically and then arrested that person,” Maddow complained while speaking to interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile.

MSNBC has a history of skewing coverage of black lives matter protests. In the past the network has given air time to BLM advocates who say that the movement is not anti-police, despite numerous videos of such protesters shouting slogans like “When I say ‘Oink, oink’ you say ‘Bang! Bang!’” and “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”

The network regularly gives airtime to attempting to debunk the violence and criminal activity that occurs at practically every prominent BLM gathering.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and


MSNBC Host Praises Terrorists Use Of Explosives

Published on Sep 19, 2016

Chris Hayes went full retard on his Twitter account tweeting out how lucky NYC was that the terrorists chose to use bombs instead of guns to kill people. Nice France should also be thankful the terrorists there chose to use a truck to kill instead of the much more frightening guns.


If Trump were to say that exact quote, that same Liberal cuck would have jumped all over him; calling Trump psychotic and insensitive and unfit for president.
Affected Area

Yup, that’s why taking ‘moral’ guidance from leftists or curbing your own principles for them is useless.

Liberals are fucking dumb.
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they sure are, SIR!
William Hughes

we need to ban bombs..wait

This is stupidity on a level rarely seen. He has since deleted the tweet because all liberals are, he is a coward. Liberals are traitors but what’s worse is they are traitors that won’t even stand behind their own words.
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Affected Area

They won’t call themselves traitors, nation-destroyers, immoralists, communists, anti-white racists etc even though they are all those things and, at that level at least, know they are.
Billy Bob

We are lucky no one was killed and we will be very lucky if Donald Trump is elected and starts putting American first


MSM uses exact same phrases distributed by Hillary’s “Daily Message Guidance”

  SEPTEMBER 14, 2016

If this isn’t a brazen and shocking example of how controlled the media is in the United States, then I don’t know what is.

The clip exposes how mainstream media outlets immediately began regurgitating Clinton campaign talking points within hours of Hillary’s infamous collapse in New York on Sunday.

After Clinton campaign staffers began using the term “power through” over and over again in an effort to emphasize Hillary’s strength – a complete 180 of objective reality – network hosts adopted and repeated the phrase themselves.

As David Rutz reported, “Campaign manager Robby Mook and spokespeople Brian Fallon and Kristina Schake all repeated the talking point ad nauseam in their cable appearances on Monday. The media picked it up as well, with reporters on CNN and MSNBC using the phrase to describe how Hillary Clinton bravely reacted to a pneumonia diagnosis on Friday.”

However, the real scandal is how the media regurgitated talking points that were directly distributed by the Clinton campaign.

As Politico reported, “Those phrases, projecting strength, prudence, and vigor, were among the six bullet-pointed talking points about Clinton’s health the campaign distributed to its army of outside surrogates Tuesday morning. The marching orders, part of the “Daily Message Guidance” from Brooklyn headquarters, instructed Clinton allies on how to answer questions about the Democratic nominee’s pneumonia and about how she dealt with the untimely setback.”

So by repeating the exact same talking points, the likes of CNN and MSNBC were confirming and embracing their role as “surrogates” of the Clinton campaign.

MSNBC news panel shocked to learn Trump predicted 9/11 in Jan 2000, over 19 months before the attack

Watch the MSNBC news panel, especially Mika and Morning Joe Scarborough, be left speechless upon learning that Trump predicted the 9/11 attacks in a quote from his 2000 book, ‘The America we Deserve’, released over 19 months before the 9/11 attacks.

Edward Lewis

I personally don’t like Donald Trump but I got to give him his props

vote trump…best for the u s a…Hillary not strong enough..i think she is ill.

Donald Trump is a time traveler and he is gonna win M.A.G.A
Mark Seven

WOW. I am astonished at how well MSNBC (Hilary supporters) can make light of the fact that TRUMP CALLED IT. If Hilary manages to win this will be why. Misinformation and twisting of the facts to fit the Liberal agenda
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Ronald Reagan

killary 4 a rest home

VIDEO: Hillary’s Politburo (MSNBC) Puts On Incredible Display Of Nothing-To-See-Ism



Hillary’s collapse this morning, when her knees buckled and she fell toward the ground and had to be lifted into a van and rushed from the scene, is nothing of any consequence as far as at least some of the media is concerned. Any news or speculation that doubts the offical campaign statement is heretical.

Especially at MSNBC.

In case you missed the fall, here’s a video:

“It makes perfect sense.” But lo, Alex Witt has more to add, when first Hillary returns to view upon leaving Chelsea’s apartment.

And we didn’t even clip all the examples of them discussing the relative length of her sleeves or incredibly long duration (90 minutes) of the ceremony where all the other standing people in long sleeves unsensibly failed to collapse. This was just a few.

Haven’t they been bragging about Hillary’s incredible stamina during this campaign? I can’t recall. Oh wait, yes I can …


Before you leave, think about what the coverage would have been like if this had happened to John McCain in 2008.

In MSNBC Interview, Hispanic Marine Defends Her Decision To Support Trump


by B. Christopher Agee September 10, 2016 at 8:33am

“… people need to step up and defend this great nation.”

During a recent interview with MSNBC Live host Craig Melvin, a Hispanic female Iraq War veteran rebuffed many of the arguments against someone like her supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

After discussing Veterans Affairs healthcare issues with U.S. Army Capt. Francis Racioppi, Melvin turned to U.S. Marine Sgt. Delilah Bustamante to talk politics.

“You are not an undecided voter,” he said. “You are firmly in the Trump camp. Why?”

“I’m a big firm believer in you work hard, keep your money and you succeed by what you put in,” she continued. “I joined the Marine Corps because I knew that I wanted to be a part of something that could make this nation great.

When she expressed her belief that America needs “people to step up and defend this great nation,” Melvin prompted Bustamante to defend Trump as such a leader.

He asked whether the fact that Trump does not have “any experience at all on any level of government” worries her, to which the veteran acknowledged she has given it some thought.

Bustamante expressed some concern over “the fact that [Trump] could have gone to the Vietnam War but apparently had some possible bone spur issues.”

She went on to note, however, that military service “is not for everybody” and she could not imagine Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton serving in the armed forces either.

Melvin concluded by pressing Bustamante for her reaction to the controversial statements Trump has made throughout the election about women and Hispanics specifically.

Speaking as a “very strong Hispanic female,” she said words do not hurt her.

Bustamante went on to defend Trump’s reference to the crimes committed by illegal immigrants, explaining she believes such bad actors should be deported.

“Not only are we taking care of our own country by taking care of our own citizens with our own criminals,” she said, “… now we have to worry about these illegal immigrants bringing their criminality from their country here.”

Such a system, she concluded, is “unfair to our American-born citizens and unfair to everyone.”

Recent battleground-state polling reaffirms conventional wisdom that high levels of support among both Hispanics and women will be vital in Clinton’s path to victory.

What do you think? Scroll down to comment below.



Johnson’s plan to steal votes from Trump in jeopardy

Clifford Cunningham | – SEPTEMBER 8, 2016

Gary Johnson, the so-called Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee, dealt his campaign a death blow after flubbing a question regarding the civil war in Syria during an interview on MSNBC.

When asked what he would do about Aleppo, a major city in Syria hotly contested by the Syrian government and ISIS militants, Johnson answered, “And what is Aleppo?”
“You’re kidding,” MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Mike Barnicle responded.

“No,” Johnson said.
“Aleppo is in Syria. It’s the epicenter of the refugee crisis—” Barnicle continued.
“OK, got it, got it,” Johnson concluded.
Mark Halprin, another MSNBC guest, followed Johnson into the hallway after the interview concluded and peppered him with additional questions. The exchange between Halprin and Johnson was played on an iPhone by MSNBC.

“I’m incredibly frustrated with myself,” Johnson said during the exchange.
“But how do you feel about it, should it be a big flap?” Halperin asked.
“Sure, it should. Absolutely,” Johnson said.

The Washington Post described the flub in harsh terms, claiming “the English language lacks a good way to describe something that was already in very bad shape and then, somehow, becomes far worse rather dramatically… like if the Titanic had begun sinking but then blew up.”

The clear lack of knowledge on foreign policy demonstrated by Johnson on live television may be enough to derail his anti-Second Amendment, pro-Amnesty, and pro-TPP phony Libertarian campaign that is being promoted by the mainstream media in an effort to siphon enough votes from Donald Trump to hand the election to Hillary Clinton.