How do you think Muslims reacted to news of the UK’s “first gay Muslim marriage”.

With peace and tolerance?

Think again.

Truman Kingmaker

As a Christian, I will always be against homosexuality. But I will also always be against murdering gays or forcing them to obey God.
· 0xFFF1

The only reason sex changes aren’t banned in the Koran is because physically changing gender was 100% inconceivable for anyone a millennia and a half ago, which was around when the Koran was written.
Cat Man

I’ll take islam over the gays tbh
Ben Garrison

what if i don’t want either of them?
Lord Fand Angus

Homossexuality is not the problem, LGBT activists wanting to make the whole world population gay is.

Was waiting for this video. Muslims showed their true colors on Facebook and I was horrified when no one spoke against them

Gays showing solidarity with Islam = chickens showing solidarity with KFC.
Droptimus Prime

huge fag here.. i wouldnt mind a muslim ban in the U.S.

Paris prosecutor wants magazine with Nice attack photos pulled from stands

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.50.01 AM

The Paris prosecutor has demanded the withdrawal of the latest edition of Paris Match magazine from newsstands due to the inclusion of graphic photos from last year’s Nice attack.

The magazine shows surveillance images of the attack on the Promenade des Anglais that happened on July 14, 2016, and left over 80 people dead.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.52.08 AM

The prosecution said that the pictures “damage the dignity of the victims and their relatives,” and is now “asking the court to order the withdrawal” of the magazine, and “a ban on broadcasting [the contents] in any format, including digital.”

“Paris Match made the editorial choice to publish photos extracted from the surveillance tapes in Nice that were classified,”the statement by the lawyer of the National Federation of the victims of attacks and collective accidents, Eric Morain, said.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.54.10 AM

The lawyer also urged the Paris counterterrorism prosecutor’s office “to put an end to this blatantly illegal disorder.”

His request was also supported by the Promenade des Anges association, which brings together the relatives of the July 14 attack victims.

“These screenshots, published without precaution, undermine the dignity of the victims and their relatives,” and have been published “only for the sake of sensationalism” and “to create a morbid and voyeuristic atmosphere,” the association said.


Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi also slammed the publication for the “unbearable and abhorrent” images, and he addressed “the Minister of Justice so that he seizes [the magazine]” not to “revive the sorrow of the [victims’] families.”

The magazine’s lawyer, Marie-Christine Percin, however, said that “the subject of Paris Match on July 14 is a tribute to the victims and survivors,” as cited by AFP.

“There are no photos showing the faces of the victims or damaging their dignity. The images show the truck from far away when it slams into the crowd, and the silhouettes of people walking,” she added.

Dozens of the newsstands in Nice have already refused to sell the latest edition of the magazine, according to Nice Matin.

The situation has caused quite a storm on Twitter, with many slamming Paris Match for “voyeurism,” and a lack of empathy.

Other users took to Twitter to express their suspicions. One person said that the authorities may be trying to hide something.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.56.39 AM

[No police, no barriers]

Still others found hypocrisy in the outcry. “So, showing dead Syrian children – good, showing dead French children – not good.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.57.49 AM

*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – ISIS threats against Women’s Euro 2017 tournament probed by Dutch counterterrorism police

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 11.25.06 AM

The Dutch counterterrorism agency NCTV is investigating online threats made by Islamic State-affiliated militants against the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 soccer tournament scheduled to take place in the Netherlands next week.


The group named ‘Lone Mujahid,’ posted on the encrypted Telegram messaging service calling for unaffiliated believers, inspired by recent attacks in London and Manchester, to carry out a copycat attack at the upcoming tournament.

“We take today’s threat very seriously, of course,” said Lodewijk Hekking, spokesperson for the Ministry of Security and Justice, as cited by RTL NewsThere are more of these types of threats. However, I do not give a view of the seriousness of this.”

The threat specifically called for an attack on the football stadium in the cIty of Utrecht on July 19 when England are scheduled to play Scotland.

“We take it seriously. We are in close contact with the NCTV. They do research,” tournament spokesperson Annette van Trigt said, also cited by RTL.

READ MORE: Charges mulled against Wilders over anti-Islam tirade implying Koran incites terrorism

The group posted four photos on July 11, 2017 showing a detailed stadium map and ‘inspiration’ guides of how previous attacks were carried out. It also posted a series of inflammatory hashtags.

While NCTV is taking the threat seriously, the agency has yet to raise the national threat level, which currently stands at level four out of five, meaning the threat of attack is substantial but no clear evidence exists that one is imminent.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 11.28.18 AM

Dick Schoof, the national coordinator for counterterrorism and security, confirmed the severity of the threat and said he was already in contact with the Dutch Women’s Football Association regarding the upcoming event.

The cities of Deventer, Breda, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Doetinchem and Enschede will also host games. The final will take place Sunday, August 6 in the De Grolsch Veste stadium in Enschede.

Tucker Carlson Destroys Antifa Over Fake Hate Crimes And Haymaker Collective

Published on Jul 10, 2017

“I don’t want to interrupt you, but those are totally made up statistics”

Feminist Ate My gf 

Muslims are a protected class. No one is overtly killing Muslims in America.
the guy 

Go back home if you don’t like our country.
Kat Dollie 

She’s lying on purpose. She’s trying to create something out of nothing. I’m really, really tired of “white men” being put into one group. I have 6 brothers that could do less harm together than this stupid woman.
Richard Novak 

Gym = terrorist training camp
Chris Foxxe 

another dumb bitch afraid to ride the train in Chicago because of a stabbing in Oregon and what the fuck is uni phobia?… I like it when Tucker tears up stupid bitches like this.. I hope she reads the comments on this YouTube because you’re just one fucking dumb bitch

Notice she forgot to mention that white man was a Bernie supporter and ANTI Trumper, so she bluntly LIES like ALL left wing/Muslim scum!

USA is dangerous, islamophobic, racist, xenophobic, transphobic, etc, but everybody goes the extra mile (many times risking their own life) to enter and live in the country. If this is not a passive-aggressive invasion, I don’t know what it is.
Twenny Bux 

Lol yet all the video evidence shows violent left wingers… smh.. where the fuck are all these evil right wingers???
matt mead 

she reminds me of when you catch your 6 year old in a lie and they just won’t give it up. she lacks depth and maturity, which you can not fake debating tucker. the guy is one if not the best in the game

Ohio man pleads guilty to conspiring to kill judge & support terrorists

Ohio resident Yahya Farooq Mohammad has admitted he conspired to give money to Al-Qaeda and later tried to solicit the murder of the US federal judge who presided over his case. Mohammad is a citizen of India who moved to Ohio 15 years ago.


On Monday, he pleaded guilty on both counts: providing material support to terrorists and paying someone to have a judge killed.

On July 22, 2009, Mohammad traveled with two associates to Yemen to meet with notorious Al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki and deliver $22,000 that they had raised for the terrorist group, according to the US Department of Justice. Although they were unable to meet Awlaki in person, Mohammad and his associates ensured that the terrorist leader received the money through a courier, prosecutors said.

“The defendant conspired to provide and did provide material support to Anwar Al-Awlaki in response to his calls to support violent jihad,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Boente.

Mohammad was arrested two years ago on the terrorism support charges. While in prison in Toledo, Ohio, he told another inmate that he wanted to have US District Judge Jack Zouhary ‒ who was presiding over his case ‒ kidnapped and murdered, and that he was willing to pay $15,000 to have this carried out, court documents say.

The inmate gave Mohammad the number of an undercover FBI agent who posed as a hitman. Through a family member, Mohammad arranged for the undercover agent to receive a $1,000 down payment. When asked when he wanted the murder committed, he replied: “The sooner would be good, you know,” according to court documents.

Mohammad is expected to be sentenced to 27 and a half years in federal prison. He will be deported from the US upon completion of his sentence, under the terms of his plea agreement, the DOJ said in a statement.

The case against Mohammad’s three suspected associates, including his brother, is pending. They have pleaded not guilty.

Trump Protesters Call For Impeachment Without Knowing Why – SJW Cringe

Published on Jul 9, 2017

This week Fleccas hit the Impeachment Protest in downtown Los Angeles where probably paid protesters demonstrated against Trump. The day was filled with erroneous accusations, stupid chants, and almost a fight. 


“Im just trying to get laid”😂😂
Sayton Dette 

the reason you are great flecca is because you are respectful while exposing
Emily Morgan 

These are my favorite type of people who have no idea what they are talking about 😂😂
Katherine Lloyd 

Oh yea shit on middle America, coastal snobbery at its best.
Eric Chang 

Who do you think is better than Trump? Nobody.

love that older immigrated lady. That’s the kind of new American Teddy Roosevelt said we wanted in this country.

half of them are illegals and the other half are retards who didn’t vote

09:17 Obama dropped 100,000+ bombs during his 8 year reign of terror in the Middle East and 26,000 in 2016 alone.
Bo Horn 

This is my little marraca
sas func 

The Mexican-American lady hit the nail on the head.

*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – New advice for British tourists on how to survive terrorist attack (VIDEO)

British holidaymakers are being urged to watch a new safety video on how to survive a terrorist attack ahead of their summer breaks.


The four-minute clip issued by counterterrorism police adapts the “run, hide, tell” message and depicts a firearms attack unfolding at a hotel.

Just over two years ago, 30 Britons were killed in a terrorist shooting rampage at a resort in Sousse, Tunisia. Seifeddine Rezgui walked off the beach and through the Imperial Marhaba hotel, systematically shooting dead holidaymakers.

Police have emphasized there is no specific intelligence that UK holidaymakers will be targeted this summer, but said the film is part of a general campaign to raise public awareness.


Detective Chief Superintendent Scott Wilson, national coordinator for the Protect and Prepare strategy, told the Press Association that the chances of being caught up in a terrorist incident are “still low” but “sadly we have seen atrocities that take place in the UK and abroad.”

“It is important that everyone stays alert and knows what to do if the worst was to happen.

As we saw in Tunisia in 2015, any westerner is likely to be a target anywhere in the world,” he added.

“We want people to think of this in the same way they do the safety films airlines show before take-off.

“They don’t expect anything bad to happen but it is a sensible safety precaution to show people what to do.”

The video encourages people to first run to a place of safety if possible, leaving belongings behind and bringing others with them.

If there is no place of safety, they should hide by barricading themselves in and turn their phones to silent.

As soon as it is safe, they should alert authorities by using the local emergency number, which is 112 in EU countries.

It comes as the head of the army confirmed plans to the Telegraph to start recruiting senior officers from the civilian population in a “year or two” to meet the challenges of modern warfare.

Experts in cyber technology, logistics and aviation will be targeted to address a high-tech skills shortfall.