Published on May 26, 2017
Appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the murder of Seth Rich, the alleged Wikileaks email leaker…
What are the conspiracy theorist “botched robbery” people afraid of???…


HA keep on it ! You are on the right side of history !!!! The “true progressives” and the ” far right” have now United to take the established Dems THE FUCK OUT… but neither of those terms describe us properly as we are all AMERICANS SEEKING JUSTICE FOR A FELLOW PATRIOT

Excellent! We should be investigating Seths murder as well as many others. We need to be investigating the pay for play with the Clintons, their foundation & cohorts. NOT this Russia bullshit! It’s our taxes paying for that nonsense.
A Change

His name is SETH RICH. Patriot that gave his life for his country.
Lyn Portello

Lets investigate Debbie W. Schultz and the Awan brothers crimes..
Mars Black

They’re afraid of their stranglehold of the U.S. citizen is weakening before their very eyes. Every media outlet trying to bury the Seth Rich story has been implicated in Wikileaks leaks. This goes deeper than the Clintons. If they go down their entire system crumbles.
Pauli Babba

it’s getting harder to discredit Kim dotcom by the way he is phrasing his tweets. I thought he was a deep state character, working with them to possibly frame up Trump from the Russian hacker angle. I thought he would lie and say Trump paid hackers and he knew who they were, but that obviously is not the way Kim dotcom is arguing. He hasn’t mentioned his own case so maybe Trump has leverage there. Either way, Seth Rich’s life will always be remembered for what he stood for and will be an American hero.
Jus Axn

Bernie got punked by DNC, then endorsed HRC. Zero respect.
Contrarian21 Bootcamp

Rep Blake Farenthold is a patriot. where are the other representatives? F’n COWARDS

Circa News: FBI illegally shared data about Americans

Published on May 25, 2017

debora orton

oboma is going to go down

I’m not going to hold my breath on this one. so Much illegal activities in DC and yet NOBODY has been prosecuted. Fucking pissing me off..
C Marino

Obama is a Traitor.

Fire them all. Put some in prison.
krazy bzs

I swear the obama administration is so fucking corrupt it’s scary ..

Will someone PLEASE show the world that our laws also apply to the democrats?!?

But remember Obama had a scandal free presidency..     Amazing how accurate the Right wing conspiracy theorist have become
Here Again

Where are liberal civil right activists now!

During this data dump, not one FBI person did not speak out AGAINST THESE leaks. Comey Comedy team.
Red Warrior

Where is the special prosecutor that will investigate the Obama administration.


Published on May 25, 2017

What are the conspiracy theorist “botched robbery” people afraid of???…

Joe Morrell

I don’t mind saying it. The DNC probably had SR killed.
Elizabeth Vering

Fuck TYT!
chris siemers

I’m currently on my 12th Twitter account. Auto suspension for calling out the Clintons or any other Democrat
Roseann Martorana

4 deaths in less than a month connected 2 DNC

Of course Killary & Podesta did n’t kill Seth Rich….THEY ORDERED THE ASSASSINATION!!!
Michael Ledford

It’s too bad Shawn Hannity has been threatened with career suicide by Democratic party goons for doing real journalism by reporting the covering up of Seth richs assassination, anybody who cares about America & the whistle blowers who risk their lives exposing corrupt government should be on board supporting Hannity, thank God we have Dr Jerome Corsi in the press corps now so we can watch him bring up the Seth rich investigation everyday ,It would be a blessing of Mr Goodman was able to get WH press credentials as well to keep the assassination in the public eye . 

Erik H526

Seth Rich & Kim Dotcom story is big!!! Slate is so triggered by the truth because they don’t want to be exposed!!!! They focus on Trump & Safe Space Issues!!! Amazing segment H.A.!!! Keep up the amazing work H.A.!!!
William Cargile

Slave auctions. ? big discounts on Democrats, but buyer beware. Defective in many ways. Caviat Emptor.
Pat Hacker

Kim Dotcom has no reason to hack into anything. He has evidence. And he’s willing to present it. Seth talked/communicated with him voluntarily.

Keep refuting everyone of thses fake fuckers HA!

New evidence Obama’s NSA conducted illegal searches

Published on May 24, 2017

Documents show NSA systematically violated rights of countless Americans; chief Washington correspondent James Rosen reports

Ana Schuster

Obummer needs to be put in jail for life.

Why is there no special prosecutor for this?
rick grimes

When are the Obama investigations going to start? He has committed some very serious crimes

Baraq Hussain Obama is a HALFRICAN, therefore there will be no investigations of any kind, you racist bastard you!
Grateful Dude

Funny, CNN made no mention of this…….
David Bryant Lonsinger

Obama needs to go to jail along with the Clintons and the Podestas
Medicine Mann

Obumer The Snake

President Trump was right!   Obama was wire taping him, spying on him, and listening to conversations that was supposed to be private. This news, should trouble every US citizen when saying anything, to family or friends by cell phone!  We will never hear a word of this from CNN FAKE NEWS!   GO TRUMP!
Susan Murdock Murdock

Why aren’t the Republicans ALL OVER this illegal surveiling of Trump and his people??? Will we hear ANYTHING. What about the unmasking of Flynn!? We need answers. Are the right in a freaking coma!?
Doris Nogueras

bet you won’t hear this on the MSM channels
Jared Wennstrom

Now Obama can be with Hillary in prison

Classified documents show Obama illegally spied on Americans for years…

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.38.53 AM

The National Security Agency under former President Barack Obama routinely violated American privacy protections while scouring through overseas intercepts and failed to disclose the extent of the problems until the final days before Donald Trump was elected president last fall, according to once top-secret documents that chronicle some of the most serious constitutional abuses to date by the U.S. intelligence community.


More than 5 percent, or one out of every 20 searches seeking upstream Internet data on Americans inside the NSA’s so-called Section 702 database violated the safeguards Obama and his intelligence chiefs vowed to follow in 2011, according to one classified internal report reviewed by Circa.

The Obama administration self-disclosed the problems at a closed-door hearing Oct. 26 before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that set off alarm. Trump was elected less than two weeks later.

The normally supportive court censured administration officials, saying the failure to disclose the extent of the violations earlier amounted to an “institutional lack of candor” and that the improper searches constituted a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue,” according to a recently unsealed court document dated April 26, 2017.

The admitted violations undercut one of the primary defenses that the intelligence community and Obama officials have used in recent weeks to justify their snooping into incidental NSA intercepts about Americans.

The FISA court opinion

Circa has reported that there was a three-fold increase in NSA data searches about Americans and a rise in the unmasking of U.S. person’s identities in intelligence reports after Obama loosened the privacy rules in 2011.

Officials like former National Security Adviser Susan Rice have argued their activities were legal under the so-called minimization rule changes Obama made, and that the intelligence agencies were strictly monitored to avoid abuses.

The intelligence court and the NSA’s own internal watchdog found that not to be true.

“Since 2011, NSA’s minimization procedures have prohibited use of U.S.-person identifiers to query the results of upstream Internet collections under Section 702,” the unsealed court ruling declared. “The Oct. 26, 2016 notice informed the court that NSA analysts had been conducting such queries inviolation of that prohibition, with much greater frequency than had been previously disclosed to the Court.”

Speaking Wednesday on Fox News, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said there was an apparent effort under the Obama Administration to increase the number of unmaskings of Americans.

“If we determine this to be true, this is an enormous abuse of power,” Paul said. “This will dwarf all other stories.”

“There are hundreds and hundreds of people,” Paul added.

The American Civil Liberties Union said the newly disclosed violations are some of the most serious to ever be documented and strongly call into question the U.S. intelligence community’s ability to police itself and safeguard American’s privacy as guaranteed by the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment protections against unlawful search and seizure.

“I think what this emphasizes is the shocking lack of oversight of these programs,” said Neema Singh Guliani, the ACLU’s legislative counsel in Washington.

“You have these problems going on for years that only come to the attention of the court late in the game and then it takes additional years to change its practices.

“I think it does call into question all those defenses that we kept hearing, that we always have a robust oversight structure and we have culture of adherence to privacy standards,” she added. “And the headline now is they actually haven’t been in compliacne for years and the FISA court itself says in its opinion is that the NSA suffers from a culture of a lack of candor.”


The NSA acknowledged it self-disclosed the mass violations to the court last fall and that in April it took the extraordinary step of suspending the type of searches that were violating the rules, even deleting prior collected data on Americans to avoid any further violations.

“NSA will no longer collect certain internet communications that merely mention a foreign intelligence target,” the agency said in the statement that was dated April 28 and placed on its Web site without capturing much media or congressional attention.

In question is the collection of what is known as upstream “about data”about an American that is collected even though they were not directly in contact with a foreigner that the NSA was legally allowed to intercept.

The NSA said it doesn’t have the ability to stop collecting ‘about’ information on Americans, “without losing some other important data. ” It, however, said it would stop the practice to “reduce the chance that it would acquire communication of U.S. persons or others who are not in direct contact with a foreign intelligence target.”

The NSA said it also plans to “delete the vast majority of its upstream internet data to further protect the privacy of U.S. person communications.”

Agency officials called the violations “inadvertent compliance lapses.” But the court and IG documents suggest the NSA had not developed a technological way to comply with the rules they had submitted to the court in 2011.

Officials “explained that NSA query compliance is largely maintained through a series of manual checks” and had not “included the proper limiters” to prevent unlawful searches, the NSA internal watchdog reported in a top secret report in January that was just declassified. A new system is being developed now, officials said.

The NSA conducts thousand of searches a year on data involving Americans and the actual numbers of violations were redacted from the documents Circa reviewed.

But a chart in the report showed there three types of violations, the most frequent being 5.2 percent of the time when NSA Section 702 upstream data on U.S. persons was searched.

The inspector general also found  noncompliance between 0.7 percent and 1.4 percent of the time involving NSA activities in which there was a court order to target an American for spying  but the rules were still not followed. Those activities are known as Section 704 and Section 705 spying.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.49.10 AM


Review | The NSA inspector general’s highly redacted chart showing privacy violations.

The IG report spared few words for the NSA’s efforts before the disclosure to ensure it was complying with practices, some that date to rules issued in 2008 in the final days of the Bush administration and others that Obama put into effect in 2011.

“We found that the Agency controls for monitoring query compliance have not been completely developed,” the inspector general reported, citing problems ranging from missing requirements for documentation to the failure to complete controls that would ensure “query compliance.”

The NSA’s Signal Intelligence Directorate, the nation’s main foreign surveillance arm, wrote a letter back to the IG saying it agreed with the findings and that “corrective action plans” are in the works.

Former CIA Head Testimony: Still No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion

by JOEL B. POLLAK  23 May 2017

Former CIA director John Brennan testified before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that he was not sure if there was any evidence of collusion between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Yet Democrats are thrilled by his testimony, because he said there were contacts between Russian officials and some “U.S. persons involved in the Trump campaign,” and hence an FBI investigation was warranted.

Note that there is nothing new in what Brennan said. The New York Times reported on January 19 — in a story timed to appear on Inauguration Day — that the intelligence services had “intercepted communications” between several Trump “associates” and Russian officials. (The same story said there was “no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing.”) And last week, Reuters reported that there were 18 such contacts — over seven months, less than three per month.

All that Brennan presented was his opinion. And it is not clear what prompted his opinion. He said he convened a group, including the FBI and NSA, to investigate possible Russian attempts to affect the election in late July 2016.

What else happened in late July?

In late July, Donald Trump held a press conference at which he was pestered about Russia. After several minutes, he joked: “It’s just a total deflection, this whole thing with Russia … By the way, they hacked — they probably have her 33,000 e-mails. Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing.”

Trump was joking, but the media inflated his remarks into a serious attempt to invite foreign intervention in the election. Some Democrats even accused him of treason.

It is not unreasonable to wonder whether Brennan followed the liberal media down a Russian rabbit-hole, where the absence of evidence would not end his suspicions.


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 3.56.37 PM

‘Complete Panic’ at Highest Levels of DNC Over Kim DotCom’s Seth Rich Announcement

Saturday, an anonymous person who works in Washington DC, alleged on 4Chan’s /pol/ subgroup that high-ranking current and former Democratic Party officials are terrified of the Seth Rich murder investigation.

This comes after internet entrepreneur and hacker, Kim DotCom, admitted on Saturday that he was part of an operation along with Seth Rich to get stolen DNC emails to Wikileaks.

The anonymous post released Saturday reads:

“Anons, I work in D.C.

I know for certain that the Seth Rich case has scared the shit out of certain high ranking current and former Democratic Party officials.

This is the reason why they have backed away from impeachment talk. They know the smoking gun is out there, and they’re terrified you will find it, because when you do it will bring the entire DNC, along with a couple of very big name politicians.

It appears that certain DNC thugs were not thorough enough when it came time to cover their tracks. Podesta saying he wanted to “make an example of the leaker” is a huge smoking gun.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 4.01.58 PM

“The behavior is near open panic. To even mention this name in D.C. Circles [sic] will bring you under automatic scrutiny. To even admit that you have knowledge of this story puts you in immediate danger.

If there was no smoke there would be no fire. I have never, in my 20 years of working in D.C. Seen [sic] such a panicked reaction from anyone.

I have strong reason to believe that the smoking gun in this case is out o [sic] the hands of the conspirators, and will be discovered by anon. I know for certain that Podesta is deeply concerned. He’s been receiving anonymous calls and emails from people saying they know the truth. Same with Hillary.”

Sean Hannity then went on to tweet today:

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 4.05.00 PM

The tweet that first posted the anonymous poster’s comments:

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 4.06.13 PM

You can read TGP’s previous reports on Seth Rich here and here.