(KNOW YOUR ENEMY!) – Nigel Farage At CPAC – ENEMY MEDIA and George SOROS Will Never Stop Attacking

By Rick Wells

Nigel Farage delivers a strong endorsement of President Trump and America under his leadership, pointing out the powerful enemies in the media and globalists like Soros will…

Nigel Farage told the audience attending CPAC that sometimes you’ve got to wait for the rewards of the good fight, citing the victories of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote in 2016 as examples of having successfully “stuffed the establishment.”

He says the movement is continuing, with only 8% of the across Europe going to patriotic parties in 2000, this year that number has climbed to 24%. Farage sees President Trump as the inspiration for the future, saying, “I thought he’d be good but he has exceeded all expectations. He’s on the way to being a truly great President of this country.”

While noting that there “is a lot of good news out there,” Farage notes that we must not underestimate our enemies.”

He observes, “The establishment, in some ways, are fighting harder to damage the reputation of the President and indeed to try to delay, water down, or stop Brexit. These people will never stop and you’ve seen it here in this country. That now the mainstream media have actually become the opposition.”

Farage informs the audience that, according to the mainstream propagandists, he is an international spy at the center of an international web and that he is the one person connecting Trump, Putin and Julian Assange. He’s supposedly been running memory sticks back and forth from the White House and Kremlin to Assange, they claim.

Video below

He too is supposedly under threat of a Mueller indictment and has been funded by the Russians for his entire political career. Farage then, against that backdrop, launches a fierce and brutally accurate criticism of the left, who, no matter what, will continue to keep fighting against freedom and self-government.

Farage raises the name of George Soros in his depiction of how powerful the leftist enemies are,  noting that he’s put $30 billion into his Open Society agitation organization, sponsoring civil unrest and attacking representative government across the West. He says people like Soros “don’t believe in the existence of the nation state.”

But with that challenge, Farage says he’s also noticed that Americans are once again optimistic about the future. He credits the election of President Trump, saying, “Under those eight years of Obama, people thought much less of America at the end of that eight year period.” One audience member shouts out “lock him up,” to which Farage replies, “I agree.” Don’t we all.

He warns of an effort by the unholy trinity of big banks, big business and big politics to stop Brexit from happening. They may force another vote and if they do, Farage pledges to once again be on the front lines in that fight.


Customs and Border Protection never purchased software necessary to detect forgeries

Mikael Thalen | Infowars.com – FEBRUARY 23, 2018

U.S. border officials have been unable to verify the authenticity of data stored on passport RFID chips for more than a decade, two senators revealed Thursday.

In a letter to Kevin McAleenan, the acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) stated that the agency has failed to purchase the software needed to ensure a passport’s digital data hasn’t been altered.

“It’s past time for U.S. Customs and Border Protection to take basic steps to stop passport forgery,” Wyden tweeted. “@clairecmc and I wrote to @CBP urging them to use digital signatures to prevent tampering and fakes.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 3.24.25 PM

As noted in the senators’ letter, e-Passports, which store cryptographically verifiable traveler information, became the standard domestically in 2007 following a U.S. government-led effort to have the technology adopted worldwide.

Despite the U.S. requiring every visitor from countries on the visa-waiver list to have an e-Passport, the CBP “lacks the technical capabilities to verify e-Passport chips.”

“CBP has deployed e-Passport readers at many ports of entry, which CBP personnel use to download data from the smart chips in e-Passports,” the letter notes. “However, CBP does not have the software necessary to authenticate the information store on the e-Passport, which means that CBP is unable to determine if the data stored on the smart chips has been tampered with or forged.”

The senators also found that the CBP was first warned about the issue in 2010 after a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) highlighted the security failure.

“Eight years after that publication, CBP still does not possess the technological capability to authenticate the machine-readable data in e-Passports,” the letter adds.

While the letter does not detail any incidents in which criminals have abused the loophole, researchers in 2009 revealed the ability to copy legitimate e-Passport chips and apply them to fake documents.

“1 billion passports now include anti-forgery encryption technology, but CBP never bought the software it needs to take advantage of it and spot digital fakes,” Wyden also tweeted. “We can secure our borders against national security threats with smart policies that don’t threaten our liberties.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 3.27.09 PM

Wyden and McCaskill are calling on the CBP to work with the General Services Admiistration to “develop and implement a plan” to fix the issue by 2019.

(KNOW YOUR ENEMY!) – First National Bank of Omaha: No More NRA Visas

By Awr Hawkins

On February 22 the First National Bank of Omaha announced it is responding to the gun control outcry by refusing to renew its contract for NRA Visa Cards.

Think Progress reports that that bank has offered the NRA Visa Cards for over a decade. They are ending that relationship after a 48-hour campaign of “public pressure” against the bank.

On Thursday the bank tweeted:

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 6.08.20 PM

According to Think Progress, First National Bank of Omaha is but “one of at least 22 corporations that the NRA says offer incentives to NRA members.” The bank is the first to respond to public criticism by ending its relationship with the NRA.


(MORE FROM GENERATION TIDE POD EATERS) – Rubio Ambushed By Rudest, Entitled, Gun-Grabbing Spoiled Brat

By Rick Wells

Rubio went into the arena filled with anti-gun leftists knowing he’d be a target but may have been surprised by the abject rudeness of the ill-mannered juveniles the left declared…

Senator Marco Rubio had to know the ambush he was walking into when he agreed to participate in the forum. On stage, as if they were a panel of experts, were the Democrat globalist teen hit squad, assisted by CNN “Jake News” Tapper and the fossil, Rubio’s Democrat counterpart, Sen Bill Nelson, as well as Florida Governor Rick Scott.

All of them. with the exception of Rubio and Scott, are blatantly in the confiscation and disarmament camp. They were there to be targets and whipping boys of the left, particularly Rubio, who will run again and has been supported by the NRA. The entitled juveniles made it their mission to force him to swear off any future NRA funding. They failed and the rude punk threw a tantrum.

These supposed kids don’t act like kids, as the rude punk in the purple shirt, drunk on the attention he’s been given by the complicit media, demonstrates. They act like spoiled, entitled millennial brats, who believe the world revolves around them and they are someone specially qualified to dictate to the rest of us what we will do and what our country will become.


The punk, named Cameron Kasky, despicably compared Senator Rubio to a mass murderer, saying, “It’s hard to look at you and not look down the barrel of an AR-15 and not look at Nikolas Cruz.” That right there is a demonstration of the total lack of character of the trash pushing the Democrat gun control agenda, who are using their position and their age to insulate them from much deserved criticism.

This kid deserved a punch in the gut or maybe for his pants to be bent over right there, his pants pulled down and spanked on his bare butt with Rubio’s belt. If there weren’t tough bullying laws, he’d already be getting beat up by the good kids of his school on a regular basis. Maybe they’ll make an exception, someone needs to teach him some manners and respect for his elders.

He continues showing nothing but disdain for the Senator throughout the event, interrupting him and making snide remarks. Drama queen Kasky has one of his supposed friends stand up and asks Rubio to tell him he’s going to live. Rubio obediently does so.

Kasky then asks the next question, one Rubio surely expected, “Can you tell me that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA in the future?” The children cheered and stood, and the attention whore Kasky even jumped [at the 1:15 mark of the video], perhaps in an effort to encourage more to stand and express their admiration.

He’s got weird mannerisms himself, not unlike those of a mass murderer. The FBI needs to look at his background and mental health exams seem to be in order.

Having failed to elicit a pledge from Rubio not to accept donations from the NRA, the rude attention whore is told to sit down by Jake the Fake, after he appealed to the NRA not to support Rubio in the future. Tapper’s got an agenda to push, and this little boy has lost his luster. His fifteen minutes of fame are about to run out.

ICE removes MS-13 member wanted for murder in El Salvador

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 3.15.46 PM

WASHINGTON – A Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang member wanted for homicide by El Salvadoran law enforcement authorities was removed from the U.S. Friday by deportation officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

Raul Ramos-Guido, 32, was a convicted criminal alien illegally residing in the U.S. and had previously been deported to El Salvador in January 2014.

On Friday, he departed the U.S. from Alexandria International Airport in Louisiana under escort by ERO deportation officers. He was transferred to El Salvadoran law enforcement authorities upon his arrival in San Salvador, El Salvador.

ERO deportation officers most recently arrested Ramos on immigration violations in April 2015 at his residence in Falls Church, Virginia. Ramos was targeted for immigration enforcement because he was an aggravated felon who had previously been removed from the U.S. After his arrest, he was subsequently prosecuted and convicted in the Eastern District of Virginia on criminal charges of illegal re-entry and sentenced to 36 months in prison.

While Ramos was serving time in federal custody, Interpol, on behalf of El Salvadoran law enforcement authorities, issued a Red Notice for his arrest. He was wanted on homicide charges in his home country. On Dec. 26, ERO assumed custody of Ramos after his release from federal prison to facilitate his removal.

“ICE is committed to ensuring that our communities are not poisoned by the violent gang members that operate within them,” said ERO Washington Field Office Director Russ Hott. “We stand by our partners in law enforcement across the local, federal and international communities as we work in tandem to continue maintaining our collective safety and security.”

ICE is focused on removing public safety threats, such as convicted criminal aliens and gang members, as well as individuals who have violated our nation’s immigration laws, including those who illegally re-entered the country after being removed and immigration fugitives ordered removed by federal immigration judges.