“The problem is that people around the country don’t know it’s an act.”

Steve Watson | – APRIL 25, 2018

Fake news reporter Jim Acosta complained Tuesday that President Trump’s consistent slamming of the media and ridiculing networks such as CNN as ‘fake news’ will lead to a reporter being attacked by Trump supporters.

Speaking with Variety along with reporters April Ryan and Ashley Parker of The Washington Post, Acosta suggested that Trump’s rhetoric will lead people to commit acts of violence against journalists.

“The problem is that people around the country don’t know it’s an act.” Acosta said, implying that Trump is disingenuous in his tirades against the media.

“They take what he says very seriously,” Acosta continued.

“They take attacks from Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders and what they do to us on a daily basis very seriously,” he added.

Acosta further suggested that Trump supporters are mentally unhinged.

“They don’t have all their faculties in some cases. Their elevator may not hit all floors,” he exclaimed.

“My concern is that a journalist is going to be hurt one of these days. Somebody’s going to get hurt,” Acosta added.

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“And at that point, the White House, the President of the United States, they’re going to have take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves whether or not they played a role in this, whether they created this toxic environment that resulted in a journalist getting hurt.” Acosta urged

The reporter has clashed with Trump a number of times, including most notably when Trump said “You are fake news,” to his face during a press briefing last year, and told Acosta that “Your organization is terrible,” referring to CNN.

Acosta has become increasingly hostile in his line of questioning, and has claimed that he is not being given the freedom to ask questions.

 Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 5.58.45 PM

During the Variety interview, April Ryan chimed in to claim that she doesn’t “travel as much as I used to” for fear of being attacked by supporters of Trump, who she says is guilty of “throwing gasoline on the fire”.

Elsewhere during the interview, April Ryan stated that “fake news” isn’t “a cute little statement” but rather “has tentacles that it’s reaching overseas” that “can really destabilize democracies.”

She also charged that Trump has violated his Oath of Office by not supporting the media, claiming that reporters like herself and Acosta are “pillars of this nation”.

“He’s really being a hypocrite when he’s calling us “fake news” and saying — and it’s undermining us and we are a part of the pillars of this nation, the Founding Fathers. They didn’t know that there was going to be Twitter. They didn’t know there was going to be Ashley, they didn’t know there was going to be a Jim, they definitely didn’t know there was going to be an April asking questions of Presidents, but when we stand on what they laid for us and we — and the First Amendment is still strong — freedom of press and the President is going totally against that.” Ryan stated.

The part she left out was that the First Amendment also gives Americans the right to criticize the press.

Aussie Diplomat Who Sparked Trump-Russia Probe Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

Alexander Downer, the former Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. (YouTube screen capture/CISAus)

By Chuck Ross

The Australian diplomat whose barroom conversation with a Trump campaign adviser was the catalyst for the FBI’s collusion investigation is refusing to talk about the case, saying that discussing his involvement would be detrimental to the relationship between the U.S. and Australia.

During a Monday interview on Australian television, Alexander Downer, who served as Australia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom until earlier this year, was asked for the first time publicly about his May 2016 conversation with George Papadopoulos.

That conversation, which occurred at Kensington Gardens in London, is said to have led the FBI to open its counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign. That’s because Downer reportedly claimed that Papadopoulos discussed Russians having dirt on Hillary Clinton(RELATED: In Private, George Papadopoulos Denies Collusion)

“Did you meet with George Papadopoulos in the Kensington Wine Bar in May of 2016? And if so, what did he say to you?” host Ellen Fanning asked the diplomat.

“Well, let me be blunt about this,” Downer began. “Of course, it has been widely reported that I did. But I don’t think talking about it is going to help our relationship with the United States or make any contribution that will advance Australia’s interests.”

He went on to say that questions about whether Russia had a relationship with the Trump team are “a toxic issue in American politics.”

“I don’t think any of us really want to be dragged into that any more than we can help,” he continued, adding that he did not believe it was in Australia’s interests to be seen playing in American politics.

Downer also declined to say whether he has been contacted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible collusion involving the Trump campaign.

“It’s exactly the sort of question that I definitely wouldn’t answer,” Downer said when asked if he’s met with Mueller’s team.

Papadopoulos, 30, has pleaded guilty to Mueller’s prosecutors. On Oct. 5, 2017, he acknowledged that he lied to FBI agents about the timing of conversations he had with a Maltese professor and two Russian nationals.

Joseph Mifsud, the professor, told Papadopoulos during an April 26, 2016 meeting in London that he had been told by Russian government officials that Russia had “thousands” of Clinton emails. It is still not clear whether Papadopoulos told anyone on the Trump campaign about Mifsud’s claim. Sources close to Papadopoulos told TheDCNF that he believed that Mifsud was referring to the highly-publicized 30,000 emails that Clinton deleted from her private email server.

Though Papadopoulos has admitted lying about his encounters with Mifsud, sources close to the former Trump aide say that he is privately denying taking part in any collusion scheme.

Little is known about the Papadopoulos-Downer conversation, which was first reported by The New York Times at the end of December. Downer reportedly passed details of the conversation to other Aussie government officials. That information was passed to the FBI more than two months after the meeting. The bureau opened its counterintelligence probe on July 31, 2016.

The Daily Caller News Foundation recently reported that Papadopoulos was introduced to Downer through Erika Thompson, a diplomat with Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. She was with Downer and Papadopoulos during their visit to Kensington Gardens, which occurred on May 10, 2016.

MS-13 member tries to sneak into U.S. as illegal immigrant child

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.51.27 PM

**FILE** An unidentified member of the gang Mara Salvatrucha who is incarcerated in the National Penitentiary of Tamara, 32 km (20 miles) north of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, is seen here Nov. 24, 2005. (Associated Press)

By Stephen Dinan

An MS-13 gang member tried to sneak into the U.S. last week by posing as an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC), the Border Patrol said Tuesday, hoping to take advantage of lax American laws that give UAC a quick foothold in the U.S.

Agents said Herbeth Geovani Argueta-Chavez was part of a group of 61 illegal immigrants nabbed as a group in Arizona.

“During initial interviews, he falsely claimed to be an unaccompanied juvenile in hopes of being released,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

Agents continued to press Mr. Argueta-Chavez, who then admitted he was actually an adult, not a minor. He also admitted he was part of MS-13 — though he claimed he was trying to leave the gang.

CBP said Mr. Argueta-Chavez, 18, is from El Salvador.

UAC from El Salvador and other Central American countries are given special treatment compared to Mexicans. Under the law, court decisions and government policy, they are required to be processed and quickly released to social workers, who then try to connect them with sponsors who will take them here in the U.S. — despite their unauthorized status.

They are supposed to show up for deportation cases, but most do not, instead disappearing into the shadows.

UAC have created a new pool of recruits for Mara Salvatrucha-13, the violent gang better known as MS-13, here in the U.S.

But Mr. Argueta-Chavez’s case underscores another danger: gang members attempting to make bogus UAC claims to gain a foothold.


By Rick Wells

Gowdy and Goodlatte will let DOJ hide 800,000 docs they’ve been refusing to provide in exchange for 400,000 that they’ll keep secret from us. Obstruction blessed by…

Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL) gives President Trump high marks for his handling of the Iran situation and for not hiding in the safety of the business as usual of his predecessors, most egregiously that of his Islamic predecessor, Hussein Obama, that got us into the mess we’re in. He applauds him for being willing to take the bull by the horns on both Iran and North Korea and do what needed to be done.


Dobbs then turns “to the deep state and the investigations into the Clinton investigation. You have led a group of eleven lawmakers calling for a criminal referral on Comey, Clinton, McCabe et al. Have you gotten a response from either FBI Director Christopher Wray or Attorney General Jeff Sessions?”

DeSantis replies, “Not directly, but the next day after we sent the letter McCabe was referred for criminal prosecution for false statements. Then the day after that Comey was referred to the Inspector General [an internal affairs watchdog that cannot compel him to do anything].”

DeSantis says, “I think ultimately that’s going to need to be a criminal referral because he maliciously leaked government documents, two of them were classified. He made statements to the Congress that are false, we now know that. So I think the IG is just one intermediate step. I think Comey has got a lot of exposure. So I haven’t heard directly but we have seen action now that we highlighted this.”

DeSantis says the other criminals, Peter Strzok and the like still have to be dealt with so they’re going to stay on it. What about Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Peter Ohr, Sydney Blumenthal, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama, Congressman? Are Comey, McCabe and Strzok enough of a scapegoat for the deep state to provide cover for the big fish?

He points to the double standard of justice, but he might be in for a bigger shock than he realizes as the two investigative committees he sits on are chaired by suspected deep state operatives who have maneuvered themselves into positions of exclusive control over the missing 1.2 million documents.

They’ve agreed to accept one third of what they’ve been denied and to do so in secret, with redactions as deemed appropriate by the deep state DOJ. DeSantis may end up being obstructed in his efforts by his own committee chairmen, who have agreed that the American people and the rest of Congress will never get to see the evidence of corruption that Goodlatte and his staffers get to see.

If they’re not going to be prosecuted what is the point? The point is exactly that – to make sure that Obama, Clinton, Soros and their syndicate are never prosecuted. Goodlatte and Gowdy are pulling off an inside job, providing cover from within the ranks of the “good guys.”

Dobbs points out that the deal means there are twice as many documents that Congress won’t have access to, 800,000, asking “what are they playing at, Congressman? DeSantis replies, “We need to figure out what’s so special about these 400,000. Maybe there’s a reason [like a sweetheart deal to protect the criminal elites], but all I know is this, for the last six to eight months, every time we’ve wanted something they’ve stonewalled and the only time we get it is when we threaten to hold them in contempt or take action.”

That’s a primary reason why Gowdy and Goodlatte had no business making this deal. There is no way the important info will find its way beyond their hands and they’ve given up their only leverage for demanding it. They should have done what they said they were going to do – demand the 1.2 million, and kick the bums out of office if they refused.

Instead we’ve got Benghazi Committee 2.0.

New Video Exposes JIMMY KIMMEL For Being a Complete Pervert & Sexual Harasser

President Trump has been living rent-free in the not-so-funny comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s head since he became the Republican candidate for President in 2016.

The unhinged liberal TV host has spent the 18+months on his show, and as the host of the lowest-rated Academy Awards Show in recent history, going out of his way to attack President Trump and his character. It’s interesting to note that Kimmel has a keen interest in criticizing Trump for stories surrounding his alleged sexual misconduct.

But what happens to the credibility (and the career) of a guy who spends a majority of his on-air time attacking our President for alleged sexual misconduct, when an old video emerges of him pretending to commit sexual acts against an unsuspecting woman? In the video, it appears as though Kimmel is setting up a woman to look through a viewer at something in the distance, while he acts out having explicit sexual relations with her behind her back. Is this disgusting behavior okay with liberals?

By the way, this is not just an “allegation”, this is an actual video that shows how little regard Kimmel has for women.*WARNING…some viewers may find the content of this video to be disturbing.


Kimmel’s attacks aren’t limited to President Trump, however. Last week, Kimmel came under fire by FOX News’ top-rated host, Sean Hannity for attacking First Lady Melania Trump’s accent while she read to a group of kids during the White House Easter celebration. Here’s how Kimmel’s responded to Hannity, after he called him out for his unfair attack on Melania:

‘Caravan Migrants’ Waiting to Cross Mexico-California Border

By Bob Price

Several reports indicate that the fragments of the “migrant caravan” are now arriving south of the U.S. border with Mexico. Border Patrol officials in California and Arizona said they have not seen any illegal border crossings between ports of entry this week.

Over the weekend, about 600 migrants arrived via train in the northern Mexican city of Hermosillo, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday. The group plans to continue to Tijuana in the next few days.

Late last week, about 50 migrants from Central America arrived in Tijuana, Reuters reported. “Since peaking at around 1,500 people, the so-called migrant ‘caravan’ has dwindled under pressure from Trump and Mexican migration authorities, who vowed to separate those migrants with a right to stay in Mexico from those who did not,” Reuters states. Juventud 2000 director Jose Maria Garcia told the wire service that some crossed the border and requested asylum. He said more are expected in Tijuana in the coming days.

Border Patrol officials in the San Diego, Yuma, and Tucson Sectors told Breitbart Texas on Tuesday they have seen no illegal crossings in recent days by anyone from the “caravan.” El Centro Sector has not yet responded to an inquiry.

On April 11, Breitbart Texas reported that an MS-13 member joined up with a “caravan” splinter and crossed the border in the Yuma Sector.

“We questioned the members of the group and confirmed they are part of the caravan of Central American’s who are reported to be traveling to the U.S.,” Border Patrol spokesman Justin Kallinger told Breitbart Texas.

Kallinger said the MS-13 member did not claim to have started out with the original “caravan” but joined in a stash house in Mexico before crossing.

Officials identified the Salvadoran as 18-year-old Herberth Geovani Argueta-Chavez. He was “trying to separate from the gang,” Border Patrol officials stated.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officials have not responded to an inquiry as to whether they received any asylum requests from “caravan migrants” crossing from Tijuana in recent days.

President Donald Trump called on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to not let the asylum seekers into the U.S.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.28.11 PM

The president then tweeted a message to Mexican officials urging them to stop people from navigating freely through their country to the U.S. He threatened to make this a condition of a new NAFTA agreement.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.28.55 PM

DHS Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen said her department would “fast track any caravan asylum cases”:

DHS continues to monitor the remnants of the ‘caravan’ of individuals headed to our Southern border with the apparent intention of entering the United States illegally. A sovereign nation that cannot – or worse, chooses not – to defend its borders will soon cease to be a sovereign nation. The Trump Administration is committed to enforcing our immigration laws – whether persons are part of this ‘caravan’ or not.

If members of the ‘caravan’ enter the country illegally, they will be referred for prosecution for illegal entry in accordance with existing law. For those seeking asylum, all individuals may be detained while their claims are adjudicated efficiently and expeditiously, and those found not to have a claim will be promptly removed from the United States.

This year’s caravan grew to much larger numbers than previous years, VOA News reported. The current group reached about 1,200 participants–an increase of about 1,000 over last year.

In response to the caravan and recent spikes in illegal border crossings into the U.S., President Trump ordered the deployment of up to 4,o00 National Guard troops to help secure the border.

The governors of TexasNew MexicoArizona, and California all responded by activating troops in their respective states.