The Best of “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” Hecklers


“Nobody can dispute the fact…” “that Bill Clinton’s a Rapist!!!!!”
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i laughed hard when i heard that one lol best clip
Weston White

syntax323 “The word out of trump tower in New York is….” “Bill Clinton is a rapist!”
Ryan Tariq

How can these Clinton supporters not care that Bill is a rapist?

It’s called cognitive dissonance.

Look at their faces, it’s all a bunch of stupid idiots.
Kris Kopec

I don’t understand why Clintons are still involved in politics, they made millions of money, could have a nice life somewhere on the beach. like they say power corrupts the mind.

clinton supporter logic: “aw he raped someone? its ok we all make mistakes” “OMG TRUMP DIDNT PAY TAXES WTF >:[“

BREAKING : Texas Country Switches to PAPER BALLOTS After Reports of Electronic Voter Fraud



With the hidden camera videos exposing Hillary’s plans to commit voter fraud, it’s no wonder everyone is on edge.

Texas has switched over to paper ballots after electronic machines were switching the vote from Republican to Democrat.

Notice how it never happens the other way around?

From Breitbart:

Chambers County election officials have executed an emergency protocol to remove all electronic voting machines available during early voting until a software update can be completed to correct problems experienced by straight-ticket voters.

Chambers County Clerk Heather Hawthorne told Breitbart Texas Tuesday morning that all electronic voting was temporarily halted until her office completes a “software update” on ES&S machines that otherwise “omit one race” when a straight ticket option is selected for either major party. The Texas 14th Court of Appeals race was reported to be the contest in which voters commonly experienced the glitch.

Hawthorne explained that she expects the technical difficulties to be completely addressed by end of business Tuesday. In the interim, regular paper ballots will be used. The county clerk told Breitbart Texas that before the machines were pulled, poll workers were instructed to alert voters to the glitch and double-check their selections.

Chambers County sits east of Texas’ largest county, Harris, and serves roughly 26,000 registered voters. Hawthorne noted that since polls opened on Monday, only one voter did not have proper photo identification and was required to complete an affidavit to cast a regular ballot. Breitbart Texas recently reported a similar trend in neighboring Harris County where less than 10 out of more than 67,000 ballots cast lacked ID.

This is a movement – we are the political OUTSIDERS fighting against the ESTABLISHMENT! 

Join the resistance and help us fight to put America First! 

BORDER FLOOD BEFORE VOTE… 275,000 born to illegals — in one year; 7% OF ALL USA BIRTHS…



Moms in the United States illegally gave birth to 275,000 babies in 2014, enough birthright U.S. citizens to fill a city the size of Orlando, Florida, according to an analysis of data from the National Center for Health Statistics.

The data showed that newborns to illegals accounted for 7 percent of all births in 2014, according to the analysis from the Pew Research Center.

“In 2014, about 275,000 babies were born to unauthorized-immigrant parents in the U.S., accounting for about 7 percent of all U.S. births, and 32 percent of all U.S. births to foreign-born mothers,” said Pew’s newly released report.

The report reviews births to unmarried foreign-born and American born women. Those who are foreign born, including illegals, are seeing their birthrate drop, though it is still making up for the decline in births by American women.

“A third of all births to foreign-born mothers were to unmarried women – down from a peak of 37 percent in 2008. At the same time, the rate has held steady for U.S.-born women and now stands at 42 percent,” said Pew.

The analysis also found that the growth in the birthrate of America is entirely driven by immigrants.


“While the annual number of babies born in the U.S. has fluctuated in recent years – most markedly during the Great Recession when there was a significant drop in births nationwide – the trajectory over the past four decades or so has been upward. In 2014, there were 4 million births in the U.S., compared with 3.74 million in 1970,” said Pew.

“This growth has been driven entirely by the increasing numbers of babies born to immigrant women. In 2014, immigrant women accounted for about 901,000 U.S. births, which marked a threefold increase from 1970 when immigrant women accounted for about 274,000 births. Meanwhile, the annual number of births to U.S.-born women dropped by 11 percent during that same time period, from 3.46 million in 1970 to 3.10 million in 2014,” added Pew.


Bureaucrat who said “stupidity” of Americans helped get law passed doubles down

OCTOBER 26, 2016

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber – the bureaucrat who once bragged that the “stupidity” of the American people was crucial for passing the health care law in the first place – told CNN that the “fix” for Obamacare was to impose a “larger mandate penalty”.

CNN’s CAROL COSTELLO: “So let’s talk about how exactly you can fix Obamacare. I just need you to be specific because I think people really want answers. So Hillary Clinton says she can fix Obamacare. So what would one fix that would drive premiums down?”

JONATHAN GRUBER: “Look, once again, there’s no sense it has to be fixed. The law is working as designed. However, it could work better. And I think, probably the most important things experts would agree on is we need a larger mandate penalty“…

Gruber’s arrogance is incredible. Even after the Obama administrationacknowledged that premiums are set to skyrocket next year, Gruber thinks that the answer is to financially punish Americans to an even greater degree.

Gruber is essentially admitting that Obamacare is designed to make Americans destitute.

“ObamaCare was never designed *not* to overwhelm you with the shifting of massive costs. ObamaCare was designed to crush you in costs,” points out the Conservative Treehouse blog.

His comments shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given what Gruber thinks of the American people.

A series of videos that emerged in 2014 featured Gruber admitting that Obamacare was deceptively crafted in order to fool “stupid” Americans into not realizing that it would mean massive price hikes and that the law’s “lack of transparency (was) a huge political advantage” in selling it.

Jeff Cardinal

Just give me 30 seconds with one of these scumbags just so I can get my hands around those sticky devil necks! 😘
Kyle Kendall

This is AWESOME!!  I love watching Pelosi look like a blithering idiot!

LOL at Pelosi, like a flim flam cockroach caught in the open.  Applause for Gruber, at least he is honest, although his gormless, smug composure is none the less very disturbing.
Willis Nash

The only part of these last 6 years which surprises me is that His lies and deception have gone on this long. He is an eloquent, amateur, inept, cheap dime store thug from Chicago and though Americans are not stupid they ARE gullible & naive because they are a generous people who want to do the right thing.



AUFC president Brad Woodhouse knowingly accepts money from bank in “Belize” – OCTOBER 26, 2016

Project Veritas has released a fourth video in its latest series uncovering corruption connected to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“In the effort to prove the credibility of the undercover donor featured in the videos and to keep the investigation going, Project Veritas Action made the decision to donate twenty thousand dollars to Robert Creamer’s effort,” the video reports. “Project Veritas Action had determined that the benefit of this investigation outweighed the cost. And it did.”

Soon after the transfer was made, “the ‘donors’ ‘niece’ – another Project Veritas Action journalist – was offered an internship with Creamer.”

“The more money that was promised to Creamer, the more access Project Veritas Action journalists seemed to get,” it continues.

Nearly a month after providing AUFC with the “foreign donation,” AUFC president Brad Woodhouse seemingly discovered the Project Veritas investigation and mysteriously returned the donation.

Dirty South

Burn The Crooked Criminal Cunt!!! #ButcherOfBenghazi #DrainTheSwamp
Darthchris Lord21

Everyone spam YouTube video comment sections with pro Trump comments I have been doing it. It is an affective way to save America. Trump 2016!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Cortex Zero

If anything, post links to videos like this to reach the mainstream audience who doesn’t get to see this.
The Quaint Housewife

The mainstream media must pick this stuff up for it to reach the masses and have a good effect on voting.


Electronic election fraud exposed!

David Knight | – OCTOBER 26, 2016

The man running the election bureaucracy runs from questions.

So much for transparency and candor.

This unelected bureaucrat is tasked with ensuring that counties adhere to election law.

What follows are the specific actions taken by his office that waive requirements and undermine election integrity in Texas.

But before we get to specifics about his actions & his connection to the Rose Law firm in Arkansas, there are some general questions that should concern voters nationwide:

• Why would standards required by our elected lawmakers for election integrity be bent to the capabilities of vendors rather than require vendors to perform to the standard?

• Why would election procedures be waived and honesty and transparency sacrificed for the convenience of election workers & officials?

Burning The Paper Trail

In August 2016, Ingram, Texas Director of Elections, attempted to make last minute rule changes for the upcoming November 8 election that would eliminate crucial paper backup records for electronic voting.

His office issued new rules that would:

• Eliminate printing of paper audit logs that poll watchers are entitled to monitor at main tabulation computers.

• Eliminate printing of Early Voting Results tapes.

• Eliminate printing of ballot images for recounts.

Fortunately activists and some elected representatives got the proposed rule changes postponed, with a formal public hearing scheduled after the November election.

State Senator Don Huffines said “The state’s chief election officers must reconsider and redraft their proposed election rules to pursue more real-time paper records and backups, not fewer…The comfort & convenience of election administrators should not take priority over voters’ confidence and election integrity.”

But even though these procedures have been postponed, Ingram’s previous rule changes are still a cause for concern in the November election and have caused repercussions in two election cases currently being litigated. Here are some of the problems…

1) Waiver of laws requiring a Partial Manual Recount audit

Ingram waived the requirement to conduct a manual count in 1% of the election precincts or 3 election precincts, whichever is greater. This was waived in all 254 counties the day after the March 2016 Primary.

The timing is significant because during the primary there were 1,743 move votes than voters in Hill County in the Republican Primary. The margin of victory was 225 in Texas House District 8 that contains Hill County.

In calling for a criminal investigation, Ingram noted that it appears “6 or 7 voters voted more than once in the election and one voter voted as many as four times.” Yet he waived the partial manual recount audit requirement statewide and he has waived other audit and monitoring procedures.

2) Waiver of laws requiring printing of paper backup results tapes

Ingram’s waivers issued in 2014, 2015, and 2016, appear to be in direct contradiction of state election laws 65.004, 65.014, 66.022, 66.023, 66.024 and the Judges Handbook. These rules require –
• “Three original tally lists shall be maintained at the polling place to record the number of votes received for the candidates”
“On completion of the vote count, the presiding judge shall prepare the returns of the election for the precinct” with “total number of voters”, “total number of votes” with the presiding judge signing each of the 3 copies to certify.
Ingram also issued waivers for requirements that a “zero tape” be printed from the machines at the beginning of election day and a “tally tape” printed at the close of election. His letter states that “the process of printing of the zero tape and tally tape at each countywide precinct location could take hours in both the morning and the evening of election day.”

So expediency for election workers takes precedent over requirements enacted by the legislature for integrity of elections. And if a favored vendor can’t perform to the law, the law is waived.

If proper procedures had been followed to ensure that the machine was at a zero state, instead of waived by Ingram, the Hill County issue of 1,743 more voters than votes would not have happened. The vendor in Hill County, ES&S eventually identified the source of the extra votes saying “An audit of the log report from the central paper ballot scanner showed that the hard drive had not been properly cleared of all ballots cast before scanning Early Voting or Election Day ballots…There are established election protocols which should be followed to prevent this type of reporting error.”

But the Director of Elections is waiving those “established election protocols”. Ingram’s waver of legal requirements & his improvised solution of “printing a zero tape at the county warehouse prior to election day” opens the door for error and fraud.

3) Ignoring laws requiring printing of legally sufficient ballot images for recounts

The Secretary of State Election Division claims that “cast vote records” are equivalent to “ballot images”. As you can see, the cast vote records are very different from ballots and are not uniquely numbered.

The Texas Constitution, Article 6 – Suffrage, Section 4 says “In all elections by the people, the vote shall be by ballot, and the Legislature shall provide for the numbering of tickets and make such other regulations as may be necessary to detect and punish fraud and preserve the purity of the ballot box.”

Yet the machines by vendors Hart InterCivic and ES&S, certified by Ingram, do not provide uniquely numbered ballots per state recount laws and don’t provide other components of a legal Texas ballot.

4) Ignoring laws that allow poll watchers to monitor all election activities such as the printing of paper audit logs for computerized result tabultion

Texas Election Code, Sec 33.056 says a “watcher is entitled to observe any activity conducted at the location at which the watcher is serving.”

Affidavits from two official poll watchers for a candidate in Dallas County (with official Poll Watcher signed forms) detail how they were “repeatedly obstructed from monitoring multiple election activities at the Dallas County Central Counting Station such as ballot scanning, vote transfer, ballot transfer, computer activities, ballot tabulation, and viewing the elections computer line printer.” They state that they were “repeatedly treated disrespectfully, obstructed and blatantly ignored” by the election officials, and voting machine vendor before being thrown out after the officials spoke with the Texas Secretary of State Elections office.

Hostility to election monitors, like Ingram’s refusal to answer our questions, destroy the public’s confidence in the honesty of the process — and rightfully so.

Ingram’s Connections To Arkansas, Kutak Rock, Rose Law Firm & Hillary Clinton

According to a public information request of Ingram’s Secretary of State personnel file, Ingram left private practice and moved to Little Rock Arkansas, taking a job with the law firm, Kutak Rock, LL. At Kutak Rock, he worked under the managing partner, Gordon Miller Wilbourn who had been a partner with Hillary Clinton, Vince Foster and Webster Hubbell at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas in the 1990’s. The Wilbourn family is a large donor to the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Ingram left Kutak Rock to return to Texas when he was hired by Gov. Rick Perry’s appointment office in 2008 to oversee statewide political appointments for various courts, boards & commissions.

Ingrams’s career moves are interesting. In just 10 months, his journey from private practice in Texas through Arkansas Clinton-cronies and back to Texas government resulted in pay cuts with each move and his salary being cut in half. In 2012, Ingram, was promoted to Director of the Election Division in the Texas Secretary of State’s Office where his salary was still 40% less than private practice.

Ingram’s determination to remove paper trails and auditing procedures for electronic voting is even more troubling when we look at his connections to big Clinton donors.

Establishment Of Both Parties Don’t Appear To Want Election Integrity

In one lawsuit contesting election results for Austin City Council, the County could not produce ANY ballot images as required by law to conduct a recount. Computer logs had multiple “corruption/invalid” errors. During discovery it was learned that the computer counted more votes than registered voters in 10 of the 12 precincts forming the district. One precinct had 100% voter turnout, another was just 2 registered voters shy of 100% in spite of only 32% and 17% county-wide turnout in the general and runoff elections.

The County Democrat Party has financed legal opposition to the lawsuit and a Republican judge claimed there was no evidence for election irregularities.

There are some positive developments, however. The Republican judge has now been voted off the bench of the solidly Republican County and state legislators have taken up the question of election integrity that has so far been ignored by Governor Abbott’s office.

State Senator Bob Hall said, “Due to an increasing number of complaints, it is time for the Texas Elections Division Office to take immediate and decisive action to rescind all waivers issued by that office…and instruct all Texas counties using electronic voting systems to consistently adhere to all election laws…”

Voters, regardless of political affiliation, should reject policies and personnel that compromise honest, transparent elections. For example, Chambers County in Texas recently announced electronic voting would be suspended until the glitches affecting voting machines could be corrected. It’s time to remove Keith Ingram as Texas Director of Elections and replace easily hacked electronic voting machines with paper ballots.




Hillary Clinton’s final push as Election Day nears features an aggressive attempt to lock down the crucial vote Latino, including by claiming that her favorite food is Mexican and that her granddaughter is already learning Spanish.

“I think it would be Mexican food,” Clinton told the Univision Show “El Gordo y La Flaca” (translation: “The Fat Man & The Thin Lady”).

In an article this year for “Thrillist,” detailing her favorite restaurants in the state of the New York, Clinton listed Rao’s (Italian), Northern Lights Creamery (gelato ice cream), Lange’s Little Store (sandwiches), Charlie The Butcher’s (meat) and others.

But she didn’t list a single Mexican establishment.

“I have to watch portions. I have to watch what I eat,” she told Univision, saying “the problem never goes away.”

Clinton told the hosts that her 2-year-old granddaughter Charlotte, Chelsea’s oldest child, is learning Spanish.

The Democratic presidential candidate — who turned 69 on Wednesday — received a bottle of tequila as an early birthday gift.

In a radio interview in April with a hip-hop morning show, Clinton said that she carries “hot sauce” in her purse — wherever she goes.

The comment was largely seen as pandering to the African American community she was courting throughout the Democratic primary election.