‘AP’s malicious lie’: Russian tycoon denies dealing with Trump’s ex-aide to ‘benefit Putin’

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Oleg Deripaska has slammed an AP report claiming he had dealings with former Donald Trump aide Paul Manafort in order to “benefit the Putin government.” The Russian tycoon says he’s ready to take part in “any hearing” in the US Congress on the subject.


In a statement published in the Wall Street Journal, Deripaska, the president one of the largest aluminum companies in the world, RUSAL, said: “In recent days I have been the subject of a massive and misleading campaign generated by an ‘AP exclusive’, which alleged my involvement in a plan ‘to greatly benefit the Putin government.’”

The AP report claims that Paul Manafort, the former national chairman of Trump’s presidential campaign, “secretly worked for Russian billionaire” Deripaska.


AP assumed that Manafort had initiated the strategy back in 2005 to “influence politics, business dealings and news coverage inside the United States, Europe and former Soviet republics to benefit President Vladimir Putin’s government.” The AP exclusive also claimed that Deripaska had signed a $10 million annual contract with Manafort.

“I want to resolutely deny this malicious assertion and lie. I have never made any commitments or contacts with the obligation or purpose to covertly promote or advance ‘Putin’s government’ interests anywhere in the world,” Deripaska said.


According to Deripaska, the AP report “falls into negative context of current US-Russian relations and causes fresh unfair and unjustified concerns and alarm in the US Congress about Russian involvement in US domestic affairs.”

He slammed the information presented in the reports as “based on complete lies.”

“I demand that any and all further dissemination of these allegations by the AP or any other media outlet must cease immediately. I am ready to take part in any hearings conducted by the US Congress on this subject in order to defend my reputation and name,” Deripaska added.

This is not the first time Manafort’s name has been connected with Russia in the mainstream press. In January, the WSJ said he, along with Trump advisers Roger Stone and Carter Page, had “known ties to Russian interests.”

At the time, Manafort called those allegations a “Democrat Party dirty trick and completely false.”

“I have never had any relationship with the Russian government or any Russian officials. I was never in contact with anyone, or directed anyone to be in contact with anyone,” he wrote in emails directed to US media outlets, including the WSJ and New York Times.

In February, President Trump’s national security advisor, Michael Flynn, stepped down after a scandal erupted involving his phone conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the USA, Sergey Kislyak.

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In March, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions also came under scrutiny for having contacts with Russian officials during the 2016 US presidential election. Sessions denied that there was any wrongdoing involved in his meetings with the Russian ambassador, saying the two brief encounters had had nothing to do with the presidential campaign.

Rachel Maddow Implies Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Disliked Clinton Due to Russian Propaganda

Published on Mar 26, 2017

Rachel Maddow is taking McCarthyism to a new level by not-so-subtly suggesting that if you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter that dislikes Hillary Clinton… it’s not because you’re a logical human being capable of thinking for yourself, but because you were duped over by—of course—the Russians. Apparently, she doesn’t have much confidence in the intelligence of progressives.

John O'Malley

This is what I was afraid of. The establishment Dems will use Russia as an excuse to not look in the mirror. They will hand us another corporate douche in 2020.

Nobody made me dislike Hillary Clinton but Hillary Clinton.
Matthew Baran

Would she shut the fuck up? So sick of maddow
Tim Bradley

Rachel is dead to me.Oliver is not far behind. I’m sick of media shills actively deceiving the people for corporatism. I suppose that is why I like Mike. Love from Oz, Mike, you’re awesome.
Jermaine Burgess

6 months later still no proof that Russia did anything
Jimmy Perales

remember when russia made hillary vote for the iraq war. Kremlin
Jim Tanner

Rachel Madcow Is A Highly Paid Corporate DemoCrap Shill ,,,
Patricia B

Ridiculous. I stop watching Rachel long ago. Thank you for reporting though! Would be great if independent journalists such as yourself had MSM airtime.

You mean like the paid Hillbots? So hypocritical.

Reuters: European Countries Inspired by Breitbart to Crack Down on Soros

By Aaron Klein

TEL AVIV — Eastern European leaders have “drawn inspiration” from conservative U.S. media outlets, especially Breitbart News, to crack down on groups financed by billionaire George Soros that are allegedly attempting to meddle in domestic politics, Reuters reported.

The news agency reported on Thursday:

The campaign against Soros in countries formerly dominated by Moscow appears to follow a template set by Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose own crackdown on foreign-funded charities drove Soros’s foundation out of Russia two years ago.

And now, with President Donald Trump in the White House, anti-Soros campaigners in Eastern Europe say they have also drawn inspiration from the United States, particularly from rightwing U.S. media like the website Breitbart, which has long vilified Soros as a liberal hate figure.

Breitbart’s former chairman Steve Bannon now serves as a senior White House adviser to Trump.

“Our inspiration comes from the United States, from the American conservative organizations, media and congressmen with the same views, especially the new administration of President Trump,” said Cvetlin Cilimanov, the editor of the main state news agency in Macedonia, who co-founded a group called Operation Stop Soros in January.

Reuters quoted anti-Soros campaigners in Macedonia, Romania, and Hungary accusing Soros of using his Open Society Foundations to create a vast web of front groups that push a globalist agenda.

The news agency cited Szilard Nemeth, a deputy leader of Hungarian Prime Minister Vikto Orban’s ruling Fidesz party, as saying in January that “fake NGOs of the Soros empire are sustained to suppress national governments in favor of global capital and the world of political correctness.”

“These organizations must be repressed by all means and I think they must be culled altogether,” Nemeth said. “I think there is an international opportunity to do that now.”

As Reuters reported, Orban himself on Friday blamed Soros-funded groups for his government’s loss last week of a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights over the expulsion of two migrants who came to the country from Bangladesh.

“It is a collusion of human traffickers, Brussels bureaucrats and the organizations that work in Hungary financed by foreign money,” Orban stated last Friday on public radio.

“Let’s call a spade a spade: George Soros finances them.”

The Reuters article marks the second time in recent weeks that Breitbart News was singled out in the major news media for its influential reporting on Soros.

Earlier this month, Politico reported investigations by Breitbart News into the global network run by Soros have contributed to the negative atmosphere the billionaire has been facing in Europe.

The Hungarian parliament has plans to submit a bill on the manner in which foreign-funded non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, operate within the country. Although the text of the proposed law has not yet been made public, it is widely believed that the bill will seek to require such organizations to make public the amount of money received from foreign sources.  Israel passed a similar measure last July.

Breitbart News has featured a large number of stories documenting Soros’s financing of groups pushing open borders in Europe and worldwide, with specific focus on the use of the migrant crisis to achieve policy aims.

In the U.S., Soros has been tied to advocacy for illegal aliens, opposition to immigration enforcement, and, most recently, to activist groups attempting to halt President Trump’s domestic agenda.

Reviews by this reporter of the more than 2,500 documents hacked from the servers of Soros’s Open Society Foundations highlight the undue influence the billionaire financier exerts domestically, from attempting to remake the American electorate to successfully lobbying for changes in U.S. immigration policy to funding initiatives targeting local police forces.

While many of the documents spotlight Soros’s global network, focus on the hacked materials from his Foundations’ U.S. contingent begins to expose the many tentacles of the Democratic party mega-donor’s operation and its deep impact on the policy objectives of the former administration of Barack Obama, often using a slew of U.S.-based progressive groups and activist organizations.

McCain Wants Select Committee Because Nunes Doesn’t Blame Russia, Talked To Trump

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By Rick Wells

Senator John McCain wants to present his anti-Trump case and sound like a reasonable statesman, so he goes into the friendly confines of MSNBC. He’ll be free to attack Rep Nunes, President Trump and the process there, they all work for the same people.

In the full interview, the second video below, McCain questioned Nunes’ use of words of “incidental” collection, claiming to not know what that meant, in a most phony and obvious manner. He says, “I don’t know what incidental could actually mean unless we’re talking about… unless they were monitoring the conversations of some foreign entity, i.e. Russian, that the other names might have come up.” McCain can’t imagine us monitoring anyone other than the Russians. For him, all Russia all the time and “War with Russia or bust.”

Based upon Nunes’ “failure” to brief Shifty Schiff before advising President Trump, and Schiff’s appearance on her show just prior to the McCain interview as part of the master attack plan, McCain says he’s calling for a select committee. Noting that there’s a better relationship with committee chairs in the Senate, he’s says “This just shows a tremendous chasm between the two senior members of the House Intelligence Committee.”

What it looks like, Songbird, is that you sense that the Russian-Trump collusion narrative isn’t going to fly with Rep Nunes, that he’s on to you and your Democrat comrades. You think your best shot is now to remove him from involvement before you lose this chance to “get those dirty Ruskies.”

He makes the election interference assertions again, which Van Susteren rebuffs by pointing out that Nunes stated the word “Russia” appeared nowhere in the documents he was provided. McCain insists, “We know that for sure.” How do we know that when the individuals involved in investigations all say there’s no proof, Johnny boy? Because you say so and because the globalists and the military industrial complex need another big war?

Van Susteren describes the actions of Chairman Nunes as “Keystone copish,” bemoaning that we now have to hire other people, an independent commission or a select committee. McCain takes that as his cue to go into full drama queen mode. He’s obviously thrilled that Nunes provided him with a basis upon which to make the demands but still having to pretend it’s done “with a heavy heart.”

He says, “It’s a bizarre situation, and what I think, the reason why I’m calling for this select committee or a special committee, is I think that this back and forth and what the American people have found out so far that no longer does the Congress have credibility to handle this alone. And I don’t say that lightly.” Sure he does, just as he lightly said last week that his fellow Senator Rand Paul was working for Vladimir Putin or as he criticized Michelle Bachman and five other members of Congress viciously for daring to question Huma Abedin’s terrorist ties. He does whatever his globalist masters tell him to do and it’s always done lightly.

He’s as phony as they come, in Chuck Schumer’s and Adam Schiff’s league – and working on the same anti-American team.

Wiretapping at Trump Tower: ‘A scandal bigger than Watergate’ – Roger Stone

It may happen that Barack Obama and members of his administration are dragged before a grand jury and questioned under oath about what they knew about these break-ins, Roger Stone, former Trump adviser, told RT’s Worlds Apart host, Oksana Boyko.


This week, President Trump demanded a probe into unsubstantiated allegations he made that former President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap on Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Roger Stone sat down with Oksana Boyko to talk about this latest bit of US political drama, as well as many other compelling issues.

(Watch the full interview with the former Trump adviser on Worlds Apart this Thursday).

On charges of Russia interfering in US elections

“I think it’s important to note that the intelligence services here have yet to produce any evidence or proof whatsoever of Russian meddling in the American election. What we have are “allegations;” what we have are “projections” and “assessments.” Let me review for you the assessments of the Central Intelligence Agency. They said there was no torture in American prisons during the Iraq War. That was a lie. They denied that there were renditions by foreign nationals by the US government during the Iraq War. That was a lie. They claimed that the attack on our mission in Benghazi was caused by a video that was shown one time in Turkey. That was a lie.

Let’s be candid what (claims of Russian meddling in US elections) is about. Hillary Clinton had promised the Pentagon and the people in the Central Intelligence Agency the expansion of the proxy war in Syria. They were wringing their hands in glee about war. War would be very good for a number of Hillary’s large contributors and for the military industrial complex. Along comes Donald Trump. He prefers negotiation over war. He prefers détente over war.

Donald Trump believes that if Brezhnev and Nixon can reach agreement over strategic arms limitation, then perhaps President Putin and President Trump can reach agreement and have peace in the Middle East. That is the real issue here, that is what they resent so deeply.

I think what makes (claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election) durable is that the mainstream media in this country keeps repeating it ad nauseam despite a stunning lack of evidence. It is a national drumbeat without foundation.

On General Mike Flynn’s resignation

“As you probably know, I am a hardliner. Several things are true. First of all, General Flynn did not violate the law, his contacts with the Russian ambassador were perfectly proper, legal and appropriate and within the scope of his job. He was attempting to arrange a telephone conversation between President Putin and President Trump. That’s the beginning of a dialogue. We need to give peace a chance. And he did not discuss sanctions, which would have been improper… President Trump should not have fired General Flynn. I think he rushed to judgment and it was unfortunate. Secondarily, for Senator Sessions, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to have a conversation with the Russian ambassador is proper, legal and there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s no evidence that anything inappropriate was discussed… I think it’s time for the Trump administration to push back and they began doing so this weekend.”

On charges that the Obama administration tapped Trump Towers

“He believes, and I believe, that he was under surveillance by the federal government and the intelligence agencies while he was the Republican nominee for president. This is a scandal bigger than Watergate. This is the most outrageous breach of law and of morality in American public history. Richard Nixon did not know about the Watergate break-in in advance, but he bore ultimate responsibility. If you look at the statement by (former) President Obama this weekend, he said he didn’t approve eavesdropping on candidate Trump. Notice he didn’t say it didn’t happen, only that he didn’t approve it. Of course, if the Justice Department did ask the FISA Court for permission to conduct surveillance on candidate Trump in June and again in October, it is unlikely they did so without the permission and knowledge of the President. So the question becomes: What did Obama know and when did he know it? As I said, this is a scandal far greater than Watergate, and it may take some time in which the former President and his Secretary of Defense and his CIA Director and his FBI Director are dragged before a grand jury and questioned under oath about what they knew. If I were President Trump, I would fire the FBI Director and within hours have him in front of a grand jury to find out what he knows. This is potentially the greatest scandal in American history.”

On the ‘New McCarthyism’ in America

“In this country, if you are not in favor of war over Syria, then you must be a traitor; you must be in the service of Russian intelligence. It’s insulting, it’s outrageous, it’s false and suddenly the shoe is on the other foot. I come from a long anti-communist tradition. I have been active in the Republican Party as an acolyte of Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, and to say because you are not in favor of war with Russia tomorrow you must be a traitor, this is the worst form of McCarthyism in the 40 years that I have been in American politics.”

On the direction of US politics and mainstream media

“Well, it has changed in one very positive way. The mainstream media in this country – due to the technological advances of the internet – have lost their monopoly on the dissemination of political information. When I began in politics in the 60s and 70s there were only three television networks, there was no cable, and if they said something happened it happened, and if they said something didn’t happen, it didn’t happen. Now, with a majority of Americans getting their news from their handheld computer device and no longer from a television set, there’s a greater diversity of information available to the average voter. And therefore, if you don’t buy the crap being put out by CNN, you can go to Breitbart News, or Infowars.com, or the Daily Caller or any number of other alternative sources to get better investigative journalism and a different point of view. So in a way I think politics in this nation has changed for the better. There is greater polarization, but that’s fine. From my point of view, whether it is Bush or Clinton, or Bush or Obama, both parties in this country – until the advent and rise of Donald Trump – were identical. What they got us was endless war, erosion of our civil liberties, massive debt and spending, an immigration policy that left our country unsafe, our neighborhoods dangerous, and trade policies that have sucked the jobs out of America. In the meantime, we had a foreign policy that was incoherent. It appears to me, at least in the Middle East, that the goal of our foreign policy was to strengthen and embolden our enemies while undercutting our allies. It is, thanks to Donald Trump, a new day in America.”


Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 6.02.01 PM

Democrats’ latest continued attempt to derail Trump Administration not working

By Shepard Ambellas | March 20, 2017

Top intel chiefs testified at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill Monday over allegations that Russia meddled in the U.S. electoral system during the 2016 campaign.

United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes made clear during his opening statement that the committee needs to find out what actions Russia undertook during the 2016 political campaign and if anyone from the Trump campaign colluded.

In his address, Mr. Nunes referred to the Russian news outlet RT as a “propaganda network” and admitted that “it’s still possible that other surveillance methods were used on Trump and associates.”

National Security Agency head Adm. Mike Rogers told the committee that the intel community has been aware for some time of the “direct connections” between RT and the Russian government such as “monetary flow.”

During his testimony Adm. Rogers answered a good deal of questions but managed to bob and weave around others in which details remain classified.

Likewise, F.B.I. Director James Comey’s testimony fell short whenever any sensitive questions arose, making his answers rather brief and stale.

“I have been authorized by the Department of Justice to confirm that the F.B.I. as part of our counter-intelligence mission is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election and that includes investigating any links between individual associates with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and the Russian efforts,” Comey said.

Adm. Mike Rogers addressed that fact that the N.S.A. has no evidence indicating votes were changed during the election process, but appeared to be dodging questions regarding the “incidental collection” of data surrounding “U.S. persons” who may have spoken with or came in contact with a targeted foreign individual.

The N.S.A. head explained to the committee how in most cases the masking of a U.S. person’s name in documentation is usually done with a generic entry such as “U.S. Person 1” or “U.S. Person 2,” which typically keeps the person of interested unidentified.

Adm. Rogers said that he is one of only 20 people inside the NSA that have the ability to “unmask” names or “purge” the data and that the White House can make a request to unmask a name but it is ultimately left up to specific agencies and employees.

Rogers also told the committee that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act requests have nothing to do with Section 702 which is not authorized to be used domestically.

Rep. Trey Gowdy also expressed his concerns during the hearing in regards to the unauthorized publication of classified information by domestic news agencies.

“The unauthorized dissemination or publication of classified or otherwise legally protected information is punishable by up to 10-years in prison, ” Gowdy said, also listing the New York Times and the Washington Post as offenders.

According to Gowdy, only the Department of Justice, along with the C.I.A., F.B.I. and the N.S.A. can unmask U.S. persons’ names and leakers should be held accountable.

F.B.I. Dir. Comey said he didn’t want to confirm such classified information had hit the press from anyone inside his agency, but made it clear such actions are “criminal.”

Additionally, the committee spoke about political operative and frequent guest on the Alex Jones Show Roger Stone who may have been a target of surveillance due to his alleged connections to the hacker Guccifer 2.0 and his foreknowledge of the Podesta email leaks.


Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 5.47.52 PM

Jackie Speier panned for bizarre “tarantula” metaphor during Comey hearing

By Paul Joseph Watson | March 20, 2017

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) raised eyebrows during today’s House Intelligence Committee when she claimed Russia had committed an “act of war” against the United States, before being subsequently panned for a bizarre metaphor involving a tarantula.

During testimony by FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers into whether Russia interfered in the presidential election, Speier asserted , without citing any evidence, that Moscow had launched “hybrid warfare”.

After Comey and Rogers agreed that Russia was an “adversary” seeking to “harm” the United States, Speier said that Russia had engaged in “conventional warfare,” “irregular warfare,” and “cyber warfare”.

Both Comey and Rogers refused to agree that Russia had engaged in any type of “warfare,” but Speier went on to argue that they did.

“I actually think that their engagement was an act of war, an act of hybrid warfare and I think that’s why the American people should be concerned about it,” she said.

Speier then proceeded to describe “a spider web with a tarantula in the middle” with the tarantula being Vladimir Putin “who is entrapping many people to do his bidding and engage with him,” before she named Roger Stone as one of those individuals.

Twitter users were quick to mock Speier, pointing out that tarantulas don’t spin webs to catch prey.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 5.53.43 PM

During the hearing, Comey revealed that the FBI was investigating alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia although he acknowledged that there was no evidence Russia hacked or change any actual votes.