Published on Feb 20, 2017


Jamie Cox

WTF? my white brothers and sisters have nothing to do with slavery! get rid our our corrupt governing and police policies! making us truly equal would be much greater than any reparations!
Max DiMacino

The blacks owe all non blacks reparations.
John Forgette Jr

I will NEVER pay
Wade Williams

This is probably the most dumbass and the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen. This is a message to all African Americans that support this bullshit, keep your hands out of my wallet, go to a career building, and get a damn job. Stop trying to take our money that we earned through work. Just because you guys didn’t pass high school and can’t get good jobs now, doesn’t mean we should suffer too.
lemmy kilmister

I’ve thought i’ve seen it all it’ll be a cold day in hell i’m already pissed my taxes are paying for these thugs food stamps govt housing health care if i’ve got to work then get your damn ass out and work always playing the victims they make up 12.5% of the population and do well over 60% of the crime they have all black colleges churches if they own a store or something it wrote in big letters ”BLACK OWNED” they have a whole god damn month for black history. fuck you
Dj Skalka

What about the white Americans that fought and died so that you could be free do the black people not owe these white people and their relatives something and what about Abraham Lincoln do you not owe him? Why not just drop the bs and just call it even Steven.

what a waste of time and effort. …… our congressmen folks. do they want to pursue pizzagate and protect children …. nope. they want money based on race

Gay Liberal Freaks Out When Touched by Female CNN Panelist

“Don’t touch me!” proclaimed Charles Blow after fellow CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany lightly touched him on the arm during a discussion. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.


Black privilege on display here.
Chauncy Gilmore

female ,white , conservative triple nasty for a gay black libtard .
Dr Zempf

dragon lancer——-Says the beta faggot who voted for Nasty Hillary and her “vast right wing conspiracy” paranoia. LOLZ
Crouching Soldier

He basically just told her to fall off the ledge and die. Racist misogynist sodomite.
Aaron Williams

“How dare you touch me! You can go fall off a ledge! But peace and love and stuff! Except trump, he can die!” Liberals don’t work bc it’s a full time job to have to keep up with all of the nonsense they spew.
Chris Nickle

if the peice of shit can’t handle a nice peaceful debate with a calmly gentle touch from a lil lady being nice his ass is not eligible for these type of discussion on TV. what a jack ass

University of Wisconsin student government demands free tuition for black students


By Todd Richmond

Black students should be offered free tuition and housing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison because blacks were legally barred from education during slavery and university remains out of reach for black students today, the student government said Wednesday.

The Associated Students of Madison said in a resolution that students from suburban high schools are overrepresented. The group said consideration of ACT and SAT scores in applications restricts opportunities for the poor and thus upholds “white supremacy.”

Race relations have been a contentious issue at the Wisconsin’s flagship campus for months, including a controversy surrounding a course titled “The Problem with Whiteness” and an effort by a student to start a white supremacist group on campus.

“The university’s rhetoric suggests that it is committed to diversity and inclusion, so this legislation compels the university to move towards action — which is imperative,” the resolution’s author, ASM Student Council Rep. Tyriek Mack, said in a statement. “If no one challenges the university’s empty promises, then the racial composition will remain stagnant.”

The resolution demands free access to the university for all black people, including former inmates. That means free tuition, free housing and no fees, Mack said. That would save a black resident undergraduate student about $20,000 a year.

The resolution goes on to call for the university to use 10 percent of donations to bolster financial aid and study the feasibility of test-optional and geographically weighted admissions.

The language mirrors demands that the Black Liberation Collective, a national network of black youth focused on higher education, has made to nearly 90 campuses across the country.

Black students currently make up about 2 percent of Madison enrollment. University spokeswoman Meredith McGlone noted the proportion of “students of color” has grown from 11 percent to 15 percent over the last decade. She said the school supports the spirit of the resolution but that it’s unclear whether the methods it proposes are legal or the best way to accomplish those goals.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank has proposed giving first-generation transfers from two-year schools free tuition for a year, contingent on funding in the upcoming state budget, and a recent $10 million donation will be invested in expanding the Chancellor’s Scholarship Program, which supports minorities, McGlone said.

ACT and SAT scores are not the only factor in admissions to the university in Madison, but their inclusion is required under regent policy, McGlone said.

Last spring, pictures of swastikas and Adolf Hitler were posted on a Jewish student’s door, someone hurled racial slurs and spat at a black student in a dorm, and police arrested a black student during class for spray-painting anti-racist messages on campus buildings. Minority students spent the semester pressuring administrators for change.

Last month, a student who was imprisoned for burning down two black churches tried to start a white supremacist group on campus. He abandoned his efforts following intense backlash, but the student government criticized Blank for saying he had a legal right to express his views.

The university in August proposed building a black cultural center, introducing discussions about social differences and expanding ethnic studies courses and diversity training for all faculty and staff.

In-state undergraduate tuition has been frozen for four years and Gov. Scott Walker has proposed a 5 percent tuition cut for resident undergraduates in the second year of the upcoming state budget. Representatives of the Legislature’s budget-writing committee haven’t responded to an email Thursday seeking comment.

Asked for comment on the resolution, Mike Mikalsen, an aide to state Sen. Steve Nass — a Republican and one of the university’s most outspoken critics — responded by calling ASM a waste of student fees.

Madison Bevan, a sophomore from Los Angeles who identifies herself as black-white biracial, called free access for black students a good way to bolster their numbers on campus. She said one student in her dorm told her she was the first black person they’ve ever seen.

“There’s such a small number of (black) people on campus, it’s very easy to feel like you’re alone,” she said.

Chinese graduate student Yuhong Zhu said the resolution is awkward and he’d rather see more scholarships than a blanket offer of free access.

“I wouldn’t appreciate if the school offered me free tuition just because I’m a minority,” he said. “We should at least have to work hard for it.”



Paul Joseph Watson | – FEBRUARY 17, 2017

Video footage from a town hall meeting shows an African-American Trump supporter passionately slamming sanctuary cities as a racist assault on the black community.

“Sanctuary cities are racist – black communities have been destroyed by illegal immigration,” says the woman, adding that the situation called for a “second civil rights movement.”

Tracing her ancestry back to slave ships, the woman said, “I’m not going anywhere….sanctuary cities are racist, all the jobs are going to illegals….that is wrong, you’re not going to be allowed to get away with it….the black community has been destroyed by racist illegal immigration and we’re not gonna have it.”

“When my people do a crime, they get three strikes, your people do a crime, they get amnesty, they get benefits and they’re not paying taxes,” she added.

“Thank God for Trump, thank God for Sessions and you should be ashamed of yourselves, how dare you?” roared the woman, questioning why illegals were allowed to claim benefits for people living back in Mexico, while her own family members struggled in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Trump has threatened to cut off federal funds to so-called “sanctuary cities” that prevent law enforcement from apprehending illegal aliens. Polls show that 56 per cent of Hispanics support Trump’s policy of deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records.

President Trump’s promise that he would help the inner cities and get back jobs that illegals have taken away from African-Americans is one of the reasons why Trump outperformed previous Republican candidates.

He beat Romney’s share of the black vote by 7 points also did better than Romney with Latinos by a margin of 8 points.

Polls found that 58.5 percent of Hispanic voters supported Donald Trump’s immigration policy compared to 32.9 percent for failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

University offers class on ‘The Problem of Whiteness’


By Thomas Columbus – University of Southern California

A class to be taught next semester at the University of Wisconsin Madison called “The Problem of Whiteness” aims to “understand how whiteness is socially constructed and experienced in order to help dismantle white supremacy,” the course description states.

“Whites rarely or never questioned what it is to be white,” Assistant Professor Damon Sajnani, who will teach the course, told The College Fix in a telephone interview last week. “So you go through life taking it for granted without ever questioning or critically interrogating it.”

For Sajnani, one way to solve this is to offer “The Problem of Whiteness,” an analysis of what it means to be white and how to deal with it as a “problem.”

“The idea of talking about the problem of whiteness is to turn the question back to where it belongs,” he said.

One of the main goals in the class will be to understand race and identity and how it impacts lives on a daily basis, he said. One of the talking points is juxtaposing white privilege and white power, and how the two can be intertwined and similar to each other, the scholar said.

“The problem of racism is the problem of whites being racist towards blacks,” he said.

The class will also theorize what white students can do with their “whiteness” and how to mobilize their identities as a mode for social justice as opposed to racial injustices, he added.

When asked what he might say to those who oppose the course topic, Sanjani said they have no logical idea of what race actually is and how it is a political machine as well as a social construct.

“Since white supremacy was created by white people, is it not white folks who have the greatest responsibility to eradicate it?” he asks in the course description.

Sajnani told The Fix the premise of the course is to understand that race is neither biological nor cultural, but rather a social and political construct. He purports that blacks, throughout their life, constantly question what it is to be black, however “blacks did not invent racism or racial oppression.”

Naming the problem of whiteness is a play on what used to be known as the “Negro Problem” in the 20th Century, he points out.

Students will write two papers in the course. The first will be a reflection of themselves and their racial identities and how that plays into their roles in modern society. The second will be a critical engagement with the required readings.

According to the online class description, readings will include:

W.E.B. Du Bois, 1920. “The Souls of White Folks” in Dark Water
George Yancy, 2010. Look, a White!
Ta-Nehisi Coates, 2015. Between the World and Me
Damon Sajnani, 2015. “Rachel/Racial Theory: Reverse Passing in the Curious Case of Rachel Dolezal”
Tim Wise, 2016. White Lies Matter: Race, Crime, and the Politics of Fear in America

In Sajnani’s “Rachel/Racial Theory” piece, he argues “race is an ideological structure created for the purpose of global European domination. It is designed to be fixed and permanent; to reify the contingent relations of colonial subjugation into immutable identities.”

Sajnani is a self described far-left professor who said he views both Democrats and Republicans as right-wing entities.

Students wear white pins to remind them of ‘white privilege’…


By Dominic Mancini

Students at Elizabethtown College this month are wearing white pins in the shape of puzzle pieces to remind them of their white privilege.

The campaign was launched over the weekend by the Elizabethtown College Democrats, who say it aims to make students at the small and private liberal arts college in Pennsylvania more introspective about issues of race, especially in their predominantly white region of Lancaster County.

“Discussions about race are often perceived as being only open to people of color, but I think it is just as important for white people to partake in conversations about race,” Aileen Ida, president of the College Democrats, told The College Fix via email.

Ida said white people are continually allowing for a societal system of oppression to occur unless they work against it. The white puzzle piece pin represents racial struggles of all sorts.

“No matter how accepting someone is, that doesn’t stop them from being part of a system based on centuries of inequality,” she said, adding the campaign transcends politics.


Asked if all white students are privileged, Ida responded “yes,” but clarified that she doesn’t think all whites are socioeconomically privileged. Ida declined to cite specific examples of white privilege.

She also clarified that it’s not just white students who can wear the pins, that students of all races should take part to start a campuswide discussion that crosses racial divides.

Yet, she notes most people of color already have to live with racism while white people don’t.

“I believe that this [inherent white privilege] can be seen in the day-to-day life of people of color versus the day-to-day life of white people,” Ida said. “Most people of color don’t have a choice but to consider how their race affects their life on a daily basis, this is not true for most white people.”

According to the campaign’s official Facebook page, the project is similar to one started by a Lutheran pastor who made a commitment to “wear a white puzzle piece pin every day for a year to force herself to think about her white privilege and the impact white privilege has on people of color.”

The Elizabethtown College Democrats’ effort also “forces everybody to think about racial issues people face daily,” its Facebook page states. The campaign is slated to last through the month and beyond.

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