‘EXCEPTIONALLY RACIST’ DIVERSITY HEAD WON’T RETURN Taught white students as young as 6 that they’re born haters

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The diversity director of an elite Manhattan prep school who teaches white students as young as 6 that they’re born racist and benefit from “white privilege” will not be returning in the fall, the Bank Street School for Children confirmed.

A school spokeswoman insisted the exit of Ivy League-educated Anshu Wahi was not precipitated by last month’s Post exposé on the Upper West Side school’s radical diversity program, explaining that Wahi stepped down for personal reasons unrelated to complaints about the program.

Parents who complained to The Post aren’t buying it. They revolted after “the exceptionally racist” diversity coordinator introduced increasingly anti-white propaganda into the private school’s curriculum.

“We joined [the school] because of the diversity and now hate it because of the extreme reverse racism,” said one mother. Some kids come home in tears, saying, “I’m a bad person,” according to parents.

Last year in a meeting secretly recorded by parents, Wahi admitted, “We are definitely getting pushback” from white parents, as well as some black parents, regarding her “Racial Justice and Advocacy” curriculum. But she argued it’s a “brave step” that teachers, parents and students must all take to be more “progressive” in their thinking about race.

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A slide from the Bank School shows the different goals for white children (right) and “kids of color” (left).

That thinking, as the Post first reported, indoctrinates white children into believing “systemic racism” still exists, and that they’re part of the problem and must hold themselves accountable even for acts of racism committed by others.

“One hundred percent of the curriculum is what whites have done to other races,” one parent said. “They offer nothing that would balance the story.”

One parent maintained that some 30 families threatened to pull their children out of the school. The Bank Street spokeswoman said the school is experiencing only “typical attrition.”

“No one has indicated the diversity curriculum as a reason” for leaving, the spokeswoman said.

Still, there are signs the administration has gone into damage-control mode. After the Post story, school officials “sent e-mails out asking parents to write testimonials as to the greatness of the school,” one parent said.

Clinton At NAACP – “Stop The Killings Of African-Americans”

Kitch Lakic

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Tin Foil Truth Slinger

Hillary for Prison 2016

She’s trying to use the minority vote to get her elected. So many people are falling for it.
Ian Tufts

Hillary reminds me of a trained ape.
Splugen pass

Riling up her base.

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Hillary is shameless & corrupt as the day is long. She and Obama set the whole Middle East on fire sending refugees terrorists everywhere across the globe, even making excuses for these radical murders while they mow down & kill thousands of citizens. They even support blk racist & violent New Black Panthers. To think this evil war hawk is remotely human or would make a good president is not remotely possible. Corrupted Hillary belongs in a soundproof jail cell where no one will hear her siren call of death & destruction.


WSJ does not provide details

  JULY 17, 2016

The Wall Street Journal tweets the gunman reportedly killed in Baton Rouge was affiliated with an “anti-government” group.


WSJ does not provide details on this suspected group or does it name the source making the claim.

The establishment routinely uses “anti-government” in reference to constitutionalists, patriot groups, tax activists, and “militias.”

White Police Chief Loses It and Tells the Blunt TRUTH About Black Crime [VIDEO]

Police Chief Edward Flynn speaks to reporters after a Fire and Police Commission meeting Thursday night concerning the shooting of Dontre Hamilton. During the meeting, Flynn learned that a 5-year-old girl was shot and killed. Video by Ashley Luthern

Herb Benson

God Bless Chief Flynn and all the other men and women in blue who risk their lives in an attempt to keep the rest of us safe.
April Smith

That is so sad. And he’s right.
Centrist Philosopher

This has gone around the world and I think what this man says is extremely important, especially now. Here in the UK, my perspective is that BLM are just hypocrites who don’t give a damn about victims of gang violence.
Steven Fallon

Good cop definitely..broke the script and told it like it is, with passion and truth.

Awesome…you could tell the reporters were like ‘whhhhaaaattt???’ We need more telling it like it is.
Sir Mutton Chops

That’s what a real hero looks like

POLL: 70% Say Race Relations BAD… Highest Since L.A. Riots…


Race Relations Are at Lowest Point in Obama Presidency, Poll Finds – The New York Times

Sixty-nine percent of Americans say race relations are generally bad, one of the highest levels of discord since the 1992 riots in Los Angeles during the Rodney King case, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

The poll, conducted from Friday, the day after the killing of five Dallas police officers, until Tuesday, found that six in 10 Americans say race relations were growing worse, up from 38 percent a year ago.

Racial discontent is at its highest point in the Obama presidency and at the same level as after the riots touched off by the 1992 acquittal of Los Angeles police officers charged in Mr. King’s beating.

Relations between black Americans and the police have become so brittle that more than half of black people say they were not surprised by the attack that killed five police officers and wounded nine others in Dallas last week. Nearly half of white Americans say that they, too, were unsurprised by the episode, the survey found.

Despite President Obama’s insistence at a memorial service for the fallen officers that the races in the United States are “not as divided as we seem,” the poll found that black and white Americans hold starkly different views on race, particularly regarding the treatment of African-Americans by the police.

Asked whether the police in most communities are more likely to use deadly force against a black person than a white person, three-quarters of African-Americans answered yes, and only about half as many white people agree. Fifty-six percent of whites said that the race of the suspect made no difference in the use of force; only 18 percent of black Americans said so.

When asked to rate the job their local police department was doing, four in five whites said excellent or good; a majority of blacks answered fair or poor. More than two-fifths of black people say the police in their communities make them feel more anxious than safe. By wide margins, whites and Hispanics say the police make them feel safer.

“I have been in situations where the police have made situations worse rather than better,” Ayesha Numan, 22, a black woman living in Kansas City, Mo., said in a follow-up interview. “That’s not to say that I write them off as all bad. I just have to be cautious of how they’re acting around me.”

Opinions of U.S. Race Relations

The proportion of Americans who believe race relations are generally good has declined over all since 2009.

Mr. Obama on Tuesday spoke at a memorial service in Dallas honoring the officers killed when Micah Johnson, a 25-year-old black Army veteran, opened fire at a protest last Thursday. Last week was among the most wrenching since the Black Lives Matter movement began three years ago: On back-to-back days, videos were released showing the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of the police, and the Dallas attack followed a day later.

Black and white opinion is sharply divided on the aims and the approach of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Seventy percent of African-Americans are sympathetic to the movement, compared with only 37 percent of whites. Among all Americans, 41 percent agree with the movement, 25 percent disagree and 29 percent do not have an opinion either way.

Support for Black Lives Matter correlates directly to age, with 50 percent of all adults younger than 30 saying they agree with the movement, compared with 20 percent who disagree with it. Among those 45 and older, 36 percent agree and 29 percent disagree.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has given a younger generation a voice in civil rights,” Marc Morial, the president of the National Urban League, said. “The police are a flash point. The broader situation is always the underlying issues: the criminal justice system being broken, the higher unemployment among African-Americans, the slower recovery from the recession, the assault on voting rights and voter suppression.”

The nationwide Times/CBS News Poll was conducted July 8 to 12 on cellphones and landlines with 1,600 adults, including 171 black respondents and 1,207 whites. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points for all adults, three points for whites and nine points for blacks.

Eighty-four percent of Americans have heard or read at least some news about the last week’s racially tinged violence — the shootings in Dallas and deaths of Mr. Castile and Mr. Sterling.

Some feel skeptical of what they have seen and heard of police shootings. “A lot of the times you see video, and most of it’s after the altercation. You really don’t see what happens before that,” said Roger Boulanger, 46, who is white and lives in Mendon, Mass. He said that race relations were generally bad, but he did not perceive them as being worse recently.

“I don’t want to say it’s 100 percent that every time someone gets shot, it’s just the police being racist,” he said. “I don’t think that.”