“Violent” anti-Trump protesters could pose physical threat to reporters

| – JANUARY 18, 2017

Reporters covering the inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington DC on Friday have been warned that they need to prepare for riots and possible physical attacks by anti-Trump protesters.

The National Press Photographers Association has issued guidelines to journalists that virtually mirror those sent out during the Ferguson riots in 2014.

Reporters are advised to “maintain situational awareness” and have “an exit plan in case the situation becomes hostile”.

The group also emphasizes that journalists should “move toward the nearest police officer under the assumption that they could protect you from hostile or violent protesters.”

The tone of the warning clearly indicates that anti-Trump rioters are being treated as a bigger physical threat to journalists than overbearing police officers.

Reporters are also told to “openly display press credentials and dress in a professional manner” in order to avoid attacks by anti-Trump protesters.

The Committee to Protect Journalists also released a safety advisory last week urging reporters to “work in pairs,” “plan out an emergency exit” and “document any aggression toward yourself or colleagues”.

Thousands of far-left demonstrators are expected to descend on DC to protest Trump’s inauguration, with some threatening violent civil unrest.

Agitators are openly calling for “chaos” in a bid to shut down the inauguration and create the impression that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate, but opposition groups like Bikers For Trump have vowed to form a “wall of meat” to prevent them from doing so.

Earlier this week, Project VeritasJames O’Keefe exposed how organizers behind the #DisruptJ20 movement were also planning direct attacks on Trump supporters attending inauguration events.


Only “Mediocre Negros” Support Trump Says CNN Contributor

Published on Jan 17, 2017

CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill says that only “mediocre negros” support Donald Trump. This just one day after the President-Elect met with Marin Luther King the 3rd, son of Martin Luther King Jr, the famous Civil Rights leader. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.


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USA: “We won’t be Trumped” – Al Sharpton at DC rally

Published on Jan 14, 2017

Thousands gathered in a rally organised by civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton at Washington DC’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on Saturday, one week before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.


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Obama’s farewell: a soap opera for liberals and minority pawns

Jon Rappoport | – JANUARY 13, 2017

Here are a few snippets from Obama’s goodbye speech to the American people:

“Going forward, we must uphold laws against discrimination…But laws alone won’t be enough. Hearts must change…For blacks and other minorities, it means tying our own struggles for justice to the challenges that a lot of people in this country face – the refugee, the immigrant, the rural poor, the transgender American, and also the middle-aged white man…For white Americans, it means acknowledging that the effects of slavery and Jim Crow didn’t suddenly vanish in the ‘60s; that when minority groups voice discontent, they’re not just engaging in reverse racism or practicing political correctness…”

The question is: do people want empty sentimental sop from Obama or do they want action?

Well, it’s too late for action, because Obama’s presidency is done. And it makes no difference whether, as a result of his final speech, people view him as a great and honorable man who did his best, or as a con artist, because again, he’s on his way out the door.

Needless to say, his supporters were deeply moved by his words. They want to be moved. They don’t want to look at uncomfortable facts.

For example, let’s go to CNN, which is going to offer the best possible interpretation of economic indicators for black people in America:

“Blacks have seen their median income stagnate, along with the rest of the population…Median income [for blacks] stood at $35,398 in 2014, just a touch below where it was in 2009, when Obama took office. But it has climbed back from [a low of] $33,926 in 2011…The Great Recession sent many Americans into poverty, but blacks were hit particularly hard. The [poverty] rate for blacks hit 27.6% in 2011, nearly 2 percentage points higher than what it was when Obama was sworn in. It has since receded to 26.2%.”

If you call that a ringing endorsement of Obama’s performance as president, you’re in need of help.

Let me put it this way. For all Obama’s talk about racism and prejudice and justice, Americans of every description and color have been willing, for a long time, to work alongside each other and get along — IF THERE IS WORK TO BE HAD. DECENT PAYING WORK.

Obama is, in effect, trying to move back to another time, before that was the case.

When he was elected, in 2008, during the recession, his closest advisors thought he would come out swinging and do everything possible to create jobs. That was the number-one concern of Americans.

They were absolutely shocked when he opted for Obamacare out of the gate, as his first priority. And look what it has led to: a massive mess.

Gazing at his presidency head-on, without excuses, it’s clear that Obama chose to IGNORE jobs. He didn’t want to make a move in that arena.


The answer is stark and simple: the globalist agenda forbids the creation of new jobs, and Obama is a globalist. He was plucked out of nowhere by Ted Kennedy and mentored by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, along with David Rockefeller.

The Trilateral Commission is the single most important globalist force in the world. And of the 87 members of the Commission who live in the US, Obama appointed 11 of them to key posts in his administration.

This is no accident. This is intentional.

The idea that Obama would launch a no-holds-barred effective crusade against corporations leaving the US and throwing huge numbers of Americans (of all colors) out of work, is laughable. Look at the record, if you need verification. It never happened. It was never going to happen.

The man can talk forever about discrimination and prejudice and social justice, but those words fall flat, because he has never taken action to correct the true crime—which is there for all to see: Globalists are committed to torpedoing economies.

Obama can be a master of overly sentimental rhetoric—but this is merely a diversion.

And aside from the massive loss of jobs, if he has been talking about the inner cities of America, he should have focused on the enduring disasters that destroy life in those places and hold law-abiding citizens hostage: gangs, the murders they commit, their other crimes, drugs, and the absence of fathers in homes. That’s where he would have started. And he would have launched solutions.

But he didn’t.

In various ways, over and over, he simply said: “We’re all in this together.” That and $2 will get you a bus ticket in Chicago.

‘We’re all in this together’ doesn’t destroy pernicious globalist trade treaties or create jobs for people who are willing and ready to go to work and support their families.

‘We’re all in this together’ doesn’t eliminate gangs, killings, drugs, and highly dangerous neighborhoods.

‘We’re all in this together’ doesn’t start a national program of urban farms in inner cities, and suddenly give people the opportunity to grow their own fresh clean food, eat it, and make money by selling the excess.

‘We’re all in this together’ doesn’t help create a culture in which fathers deserting their families is a cardinal offense.

‘We’re all in this together’ does pour a pleasant syrup of “deep concern” on the heads of people who, above all, want to appear virtuous. These are the people who can be led to believe in an imitation of actual solutions and action.

They are content to think that a leader who espouses a lofty ideal has done enough.

Everyone else should put the ideal into action. If they don’t, it’s not the leader’s fault. He flew the banner. He recited poetics. He wanted a better world. He was operating at a higher level—and unfortunately, the bulk of humanity couldn’t grasp its profundity.

That notion and $2.75 will get you a ride on a New York subway.

This article originally appeared at Want to free your mind from the Matrix? Check out The Matrix Revealed.

COPS: Black Teen Behind ‘KoolkidsKlanKkk’ Account Threatening Black Students…


by Ava-joye Burnett

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Anne Arundel County Police Department has charged a 14-year-old girl with a juvenile citation for sending a threatening tweet related to Arundel High School.

Police began their investigation after Arundel High School officials told them about a suspicious Twitter account.

The account, named @KoolkidsKlanKkk, reportedly sent out a tweet that read, “We’re planning to attack tomorrow”.

This account used similar language to a racial petition that had been passed around Anne Arundel High School by the “Kool Kids Klan”.

Police worked with Twitter, and were able to identify the person who created the account and sent out the threatening tweet.

That person has been identified as a 14-year-old African American female who attends Arundel High School.

Authorities interviewed the girl while she was with her parents, and police say she admitted to creating the Twitter account and sending the threatening tweet.

She was charged with a juvenile citation for disruption of school activities and released to her parents.

“It makes me really upset. I can’t believe that students would write something like that,” said parent Michelle Fitzurka.

“I kind of felt unsafe at the school and a little hurt,” said Taylor Nash, a freshman at Arundel High.

The school district said all the students involved in that incident were disciplined, but the students were not identified, and to complicate an already tense situation, Wednesday night hundreds showed up for a meeting at the school, but some parents still had questions.

“That is not good enough. What’s going to happen with the students that are still here?”said parent Tamara Hannah.

“The federal law prohibits me from telling you exactly what the consequences were. But I will say to you that the school acted swiftly, they acted aggressively and they administered appropriated disciplinary action,” said Bob Mosier, chief communications officer of Anne Arundel Public Schools.

As parents left the school, there’s hope the community will begin to heal.

“I am very confident that Ms. Davenport and the staff at the school is going to do everything they can to keep all of our children safe,” said parent Sheri Paris.

“I just hope that we can all come together, not just here at the school, but as a society,” said parent Lisa Smith.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools Superintendent George Arlotto released the following statement:

“I want to thank Police Chief Tim Altomare, State’s Attorney Wes Adams, County Executive Steve Schuh, and their staffs for their thorough and expeditious work to identify a suspect in the online post that threatened violence at Arundel High School this week. The anonymity of the internet provides a murky and complex disguise for many who want to threaten the safety and security of our communities. Our partners in the Police Department and county government peeled back that disguise quickly in this case, in the process reassuring parents, students, and staff that our schools are safe places in which to educate our children.”

Protests interrupted Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing

Published on Jan 10, 2017

Protests break out during the senate confirmation hearing of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. The NAACP has opposed his confirmation, citing his controversial history with civil rights. He was denied a judgeship in 1986 due to his alleged racist remarks.

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