One man thinks Joe Biden is a “race car driver”

AUGUST 29, 2016

Mark Dice took to the streets of San Diego for another jaw-dropping insight into how completely ignorant people are about basic political facts.

One woman was dumbfounded at the question “Who is Joe Biden?” but was given a helping hand by Dice when he then asked her, “Who is the vice president under Obama?”

“Oh probably, oh my gosh – Hillary?” she responded.
“Who cares, I don’t know,” responded another man, agreeing with Dice’s suggestion to get stoned instead.

Another man who didn’t know who Joe Biden was seemed more concerned about insisting he was an American “because we live in America,” and that he was “free” to be ignorant.
Another man was more blunt when answering the question, “Who is the vice president right now?”

“I don’t f**king know,” he shot back.

Another individual found the question hilarious before running away from the interview.
Given time to think about the question, an older man wearing a cap eventually came up with the answer that Biden was “a race car driver”.

Asked what Joe Biden’s job was, another woman responded, “Are we supposed to know or is that one of those things?”

If one of those “things” is basic knowledge of who runs your government, then yes it is one of those “things”.

Polls have consistently shown that around 30% of Americans are unable to name the vice president. If Dice’s video is anything to go by, San Diego is responsible for a significant portion of that percentage.

Jesse Carpenter

Not suprised for one…freaking…second. We as Americans need to vote Trump into office so that this stupidity…GOES AWAY!!! Great job Mark!! Keep exposing the morons!!
Kip Gibbs

I am in favor of California succession
Leon Davis

Succession by natural means. When the Big One hits, the southern part will break off and drift around the Pacific in a big circle trailing a huge grease slick. Every time it gets too close to another country, they bomb the shit out of it.
Deadman Undertaker

I asked someone I go to school with who Joe Biden was and they said he was a professional wrestler – sad!
Meadow View Lawn Care LLC

Seriously?? Where do you find these assholes?? I really hope these retarted people don’t reproduce or vote for that dying bitch.
Jason Janes

your asking these people the wrong questions. If you asked where to get the best iced mocha cappuccino, wheat grass smoothie, or the best deal on a bag of weed, I’m sure they would be a fountain of information.
Numis Mm

I bet you that these numbskulls can name all of the Kardashian’s and their shows and what purses and shoes that they own… and where they get their nails did!


Obama to bypass Senate, ratify ‘climate’ accord himself…


President Obama is prepared to enter into the Paris climate accord as early as this week even though Republicans have insisted that the pact must be ratified by the Senate, according to a report out of China.

The South China Morning Post reported that Mr. Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping are “set to jointly announce their ratification” of the ambitious international climate-change pact on Friday, two days before the start of the 11th G-20 Summit in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

“There are still some uncertainties from the U.S. side due to the complicated U.S. system in ratifying such a treaty, but the announcement is still quite likely to be ready by Sept. 2,” an unnamed source told the English-language newspaper.

In addition, “[s]enior climate officials from both countries worked late into the night in Beijing on Tuesday to finalise [sic] details,” said the article, citing “sources familiar with the issue.”

The Thursday report touched off alarm among foes of the Paris Agreement, which calls for nations to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions with the aim of holding global temperatures to an increase of “well below” 2 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial levels.

Myron Ebell, director of the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment, described the report as “curious because ratifying treaties in the United States requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate.”

“In China’s Communist Party dictatorship, ratification merely requires their Maximum Leader to say, ‘So be it,’ ” said Mr. Ebell, who flagged the article, adding, “Lo and behold, the president of the United States can ratify a treaty in the same way as Chinas Maximum Leader. He merely has to say the magic words, ‘So be it.’ “

Sen. James Inhofe, chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, has warned other nations that without Senate approval, the agreement will “soon become another stack of empty promises on global warming.”

“I want to make sure international participants are warned now that the president’s commitment lacks the support of his own government and will fail,” Mr. Inhofe said in an April 12 statement.

He delivered his broadside shortly before Secretary of State John Kerry participated in a United Nations ceremony on Earth Day to sign what he described as the “historic” Paris agreement. Participating nations are required to sign and ratify the agreement.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called last month on international leaders to “accelerate” the ratification process after countries were slow to jump aboard.

The accord takes effect after ratification by 55 nations responsible for at least 55 percent of global emissions, but so far only 23 nations covering 1.1 percent of emissions have signed and ratified the pact, according to the “ratification tracker” maintained by Climate Analytics.

The group’s analysts expressed concern last month that the “window of opportunity” for ratification is “closing fast,” but that there have recently been “positive developments.”

“Many countries, led by the two biggest emitters, China and the United States, have signaled their intent to ratify by the end of 2016, leaving just four countries and 1.72% of global emissions needed for it to become official,” the Climate Analytics analysis said.

The Obama administration has maintained that the Paris Agreement is not a legally binding treaty and therefore does not require Senate ratification, while Republicans have insisted that it does.

“One can only speculate how the administration plans to ratify the agreement without approval of the Senate,” the Science and Environmental Policy Project said in a Sunday statement. “But given the disregard the administration has demonstrated toward Congress and the Constitution, such speculation is fitting.”

Some 9,000 refugee children reported missing in Germany

Up to 9,000 refugee children and teens had been reported missing as of July 1, according to Germany’s federal police. The figure appears to have nearly doubled since the start of the year.

At least 8,991 refugee children under 17 years of age are no longer in contact with authorities according to figures revealed by Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) at the request of German daily “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.” In January this year only 4,749 were known to be missing. While most of the missing are in their teens, 867 of them are said to be under 13 years old.

A spokeswoman for BKA noted, however, that not all of the missing children are necessarily in danger.

“In many cases, these children’s disappearances are not haphazard, some of them travel to visit their parents, relatives or friends in other German cities or even in other European countries,” the spokeswoman told the newspaper, explaining that after they eventually return, families often do not inform authorities of the fact and the names of the ‘missing’ children remain in the database.

Apart from that, there is the problem of multiple registrations when kids move to a different region, or after losing IDs, with their names often spelled differently, which results in doppelgangers in the system. Thus most disappearances are thought to be harmless.

“We don’t have evidence that some of the missing minors may have fallen into the hands of criminals,” the spokeswoman stated.

She also defended her heavily-debated policy of welcoming and integrating migrants, and shed light on a set of new measures aimed at curbing their numbers, including some toughing laws aimed at human trafficking. An initiative is also in the works to better integrate refugees that qualify for asylum.

Last year, over 5,800 refugee kids were recorded missing in the country. While authorities failed to explain their disappearance, the head of domestic intelligence warned at the time that Islamist recruiters could be specifically targeting refugee minors.

Germany’s Green party also spoke out, slamming the government for not taking seriously “the dangers of forced prostitution and exploitation.”

EU police agency Europol, at the start of the year said that up to 10,000 unaccompanied refugee minors have gone missing after arriving in Europe. Half a year later, they did not issue fresh figures, but recently said the number is now much higher.

Germany is expecting an estimated 300,000 new refugees this year. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday assured the public that her Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is ready to cope with these numbers in an interview with Germany’s ARD Channel.

*(MORE ON HILLARY’S FRIENDS)* – Mylan announces $300 generic EpiPen at 3x original price


In another attempt at quelling public outcry over the skyrocketing price of the lifesaving EpiPen, maker Mylan has announced that it will begin selling a generic version of its allergy medication injector ‒ at the low, low cost of $300.

EpiPen administers a quick dose of epinephrine to counter a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction known as anaphylactic shock. The easy-to-use injector is made by West Virginia-based Mylan Pharmaceuticals, which bought the rights to it in 2007. Since then, the price of the EpiPen has ballooned, going from $100 to $600.

On Monday, Mylan unveiled the generic version, noting that the auto-injector’s “list price of $300” for each two-pack carton “represents a discount of more than 50 percent to the Mylan list price.”


“We understand the deep frustration and concerns associated with the cost of EpiPen to the patient, and have always shared the public’s desire to ensure that this important product be accessible to anyone who needs it,” CEO Heather Bresch said in a statement.“Our decision to launch a generic alternative to EpiPen is an extraordinary commercial response.”

The generic version will be identical to the branded one ‒ at both the 0.15-mg and 0.30-mg dosages ‒ and will be launched in“several weeks,” after the company completes labeling revisions.

The announcement comes just four days after Mylan’s last public relations stunt, when the company said it would introduce a savings card that will cover up to $300 of the cost of the EpiPen two-pack for patients previously paying list price.

There are currently few options for the quick delivery of epinephrine. Two of EpiPen’s  competitors, AUVI-Q and TwinJect, recalled their injectors over issues with dosages or the devices. Another, Impax Laboratories, isn’t able to produce its Adrenaclick injector ‒ or its generic version ‒ in large quantities.

“We do not have an automated process but we are working on [one],” Mark Donohue, vice president of investor relations and corporate communications at Impax, told ABC News. Not all pharmacies stock either version of Adrenaclick, either, he added.

In March, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rejected an application by Teva Pharmaceutical for a generic version of EpiPen due to “certain major deficiencies” that forced the product to be “significantly delayed into 2017 at the earliest, Teva said.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 6.17.31 PM

That decision paved the way for EpiPen to corner 95 percent of the epinephrine injection market, FiercePharma reported at the time. However, Mylan had already hiked the price of its branded auto-injector to maximize profits in anticipation of competition from Teva’s generic version, Marianne Udow-Phillips, director of the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation at the University of Michigan,told USA Today. Without competition, Mylan shouldn’t have needed to produce a generic EpiPen, she noted.

“It’s highly unusual for a generic product to come out in this way,” Udow-Phillips said. “It clearly shows how much pressure Mylan was under.”

However, she noted, “It’s still a huge profit margin for them.”

Mylan’s stock took a 10 percent hit last week after a number of senators called on the drug maker to explain the runaway cost of the life-saving injector. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) led the charge, with Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) following suit. On Wednesday, Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) also sent a letter to Mylan asking for an explanation. Bresch is the daughter of another senator, Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia).

On Wednesday, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton bashed the “outrageous” price hike, and calling on Mylan to lower the cost. The company has been a donor to the Clinton Foundation.

Mylan’s political outreach led to the 2013 EpiPen Law encouraging the use of Mylan’s auto-injectors in schools around the US, leaving the taxpayers to foot the bill. EpiPens are classified by the FDA as both a drug and a medical device that requires specialized training. As such, pharmacists in 29 states will not be able to just switch from the branded version to Mylan’s generic one, ABC News reported.

Mylan has given 700,000 EpiPens to schools for free, the company said recently.