Former CNN Reporter Exposes the Truth – OBAMA PAID THEM TO LIE


If you eventually watch CNN, you’ll understand that the network has turned into a front for the Clinton Campaign and a bastion for spreading liberal non-sense. Now, a report by among its own journalists has discovered that CNN in addition has taken bribes from international countries.

The CNN reporter who blew the lid on this issue was none other than Amber Lyon, formerly employed by CNN and an “award winning reporter.” Yesterday, Lyon “blew the cover” on the network’s suspicious business practices.

Lyon claims that CNN “is paid by the U.S. government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others.” Lyon also told us that the network is a tool for the Obama Administration to manipulate the information the American Public gets to see.

Lyon claims that Obama has been controlling what we know through CNN, her former employer.

Lyon’s findings suggesting that the network acted as an information filter for the Obama Whitehouse has confirmed the suspicions of many that government corruption reaches far into supposedly non government sectors of America.

A few years ago, Lyon was interviewed by Joe Rogan, and revealed some very shocking testimony concerning her reporting of the 2011 Arab Spring Protests in Bahrain.

During Lyon’s interview with Joe Rogan, she explained that she and another female colleague were part of a 4 person team sent by CNN to Bahrain in 2011. Arriving in Bahrain, Lyon noticed something very odd- the United States government had been supplying over $1 billion worth in weaponry- including tear gas- to the oppressive Bahraini regime looking to suppress popular protests in the country.

Lyon was threatened by United States government personnel while staying on a U.S. Navy base in Bahrain. She was told not to report the incident, or face grave consequences.

Instead, CNN told her to be quiet and not report the Bahraini government’s suppression of peaceful protests, but was forced to report complete lies.

The Guardian confirms much of Lyon’s testimony, and tells us that the CNN journalists themselves were victims of oppression from the Bahraini authorities:

“The CNN crew itself was violently detained by regime agents . As they described it after returning to the US, “20 heavily-armed men”, whose faces were “covered with black ski masks”, “jumped from military vehicles”, and then “pointed machine guns at” the journalists, forcing them to the ground. The regime’s security forces seized their cameras and deleted their photos and video footage, and then detained and interrogated them for the next six hours.”

Right now, Amber Lyon is trying to get the word out that the Obama Administration and CNN have worked together to support a brutal, repressive regime and silence journalists who are only doing their jobs to report the truth.

61% of Americans don’t feel represented by either Democrats or Republicans

Despite the current US electoral landscape, which again sees a Democrat and a Republican leading the face off in the finals, more than six in 10 Americans who put them there do not feel represented by either party, a survey found.

The presidential election in 2016 has the entire country and world on the edge of their seats, as any hope of a third party candidate is all but gone. But according to the 2016 American Values Survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), dissatisfaction with both parties has plummeted sharply since 1990.

And it’s not just parties: Americans don’t trust the electoral process as a whole, with only 43 percent believing their vote will be counted accurately. One in five people has shown a complete lack of confidence.


“Pessimism about the direction of the country is considerably higher today (74 percent) than it was at this time during the 2012 presidential race, when 57 percent of the public said the country was off on the wrong track,” the authors, who have tested 2,010 adults across 50 states, write.

One contributing factor that shook up people’s belief were things like outsider Donald Trump having success, and the popular Bernie Sanders, who lost his party’s nomination. This did not make life any easier for third-party candidates like the Libertarian Gary Johnson and Jill Stein of the Greens.

The resulting disappointment is thought to have contributed to 61 percent saying neither party reflects their views, with only 38 percent disagreeing.

The authors write that the views don’t change across class or race.

Yearning for another ‘Golden Age’?

Most of the people who support the firebrand Trump (72 percent) believe they’re doing so because life in the US has changed for the worse since the 1950s, while almost the same portion of those supporting Hillary Clinton believe things are actually looking up.

What is also a telling sign is that a slight majority of college-educated whites believe things have become better since that time, while nearly two-thirds of the white working class believe the opposite. The authors believe this testifies to just how pronounced class differences have become.



The biggest pessimists in America are white evangelical Protestants, as nearly three-quarters (74 percent) say “American culture has changed for the worse since the 1950s.” But overall, the country is almost split on the matter, with 51 percent believing this aren’t looking as good as in the post-war golden age.

One thing everybody agrees on, however, is just how badly both the current candidates are doing. Less than half now view a major party candidate favorably, with Clinton taking 41 and Trump taking 33 percent in the poll.

And, as mentioned before, vote-counting confidence is a big issue. Here, Clinton supporters fair noticeably better, with 70 percent believing their votes will be counted accurately, compared to Trump’s 41 percent. This could be a result of how much importance each candidate or their party generally attributes to the issue.

“This election has become a referendum on competing visions of America’s future. Donald Trump supporters are nostalgic for the 1950s, an era when white Christians in particular had more political and cultural power in the country, while Hillary Clinton supporters are leaning into – and even celebrating – the big cultural transformations the country has experienced over the last few decades,” PRRI chief Robert P. Jones says.

But all of this is not to say that things have been steadily getting worse at the same rate. Outgoing President Barack Obama still enjoys one of the highest recent ratings among Democrats as the Number One president: 35 percent. That’s compared to John F. Kennedy, who had 21 percent, and Bill Clinton’s 20 percent. For Republicans, things appear to have ended with Reagan: nearly 69 percent of his constituents believe he was the best president ever. Although there’s a wild variation here, seeing as George W. Bush is next in line, and he has only 12 percent.

But mostly, everyone just wants the elections to be over: a startling majority (69 percent) recently told ABC News in a poll that they find the election stressful; of those 23 percent reported the period to be causing “serious stress.




The Smoking Gun: Cheryl Mills Tells Podesta “We Need To Clean This Up – Obama Has Emails From Her”

by Tyler Durden

Recall that in a March 2015 interview with CBS, just after the NYT reported of Hillary’s use of a private email server, president Obama told the American public he had only learned about Hillary’s “unusual” arrangement from the press.

As we further reminded readers one month ago, CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante asked Mr. Obama when he learned about her private email system after his Saturday appearance in Selma, Alabama. “The same time everybody else learned it through news reports,” the president told Plante. “The policy of my administration is to encourage transparency, which is why my emails, the BlackBerry I carry around, all those records are available and archived,” Mr. Obama said. “I’m glad that Hillary’s instructed that those emails about official business need to be disclosed.”

Unfortunately, the “transparency” of the Obama administration was severely tarnished in late September, when in the FBI’s interview notes with Huma Abedin released by the FBI it was first revealed that Obama had used a pseudonymous email account: “Once informed that the sender’s name is believed to be pseudonym used by the president, Abedin exclaimed: ‘How is this not classified?’” the report says. “Abedin then expressed her amazement at the president’s use of a pseudonym and asked if she could have a copy of the email.”

To be sure, this was not definitive evidence that Obama was aware of Hillary’s email server, nor that there may have been collusion between the president and the Clinton campaign.

That changed today, however, when in the latest Podesta dump we learn that in an email from Cheryl Mills to John Podesta, the Clinton aide upon learning what Obama had just said…


we need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say

That, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that the president not only lied, but did so with the clear intention of protecting the Clinton campaign.

As a further reminder, Politico previously reported that the State Department hadrefused to make public that and other emails Clinton exchanged with Obama.Lawyers cited the “presidential communications privilege,” a variation of executive privilege, in order to withhold the messages under the Freedom of Information Act. It is therefore unknown what the president’s “alternative” email account was, or who hosted it.

This also explains why in a prior Wikileak, Podesta told Mills in an email titled “Special Category” that she thinks “we should hold emails to and from potus? That’s the heart of his exec privilege. We could get them to ask for that. They may not care, but I(t) seems like they will.” Mills did not respond by email.

The Clinton-Obama emails were turned over to the State Department, which later announced it would not release them.

* * *

So just how did Mills and Podesta “clean up” the fact that Obama lied to the American people, a tactic some could allege is evidence of an attempt to cover up a presidential lie to protect Hillary Clinton.

What we do know, and we assume this is completely unrelated, between March 25-31, just a couple of weeks after Mills said “we need to clean this up,” Bleachbit was used to wipe Hillary’s private server clean. But of course, that is purely a coincidence.

Since we are confident others will also demand an answer, in light of the latest revelation hinting at a collusive cover up extending to the very top of US government, or as Cheryl Mills dubbed it a “clean up”, perhaps it is time for the State Department to unveil just what was said between the president and the Clinton campaign?

Voter Turnout For Trump Smashes Records

Published on Oct 26, 2016

Early voting has smashed records and if Donald Trump’s packed rallies are any indication, we may be witnessing a historic win for liberty.


Hang the scum who are destroying our elections!
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Vivian McCarthy

Mark Keener Are you blind? Have you been living in a rat hole in Borneo? Do you ONLY listen to CNN & MSNBC? Mainstream Misleading Media? Get with it Buster!!! The evidence is overwhelming AND easily available on the web!!!

Vivian McCarthy Don’t be discouraged.Just Vote for Trump.From Australia,I tell you a lot of people,unless they’re leftists,are rooting for Trump to win bigtime.
no views

There will be too many votes for Trump for them to cover up.
Jonathan Shaw

Trump 2016!!!!!! Wear red shirts while voting. Video of red optics will be more accurate than exit polls. The silent majority are rising .
Isaac Gazmen

I personally know at least 💯 people voting TRUMP and only know of 2 voting for CLINTON! Out of the 2, one is mentally disabled and the other is her dog 🐶 that wears a hillary shirt 👚! Mind you I’m in a liberal state!
Darth Vader

I was kicked out of Facebook for posting Hillary Clinton’s corruption ,Muslim aggression against westerners and voter fraud. I will be voting for Trump and all my family and friends. .
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Vivian McCarthy

Darth Vader You must be doing something right if you got kicked from facebook!!! I’ve been suspended soooo many times!!! They find any excuse if you are right wing PRO AMERICAN!!!! I literally HATE facebook!!!

Bret Baier Reports on “Donald Ducks” Project Veritas Action Video

Published on Oct 25, 2016

On October 24, 2016, Brett Baier reported on the “Donald Ducks” Project Veritas Action video.

John B

Keep digging James!!! We still have some time to get this criminal in jail where she belongs.

luann nguyen

John B and praying for James, he did the good job!

GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)

“Truth is treason in an empire of lies” – George Orwell

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As we know Mike all these are DIRECTLY related to the debasement of our CURRENCY Supply based on a LIE that CURRENCY is MONEY ! thank-you for your work with “The Hidden Secrets of Money😉 A Must watch for everyone !

Mai A

FOX actually reports and shows the footage? Mindblown!

Closet Gym Guy

only fox is giving this story any attention. it’s unfortunate that I have to turn to them to get any news anymore. aside of independent online media of coarse

Haze Gaming

Anyone who still supports this woman should be locked up with her.

They’re With Her: Illegal Immigrants Go Door-To-Door On Behalf Of Hillary


In 2012 the Obama Administration granted temporary legal status to close to 750,000 illegal immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.Now they are going door-to-door campaigning on behalf of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

SEE ALSO: “Walking Dead” grumble thread: Batter up


The Washington Post followed the campaign activities in Norther Virginia, a crucial purple region that could very well determine the outcome in Virginia and, possibly the national electoral college results:

All DACA recipients should take this on as an added responsibility, to change the power structure,” said Luis Angel Aguilar, 28, who received his protected status in 2013 and is helping to coordinate the effort. “Our voices need to be heard,” he said.

Four years after the DACA program was launched, many of the beneficiaries are still in a kind of limbo, unsure about whether their status would be renewed under a President Trump and concerned that their family members could be deported.

The uncertainty was underscored earlier this year when the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a federal court injunction against an expanded version of DACA and Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents program, which could benefit an additional 4 million people.

“The only way to resolve this is through the election,” said Kim Propeack, political director of CASA In Action. “There’s been a recent uptick of despair and energy around that 4-4 vote.”

The Post story features anecdotes of the CASA activists working in tandem with the SEIU, the government employees union and long-time Democratic Party community organizing arm. CASA and the SEIU are using their resources to knock on doors in Virginia and Pennsylvania and plan to expand their operations into Arizona and other battleground states.

They are also focusing well beyond the presidential campaign. The illegal immigrant activists featured in the Post article were also working on behalf of Democrat LuAnn Bennett, who is locked in a tight race against incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock.

“Did you know Barbara Comstock compared immigrants to FedEx packages?” Nayely Lopez, 29, asked a voter in Herndon, referring to a statement that the congresswoman made about a desire for tougher immigration laws while campaigning two years ago. “Just put a label on us so they can track us.”

The voter said she had not heard about the statement, and she took a Bennett flyer.

As Democrats scream at the top of their lungs about Russia trying to interfere with the American election it’s ironic to see them actively working with non-citizens to alter the results of that very same election.




Hillary’s VP pick Tim Kaine Held a Rally today AND NOBODY CAME!

Now compare that to Mike Pence’s rally today in Salisbury, North Carolina.

And the corrupt media wants you to believe this election is all wrapped up for Hillary?