At least 1 dead, up to 100 injured as commuter train smashes into New Jersey station


A New Jersey Transit commuter train crashed into the Hoboken terminal during rush hour, causing numerous injuries and major structural damage. One person was confirmed dead and up to 100 were injured, according to emergency services.

Local media are reporting “major structural damage” and “multiple injuries,” while the first responders are setting up triage.

Eleven patients are undergoing emergency treatment – 3 of them are in critical condition, and 8 were said to be in serious condition. Another 40 are “walking wounded” with minor injuries, said officials at Jersey City Medical Center.

Emergency responder traffic spoke of three dead, but that figure could not be confirmed.

The accident occurred around 8:45 am local time, and involved the 1614 train on the Pascack Valley Line. Photos show that the lead car car 6036 – an Alstom Comet V model – hit the wall of the terminal. The engine was in the back of the train as it entered the station.

The cause of the crash is still unknown. NJ Transit trains are not equipped with Positive Train Control (PTC) system, according to News 12 New Jersey reporter Walt Kane. PTC is designed to stop the train automatically in case the operator becomes incapacitated.


Preliminary reports said “approximately 100 victims.” Officials have confirmed up to 100 people were injured, and that everyone has been evacuated from both the train and the station.

Several people who were on the train tweeted they felt “lucky to be alive.”

Images of the accident posted on social media showed mangled metal, wires and debris scattered all over the floor. It appears the impact was powerful enough to bring down part of the ceiling.

“It simply did not stop,” WFAN anchor John Minko, who witnessed the crash, told 1010 WINS. “It went right through the barriers and into the reception area.”

And this just happened…a train ran into the station in Hoboken #njtransit #prayeveyonessafe #train #hoboken

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Hoboken terminal is a major transit hub for New Jersey commuters traveling to and from New York City. More than 50,000 people use the terminal daily making it the busiest railroad station in New Jersey and the state’s second busiest transportation facility after Newark Liberty International Airport, according to New Jersey transit.

All NJ Transit trains are being held at Secaucus station. PATH train service to New York City has been suspended from Hoboken station. New York Waterway ferry is accepting all rail tickets and passes at the momnet, NJ Transit said.

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By noon, however, the ferry terminal had shut down as well, causing further commuter delays.
The one person confirmed dead was on the platform when the train crashed.

“We are just launching our go-team for the investigation. We expect to arrive in Hoboken later today,” Bella Dinh-Zarr, vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), speaking from Virginia, told reporters.

A reporter asked if the NTSB will be looking at ‘positive train control’ (PTC), an advanced design system to automatically prevent accidents from happening.

Dinh-Zarr said: “PTC has been one of our priorities, and we know that it has proven to prevent accidents. That is one of the things we will look at carefully.”

She said they would be looking at the similarities between today’s crash and the one that occurred at Hoboken in 2011. That crash injured more than 30 people when a PATH commuter train smashed into the bumpers at the end of the tracks on Mother’s Day.

“We always look at the past history and every other factor,” said Dinh-Zarr.

Saudis could pull billions from US economy, hinder access to Mideast bases following 9/11 lawsuits

Saudi Arabia and its allies could retaliate against US legislation allowing the kingdom to be sued for the 9/11 attacks, including scaling back investment in the US economy or restricting access to important regional air bases, experts claim.

“This should be clear to America and to the rest of the world. When one Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) state is targeted unfairly, the others stand around it,” Abdulkhaleq Abdullah, a professor of political science at United Arab Emirates University, told Associated Press.

“All the states will stand by Saudi Arabia in every way possible.”

On Wednesday, Congress overwhelmingly voted to override President Barack Obama’s veto of the bill that would allow Americans to potentially sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11. Lawmakers said their priority was not Saudi Arabia, but victims and families.

The “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)” would allow US judges to waive sovereign immunity claims when dealing with acts of terrorism committed on American soil – potentially allowing lawsuits against Saudi Arabia over the 9/11 attacks. 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals.

Chas Freeman, former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm, told AP that Saudi Arabia could respond in a way that risks US strategic interests.

That could include Saudi restricting its rules for overflight between Europe and Asia and the Qatari air base from which US military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are directed, Freeman says.


“The souring of relations and curtailing of official contacts that this legislation would inevitably produce could also jeopardize Saudi cooperation against anti-American terrorism,” Freeman told AP.

Obama vetoed JASTA last week, saying it would erode the doctrine of sovereign immunity and expose the US to lawsuits around the world.

He argued the bill could lead to other governments acting “reciprocally” by allowing their own courts to exercise jurisdiction over the US, including over deadly US drone strikes.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told reporters in June that the US has the most to lose if JASTA is enacted.

There have been reports that Riyadh threatened to pull billions of dollars from the US economy if the bill became law, however al-Jubeir has only officially said investor confidence in the US could decline.

“No business community likes to see their sovereign nation basically assailed by another nation,” the US-Saudi Business Council’s CEO and Chairman Ed Burton said.

The Saudi-led GCC, established in 1981, consists of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Emirates.

Earlier this month, the group expressed “deep concern” over JASTA, with its Secretary General Abdullatif al-Zayani calling it “contrary to the foundations and principles of relations between states and the principle of sovereign immunity enjoyed by states.”

In a separate statement, the government of Qatar said JASTA ”violates international law, particularly the principle of sovereign equality between states,” according to Reuters.

“Such laws will negatively affect the international efforts and international cooperation to combat terrorism,” said the Emirates Foreign Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, according to the state news agency WAM. Two of the 9/11 hijackers were Emirati.


“If it wasn’t for these police officers, I probably would have been dead tonight”

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

Disturbing video footage shows a man being surrounded and beaten by a leftist mob because he is wearing a “Make America Great Again” Trump hat.

The incident occurred yesterday in El Cajon, California during a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest.

The clip shows leftists (always eager to display their tolerance when it comes to diversity of opinion) verbally abusing 21-year-old Feras Jabro and demanding he leave the area as they chant “f**k Trump!”

WIthin seconds, one of the agitators smacks Jabro in the back of the head.
“You ain’t being attacked, you asking for trouble,” claims one of the agitators.
“I was just hit in the back of the head simply for the hat I’m wearing,” the Trump supporter responds.

The leftists then try to steal Jabro’s hat as they become more aggressive.
The Trump supporter is briefly pushed to the ground as more agitators attack him. He tries to leave the area as they pursue him.

Jabro then screams in panic as the agitators begin to beat him while he lies on the ground.
“Get the f**k out of here!” BLM protesters scream as Jabro attempts to leave.
“I just got beat up and attacked!” exclaims the Trump supporter.

Despite being in a state of panic, he is then surrounded by more aggressive BLM supporters.

Police then arrive and protect Jabro as he tells them, “I was scared to death, man!”
The officer explains that the beating was spotted from a police helicopter and that’s why they were able to arrive on the scene within minutes.

“I simply walked into the rally wearing a Donald Trump hat. I was attacked, thrown to the ground, kicked, chased….I was cornered, beaten to the ground, when I attempted to run away, I was chased by the entire mob of people,” the Trump supporter explains, adding that at no point did he try to provoke the crowd or say anything to incite them.

Reporters from the Associated Press and others interviewed Jabro after the incident but blamed him for wearing the hat. No stories about the incident have appeared in the mainstream media, aside from one photo of Jabro.

Even after police came to Jabro’s aid, the mob still surrounded him from a distance before Jabro was escorted to his vehicle.

“I want everybody to know, if it wasn’t for these police officers, I probably would have been dead tonight,” said Jabro.

Yet another BLM agitator then aggressively approaches Jabro even after he gets in his car and kicks the vehicle.

Virtually every day there is a new story about Trump supporters being attacked or abused by violent, hateful leftists.

On Monday night, a female member of the Gustavus College Republicans was also assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat.

The young woman was minding her own business while entering a cafeteria, only to be confronted by an aggressive man who started shouting slurs and had to be physically restrained as he tried to charge her.
“She was walking around bothering no one by wearing a Trump hat, she didn’t deserve this and there’s no way that this should’ve happened,” Minnesota Federation of College Republican Chair Amanda Peterson told Campus Reform. “I wish this was a surprise to me, but it’s not, it’s no secret that college students with conservative leaning viewpoints aren’t strangers to this type of thing on campus.”

Meanwhile, a video shows yet another example of an intolerant leftist violating private property rights in an attempt to shut down a Trump supporter’s free speech.
The individual was caught on camera trying to steal a Trump sign from his neighbor’s front yard, but he was in for a shock – quite literally.

Video: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mob Surrounds, Attacks Trump Supporter For Wearing MAGA Hat

Mark Dice

Black Crimes Matter.
Rich P

Love how the left always says the right is violent when it is the opposite.

this is what REAL bigotry looks like


“More Russian lives will be lost, more Russian aircraft will be shot down”

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

In extraordinary comments that have gone virtually unnoticed by the media, U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby threatened Moscow with terror attacks in Russian cities and even shoot downs of Russian jets if Vladimir Putin continued his fight against ISIS in Syria.

“Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities. Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft,” Kirby told reporters at Wednesday’s press briefing, adding that if the war in Syria continues “more Russian lives will be lost, more Russian aircraft will be shot down.”

While the comments will obviously be presented by the media as Kirby claiming that these will be the consequences of Moscow’s involvement in Syria, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova took the remarks as a thinly veiled threat.

“And those [acts of terrorism] will be perpetrated by ‘moderate’ [Syrian opposition groups]?” Zakharova asked in a Facebook post. “Just the ones that Washington has been unable to separate from Al-Nusra for as long as six months?”

“Don’t you think that such ventriloquism about ‘body bags,’ ‘terrorist attacks in Russian cities’ and ‘loss of aircraft,’ sounds more like a ‘get ’em’ command, rather than a diplomatic comment?” she added.

Is Kirby actually threatening to use the same “moderate” jihadists that the Obama administration has funded and armed to kill Russian troops, down Russian planes and slaughter Russian citizens in their own country?

As documented in the video below, tensions in Syria have heated up significantly after Washington bombed Syrian soldiers who were fighting against ISIS, an incident the U.S. claimed was an “accident”.

The Obama administration then claimed that Russia had attacked a UN aid convoy, although the exact circumstances of what happened remain murky.

A Jabhat al-Nusra unit commander also recently revealed that the group, which is an Al-Qaeda offshoot, was given American-made TOW missiles and other weapons “directly” from the U.S. and its allies.
“The Americans are on our side,” he stated.

‘Radical Islam’ Outrage – Gold Star Mom Confronts President Obama

Published on Sep 29, 2016

‘Radical Islam’ Outrage – Gold Star Mom Confronts President Obama

Arlinda Barry

Americans need to crack a book and look up the Ottoman empire as does Obasturd!!! This whole notion that Islam is mainly peace lovin hippies in robes is utter nonsense and gettin us killed! Muslims have been known for well over a thousand years to be violent assholes period and I’m sick to damn death of spineless Americans making excuses for their”TRADITIONAL BEHAVIOR”blaming America and bombs!”Well they’re only mad because we tried to steal their oil and start a war! Because”my Muslim friends are ALLL nice and tell me so!” Dipshit doesn’t even realize that they are allowed by Islamic law and teachings to lie and carry themselves anyway necessary to further the nation of Islam!!!! Kinda like Ted Bundy holding the door with a smile on his face juuust before he shoves you in,handcuffs your hand to the gearshift,punches you in the head rapes and then murders YOU!!! ←Yeah….just like that!
Julius Tovar

yes Obummer, Islam is a religion of peace, if you accidentaly drop the koran you get stoned to pieces. Impeach obama.
wayne carswell

Islam is not a religion. Islam is the sick ideology of a pedophile.
bird man

Obama the goat FUCKER!!!!

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Tom Price

this b***** sounds exactly like what the islamist and chief would say what a miserable stool sample he is. Go Fu– yourself obastard

The Soviets are coming! Hammer & Sickle strike again, courtesy of Clinton camp

The USSR ended twenty-five years ago, and the hammer and sickle flag was pulled down all over Russia. You can only see it now at World War II memorials, tourist attractions, and bizarrely websites set up by Hillary Clinton supporters, attempting to discredit opponent Donald Trump.

It looks like the Clinton team has long ago decided they needed a bogeyman for the 2016 election. With their previous bêtes noire like Saddam, Gaddafi and Bin Laden all dead, they reached for the Russian comfort blanket, which sustained many an American “project fear” back in “the good old days.” Thus, in four years, we have gone from Barack Obama mocking Mitt Romney for trying to invoke a Russian threat to his successor as the Democratic Party nominee milking it until the cows come home.

Sometimes it is downright stunning to witness American election campaigners creating, and promoting, websites” Paid for by the pro-Clinton “Progress for USA Political Action Committee” it collates media stories which connect the Republican candidate and the Russian president. That could be dismissed as merely slightly odd behavior, until you see the logo, which is … drumroll…a hammer and sickle!

Yes, that eternally recognizable communist symbol.

Reds in the Bed

In case Team Clinton is reading this: it looks like it might be time for a bit of a world history refresher. Any person even moderately informed about Russian affairs can tell you that Putin’s government is far from communist. Hell, most decently educated school children can tell you the same. The Russian government has promoted a pro-business agenda for well over a decade and has long maintained a flat income tax rate of 13 percent.

Indeed, only this year, the Russian president has denouncedsocialist hero Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik government for their brutal repression and accused him of having placed a “time bomb” under the state. He also admonished the Bolsheviks for making Russia suffer defeat at the hands of Germany in the First World War. “We lost to the losing party, a unique case in history,” the President said. Furthermore, Putin is no big fan of Stalin either. While recognizing his contribution to defeating the Nazis, he also described him as a “tyrant.”

It’s just as doubtful that Trump – a man who just boasted about not paying any federal taxes! – is a fan of Karl Marx’s theories. The idea of distributing wealth to labor, from financiers, is surely alien to a man who has essentially admitted to not paying people he has hired because he wasn’t happy with their work.

Put plainly, these commie associations are absurd. But of course, Team Clinton knows this. That’s the big reveal. The idea is to conflate the fading memory of the ‘Red Menace’ of Soviet communism with modern Russia. The purpose of this is pretty obvious too: to instill fear of the ‘Big Bad’ Putin in vulnerable American hearts and minds.

The Green Logo Menace

You need to go no further for proof than Clinton campaign’s official messaging. Take a look at this video, where Hillary’s team flings Russia slanders like they going out of fashion.

Cue the foreboding music – you could ask why they didn’t just license the tunes from ‘Jaws’ and have done with it – multiple RT logos and, no joke, Russian mafia references. You know the clichés that Bond films have dropped for being too crude.

The arguments presented are as light-weight as the production is heavy-handed. The Clinton side claims that Trump made millions selling Russian rights for Miss Universe. That may be true, but Trump owned the organization for 19 years and sold entitlements in dozens of other countries, holding the actual event in Russia only once during that time.


The video also implies that Trump is bad because he produced a“Russian language promotional video (which) attracted people to buy Condos in Florida.” Hold on here, what is so unusual about that? During the oil boom of the mid-to late 00’s, Russians were well known for buying property all over the world. Indeed, if you walk around hot spots like London, Nice or Dubai, you will still see Russian language signs outside many high-end estate offices. Probably all homes for the sleeper agents, huh.

Then Mike Morrell appears and declares that someone who doesn’t want to pursue an aggressive military policy toward Russia is an “unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.” And at this point, we probably reach peak preposterous. Essentially the message is that if you don’t want to saber rattle with Moscow, you are working for it.

Did Joseph McCarthy even go this far?

OPEC reaches deal to cut oil output first time in 8 years

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has reached a deal to limit oil production. Production is to be reduced to a range of 32.5-33.0 mn barrels per day, and the deal is expected to come into force in November.

OPEC made an exceptional decision today. After two and a half years, OPEC reached consensus to manage the market, Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh has said on Wednesday, as cited by Reuters news agency.

“We have decided to decrease the production around 700,000 barrels per day,” Zanganeh added.


The cartel estimates its current output at 33.24 million barrels per day.

Reuters reports that OPEC will settle production levels for each member country at the next formal meeting, set to be held in Vienna on November 30. It will be the first reduction in eight years.

One of the sources also told Reuters that after reaching the target production rate, OPEC will turn to non-OPEC producers for output support.

Representatives of the OPEC countries are currently in Algeria attending the International Energy Forum.

The agreement to cut production among the world’s largest oil producers could lead to oil supply coming more in line with the demand for the energy source.

Following the reports of OPEC’s decision, the price for futures for Brent crude oil has gone up by nearly 6 percent, to $48.72 per barrel on the ICE stock exchange in London by 6:28 pm GMT.

US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil also rose by 5.4 percent, to $47.02.


US energy stocks have also , with the energy sector gaining 3.9 percent, the most among the S&P 500 11 sectors. The benchmark index is up eight points (0.39 percent), the Dow is up 89 points (0.48 percent), and the Nasdaq is up six points (0.13 percent) as of 6:28pm GMT.

Spot gold prices fell 0.4 percent, to $1,322.35 an ounce.
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 0.61 percent and the Nasdaq Composite added or 0.24 percent.

Meanwhile the euro exchange rate against the Russian ruble on the Moscow stock exchange fell by 89 cents compared with the level it had at the closing of the previous trading session and reached 70.74 rubles per one euro.

The Russian ruble also rose in price against the US dollar by 1 percent, or 79 cents.


Last week Iran, OPEC’s third-largest producer with a daily output of 3.6 million barrels in August, declined a suggestion from Saudi Arabia that it freezes production at January levels if Tehran agrees to do the same. Tehran said it will continue increasing oil output until it produces four million barrels a day.

On Tuesday, however, Saudi Oil Minister Khalid Al-Falih signaled that it may accept the idea that Iran maintains its output at maximum levels but said it doesn’t expect an agreement to be reached this week, stating that a deal in November is possible.

Meanwhile, negotiations between OPEC representatives that lasted some four hours have ended. The results are expected to be revealed at the upcoming press-conference.