House Republicans Divided Over Spending Bill Strategy


House Republicans huddling in the basement of the Capitol Friday morning weren’t strategizing to defeat Democrats. They were trying to quell dissension inside their ranks over the length of a stopgap spending measure.

And they’re running out of time. Congress must decide how to fund the federal government before its spending authority expires on Oct. 1. That task has tied the GOP conference in knots since the beginning of the year.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus want to lock in current spending levels for six months with a long-term continuing resolution.

That strategy prevents passage of any spending deal during the lame-duck session, the period after the election but before the next Congress convenes. Conservatives fear the lame duck because it provides an opportunity for unaccountable lawmakers to legislate.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Bill Flores of Texas joined with Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan, sources told The Daily Signal, to make the push for a long-term continuing resolution during the closed-door meeting.

Others, including members of the House Appropriations Committee, want a three-month continuing resolution that would fund the government until December and then require lawmakers to revisit the issue before Christmas.

They argued that a shorter continuing resolution, sources told The Daily Signal, would give lawmakers more flexibility and an opportunity to pursue other nonspending policies.

Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., told The Daily Signal that Freedom Caucus members found that argument shortsighted. “There’s going to be maximum pressure in December when Obama’s leaving office,” Brat said. “He will use every carrot and stick available.”

Though House Speaker Paul Ryan didn’t tip his hand in favor of either a three- or six-month continuing resolution, he tried to soothe Freedom Caucus fears about the lame duck.

Conservatives have been on guard since President Barack Obama warned Congress that he plans to push the Trans-Pacific Partnership during the lame duck. But Ryan told the conference, according to multiple sources, that “it’s too late” for the administration to force a vote on the controversial trade legislation.

During the meeting, Ryan also repeated his distaste for omnibus bills, a massive lump spending package that he described last year as a “crap sandwich.” The speaker floated instead the idea of “minibuses”—small bite-sized bundles of appropriations bills.

That incremental approach isn’t likely to sway many members of the Freedom Caucus though, Brat said, because it’s “built on the assumption that the Senate will vote yes for anything other than an omnibus.”

Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has indicated he won’t settle for anything less than a year-end omnibus package. Earlier in the week, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., set the stage for the conflict when he announced negotiations with the White House and Senate Democrats over a short-term continuing resolution.

Most of the members who spoke at the Friday meeting, according to multiple sources, supported a short-term continuing resolution. But it’s unclear if that rhetoric swayed many conservatives. When lawmakers left town for the weekend, House Republicans were without a unified strategy on the issue.

Hillary Clinton’s VP Called Out For Saying Sanctuary Cities Don’t Exist

Video Transcript:

Shockingly, CNN’s Chris Cuomo called out Hillary Clinton’s VP Tim Kaine for claiming sanctuary cities are a “phantom.”

KAINE: When Donald Trump kind of goes after these phantom sanctuary cities and talks about how bad they are, basically what he’s going after is police chiefs. And I trust police chiefs in terms of knowing what should be done to keep their communities safer and police departments and mayors a lot more than I trust Donald Trump.

CUOMO: But why do you say phantom? You know that there are places that refuse to cooperate with ICE [Immigrations and Customs Enforcement] and they have their assembly of different reasons for why they do it, but sanctuary cities are real. They exist. They’re not phantom. And a lot of people believe that you have those people being rewarded for not working hand in hand with ICE.

Kaine’s comments come on the heel of Donald Trump speaking of “Angel Moms” during his immigration speech.

TRUMP: I’m going to ask all of the Angel Moms to come join me on the stage right now. These are amazing women. These are amazing people.

The Angel Moms weren’t well received by some “journalists.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 2.59.07 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 2.59.57 PMKaine’s denial isn’t surprising given how hard T fought to stop a bill that would defund sanctuary cities.

TED CRUZ: I would note, it is sad that the Democratic leader chooses to stand with violent criminal illegal aliens instead of the American citizens. But even sadder is that he impugns legal immigrants. And for the Democratic leader to cynically suggest that somehow immigrants should be lumped into the same bucket with murderers and rapists demonstrates the cynicism of the modern Democratic party. The Democratic leader suggested that locking up aggravated felons is somehow disrespectful to immigrants. With all respect, as the son of an immigrant, I believe that immigrants that come here legally who aren’t criminals should be treated markedly different from murderers and rapists and yet the Democratic Party chooses to stand with the murderers and rapists and violent criminals.

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Published on Aug 31, 2016

The FBI has responded to recent concerns about U.S. voting systems being targeted for cyberattacks as Election Day approaches, saying the agency takes the threat “very, very seriously” and is working to “equip the rest of our government with options.”

The establishment is already trying to spin the narrative that any damaging revelations about Hillary Clinton that come in the form of an “October surprise,” including information about her ill health, will be the work of Russian disinformation agents working on behalf of Vladimir Putin.

Fun Fact

Trump 2016…From UK.
Path in AZ

Yup, all in a nice neat bow. If Clinton “wins”, no way anything was hacked, but if Trump “wins” (never gonna happen) then “the election was hacked by the Russians!”. Just covering their ass I think.

this explains why the news have been reporting the the russians are hacking our voting machines. Now , our wonderful government has to step in and control it. Wow, i wonder who will win?

Obama was reelected under many layers of election fraud, he is a complex fraud
Tyler Hoeve

yea and we are just going to sit back and watch our country go down the drain.
Larry Nester

Trump needs to organize exit polling.
Just in time

The Russian government yeah right! I would take Putin over the democratic party any day! The federal government should not be allowed anywhere near a computer!

Obama’s chances to sign TPP sink as Senate majority leader says no to vote

The Obama administration’s signature trade deal to establish regulations between a dozen countries in the Pacific Basin has been largely negotiated in secret. Its opponents say these regulations would undermine jobs in the US and work to the benefit of corporations rather than the 12 nations’ workers.

McConnell wasn’t willing to kill the deal completely, however, saying that it could see a vote in 2017 if some changes are made.

“It will still be around. It can be massaged, changed, worked on during the next administration,” he said.

The controversial TPP has made for some strange political bedfellows. Both presidential candidates have come out against the deal, although Democrat Hillary Clinton supported it while serving as secretary of state during President Barack Obama’s first term in office. A number of senators from both sides of the aisle oppose the agreement, including Clinton’s vice presidential nominee, Tim Kaine (D-Virginia), and Republicans facing tough reelection battles like Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

“I hope America will stay in the trade business,” McConnell said. “To do that, it’s going to have to be done on a bipartisan basis.”

On Thursday, Representative Joe Crowley (D-New York), vice chair of the House Democratic Caucus,  said that the“onus is on the Republicans” to pass the bill through the end of the so-called “lame duck” Congress by the end of the year. However, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) said earlier in August that he doesn’t see a point in bringing the TPP up for a vote because “we don’t have the votes,” Reuters reported.


“It’s hard to say what’s going to happen at this point. I think… quite frankly that the onus is not on the Democratic Caucus,” Crowley said at an unrelated press conference in Long Island City. “I think that the number of votes that are there that are known is roughly about 27. Really the onus is on the Republicans. They control the House of Representatives. Do they have the votes to pass? At this point, I do not intend to support the legislation.”

The TPP has also strengthened divisions between typical foes. Last Thursday, UPS CEO David Abney threw his weight behind the deal.

“It’s going to create jobs, it’s going to create opportunities, it’s good for companies, employees, and our country,” he told Fox Business Network. “The US International Trade Commission said it would be positive from a financial standpoint, that it would increase exports and that it would increase jobs. You have to remember 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside the US. We need to embrace that future; we need to address that 95 percent of market opportunity.”

Meanwhile, union members employed by the US Postal Service, a rival of UPS, gathered in Miami, Florida on Wednesday toofficially oppose the TPP.

Although McConnell helped Obama muscle a related trade agreement, the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), through the Senate last year, he’s not sure he wants to put himself in the same position with the TPP. The TPA gives the president the ability to fast-track multilateral deals like the TPP through Congress.

READ MORE: Obama signs bill giving himself fast-track powers for trade deals

“I was aligned with Barack Obama against [Senator] Harry Reid [D-Nevada] and [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi [D-California],” he said. “Almost an out-of-body experience, now that I think about it.”

McConnell’s pronouncement was the inevitable conclusion to his hesitancy about the TPP. He has previously said that the chances of the deal receiving a vote during the “lame duck session” were “slim” or “bleak.