Texas Rebels, Gives Obama Admin Until Sept 30


Following the bombing attacks over the weekend in New York City and New Jersey by a naturalized citizen originally from Afghanistan who became a radical Islamic jihadist, concerns over the federal government’s refugee resettlement program and Muslim asylum seekers have been renewed.

To this point, the state of Texas just served notice to the Obama administration that unless certain changes to the program are made swiftly, it would no longer take part in the resettlement of any refugees in the state through the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.

According to a news release from the office of Gov. Greg Abbott, the ORR program was given until Sept. 30 to approve the plan put forward by Texas regarding the resettlement of refugees in the state, which specifically required national security officials to ensure that none of the refugees scheduled for resettlement in the state posed a threat to their state or its citizens.

A statement from Abbott read, “The federal government’s refugee settlement program is riddled with serious problems that pose a threat to our nation. The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Director of National Intelligence have repeatedly declared their inability to fully screen refugees from terrorist-based nations.”

“Even with the inability to properly vet refugees from Syria and countries known to be supporters or propagators of terrorism, President Obama is now ineptly proposing a dramatic increase in the number of refugees to be resettled in the U.S.,” Abbott’s statement continued.

“Empathy must be balanced with security. Texas has done more than its fair share in aiding refugees, accepting more refugees than any other state between October 2015 and March 2016,” he stated. “While many refugees pose no danger, some pose grave danger, like the Iraqi refugee with ties to ISIS who was arrested earlier this year after he plotted to set off bombs at two malls in Houston.”

“Despite multiple requests by the State of Texas, the federal government lacks the capability or the will to distinguish the dangerous from the harmless, and Texas will not be an accomplice to such dereliction of duty to the American people,” he said.

“Therefore, Texas will withdraw from the refugee resettlement program. I strongly urge the federal government to completely overhaul a broken and flawed refugee program that increasingly risks American lives,” he added.

Everyone knows that there is a dangerous risk inherent in bringing lightly vetted refugees into the country, particularly when ruthless terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State group have repeatedly expressed their intentions to infiltrate the refugee population with their own militant jihadists.

Nevertheless, President Barack Obama and his would-be successor, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, have made it equally as clear that they had no concerns about the potential risk for terrorists to infiltrate the refugee program in order to carry out attacks inside the homeland, and plan to bring in tens of thousands more refugees from terrorist hot spots around the globe.

Texas will have no part in that though, and has put its foot down with the administration, letting it know in no uncertain terms that refugees will be thoroughly vetted and proven to be a non-risk, or they won’t be accepted into the Lone Star State.

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Agency waving security checks to register new immigrant voters

Clifford Cunningham | Infowars.com – SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

DHS is approving as many citizenship applications as possible in an effort to directly influence the the presidential election, internal documents show.

Senate Republicans obtained an email showing a Texas immigration office demanding volunteers to work overtime in an effort to grant as many people citizenship as possible before the end of September, giving them time to register to vote before the election in November.

The July memo, from a branch chief at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s Houston office, said the goal was to approve as many citizenship applications as possible “due to the election year.”

Democrats and their pro-amnesty allies launched an effort earlier this year to help one million permanent residents become citizens and registered to vote to defeat Donald Trump, but fell almost 400,000 people short. The influx of nearly 600,000 new citizenship applications overwhelmed the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, which is now working to clear the backlog.

The newly revealed memo casts suspicion on the claim 800 illegal immigrants from countries tied to terrorism were approved for citizenship, despite being ordered out of the country, “by accident” because USCIS did not check their fingerprints.

Ironically, a similar effort to rush citizenship applications to influence an election was undertaken by President Bill Clinton prior to the 1996 election. Tens of thousands of people were granted citizenship despite criminal records, while nearly 200,000 never received fingerprint checks.

The U.S. Border Patrol has already indicated the number of families and unaccompanied minors crossing the border this year is set to exceed the total number in 2014, with most coming from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

It is no secret that globalist interests intend to use the massive influx of illegal immigration to the U.S. to create a permanent social underclass that will be used as a tool to advance their agenda.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Texas Says “NO” To More Syrian Refugees


Texas will stop helping the U.S. government provide aid and services to refugees, state officials said Wednesday, severing ties at a time when President Barack Obama has announced intentions to dramatically increase the number of resettlements in 2017.

Kansas and New Jersey also have pulled out of the federally funded refugee resettlement program due to what Republicans have called security concerns. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said his state will follow suit unless demands for more rigorous refugee vetting are “unconditionally” met by Sept. 30.

Federal officials say refugees are exhaustively screened and have won several court battles over states’ efforts to block the arrival of Syrian refugees in the wake of November’s deadly attacks in Paris.

But GOP leaders, including vice presidential candidate and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, have said a Syrian passport, now believed to be fake, was found near one of the suicide bombers, and earlier this week, presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s eldest son likened refugees from the war-torn country to a bowl of poisonous candy.

“Empathy must be balanced with security,” Abbott said Wednesday in a statement.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement that services for refugees would continue in Texas. In other states, the Obama administration works directly with local resettlement agencies instead of passing federal dollars for refugee services and benefits through state agencies.

One of the largest resettlement agencies in the U.S., the International Rescue Committee, released a statement from its Dallas director saying that Texas’ decision “cannot obstruct our moral obligation to protect and welcome the world’s most vulnerable.”

The White House has said the U.S. would resettle 110,000, a 30 percent increase over the 85,000 allowed this year.

Obama told the United Nations this week that world leaders have pledged to take in 360,000 refugees next year, calling it a “crisis of epic proportions” that tested both the international order and the world’s humanity. He added, “History will judge us harshly if we do not rise to this moment.”

Nearly 30 states vowed to block Syrian refugees following the Paris attacks. Texas was the first to sue the federal government in an attempt to block resettlements but a judge threw out the lawsuit in June after twice rejecting the state’s claims that refugees presented an imminent risk. The state has appealed.

Indiana is also continuing to fight in court over efforts to uphold Pence’s order to bar agencies from helping Syrian refugees resettle in his state. A federal judge has ruled the order “clearly discriminates” against refugees, which the state is appealing to a high court in Chicago.

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Obama Spends Another $10M to Register New Immigrant Voters…


Months after the Obama administration spent $19 million to register new immigrant voters that will likely support Democrats in November, it’s dedicating an additional $10 million in a final push as the presidential election approaches. The money is distributed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Homeland Security agency that oversees lawful immigration, to organizations that help enhance pathways to naturalization by offering immigrants free citizenship instruction, English, U.S. history and civics courses. Officially, they’re known as “citizenship integration grants.”

Since 2009 USCIS has doled out $63 million in these grants to prepare more than 156,000 resident immigrants in dozens of states for U.S. citizenship, according to the agency’s figures. Besides the free classes, Uncle Sam also offers immigrants free “naturalization legal services,” the latest USCIS grant announcement states. “Recipient organizations serve both traditional immigrant destinations and new immigrant getaway cities in 21 states,” the USCIS document reads. The latest $10 million investment will prepare approximately 25,000 residents from more than 50 countries, according to the agency. More than a dozen states—including California, New York, Florida, Washington and Ohio—with large resident immigrant populations are being targeted as well as cities with huge immigrant populations such as Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been aggressive in promoting its citizen integration grant program this year, offering large sums to recruit new groups that can offer immigrants the services they need to become citizens. Clearly, the ultimate goal is qualifying as many immigrants as possible to vote since they tend to cast ballots for Democrats. “We intend to award about $1 million to first-time recipients in the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program for fiscal year 2016,” the agency’s grant announcement states. “If you represent one of these organizations, or know of an interested organization, we strongly encourage that organization to consider applying. Additionally, another $9 million will fund programs that provide both citizenship instruction and instruction and naturalization application services.” Some might consider this a cash giveaway.

This is part of a broader, government-wide initiative launched by the president to “strengthen federal immigrant and refugee integration infrastructure.” The mission is to facilitate life in the U.S. for immigrants and refugees by enhancing pathways to naturalization, building welcoming communities and providing “mobile immigration services in underserved communities.” To carry out this important mission Obama created a special Task Force on New Americans chaired by his Domestic Policy Director, Cecilia Muñoz, the former vice president of the powerful open borders group National Council of La Raza (NCLR). Millions of taxpayer dollars have funded the task force’s various enterprises, including multilingual media campaigns promoting immigrant rights. The goal is to “strengthen civic, economic and linguistic integration and to build strong and welcoming communities,” according to a report issued by the task force. In the end communities will be strengthened by welcoming all residents, the administration assures.

Practically every federal agency is participating in the effort by contributing resources and creating programs to help immigrants. For example the Department of Labor (DOL) is implementing “new workforce programs” for the “new Americans” and the Department of Education is promoting “funding opportunities” to assure that the immigrants “are provided the tools they need to succeed.” The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is collaborating with other agencies to release a career and credentialing toolkit on “immigrant-focused career-pathways programs.” The Department of Justice (DOJ) and USCIS are making sure the new Americans have worker rights and protections and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is launching a two-year pilot to assure that non English speakers have “meaningful access to housing programs” subsidized by American taxpayers.


Published on Aug 18, 2016

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | As Milwaukee becomes the latest U.S. city to burn. Experts are predicting that America will break up. Legendary trends forecaster Gerald Celente joins Gary Franchi to give you his predictions.


BEST opinion piece I’ve heard in a long time.
Candy Banks

I know right! Gerald couldn’t mince words with a blender. Just the straight stuff as always.

Obama is a narcissistic, crackwhore, psychopath..they..obama, clinton, MCCAIN , Soros, bush..I could go on all day.. basically, all of Congress..should be hanging from some tree’s somewhere!!! the scum that has envaded our government is nothing but, treasonous terrorists!! and you better believe Obama Hate’s America and everything we stand for..he already has the united Nations here just waiting to kill and round up what’s left of us..so, that we can be there slave’s and do there bidding.. Obama’s looking for more recruitments for Satan’s army..he want’s to try and annihilate OUR FATHER upon his return to get his children but, I’m soo glad I read the book and know that’s NOT gonna happen but, since he is all consumed with his self he’s gonna try because, he think’s he will win..I can see the battle of Armageddon taking shape now with putin aligning him self up with china, turkey and other nations the bible SPEAKS of..do I think Obama’s the Antichrist.. possibility he might be..he fit’s the factor’s in the bible better, than most I can think of..but, if he’s NOT..I believe, he’s paving the way for the one who is and he’s already here…I don’t think it will be much longer before, he show’s himself!!
Karen Devine

I love Gerald. Saw him many times on InfoWars. Now he’s got passion. He tells it like it is.

Hillary Clinton will start a war with Russia will be a bad one
Napoleon Einstein

nobody says it better than GC

Pamela Geller–Undercover FBI Agent Told Garland Jihadist: ‘Tear Up Texas’

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.14.32 PM

The Daily Beast recently reported that “days before an ISIS sympathizer attacked a cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, he received a text from an undercover FBI agent. ‘Tear up Texas,’ the agent messaged Elton Simpson days before he opened fire at the Draw Muhammad event, according to an affidavit (pdf) filed in federal court Thursday.”

The Beast’s Katie Zavadski also revealed that the undercover agent was at our free speech event in Garland, where Simpson and Nadir Soofi attempted a jihad massacre.


Zavadski and others in the left-wing media have pounced on the incitement, entrapment angle — which is absurd. These jihadis were plotting jihad at the Super Bowl and planning to travel to Syria to join ISIS, and we’re supposed to believe they were entrapped? What could anyone say to you or me that would make you a mass murderer? Nothing.

While I do believe that undercover FBI agents have to play along with the jihadis they’re dealing with, because in order to be in an informant you have to have credibility, it’s a whole other thing if you’re encouraging and cheering on the proposed murder of Americans who are standing in defense of the freedom of speech, and then not doing anything about it. Why did the FBI only have one agent there? And not a team waiting for them to shoot back?

In the wake of Garland, the media attacks on us were the overwhelming and overarching story. But outside of that, one of the stories that bubbled to the surface was that the FBI knew about the attack before it happened, but did not alert law enforcement or my security apparatus. When I first heard that the FBI had prior notice of the attack, I thought that it was very short-term notice. It was assumed by many people that the FBI had had some sketchy prior knowledge of the attack, but nothing particularly specific.

Now we find they were in on the planning of the jihad attack, and did nothing about it. If you recall, the FBI only got around to alerting Garland police about Simpson’s jihad plans three hours before our event. It was Garland police, not the FBI, that coordinated all the super security efforts with our own security team.

The FBI knew about the impending attack, one of their agents told Simpson to “tear up Texas,” and an accomplice of Simpson was even communicating with the undercover agent at the time of the attack.

The Beast reported that this accomplice “asked the undercover officer about the Draw Muhammad event’s security, size, and police presence, during the event, according to an affidavit filed in court. The affidavit does not specify what the undercover responded to questions about size and security.” Why not? Why weren’t the agent’s answers released?

They knew about the attack, yet they didn’t have a team there in case the jihadis started shooting?

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the Obama FBI wanted me and the other speakers at the event dead. Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders was the keynote speaker; he has been living with armed guards for years for supposedly “insulting Islam.” My colleague Robert Spencer has received numerous death threats from Muslims. Cartoon contest winner Bosch Fawstin drew Muhammad. Did Obama’s pro-Islam FBI want us all dead?

What other conclusion can be reached?

I’ve been trying to get my mind around this thing. What was Obama trying to do? Teach Americans a lesson? Enforce the edict that he enunciated in the wake of the Benghazi jihad slaughter, that “the future must not belong to those to slander the prophet of Islam”?

If people had died at our Garland event, the murders would have had a blood-chilling effect on the freedom of speech in America. That, in my view, appears to have been what the Obama administration wanted — and certainly that’s what the enemedia wanted in the wake of our event, as it gleefully and relentlessly blamed us for violating Sharia blasphemy laws and getting shot at.

If you look at the Obama administration’s track record in regard to jihad in America, it’s abysmal and ghastly. Look at San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Orlando… Garland is one of the few stories where Americans came out on top.

And now it comes out that in Garland, we have to ask whether the United States government aided and abetted the would-be murderers. It’s astonishing.

Did the Obama FBI want us dead? We need answers: we need an explanation of the FBI’s behavior that accounts for everything we know and demonstrates that this is not the case – if there is one.

This is shocking, and it should frighten every American, all across the political spectrum.