ILLEGALS FLOOD — FROM EVERYWHERE! Less than half from Mexico… 60 Cubans 2 Days… Deportations 10-year LOW…


Not everyone who gets apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border is from Mexico.

In the first six months of the year, 264,165 people were apprehended somewhere along the Southwest border, and 49.6 percent of them were from Mexico, according to data from the U.S. Border Patrol.

The map below shows the number of people apprehended, by country. Use the search bar for specific countries, or hover and zoom over the map.

The countries with the most apprehensions were:

  • 1. Mexico, 131,138
  • 2. Guatemala 45,604
  • 3. El Salvador 44,574
  • 4. Honduras 30,585
  • 5. India 2,867
  • 6. Brazil 1,841
  • 7. Equador 1,770
  • 8. China 1,498
  • 9. Romania 1,307
  • 10. Nicaragua 730

Also, six Canadians took the long way back home.


CLEVELAND — Despite a series of crimes committed by illegal immigrants and public polls showing anger at three years of juvenile Latin Americans crossing the border, deportations have dropped to a 10-year low and under President Obama, the eviction of those convicted of criminals has plummeted 60 percent, according to new immigration statistics.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement statistics reported to Congress show that 230,000 illegal immigrants will be deported this year. That is slightly more than half of the 400,000 that were deported in 2012, and come after the country has been flooded with juvenile illegals, a situation continuing today.

In an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies, Policy DirectorJessica M. Vaughan said that the shocking numbers help to reinforce the anti-illegal immigration push here at the Republican National Convention.

The analysis also found that ICE has generally slowed down its work, especially removing illegal immigrants from inside the United States and not just on the border.
For example, while in past years more were deported from the interior of the United States, now the figures show that the biggest deportation numbers of those who simply try to sneak in are turned back.

ICE said that 72 percent of its deportations are of those that just crossed the border. “Interior deportations fell to 46,511 to date, according to the report, putting ICE on pace to complete 63,700 this year. This is approximately one-fourth the number of interior deportations completed by ICE in 2009, the first year of the Obama administration,” said Vaughan.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.27.25 PM

Also from the Washington Examiner
Plagiarism allegations overshadow Republican convention
By Sarah Westwood • 07/19/16 4:08 PM

She suggested that the figures are being manipulated to make it look like the president is deporting more immigrants.

“In previous administrations, border crossers did not make up a large share of deportations credited to ICE. The inclusion of hundreds of thousands of border cases in ICE deportation totals became the basis for deceptive Obama administration claims of ‘record deportations’ beginning in 2012, when in fact, deportations resulting from interior enforcement were dropping sharply,” she wrote.

What’s more, the deportation of illegals convicted of crimes as bad as murder and rape are way down. So far, 43,005 criminals aliens have been deported from inside the United States. That is a pace of about 59,000 deportations, a decline of more than 60 percent from 2011.


Concealed carry shootings: Waffle House robber with AK-47 shot by hero with a gun

Published on Jul 14, 2016

LANCASTER, TEXAS — An alleged robber who threatened diners with an assault rifle bit off more than he could chew when he raided a Waffle House restaurant.


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And this is why guns should be allowed

I bet this won’t be all over the news for the next few days but if the guy robbing the place would of killed everyone in there, it would.
wade wilson

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Cody Horton

Everyone who says guns should be banned should put a sign in their yard saying that their home is a gun free zone….Let’s see how many people try to rob them since they don’t have a gun for protection

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WARNING: Mexican Cartel at Texas Border Has Russian RPGs


The Mexican Los Zetas cartel controls portions of the Texas-Mexico border and has proven to possess Russian rocket-propelled grenade launchers and the grenades (RPGs). This is significant in that the Mexican transnational group has shown a willingness to fire upon U.S. aircraft, such as they did on June 5, 2015 in the Laredo Sector along the Texas border. Another significant consideration pertains to the group’s ability to smuggle persons, narcotics, or any other item they wish into the U.S.–for the right price. The RPGs could easily end up in the hands of someone or a group within the U.S.

The Los Zetas cartel having RPGs was revealed in a recent Breitbart Texas investigation into rival factions of the cartel using social media to taunt each other and to make threats. In that instance, we wrote, In the most recent series of taunts, one faction of the Los Zetas cartel posted a photograph of what appears to be a Russian RGP-7 with the names of two rival commanders on written on the munitions.”

zetas threats


The cartel was shown to have possessed such weaponry in a prior instance, but this latest report indicates that the group possessing such threats to the U.S. was not an isolated threat. Breitbart Texas previously covered an attempt by Los Zetas to use a RPG to attack a Mexican governmental building. We wrote, “Gunmen suspected of being part of Los Zetas drug cartel fired an RPG at the headquarters of a special police unit in the border city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila; the rocket-propelled grenade did not explode. Piedras Negras is the sister city of Eagle Pass, Texas, and sits immediately across the border.”

The Los Zetas cartel has been engaging in a brutal civil war with various Los Zetas factions fighting each other, dismembering each other, and targeting each other’s families. Not only does their need for cash to fund this war increase the likelihood that they would sell such weaponry and smuggle the items into the U.S., but a prior comprehensive investigation by Breitbart Texas revealed the extent of such threats. We wrote:

While the various criminal organizations identifying as the Sinaloa Federation have retained older, more experienced and mature leadership, the Gulf cartel and the Zetas cartel have had their leadership decimated by assassinations and arrests. This has resulted in a younger breed of leaders engaged in nearly incessant infighting. These younger leaders, unlike their counterparts in the more professional Sinaloa Federation, are less concerned with long-term profits. They want money today, as evidenced by the recent unaccompanied minor crisis. In this matter, the Gulf cartel and the Zetas cartel chose the short-term profits from smuggling throngs of Central Americans into the U.S., even though this would inevitably result in increased attention to the border they control and increased an law enforcement presence. They chose today’s money over their long-term ability to continue making narco-profits. So short-sighted were groups within the Gulf cartel that they have resorted to common crimes to meet payroll after their human smuggling resulted in a decreased ability to get their narcotics loads into Texas.

Why the differences matter in regards to the threat of terrorists crossing our border

This is significant in relation to international terrorism, including the group known as ISIS. While the Sinaloa Federation has not exhibited that they would accept a large profit for today while damaging their future profits, the Gulf cartel and the Zetas cartel have done so. An individual terrorist or a small group of terrorists providing a large sum of money for help entering the U.S. would not be appealing to the Sinaloa Federation, the group who controls the U.S.-Mexico border from west of the El Paso, Texas area all the way to the Mexican city of Tijuana.  They do not accept money and large profits for today if they know their ability to continue making long-term profits will be damaged. Thus, ISIS or other terrorists would likely be forced to work through the open Texas border between the Gulf of Mexico to somewhere before El Paso, Texas. The most promising area for them would be the Laredo Sector. A Laredo crossing provides a large city close to the border that isn’t considered to be in the border region: San Antonio, Texas. Crossing in the Rio Grande Valley Sector still leaves a gauntlet of federal and state agencies to get past before Houston or San Antonio. A Laredo crossing leaves less space to travel before making a large city outside of the border region and Texas leaders have not overwhelmed the area with State Troopers, as they have in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

Unfortunately, the very region of the Texas-Mexico border controlled by Los Zetas happens to be the region our analysis deemed most likely to cross a foreign terrorist clandestinely into the U.S.–or a weapons system.

A U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency map detailed the regions within the U.S. that are controlled by Los Zetas or where the cartel has operational abilities.

A previous Breitbart Texas exclusive report proved that Los Zetas operates freely in the state of Texas and that local law enforcement officials attempt to downplay the risk that the transnational criminal group poses for Texans.

This writer has previously called upon U.S. authorities to declare Los Zetas as a foreign terrorist organization. To date, no U.S. or Texas officials have heeded the call.

Does Secondary Footage Show No Shooting Suspect or Sparks?

Published on Jul 9, 2016
Make sure to check out the whole video at the SGTreport. If we can get some solid answers to this i will update below. You can also find more info at the link below!

NonStop Hustle

Odd all the shooters have black SUV’s,and who would think to put their flashers on before they go shoot people?
Guldar Heel

Didn’t the party shooters supposedly have a black SUV too? The muslim husband and wife team that supposedly shot up the Christmas party.
Maria Ford

This whole incident is suspect.

WTF?…this is a false flag operation!
Rasheed Ali El

That camera man knows exactly what happened…he’s the tale of the tape
Frank Mclovin

I noticed this on day one, But i just kept my mouth shut.
Wayne Johnson

Dahboo you do good work but it doesn’t matter what it shows. The he Agenda is still being pushed on the people.

Twitter Takes No Action As Calls For Cop-Killing Sweep Platform

by MIKE MA 8 Jul 2016

There has been a deluge of anti-cop threats on Twitter, many of which calling for the mass murder of police officers.

Hatred towards police is nothing we haven’t seen on the timelines of Twitter before, but the past three days have brought an onslaught of highly violent calls to action. A search query for phrases such as “kill pigs” “kill police” and such pulls back thousands of posts. Many of these are blatant threats to all police, regardless of their relevance to past incidents.

The threats and incitement to violence seen below were all posted before the massacre of police officers in Dallas, Texas. At the time of publication, all the tweets captured below remain on Twitter, and can be found via the site’s search function. In addition to screenshots, all tweets have also been archived.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.10.41 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.11.21 PM

The most disturbing tweet so far features an image of a policeman having their throat cut by a masked assassin. The man who tweeted it, who goes by the username “BlackNefertiti” has yet to be punished by Twitter, and his original tweet remains on the platform.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.12.27 PM

One of the above tweets comes from verified Twitter user Ben Baller (@benballer) who explains that he wishes to kill one hundred police officers whenever he hears the words “stop resisting”. He also went on to praise Christopher Dorner, the man who wrote a manifesto against police officers and went on to kill three of them, and a basketball coach, along with three others wounded.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.13.25 PM

Ben Baller, Kanye West’s personal jeweler and Twitter verified personality,  is undoubtedly an influential member of Twitter, with over 437,000 users reading his tweets like the ones above. Nearly half a million people and counting will see him actively endorsing the execution of police officers.

Will Twitter ban Baller for his comments? Or even remove his “verified” checkmark? Non-progressives have had their blue mark removed for more spurious reasons, such asBreitbart Tech‘s own Milo Yiannopoulos. And in some cases, like Adam Baldwin’s, they have even been locked out of Twitter entirely — and that was for allegedly insulting tweets, not incitement to violence against police officers.

It wouldn’t be the first time the platform has turned a blind eye to incitement. In June, the platform was deluged with praise for Donald Trump’s would-be assassin. And as The Hill reported at the end of last month, death threats to Republican senators remained on the platform for weeks without removal.