RINO Sen Cornyn Joining “Chuck And Nancy” In Favor Of DACA Amnesty First


By Rick Wells

Open borders Senator John Cornyn (RINO-TX) is, predictably urging the Trump Administration not to link their agreement to amnesty for DACA illegals to reductions in legal immigration, an often abused means of putting Americans out of work in favor of low wage foreigners.

The US Chamber of Commerce-owned Cornyn, McConnell’s number two in the Senate, said Congress should have a “bigger debate” about the appropriate levels of immigration, separate from passing an amnesty for the DACA illegals

Globalist Cornyn wants both amnesty and increases in legal immigration, so he naturally wants to have separate debates, one which grants DACA amnesty and a second one which ultimately raises a variety of immigration levels, putting more Americans out of work and lowering wage scales even further.

Cornyn told reporters on Thursday, “We ought to be narrowly focused on the DACA fix that the President’s asked us to consider … and then we can turn to these other issues in the next legislation.” Cornyn said he’s in favor of “merit-based immigration” a misnomer, as it implies a right to immigrate that does not exist and merely shifts the type of Americans that are robbed of opportunities to the more skilled.

Pitching his argument for amnesty now and open borders later, Cornyn said, “The most immediate thing we can do is to address the DACA situation. And I think the most logical way forward is to tie that to border security and interior enforcement.” Not real security, like the border wall. Cornyn is once again promising what won’t be delivered. He’s asking that trusting souls give him what he wants now in exchange for weak, in name only measures that do nothing and promises that are never intended to be kept.

President Trump sent a proposal on Sunday evening to Congress that outlined his requirements for cooperation on the DACA issue, a far cry from the surrender “Chuck and Nancy” thought they had hoodwinked him into.

Cornyn warned last Thursday that tying cuts to legal immigration in the DACA debate could sink legislation altogether. We should be so lucky. He acknowledged the dysfunction of the Senate and the reality that the open borders Democrats and establishment RINOs like him have no intention of actual compromise on any of their demands.

He said, “I think the problem is once we start getting into the legal immigration debate, and what the appropriate fixes are, then we are in danger of getting back into the comprehensive immigration reform debate, which leaves us basically empty handed.” He knows the Senate and that the loyalties of most of its members lie elsewhere, not with the American people.

Right now he’s supporting the illegals taking our jobs and destroying wages and doing so on behalf of the employers who fund his campaigns. They’re the same ones hiring the legal immigrants at levels which kill opportunities for Americans who should be entering the work for and lower our standard of living across the board. Cornyn and McConnell are deceivers claiming to be conservatives when they are really sellouts doing the bidding of their puppeteers.

NAACP Congressman Green Calls For WH Boycott After Trump Tells NFL Truths

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 2.09.24 PM

By Rick Wells

There is no doubt that Rep Al Green (D-TX) is an anti-America subversive operating from within the government. There is also no doubt, particularly as a former official for ten years with the NAACP in Houston, that he sees the world through the eyes of a race-baiting agitator.

He’s continued his advocacy and agitation for black supremacy and preference for non-whites since coming to Congress. Naturally, he’s a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. It’s also logical that he’s fiercely attacking President Trump, the archenemy of communists in America, and utilizing race as their vehicle of spreading dissent and division. They’re attacking the people who built this country and attempting to steal it. He and his racist ilk intend to knock white people from power, utilizing every means possible. to elevate folks who look like he does.

He urged what he called “leaders in the black community,” racist code for those blacks using race to manipulateconcessions and advantages, to decline any invitations to the White House. It’s part of his recommended response to President Trump calling the NFL players who insult the nation, our flag and our Veterans by sitting or kneeling during our national anthem “sons of bitches.” Trump actually spoke figuratively of one abstract, nondescript, individual player, using the common phrase of disdain, “son of a bitch.”

In his typical melodramatic manner, on Thursday, Green issued an exaggerated and detached from reality response to the events of the past week. He made a statement on the Joe Madison show, saying, “Calling them dogs. Every black person ought to give some consideration, if you get an invitation, as to whether you will go to the White House until he either retracts that statement or does something else to atone, because this requires atonement.”

He continued, “This cannot go unchallenged. He has insulted the mothers of the country. These are the people who bring life to the world. I refuse to allow it to go unchallenged.” Actually, Green, he was insulting the players in a common term that you are aware has nothing to do with the actual mothers of the players or anyone else.

It’s an insult directed at the low class players that they deserve for disrespecting our nation. It’s interesting that Green is just fine with desecrating our flag and our service personnel but he get’s incensed over what some might describe as an accurate statement if it were intended in that way. The conduct of some free-roaming, different dad for every kid mothers-in-the-making, would in fact impart some veracity to that statement, if it were intended for them. But it wasn’t and he knows it.

Green is the same idiot, who happens to be an idiot with a law degree, who announced that he’d be bringing impeachment proceedings to the House of Representatives next week and that no crime is necessary as a basis for doing so. According to the wise NAACP hack, the only requirement for impeachment is “behavior which impacts society negatively.” Of course that is a standard that exists nowhere in the Constitution and is in direct conflict with Article II, Section 4 . How can such abject stupidity come out of the mouth of a lawyer, one might ask? It all depends upon the lawyer, their political party and motivations and the agenda they’re pressing.

Look out, Maxine Waters. You’ve got some serious competition for the biggest, most detestable, racist buffoon in the House in Rep Al Green.


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) took to the House floor Monday night to kneel in solidarity with NFL players who chose defy President Trump and protest police brutality. Jackson Lee said you “cannot deny” that Trump calling players who kneel a ‘son of a bitch’ is “racism.”

“I kneel in honor of them. I kneel in front of the flag and on this floor,” Jackson Lee declared.

“I kneel in honor of the First Amendment. I kneel because the flag is a symbol for freedom. I kneel because I’m going to stand against racism. I kneel because I will stand with those young men and I’ll stand with our soldiers. And I’ll stand with America, because I kneel.”

REP. SHEILA JACKSON LEE: We simply ask for the dignity and respect to not call our mothers a son-of-a-B. I heard a young man who is an NFL player say that he will kneel from now on!

The only reason he is doing this is that someone had the lack of judgment to provoke the situation and call their mothers a name. I refuse to accept that as a standard of leadership for the highest office in the world. 

Even if you never understand it, sir, if you think you’re playing to your base, we will continue to stand in the gap. And racism is going to be under our foot. You know where else it is going to be? Under our knees. 

We in the CBC have always stood for what is right. There is no basis in the First Amendment that says you can not kneel in the national anthem.

Judge dismisses Texas’ suit on ‘sanctuary city’ law…

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By Jon Herskovitz

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – A U.S. district judge in Austin has rejected an effort by Texas to have a law that would punish so-called sanctuary cities be declared constitutional ahead of the measure taking effect next month.

The Republican-backed law is the first of its kind since Republican Donald Trump became president in January, promising a crackdown on illegal immigrants and localities that protect them. Texas is the U.S. state with the longest border with Mexico.

U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, appointed under Republican President George H.W. Bush, dismissed the case without prejudice late on Wednesday. The brief ruling did not give a reason.

Senate Bill 4 calls for jailing police chiefs, sheriffs and possibly frontline officers who fail to cooperate with U.S. immigration officials. The measure also allows police to ask about immigration status during a lawful detention.

After the law was approved in May, Texas sued major urban areas, including Austin, El Paso and Houston, as well as civil rights groups, saying they backed policies of non-cooperation with federal immigration officials.

At a June hearing, Sparks asked why a court should declare the law constitutional before it took effect on Sept. 1. He also questioned why he should hear the case when most of the parties were part of a separate lawsuit over the same law being heard in a federal court in San Antonio.

The defendants contended they had abided by federal law and the suit should be dismissed because Texas had no evidence showing it had been harmed by a law not yet in effect.

Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Wednesday he was disappointed with the ruling on what he called an “undoubtedly constitutional law.”

The American Civil Liberties Union, a civil rights group that has argued in court against the law, on Thursday said the Texas suit was a farce aimed at distracting attention from the harm that would come with SB 4.

“This is a significant blow to the State, and its legal posturing has only resulted in wasted taxpayer money,” Edgar Saldivar, senior staff attorney of the ACLU of Texas, said in a statement.

In the federal case in San Antonio, a small border town and some of the largest Texas cities told a judge in June that SB 4 could lead to an immigration police state and establish illegal racial profiling. They asked the court to halt it, saying it was unconstitutional.

Reporting by Jon Herskovitz; editing by Colleen Jenkins and Dan Grebler

US congressman calls for Trump’s impeachment on House Floor

Published on May 18, 2017

Representative Al Green (D-Texas) has called for impeachment proceedings to begin against President Donald Trump. His speech on the House Floor came as a group of Democrats distanced themselves from calls for impeachment.

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On what grounds and with what evidence, lol
Adele Smith

Obama should have been impeached! Even now he should be prosecuted for his crimes and so should Hilary Clinton. Talk about ignoring BLACK AND WHITE PROOF!!!!! You Liberals are EXPERTS at only seeing the “facts” that serve your destructive agenda!
Genghis Chuan

These Democrats are such enemies to this country. Im sick of these assholes
Veronica Foster

Distraction, distraction, distraction.
The Young Turds

Haha lol. I better start buying vodka for the next celebration ! What celebration you may ask ? Trump’s Non Impeachment !
James Donaldson

no one is above the law? except for the Clinton’s!?!

This is a bullshit accusation because Trump called out Obama for being born in Kenya. Why hasn’t anyone investigated Obama’s birth certificate to this extent?
Rick Cleek

Al Green is a racist, he’s only doing this because Trump is white.
Andrew Williams

What about Hillary Clinton? Why isn’t he calling for her imprisonment?

Mexican Cartel Kills Activist Mom Searching for Mass Graves


Cartel gunmen have murdered a woman who led the search for her daughter’s remains and other victims in northern Mexico. The gunmen killed her on the day Mexico celebrates Mother’s Day.

Mexican authorities have confirmed the murder of Miriam Elizabeth Rodriguez Martinez, on the night of May 10 in the city of San Fernando, Tamaulipas. As Breitbart Texas reported, San Fernando has a long history of being a stronghold of Los Zetas Cartel, one of the most ruthless criminal organizations in Mexico. Two former Tamaulipas governors are wanted by the U.S. Department of Justice on money laundering charges for their roles as surrogates of the Los Zetas. One of those politicians is also wanted on multiple drug trafficking and conspiracy charges.

Los Zetas have been behind the execution of 72 Central American immigrants who were murdered in San Fernando in an apparent show of force. The same criminal organization has been singled out as being behind the disappearance of hundreds of victims from San Fernando. In 2011, close to 200 victims were discovered in shallow graves in rural areas near San Fernando. At the time, authorities revealed that the victims may have been kidnapped off passenger buses or may have been motorists traveling one of the state’s main highways near the city.

In 2012, cartel gunmen kidnapped the daughter of Miriam Elizabeth Rodriguez Martinez. Despite the lack of cooperation from the Mexican federal government, the activist formed a support group that focused on pressuring the government and helping locate missing victims. Rodriguez Martinez was able to locate the mass grave where the gunmen buried her daughter’s body. Through her work, Martinez was able to contribute to the arrest of nine Los Zetas gunmen directly responsible for her daughter’s kidnapping.

According to the Tamaulipas government, Rodriguez Martinez requested government protection after learning that Enrique Yoel Rubio, the main suspect behind her daughter’s murder, was named among the dozens of inmates who broke out of a state prison earlier this year. As Breitbart Texas reported in May, at least 29 members of Los Zetas used a tunnel to break out of the state prison in Ciudad Victoria. The breakout came after the cartel was undergoing an internal fight for territorial control.

While federal authorities ignored Rodriguez’s cry for help, state authorities provided her with a series of police checkups at her home. Information provided to Breitbart Texas by Tamaulipas authorities revealed that Rubio had been arrested shortly after the breakout and has remained behind bars since.

Despite state cops checking in on Rodriguez, unknown cartel gunmen were able to carry out the assassination earlier this week. State officials issued a strong condemnation and claimed they would not let the murder go unsolved.



The ACLU is advising travelers to avoid Texas after the state passed SB4, a new law that allows police officers to investigate a person’s immigration status during a routine traffic stop.

The group says that the law will lead to “widespread racial profiling baseless scrutiny, and illegal arrests of citizens and non-citizens alike.” The travel alert applies to both U.S. citizens and those who might be considering a trip to Texas from abroad.

“We plan to fight this racist and wrongheaded law in the courts and in the streets. Until we defeat it, everyone traveling in or to Texas needs to be aware of what’s in store for them,” Terri Burke, executive director of the ACLU of Texas, said in a statement. “The Lone Star State will become a ‘show me your papers’ state, where every interaction with law enforcement can become a citizenship interrogation and potentially an illegal arrest.”

SB4 goes into effect on September 1, 2017. We recently profiled the ACLU and how it’s leading the fight against discriminatory laws during the Trump administration.