Obamacare Victims Revolt: ‘We Don’t have that Kind of Money’


Some users of Obamacare are finding the medical care they need to be too expensive to use due to high deductibles and high out-of-pocket costs.

Michelle Harris is one of those people. Harris, a 61-year-old retired waitress in northwest Montana, has arthritis in both shoulders but is doing everything she can to avoid seeing a doctor due to the $4,500 deductible and $338 a month in premiums under her Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.

“It hurts, but we don’t have that kind of money,” Harris said to Bloomberg Politics. “So I deal with it.”

Some insurance plans under Obamacare are designed not to kick in until patients have spent thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs, which put many healthcare services out of reach for patients.

Even though the uninsured rate in America is at a record low, a study from the Commonwealth Fund found that four out of 10 adults in Obamacare plans aren’t confident that they can pay their medical bills if they got sick, Bloomberg Politics reported.

“A lot of people are still one catastrophic illness away from really feeling the financial impact of this,” said Jonathan Oberlander, a health policy professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. “They’re underinsured, and that means they’re not going to get all the services that they want or that they need.”

A survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the New York Times found that one in five people with insurance said they or someone in their household had difficulty paying medical bills compared to half for those without insurance, Bloomberg Politics reported.

Courtney Shove, a 38-year-old who lives in Memphis works at a small non-profit without health benefits and spends about $267 a month for a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan with a $2,500 deductible.

Next year, the cheapest plan for her will cost about $40 more with a $6,650 deductible.

“When I think about what’s going to come out of my pocket, I’m not happy about it at all,” she said. “I’ve never been without insurance, so I guess I’ll probably just get the cheapest plan and go from there.”

Hillary Clinton Loves Millennials LOL

Published on Nov 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton sure does love us millennials. Even the deplorable basement dwellers among us. Oh yeah, and in closed door speeches for the banks, Hillary Clinton has assured Wall Street executives she’ll do everything in her power to keep cannabis illegal, whereas Donald Trump on the campaign trail has confirmed he’ll introduce LEGAL medical cannabis in the United States, and will work to protect the states rights of those states that have already introduced legal recreational cannabis use, or that plan to. Similarly, Hillary is saber rattling for war with Russia, a nuclear power that has in no way direct or otherwise attacked the United States… nor has it even provoked us! She’s just loony, can’t figure out how her own email security, starts blaming it on the freakin’ Russians—that’s what crazy old people do. And we pity crazy old people. We try to help them out. But we do not elect them as President of the United States, especially when we have a perfectly competent and NOT CORRUPT alternative: Donald Trump.

I’m 30; I rent and probably will into the foreseeable future. Home ownership has become out of reach for many millennials. Car ownership has become unrealistic for many millennials. I have multiple sources of income and they are highly variable – many millennials deal with this; income variability and the burden of the ‘self employment tax’ when we are basically underemployed roaming contractors for various corporations, not strictly speaking at all ‘self employed.’ Then, as I discuss toward the end, there’s the financial burden Obamacare places on already strapped millennials – it’s untenable. Trump will repeal Obamacare and replace it with something humane, but realistic: with interstate competition allowed between insurance companies (as logic would dictate!), and a safety net for those who truly need it.


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David Seaman how do I get ur newsletter? Tried sending to PayPal not sure what the next step is lol
Audra Clementine

The hairs on my arms stood up when he said “I HAVE NOTHING!” I feel his pain and my heart goes out to him because things are really bad. He’s so honest and that took a lot to say as a man. He’s a good man.
Julie Brown

I agree. We are all in the same boat. And, it has been sinking rapidly under the current administration.
praying patriot

Kevin Giambrone

I assume you are in NYC. that is a completely different alien world. many more millennials in the real world see the light and are voting TRUMP

CBS spotlights Obamacare nightmare for Tennessee family: Spiking premiums, declining choice

Dan Troop

How many of the newly insured are now on Medicaid?

Obamacare was designed to destroy health insurance in the USA so that people would call for single payer. It is sickening that Obama, Pelosi, Reid et. al. DEMOCRATS did this to Americans.
Jack MeOff

You wanted Obamacare now deal with Obamacare.

Pull your ears back you look funny!

“Recent Immigrants” — you mean ILLEGALS??

“Obamacare – The Fruits of Socialism” (Hope you like rotten fruit).

Well here’s a solution in their ability to recruit younger persons . . . . make the penalty for younger persons higher than the insurance premiums. .. . . like triple ( or more) the penalty for those in the “””basement dweller” “category.. Tough if they graduated college, ow on humongous student loans and can’t find decent jobs!!!!!
Unapologetic White Male

It is unaffordable! Yet we are still being forced to buy it! How fucked is that?
Scarlett O'hara

Were they so stupid to think the young people were going to buy insurance? How can that be, when they allowed the young 26 and under to be on their parents insurance? The Law is built on a lie! Just a way to take over folks lives!

Healthcare Nightmare – Trump Goes Scorched Earth On Obamacare

Published on Oct 31, 2016

Healthcare Nightmare – Trump Goes Scorched Earth On Obamacare – Fox & Friends

Rus Wilson

typical anti trump talking points. his plan is on his website and book for over a year now.
Tobin Prowant

he does have a plan and he’s described it in detail single player communist Style Healthcare you can check on YouTube people ask him what he would replace Obamacare with and he gleefully responds by saying governmental pay for it. voluntarily Trump for claims I may lose votes but I don’t care the government should pay for it
Jay Velcamp

Tremendous increases in Obamacare premiums are good news for Democrats if they can manage to get Hillary Rodham elected. It will put a lot more people on subsidies, forcing them to be dependent on Big Brother.
Lagnaf Irby

a vote for Trump is the only way to stop this s***. Remember where your read on Election Day to show support for Trump we will show them a Red Sea

Physician Participation in Obamacare Plummets 20%…

BY Brittany M. Hughes

The number of physicians who say they’re accepting health insurance plans offered on Obamacare’s federal and state marketplaces has plummeted nearly 20 percentage points, creating yet another crack in the president’s rapidly buckling health care law. 

According to a recent survey by SERMO, a social network for physicians, about 57 percent of doctors said they won’t be taking new patients insured by the plans next year. That’s down about four percentage points from last year, when 61 percent of physicians said the same, Forbesreported Monday.

But a similar survey conducted by the  back in 2014 showed that at the time, 76.5 percent of physicians said their practice were accepting insurance plans offered on the state and federal marketplaces.

Based on these two surveys and a little basic math, we find the number of physicians accepting ACA plans has fallen an astounding 19.5 percentage points heading into Obamacare’s fourth enrollment period – a pretty remarkable decline, considering it’s been just three years since the exchanges were first opened.

Nancy Pelosi’s repeated assurances notwithstanding, the shine has clearly worn off the president’s “affordable” health care law for insurance companies as well, who’ve been bailing out of the program in droves for more than a year thanks to plummeting profits. Thanks to this massive scaling-back, many customers who purchase plans through the federal and state exchanges will be left with only one insurer to choose from.

The law doesn’t seem to be faring too well with everyday Americans, either. In fact, the number of Americans who have a high opinion of their health care is also falling six years after the passage of the ACA – a law that was supposed to make health care more accessible, allegedly without sacrificing its quality.

According to a recent poll conducted by Gallup, 76 percent of Americans now rate their overall health care as “good or excellent.” And while that’s still a fairly high number, it’s down significantly from the year before Obama’s Affordable Care Act was passed, when 83 percent said the same. On top of that, as I’ve written before, more Americans say the law has actually hurt their families as opposed to helped them.

And for those covered by Obamacare plans, whose premiums are expected to increase by an average of about 25 percent in just the next year, the higher costs coupled with a decrease in plan choices and physician participation are sure to leave an increasingly souring taste.


VIDEO : Obama Advisor and Obamacare Designer LAUGHS at MASSIVE Premium Hike

This guy is a perfect example of the GLOBAL elite, everyone.

So incredibly far-removed from you and me.

They live and work in gilded cages and only mingle with their rich, smug friends.

So, when Obamacare begins its final descent into the bowels of FLOP HELL, they think it’s funny.

What does it matter to them?

They’re exempt from this mess.

This is a movement – we are the political OUTSIDERS fighting against the ESTABLISHMENT! 

Join the resistance and help us fight to put America First!