Sunny Hostin – #TheView – Makes an ASS out her herself – #TFNOriginal

Comey memo makes Sunny Hostin look like a complete and total misinformed, big mouth liberal spouting out misinformation.

rocky balboa

I can’t even listen to these dummy cunts for half sec my ears start to bleed

They should go ahead and rename this show ‘The Losers View’.
Gerhard Braatz

Irrelevant, dumbass, gossiping, ignorant, bitches. What a waste of airtime and oxygen.
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What a total dumb cunt.
Great Owl

Dumbass house wives eat this crap up.

What scares me more is the people that watch that crap actually DO believe it. I run into these people every day and it is mind numbingly frustrating to hear them repeat the same crap that has been refuted. sigh
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Sunny should be called Cloudy now!

Who the fuck is Sunny Hostin?

hey stupid I mean Sunny, Comey said he meet President Trump 3 times before the Comey Grand Standing

CNN retracts story on investigation into Trump campaign adviser’s meeting with CEO of Russian fund

CNN has retracted a story claiming that an adviser to the Trump campaign is under Senate investigation for meeting with the head of a Russian state-backed investment fund at the Davos economic forum.


The now-deleted report cited an anonymous congressional source as saying that the Senate Intelligence Committee was investigating ties between several figures in the Trump camp, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner and financier Anthony Scaramucci, and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), a Russian sovereign fund that manages direct foreign investments into the Russian economy.

Scaramucci, who was part of Trump’s transition team, met with Kirill Dmitriev, the CEO of the RDIF, at the World Economic Forum in Davos last year. According to CNN, congressional investigators wanted to know if they had discussed lifting US sanctions against Russia. A spokesperson for the Russian fund said they hadn’t, while Scaramucci told CNN that there was “nothing there.”

The report implied that RDIF had been flagged by US investigators for its ties to Vnesheconombank, a Russian state-owned bank that ran the fund until June of 2016, when RDIF was restructured as an independent entity by the Russian government.


The news channel redacted the Thursday story on Friday, saying that it “did not meet CNN’s editorial standards” and apologized to Scaramucci.

Breitbart News, a pro-Trump news outlet, claimed credit for making CNN withdraw the story, which it described as a “conspiracy theory hit piece.” Earlier, it had cited its own sources as saying that no investigation into the meeting was underway because it had already been looked at and deemed to be appropriate.


Senate Judiciary Committee looks into Lynch influence over FBI investigation – JUNE 23, 2017

By Stephen Dinan

The Senate Judiciary Committee has opened a probe into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s efforts to shape the FBI’s investigation into 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the committee’s chairman announced Friday.

In a letter to Ms. Lynch, the committee asks her to detail the depths of her involvement in the FBI’s investigation, including whether she ever assured Clinton confidantes that the probe wouldn’t “push too deeply into the matter.”

Fired FBI Director James B. Comey has said publicly that Ms. Lynch tried to shape the way he talked about the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s emails, and he also hinted at other behavior “which I cannot talk about yet” that made him worried about Ms. Lynch’s ability to make impartial decisions.

Mr. Comey said that was one reason why he took it upon himself to buck Justice Department tradition and reveal his findings about Mrs. Clinton last year.

The probe into Ms. Lynch comes as the Judiciary Committee is already looking at President Trump’s firing of Mr. Comey.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley, chairman of the committee, said the investigation is bipartisan. The letter to Ms. Lynch is signed by ranking Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and also by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Whitehouse, the chairman and ranking member of the key investigative subcommittee.

Letters also went to Clinton campaign staffer Amanda Renteria and Leonard Benardo and Gail Scovell at the Open Society Foundations. Mr. Benardo was reportedly on an email chain from the then-head of the Democratic National Committee suggesting Ms. Lynch had given assurances to Ms. Renteria, the campaign staffer, that the Clinton probe wouldn’t “go too far.”

At a Senate hearing earlier this month, Mr. Comey told lawmakers that Ms. Lynch had attempted to change the way the FBI described its probe of Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server. The change appeared to dovetail with how Mrs. Clinton’s supporters were characterizing the probe.

“At one point, [Ms. Lynch] directed me not to call it an ‘investigation’ but instead to call it a ‘matter,’ which confused me and concerned me,” Mr. Comey said during his June 8 testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. “That was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude I have to step away from the department if we are to close this case credibly.”

Acknowledging that he didn’t know whether it was intentional, Mr. Comey said Ms. Lynch’s request “gave the impression the attorney general was looking to align the way we talked about our investigation with the way a political campaign was describing the same activity.”

Mr. Comey said the language suggested by Ms. Lynch was troublesome because it closely mirrored what the Clinton campaign was using. Despite his discomfort, Mr. Comey said, he agreed to Ms. Lynch’s language.

Andrea Noble contributed to this story.

Audio Of Chaffetz Death Threat “I suggest you prepare for the battle, motherf***er”

Published on Jun 22, 2017

William Smith

Lol i wish the democrats would start a civil war, us Patriots would mop their asses up, fast too
Joshua Deeds

If every person who threatened a republican was prosecuted there wouldn’t be anymore democrats allowed to vote

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Liberal Obama cocksucking snowflakes have gone completely unhinged after President Trump whooped their collective liberal scumbag asses in November, they are still crying buckets of tears. The only solution is to deport them all to Cuba or Venezuela where they would after a couple of days come screaming back and hugging President Trump.

Legitimate bad asses have one thing in common. They never run their mouth about what they are going to do. They just do it. This caller is your typical weekend warrior wannabe that gets drunk and tells everyone how big a man he is. Pathetic childish loser.
Kelly Plante

Mainstream media is to blame,past administration
Brandon #pedogate

“People” who are against the second calling for Civil War. Lmao

WTF? Are they crazy? You can’t do that. Oh shit. It’s getting ready to break lose boys and girls. Don’t leave home with out your favorite knife or firearm. I tend to carry both.

The caller is right, except that Jason won’t be harmed. Only traitors like the caller
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Funny never saw this on CNN or read this in the Washington Post or NY Times…